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  1. Does this mean all characters can somewhat reclass? Do they have individual models? How many of said item do we get?
  2. ^Maybe Tobin is tactless? Gray, coming from a merchant family may be good at gaining information with his connections through word of mouth? @VincentAsm saw Kamui's google translation. Was great fun :)
  3. ^Ok cool awesome did not know that since I have not played Gaiden. Using the power of google these are rough translations as I do not know how to actually translate them. The character profiles on Alm's side. Alm Gray Tobin Kilff Faye Lukas Silque Clive
  4. Not sure what the fourth song is but it may be a redone theme song? Also screenshot of Kilff as an archer. Same screenshot shoes faye as a Pegasus knight unless Clair got a redesign. Perhaps Faye has a different promotion branch? Also, Gray has supports with Alm and Tobin in another.
  5. Awesome heaps of art for characters. Gray looking goofy and Kilff looking clueless. Love the designs of the villagers. Lol watch Desaix be a corrupt noble who wants riches, exchanging crops with Rigel for money, which he gains in the cease fire. Maybe then he will look like a hero in the eyes of a Zofians initially? The upper echelon may be Berkut who we know is in contact with Desaix? This is all guessing from the timeline.
  6. Worried about the growth rates guys!! Wanna use all the villagers but Tobin looks like he's gonna be benched if growths are unchanged.
  7. One of the videos shows that critical cuts in are back, shown by the horizontal cut in of Lukas vs Revenant. Action menu also shows B. Magic probably black magic and a provisions option which may be new? Kamui in the level up video also has brown hair and a hat or headband.
  8. Good find! Guessing Faye is Effy, while art for Lukas, Genny, Leon, and Mae has been found. Art looks clean with the portrait on the bottom screen changing when the unit attacks.
  9. Change the chapter goals. Some should be defend e.g. Chapter 6 (protect Em). Or reach x point by this turn/defend this point (the awakening chapter, protect the shrine from destruction maybe? Rescue Emmeryn before turn X?). Possible escort chapters (Chapter 7, escort emmeryn to Castle?). Chapter variety is a must. lAlso, Lon'qu should be enemy recruit with Chrom. Have him start off as 'Marth's second in command' who is resentful and joins you to beat 'Marth'. Also, have some enemy recruitable characters or villages different e..g Tharja recruitable via Robin as well. I'm more of a suggestions person, I know nothing about editing and hacking.
  10. I've done it thanks ( I think it was i who requested. Did it today as I am posting just had a busy day). I also picked up the Shigure thank you very much :). Sorry if i worried you.
  11. Hi updating my castle for those interested. Looking for Lancefaire/Dragon ward Azura and Lancefaire/hoshidan unity Shigure. My code is still 09195-56959-88900-16200 I have Azura : Pavise, Luna, Amaterasu, Hoshidan Unity, Aegis Takumi : Rend heaven, Air superiority, Death blow, Amaterasu, Bowfaire Shigure : Darting blow, Amaterasu, Aegis, Pavise, Dragon Ward Flora : Luna, Live to serve, Replicate, Pavise, Shurikenfaire Felicia : Sol, Live to serve, Replicate, Pavise, Shurikenfaire Laswlow : Poison strike, rally defense, rally strength, rally speed, rally skill Rinkah : death blow, duelist blow, sol, counter, vantage Reina : darting blow, poison strike, replicate, lethality, amaterasu Odin : death blow, vengeance, duelist blow, tomefaire, vantage Jakob : rend heaven, live to serve, shelter, aegis, shurikenfaire
  12. Children characters please no unless its like Genealogy of the Holy War. At least Heirs of Fate attempted sometihng similar to this by doing a mutli chapter arc DLC. In short, no returning characters unless a sequel cause the kids were ok and not brilliant. If a sequel characters must be older. On the other hand, I don't mind returning archetypes as long as personalities are tweaked and such, so they aren't expies. New game and new characters please.
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