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  1. ch1-7 9/?? ran like hell didnt bother rescueing any prisoners or talkng with tormod stumbled a bit though half way through
  2. ch1-6pt2 ?/?? ummm i screwed up i didnt check what turn it was when the ch finished because the boss attacked sothe and suicided himself which i didnt expect so do i need to reset to get a turn count?
  3. ch1-5 6/42 eh nothing special happened i just had sothe and micky parked on the right side of the ledge shooting down at people for most of it while volug ran around biting people ch1-6pt1 10/52 i hate pegs. this map was annoying with the reinforcements and the fact that even with the ch4 seraph robe miky is still a bit frail. i hate pegs. volug and tauraneo sat in the back corner but for some reason some pegs still tried to attack them which mad eme reset cause i didnt want to back track to kill them. i hate pegs. once it started working out though i did get some good lvl ups and im happy i have someone on the tam that isnt micky or sothe now i hate pegs.
  4. ch1-3 8/27 had sothe and micky bolt it through the right side didnt bother getting aran or the discipline scroll ch1-4 9/36 beast killer dagger
  5. bastian and astrid ch1-2 7/19 took a good amount of tries due to nolan being very inaccurate although i did appreciate his support now tht i have to go without it.im not looking forward to the next couple of chapters
  6. i guess ill also get started hopefully i dont do to bad for my first time ch 1-p 4/4 micky scored a couple kills but ed ended up critting a bunch of the guys which kinda annoys me (what makes it worse is that his lvls were good but i cant use him after the beginning) ch 1-1 8/12 nolan and micky duo did score the latter more kills and a level that got her some defense.
  7. sigrun and volke i guess. hopefully this will be my first completed draft race even if i don't expect to win
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