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  1. You're all so funny x3 That's not true!! Severa is just being a jerk bullying her! Cynthia wins in both arguments and the duel, she falls asleep after Severa does!
  2. It's a Just-in-case measure. Not everyone has a 3DS and know about her, but you're right... maybe I overdid it, it's a FE site after all~
  3. Hello! I was wondering where should I post about this so I asked moderator Integrity. He recommended me to post in the Far from the Forest section, so here I go! It's been a month since I started my Cynthia fan page in Facebook and I already have a lot of enjoyable content for any Cynthia-lover. For those who doesn't know, Cynthia a character from Fire Emblem Awakening. Here is the link to it, please check it out~ https://www.facebook.com/CynthiaJusticeCabal/ The page posts mainly FE Related content, focusing on Cynthia. The page does Role-play at the same time! So if you have your own character page and you would like to play then you're more than welcome! If you like its contents please Like the page so you can keep receiving them in your News feed! Remember that the purpose of this page is to have fun only~ A page from fans to fans. So that's it! Any doubt or suggestion feel free to post here or in my page! I'll do my best replying to them! If you think the posts are somewhat confusing please check the Note for a mini guide about the post styles in the page. Here is the link to it; https://www.facebook.com/notes/cynthia/rp-guide-post-styles/1467373580170079 Have a nice day!
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