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  1. 10/10 Good to know someone who's as passionate about Xeno as I am
  2. Splatoon x Jet Set Radio LittleBigPlanet x Super Mario Maker SMT x TWEWY or Pokemon FE x Pokemon An open-world Gran Turismo in the vein of Forza Horizon PGR x Forza SMT x Castlevania Xenoblade Warriors A proper Mario/Sonic crossover TWEWY x FE
  3. Might be making a Discord account soon
  4. Melissa


    Welcome to the Forest, Dyuute! We hope you have fun here
  5. Kanto: Brock or Erika Johto: Jasmine Hoenn: Flannery Sinnoh: Candice...? Unova: Elesa Kalos: Wolfric
  6. Go on vacation since I'm suffering from travel withdrawal, staying at home would just prolong my suffering WYR watch a speedrun or a longplay?
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