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    Enjoy playing Fire Emblem games on my phone and enjoy patching them on my phone as well.

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  1. Is there a way to play this on a mobile device?
  2. I am just wondering what the minimum specifications a computer or laptop needs in order to be able to run the FE Editors?
  3. Castle Address: 05178-44193 36803-89322 It is meant to be an easy win. Revelations
  4. It's not serious. I'm just making a joke. Can't wait for the update though.
  5. What version are you currently on?
  6. Do you have a complete recruitable characters list that you could post in a spoiler for me?
  7. Could report you both for having an off topic conversation in someone's thread, however, yes this will be exciting once it releases.
  8. I like it, and I'm very impressed with the progress so far.
  9. scott99

    Twitter page

    Is there a twitter page for serenes forest?
  10. So when I upgrade my people they stay level 20 and can I get a full list of characters and how to recruit, your list is missing some.
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