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    Hello! Well I have a lot of interests but I'll just list some. I like videogames (obviously), anime/manga, novels, drawing, and rping. I don't rp a lot but it's still fun.
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  1. I use it, though I still use the English voices as well.
  2. Usually Female Avatar x Chrom, Henry x Olivia, and sometimes Stahl x Cordelia.
  3. Not like the GBA4iOS one, but the ones that require energy and special cash in order to get certain things. For example, "In order to get a Master Seal for Awakening you need atleast 10 Emblem Jewels. Oh? You don't have any? Go to your App store and buy some!!" I saw someone make a post showing what Pokemon might be like as a mobile app game, and I wondered how some would react if it were Fire Emblem that became a moblie app.
  4. When I played my first Fire Emblem game (Which is Shadow Dragon) I was using Javelins a lot using them on bosses and thought I was soo 'original' and no one thought of it. I called it the Javelin trick, then I realized how stupid my idea it was when Shiida and Abel did no damage since it was so weak whenever I used it, and it got even worse when bosses had Javelins, Hand Axes, arrows.
  5. I promoted units at level 10, sold all my second seals, didn't bother to reclass, not knowing the existence of Galeforce, not Leveling up Sumia thinking that she would be a terrible unit due to some forums I've seen before, I didn't use Lissa, I married units to ones that would give bad stats to children, I didn't reclass after level twenty, I passed down the worst skills, and I didn't marry Cherche or Panne. I was crap at Fire Emblem before I started playing Awakening, I got better though.
  6. I kinda want to see Anna x Donnel, Or Anna x Virion. I'd also like to see Chrom x Tiki, Chrom x Say'ri, Female Morgan x Cynthia, first gen supports with the second gen without being their parent (Doesn't have to be romantic though.), Donnel x Ricken, Lucina x Lissa, Lucina x Emmeryn, Owain x Chrom, Owain x Emmeryn, and the one I really really wish to see is Stahl x Sumia or Lon'qu x Sumia. I'd like to see how that'd turn out.
  7. Happy Birthday, sorry for being a little late!!!

    1. Pikachuchu


      Ah thanks! It's okay if your late! But thanks for the greeting.

  8. I don't know about you but I could imagine Malon wielding a Pitchfork or Spear, or using a rope. Something like that. Though that merchandise looks really cool. Especially the Alarm Clock.
  9. Namco Museum for GBA. Though the first game that I played and I took seriously is a Cinderella game for the GBA or it was Pokemon Colosseum.
  10. First Pairing thread for me! Well here's my list. Sumia x Everyone Male Robin x Say'ri Female Robin x Henry Lon'qu x Olivia Stahl x Nowi As for my favorite child, besides Morgan, it's Noire. I know this is late but welcome to Serenes Forest!
  11. Oh, oops. Thanks for telling me that. I kinda forgot about that.
  12. Probably Virion x Nowi, Lon'qu x Nowi, Olivia x Gaius (In my opinion, in the english translation made it talk about pies, a lot, way more then Chrom x Sumia. But Sumia x Chrom had some different topics though.), Owain x Lucina, and Lucina x Male Robin (It's cute but doesn't she know that she's marrying her sworn enemy? I mean I think she got the hint it was Robin who's Grima.)
  13. Cynthia - For The First Time Male Morgan or Noire - Mother Knows Best Grima!Avatar - Let It Go Kjelle or Sully- I'll Make a Man out of you All I can think of for now.
  14. For girls, Morgan. With Maribelle and Sumia as runnerups. As for the guys, Gregor Stahl.
  15. I got excited when I heard both of them got annouced. I didn't think that Robin would get in, heck I didn't even think that they would use Robin as their name instead of Avatar. Though before I blowed my familes eardrums off I was sad that Lucina's moveset looked very similar to Marth's moveset. But I'm excited to play as Robin since he looks fun to play as, especially since he has that thoron tome. T̶h̶o̶r̶o̶n̶ ̶t̶o̶m̶e̶s̶ ̶a̶r̶e̶ ̶m̶y̶ ̶p̶r̶e̶c̶i̶o̶u̶s̶s̶s̶s̶!̶ I'm wondering what Lucina's final smash would be though. Hopefully not like Marth's, otherwise I will probably call her Female Marth like my cousins do.
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