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  1. Past month I’ve gone through: -Fate Zero, Fate UBW -Akame ga Kill (probably least favorite of the bunch, kinda dropping in quality last 3rd of it) -Gurren Lagann and now I’m going through High School DxD (Almost finished Season 2 as of this post)
  2. For me its waiting for something when you show up early and the other person shows up very late. That and being woken up by another person while sleeping for no reason.
  3. Typically for me its one specific girl per game, but Mae from Echoes overall.
  4. I may be interested in this, but the issue is I wouldn't be able to play until after my finals end (20th of December) due to bad college wifi. Is it all in one weekend or are there deadlines? Worst case I'll just enter one in the future.
  5. While still busted, Cloud would not be top 3 if Smash 4 went on for another year.
  6. I don't have anything to actually contribute, I just want to help this get to 6969
  7. Up to Nintendo, I think its safe since its gonna be seen on a grand scale for years to come. Better safe than sorry.
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