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  1. Fluent Portuguese (everyday language), English (the intrawebs!) and French (relatives in foreign countries). Can understand and speak decently Spanish and Italian though writing is a bit rusty. For some strange reason, a colleague of mine says I can speak German diphthongs pretty well even though I have no idea what I'm saying beside a few words... It's been a while since I learned any kind of language. I'd like to learn Japanese but learning Portuguese and English sign language would have to come first.
  2. Seems like Nintendo didn't take in account their fans for naming... R.I.P Smugleaf, Piglit/Pignite/Baycon and Wotter... Instead, we've got Revolver Oshawott, Solid Snivy, Tepig Boss. I think this will be the first time I'll be glad Gamefreaks has put the option to rename your pogeyman. Source: Pokemon website
  3. Dunno if some of you already saw this. Anyways, seems pretty neat. The patch is in the description if someone wants to try it.
  4. I guess whase means those who have endings in where the text is modified. Ike always has the same ending independently of his support. As far as I know, you got them all. Will you use their partner too? iirc, having Leanne and Naesala reach A support implies using Naesala on Endgame (deploying, at least).
  5. Yep, after the 5th time you can rebattle them with their pokemon having the levels of the 5th battle.
  6. I can't remind what was its nature (probably neutral) but this set won me at least 3 paintings: ~Sunny Day ~Flamethrower ~Destiny Bond ~Explosion A combination of Destiny Bond in the 4th turn and Explosion in the last nets you at least 20 appeal points, usually enough to beat the competition. The other turns were a mix of Sunny Day + Flamethrower. I remember one painting using diferent moves but I don't remember which one or which moves I used. EDIT: Besides, it's hilarious having a Koffing winning the Beauty and Cute contests XD
  7. It depends if the hacker is lazy or not. Most of them will have illegal IVs spread and the wrong trash bytes, thus a program that checks for those can identify those shinies as hacked pokémon. Some other hackers are more careful and normalize the pokémon making them virtually 100% legit. Yes, the odds reset. They reset each time your chain breaks or you change routes and it gets harder to chain them as the number of chained pokémon increases, unfortunately.
  8. They do but most of them are hacked thanks to the widespread usage of R4 and other similar cartridges that make hacking a breeze. Diamond, Pearl and Platinum also offer 2 new ways for better odds at finding shinies. One of them is by chaining pokémon. Once you've chained 40+ pokémon (finding the same pokémon through the PokéRadar 40 or more times in a row, your odds of finding a shiny will become 1/2048). The other method is the Masuda method which consists in breeding a pokémon with a pokémon from a foreign game.
  9. Finished Moyashimon. It's kind of those weird animes with no real plot but that are actually enjoyable to watch. I guess I'll watch Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind next since I'm near finishing reading the manga.
  10. Dunno why, but I read your hyperlink as nintendo 3D suk >_> Anyways, the price of it does indeed suck for me :(
  11. Guilty of c) and d) Anyways, don't feel to bad about not finding shinies. I, myself, find most of them uglier than their normal counterpart.
  12. The problem is that you don't get a painting automaticaly if you win. You need to get a very, very good result on top of winning and crushing your opponents. I managed to get them all with one single pokémon (a koffing) but it's really not worth it, imo.
  13. I got some shinies right from 2nd gen. In 3rd gen, I got a shiny Taillow, Sandshrew, Zubat, Dodrio and Zigzagoon. Got one wild shiny Geodude explode in my face. Encountered a shiny Meoth, Glalie and Bagon in the Battle Frontier. From 4th gen onwards, I've never found a shiny, not even when I tried chaining some pokémon. I guess it's to conpensate the unreasonable luck (and bad luck) I got in previous gens. :/
  14. Ribbons are pretty pointless, they are only a proof that you won the contest (if those are the ribbons you're referring to). Other than that they don't grant you anything. The only thing you may get, but it's only aestheticaly, is an upgrade to your trainer card color if you manage to get all 5 paintings in Lilycove's Museum.
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