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  1. If it is a meh port, then I have confidence that it'll get fixed later on as the port is done by the same guy who did the other Blazblue pc ports which have pretty much always turned out good/okay. Sucks that it's eh on release though. And yeah Gemma, we'll be available later on today!
  2. I didn't expect a thread to be made around this but yeah, I'll be entering basically entering everything arcsys, Guilty Gear, Dragon Ball, and Blazblue Cross Tag Battle. For AnimEvo I'll be entering a bit more stuff Under Night In Birth, King of Fighters, and maybe Melty Blood. There's a few more that I want to enter but that's more up in the air. I'm hoping to do good obviously, but I'm really looking forward to meeting up with you guys. Either way it'll be a great time!
  3. Took me a while to get to because of laziness but here's chapter 13 for SHSL STRAGGLERS.
  4. A bit out of order but that's because I'm lazy, prepare for a beefer filled with dumb luck and a few sacrifices. Here's Chapter 9 from SHSL STRAGGLERS.
  5. SHSL Chapter 5x, it was a bit rough and me messing around didn't help but brave Orson was pretty cool!
  6. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one recording for SHSL STRAGGLERS, so it's gonna be pretty periodic. Here's our chapter 2!
  7. If it takes more than a week, after, less than a week, before.
  8. Chapter order for SHSL Stragglers, pretty simple. It also allows me to be the one to stream the end of the run so that's pretty cool!
  9. Regardless of any and all leaks, I'm just excited at the prospect of finally getting something!
  10. Official Gotenks trailer including fusion intro!
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