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  1. The short bow is now the Fujin Yumi in its bronze form.
  2. Ok thanks for the tip, will have some progress soon. No, however if there is not an existing GBA portrait that we are given permission to use then portaits will most likely be splices/semi-custom but all of us are pretty terrible pixel artists. So if you do have a non-GBA suggestion and artwork help would be nice.
  3. So I still have lots of time with no school and i'm running out of stuff to do already . After a few nights of playing fire emblem hacks with friends we had an idea, why not try our best and make a shit totally amazing, balls to the wall hack! After spending 5 seconds hours trying to think of a plot, we had an idea after rereading our group chat, we came up with Female Emblem. Most people reading this, if any, will probably have heard of FE Girls a Japanese hack, we aim to create something like that but with more cool stuff. Edit: We now have the first glimpse of a story!... Feminism's revolution of oppressive males! The main character will be a princess of one of the amazonian kingdoms who are being invaded by the newly formed male kingdom. Stuff Hopefully included: All-ish Female Characters and enemies (duh) new animations new weapons Circleseverywhere's skill system (if i can figure out the makehack stuff) story loosely following fe8 events (less loosely if we can learn eventing) Edited maps more stuff I've forgotten Please tell us what you think and if you have any improvements we could make any help would be very useful. Also if there is anyone you would like to see in the game include a female character we could add in and if they are player, npc or enemy and weapons and stats for them.
  4. These seem fun so i'll do both, tho i think i'll only replace some characters cause some of them ARE my favorites.
  5. So i want to do a pick my edits run of fe8. If you don't know what a PME run is, it involves people submitting and edits they would like me to make to the rom - stupid or serious. Anyway please submit any ideas you have.
  6. Considering this was just a test chapter the only things that stand out to me are the pallets for the battle sprites and the portraits look like they have been cut off on the edges. If this was a first attempt it was pretty good.
  7. I don't wish to completely modify the portraits and animations, just the ones that could do with being redone. As far as changing the story i do not wish to massively change it, just edit small parts and the dialog that needs editing due to them.
  8. OK, so this is my second concept recently and also in my opinion the better one. This was thought up by a friend (Who wishes to be unnamed) as our first real attempt at a hack. The Concept Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones was the first FE game I played and is still my favorite. However like all games ever created it could be improved. This is what we plan to do. Using the original as a base we want to improve the story, graphics and and game play. This will involve (hopefully) new mugs, new icons, new animations, recreated maps and possibly changing battle mechanics among other things. This will be our first attempt at a hack so we are going to document the process on our soon to be blog here. As I said this is our first hack so any help would be appreciated especially with graphics of any kind. ... Bye
  9. I know but what i'm trying to say is I just wish to create a few chapters to start off, so to see if people still think this is a good idea. (Assuming they think so in the first place)
  10. I don't want to just change the classes I wish to remove and replace or drastically change most of them. I was intending to start with either Fe7 lyn mode or up till the route split on Fe8 as they are quite short.
  11. Hello there :D Starting off this is my first concept and possible try at a hack so don't expect too much. Now on with the topic! I had the idea to make a hack of one of the GBA games that does not change any of the story(at least not until i have had more eventing practice) but it will completely change all classes and possibly weapons. What i mean by this is I want to remove and replace or largely change most of the classes. When this is finished I would also like to create/recreate most of the weapons and up the difficulty as much as I can while still making the game fun to play. Also for now i would only create the first 3-4 chapters just to see if this will actually work. Fingers crossed screenshots will be up soon. Re class ideas Main lord archer? Legendary bowmen? Changing classes e.g. Armour knight now only uses swords or axes New types of magic and their classes Cavaliers now use axes only Adding 3 tiered promotions for most trees e.g. myrmidon - assassin + swordmaster Swordmaster - Trueblade + Magic Fencer Assassin - ninja + (Need a name for this class) Please tell me whether or not this is a viable hack and don't feel like you need to hold back on criticism as I am still pretty new to this and even negative feedback will help me to improve.
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