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  1. Julian 20 Dew 5 Patty 9 Lifis 13 Parn 10 Chad 8 Matthew 13 Legault 16 Jaffar 11 Colm 9 Volke 7 Sothe 13
  2. Do you think it would be better or worse if I used Moniker's avatar as the background?
  3. She's literally Jill if Oswin's Haar. LITERALLY. She has more speed and Res, Oswin is stronger and tankier, and they're both godly!
  4. Ike's Soren imploded when Six Flags were conquered by a tiny Gheb.
  5. Hawkeye seems a little underwhelming. He'd have been better as a Falco.
  6. And Swordslayer!Dart missed an 89 in that other game. I think fe7 IS turning 1 Rn.
  7. The odds would have been better if you double supported her. Still, it would have only been like 10%
  8. It's fine. :) Thanks. It's averages BTW (Jedi and mine is.) I'll PM my team to you later.
  9. Are you referring to the FE6 one or FE4 one? Or both?
  10. "AHA! Placing this mine here will stop these reinforcements!" "KITTY WILL YOU STOP SUCKING" "Klein didn't get a good level? WHAAAAAT?" "Dark magic is ridiculous!" "...I forgot my mine was there. "
  11. Jedi and I are planning to do an FE4 Subs only battle. The rules are no Altenna, Leaf, Serlis, Julia, Johan/halva, Shanan, Aless, Fin, or Hannibal (so no static gen 2 chars.) Is anybody willing to host this?
  12. Xestu I guess. I don't think it really matters at this point, lol So I'll get Wymp too, because Wymp is awesome. Ch12- 7/101 Turns Hero Barst shot one of the AK's on turn one and got...a perfect level...why do I even...anyways, then people just move. Windell got hit by the AK but damaged him in return allowing Ogma to finish him off. Barst opened the door on turn 2 with a door key and Marth gave him a master key since I ran out of door keys and conveniently killed off Julian and Rickard (I don't have the ch 10 physic either ) Barst equipped his hand axe and opened the door. On EP he killed the sniper. Gen!Wolf and Sedgar held off the cavs down below (they died in the end, rip). Turn 5, Barst killed the curate next to the boss and Ogma used a save point. Barst either had to dodge the boss at 51 displayed hit and one of the cavs at 58 displayed hit (60 for Heimler) or had to dodge all three cavs but not the boss. He lived. Marth could have seized on turn 6, but I wanted the boots, so Barst killed the other curate and Jagen charged ahead. He barely reached the chest on turn 7. I had Barst chip the general, but he critted him and killed him. Marth seized. In the north, Jake would chip thieves while Gordin and Ogma killed them. For the mages, Jake would chip one, then Gordin got the kill. When the group of two attacked, Jake chipped one for Ogma while Gordin ORKO'ed the other one (WHAT). When Wolf/Sedgar died, the cavs charged. Only one cav was able to attack Ogma on turn 6 EP, and that one went to Gordin while the Horseman went to Ogma. Got all the treasure but the dragonpike and Silver sword. Only Midia and Boah survived in the prison. [spoiler=Stats] Marth: Same as last Caeda: 8.56 / 18 HP / 7 Str / 10 Skl / 17 Spd / 14 Lck / 7 Def / 6 Res / C Lance Jagen: Same as last Gordin: 12.34 / 26 HP / 7 Str / 7 Skl / 9 Spd / 7 Lck / 9 Def / 0 Res / B Bow Wrys: 10.52 / 18 HP / 4 Mag / 7 Skl / 8 Spd / 6 Lck / 3 Def / 11 Res / C Staff Ogma: 13.89 / 30 HP / 11 Str / 15 Skl / 16 Spd / 8 Lck / 8 Def / 0 Res / B Sword Barst: 15-4.98 / 39 HP / 21 Str / 22 Skl / 25 Spd / 10 Lck / 14 Def / 3 Res / D Sword B Axe WINDELL: 5.21 / 25 HP / 4 Str / 4 Mag / 3 Skl / 13 Spd / 2 Lck / 5 Def / 6 Res / B Tome C Staff Jake: 1.52 Base
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