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  1. Not to mention Nergal's interactions with Ninian and Nils. For the entire game he couldn't recall that they were his children, even though he saw them in the flesh and witnessed one transform into an ice dragon. Now, Limstella was made centuries before the events of Blazing Sword; If Nergal could barely recall what his wife looked like then, there was no way he could remember what his children looked like.
  2. As everyone whose played Blazing Sword would know, Nergal's main drive in the story is power, starting with his wife Aenir's kidnapping. Nergal must have felt guilt over not being able to save Aenir. And after his fall into darkness, he began to create morphs to further his goals of now obtaining access to the Dragon's Gate, especially his strongest morph, Limstella, who acted as a collector of Quintessence for Nergal. Limstella, in Nergal's words, possesses his ideal strength and beauty. Her beauty could be one that Nergal had encountered before; he could have thought the same for Aenir. The power Limstella posesses (Fimbulvetr) might be Nergal's fruits from his obsession and search for power. Nergal had even given her the ability to feel emotions, suggesting that he designed Limstella with something special in mind. Maybe companionship? As a closer, I also drew up a comparison of Limstella and Ninian in the latter and former's palate. Notice how similar their eyes are.
  3. Strix

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    This topic will consist only of my spritework. I'm open to any advice/ constructive criticisms. 1st Showcase I thought Garcia's claw beard was a little strange, so I did one of two things: Fix it to be an actual beard, or add a mustache for completion. I couldn't get over how far Dorothy's eyes were when playing FE6; It was uncomfortable. With this she looks a lot better now. Using Usenti, I've begun making a GBA version of Marth's portrait from Shadow Dragon. I haven't put it in action yet; It still needs work.
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