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  1. Marcus is just about the best unit in the game. Having full weapon triangle access, 8 move, and great bases he just about decimates most enemies that fe7 throws at you. Using him would only make life in hard mode a lot easier. Even if he is not as good as a trained Sain or Kent, all that means is that you have 3 great Paladins to use instead of just 1 or 2, because no unit is rendered useless by the existence of another in Fire Emblem. You could just feed him boss kills early game, or give him slim weapons if you're concerned with xp stealing (which is a valid concern if going for a ranked run). Even then, with units such as Rebecca and Dorcas early on, one could argue that xp is being wasted on these units instead if you feed them early game kills instead of Marcus.
  2. I finally decided to start getting ambitious with skill inheritance this month, so the first major project I'm doing (aside from doing typical Horse Emblem in decking out Reinhardt and Xander, alongside giving WoM to Azura) is to work on a team filled with Jagen type characters, so... I've started working on a Jagen -hp +atk Inherited reposition, so I still need to gain the sp needed for that plus renewal 3. I gave him renewal because I felt it would offset fury, however, I've been debating whether a quick riposte/killer lance+ combo would be better. Atk ploy has been awesome in boosting his survivability. After him I'm gonna start working on that +def -res Gunter I have, which would complement well in patching up Jagen's somewhat spotty speed with honing, and after that I'll try to do work with my +hp -def Seth (probably gonna wait if I happen across one with more favourable iv's). Fourth slot is still up for contention though because I feel that Frederick is rather redundant with Gunter around. Titania maybe? (Old Marcus when are you coming).
  3. My personal top 5 are: Lewyn Ayra Duessel Cormag Benny
  4. Been playing since it came out and I never thought of posting in this thread until now hah Lucas: 8244933386 Lead unit: Takumi
  5. I do like it a lot. After all, a lot us here use save states when playing the ROMs of older games anyways, so this mechanic is just a way bringing that to an actual console and streamlining the experience some more. Granted you do get a lot of cogs throughout so maybe it could be refined in later games, but if anything, it serves as a quicker way to get back to the beginning of the map if one insists on not abusing it.
  6. One of the things that I found to be really enjoyable from Fates was the fact that each unit had a skill that was unique to themselves, influencing the way you would use them for a chapter, alongside being more or less inspired by their own personality. That said, if these skills were also in past games, what would they be for each unit? Could be reasonable or busted, but here are some hypotheticals that I have, and I'm interested in all your ideas too. Karel (fe7): Sword Demon. Crit +5 for the next turn after defeating an enemy. Stacks with each successive win. Bartre: Brawn over Brain. Hit/avoid +5, dmg/res +/- 3 against magical units Garcia: Veteran of Renais. Grants hit/avoid +10 to all units within 3 tiles Dagdar: Capture expert. No stat penalties when capturing Rebecca: Natural sight. Range +1 on terrain Draug: Chokepoint. Defense increase by 5 if standing on a regular tile, between two impassable terrain tiles
  7. Gonna be redundant here and say that the matter of whether Faye or Silque are better than each other is the wrong way to look at them (if Faye is a cleric of course, and redundency is an issue if she is made into any other class). Rescuewarp shenanigans are invaluable at places like Nuibaba's mansion and the other instances mentioned above, and the two existing ensures that there will always be healing readily available as they don't need to rely on nostanking. Faye having physic does prove to be more useful in my playthrough however, where the two instances in which you fight Desaix have narrow corriders that will bottleneck your units and leave them susceptible to pokes from afar, but Silque ensures in this case that the physics can keep coming while the two healers are safe from harm. The again spell is not typically an issue to state in favour for Faye if we're comparing them on the basis of the main story. Because she learns it in the very late game, possibly only in act 6 if no excessive grinding is done, it's hard to tally a point for it because of its limited availability. Regardless, the problem here is comparing them as competing units rather than cohesive supporters that make Alm's maps immensely easier to go through. Hell, I'd say they would be within the top 5 units in the game overall and a definite lock for the postgame.
  8. I second the above statements. This has a whole lot of heart thrown into it, and the dialogue is genuinely one of the best efforts that intsys has put out. With all the annoying quirks that is linked with gaiden, the 3ds mechanics does a lot into mitigating its functionality issues. Hell, I don't even mind most of the maps. They're not terribly long, and it does place emphasis on unit positioning and utilising their skills, while racing to take advantage of the map's key points of interest before any the group on the wayside arrives. This is clearly not a popular opinion though so its just a matter of how your views on tackling chapters go and take this comment with a grain of salt. Also, traversing the map and completing these levels honestly reminds me of super mario world for whatever damn reason. Don't get the season pass if you're thinking of dlc. Take a look at the content and pick whichever ones seem most worth your money
  9. Fe3: Jubelo Fe5: Marty, Glade, Robert and Conomore were all fun units (given you provide the proper scrolls lel) Fe6: Bartre. That base strength is hilariously useful as he can end up one shotting a lot of wyverns with bows without needing to double. Fe7: Dorcas actually turns out fairly usable for me a lot of the time. Axe users I find were really fun this game Fe8: Other than Duessel, I use Kyle a lot as a great knight. Makes a great support unit where he can wittle down enemies for others as a cav, and tink hits when promoted. Fe11: Macellan Fe13: Never had a bad Gregor, and Stahl is always one of my better units Fe14: Benny is awesome, and Shura is also really useful in playthroughs regardless of the route
  10. Except that Echoes still sold decently well... Mate, there is no way SoV was going to be on par with fates and awakening in Japan as a remake of game already available there and on a console that is near the end of its lifespan. It still sold 80% of its initial shipment, meaning that it roughly met what they were expecting in the first place. Japan makes up a small part of fe sales anyways compared to the Americas, and since Gaiden is not available on this side of the world this difference may very well be exaggerated even moreso. They're doing just fine.
  11. Not entirely too sure if this question was asked, but is it still the case where its better to promote units as soon as you can?
  12. I just spent 60 orbs on the new banner and I got 2 Gunter's, 2 Clarine's, 3 Olivia's and some other bronzies, all of whom I already had. And only got two 4 stars in the process. ...Yeah I'd like a larger pool of 3 stars to be available lol
  13. Fe4- It's a small cast where horse units are god and foot units stuggle to keep up, but are still solid statwise or completely trash. I guess Midayle is pretty good(?) for chipping, especially if you provide him either a brave or killer bow Fe5- Robert is pretty decent if invested into, especially since he doesn't lose access to his bows upon dismounting for those indoor chapters. Glade and Fred also worked out as decent units for supporting your main units. Fe6- Trec is still terrible but I find him to be better than Noah. Fe7- I'm a big fan of using Legault over Matthew Fe8- Duessel is one of my favourite units that I believe is usually benched in favour for others in normal playthroughs. Great bases and only needs a speedwing to get going. Kyle is another one who can make an awesome great knight too. Moulder is also really valuable as a bishop in the late game Fe11- Samson and Astram are usually put aside in favour of Ogma, but they usually have a niche in filling in the last spots on the maps that allow for a lot of units to be fielded Fe13- Everyone has good growths but I'm particularly fond of using Gregor over many others Fe14- Benny makes for an awesome tank and Keaton makes for a solid unit. Shura is also super solid as a chipper and healer
  14. I actually believe that fe5 has one of the best map designs in the entire franchise, mainly because they have you try to play around the situations the army is placed in, rather than worrying too much about enemy stats. Take a look at ch 19 for instance. You could easily escape with everyone and trivialise the map, but going for the side objectives such as saving villages from the thieves and recruiting either Amalda or Conomore in the face of a large army throws a wrench into your approach to the map. When the game really challenges you to think about what you have to prioritise in achieving rather than worrying about the maxed out enemy unit in front of you is when I think of difficulty in Fire Emblem functioning at its best. Most characters are usable too I find with the proper use of scrolls (Robert is rather underrated as being a horseback archer makes him useful both indoors and even moreso out). I even enjoyed the fatique mechanic. The game absolutely has some broken and annoying quirks about it though which does hamper it such as the random warp tiles that no one would have prior knowledge of (I also really don't like fog of war lol).
  15. You say that like Awakening Anna doesn't exist :P
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