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  1. The alchemist sounds amazing! Area if effect healing and damaging at the same time sounds broken!
  2. I haven’t checked that yet, sorry.
  3. Pair up is insanely powerful! You can switch at any time even when the unit is grayed out. Also, you can switch at the beginning of your turn to use whoever has the highest movement! Then you can switch back to who you want to defend on enemy phase. Only downside is that, if one unit is defeated, they’re both defeated. This is so much fun!
  4. Anyone want a Corrin with replicate? Feel free to choose the class.
  5. Hi everyone, Would you mind sending your castle addresses for a Corrinquest? 1. Levels 6-10. Please class change before posting. 2. DLC classes and skills are allowed 3. One personal skill is allowed 4. Please no hacking 5. Please make your castle easy to capture I could really use a monk. Thank you so much ^^ For anyone else doing a Corrinquest, my code is: 12823-06028-61200-74912 I am an Outlaw Boon: Strength Bane: Luck Region: North America
  6. Thanks! No on all of those. Is there a base requirement like everyone has to be level 15 or permanently recruited?
  7. I have Dean's axe at 30 per the requirement, but he won't class change. Do you need to be level 10 or talk to someone to class change?
  8. Persona 3 - Very dark Persona 4 - Rough moments, but pretty upbeat Persona 5 - highest quality including each dungeon room being unique. All great options, but Persona 5 is probably best played last because it's an improvement in every way.
  9. You can grind Celica's units in Chapter 5 once you have the option to talk to her to trigger the final battle.
  10. Could it be Robbie Daymond (Sorey ToZ)? He sounds similar to Bryce Pappenbrook, but to me, Alm seemed to have Robbie Daymond's vocal qualities.
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