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  1. yessssssss, I was debating whether or not to read it all before commenting, but way too much backreading.
  2. Well now surely that is not I, I've just posted here now
  3. Yeah I've noticed that as well, I personally find it a very well done game but sometimes you cannot be nostalgia...
  4. Hell yeah it is! I break it out every few months to be it again. Of course I've played A Link Between Worlds, any chance to play that layout again I'm all for, great game on its own as well. <3 I'll look into those fun threads, see if I can add something to them, or just get torn apart, whatever works for everyone. All excellent choices! I've never seen as much praise for Twilight Princess as all of the others and I could never understand why, it's still fantastic even if it wasn't as revolutionary as others before it.
  5. I would have to go with A Link To The Past. I find what they managed to do with the finite amount of space available in the console very well done, and I really like the fact that you could tackle the bosses in the dark world in any order. Thanks so much for the welcome! Everyone is so friendly, it's really nice. This goes for everyone but I had to reply to a Zelda post to gush about it.
  6. Hello there ladies and gentlemen! I've lurked here for awhile and figured it was time to join up and hopefully bring whatever I can to these forums! Online name: Sylvarious, I can't recall of a place where this isn't my name. Real name: Nick DoB: July 3, 1994 Favourite FE Game: FE7 or FE10. Favourite Game (other than FE): The Zelda series or Bioshock. Favourite FE Character: Rebecca with an honourable mention to Nephenee. Least Favourite game: Of the Fire Emblem games I would go with Shadow Dragon, I could never have characters die and a game where it's a must messes with all I know about Fire Emblem games. Sports: Hockey, Tennis, Soccer. Online friends: Non-Applicable? Most of my friends online I know in real life, my shyness doesn't generally do well online. Favourite music: Indie Rock or 70's and 80's Rock. Favourite artist/band: The National or Stars Favourite song: Squalor Victoria Country: Canada, which makes the abundance of u in my text understandable MSN/Yahoo/AIM: None Hobbies: Writing, playing music, gaming, and reading, school doesn't offer time for much else. Good Point: I have an insane amount of luck, which is more of a quirk than anything Bad Point: I am absolutely wretched at conveying tone both in real life as well as over the internet :( Anything else? : [/b] If anyone has questions feel free to ask! It will help me get more assimilated to this place :)
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