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  1. <.< >.> Red the trainee Swordsman (or Cavalier if not do-able)
  2. Name: Akio Gender: Male Allegiance: (Hoshidan, Nohrian, Vallite) Hoshidan Job:(knight, maid, prince ect.) Blacksmith Appearance:Just barely younger than Hinoka, and has the red hair trait the sisters have. Personality: Pretty Oblivious to affairs of the war, only caring to make weapons for the army. Bio: The nonchalant prince of Hoshido who crafts weapons for fun. Cares little for war but can devastate with an axe. He has a mutual fondness for Setsuna, but because she fights as a retainer has very little time to speak to her. Ultimately, through many small and pointless convorsations, they marry and have a strange son. Signification Other: Setsuna Child OC (If applicable): A son named Akia (very creative) who seemed to have inherited both his father's careless-ness and his mother's clumsiness. Other: (anything that doesn't fit above) Crafted Kansi and all of the named weapons for the Hoshidan Royal family.
  3. Name: Red Gender: Male Allegiance: (Hoshidan, Nohrian, Vallite) Hoshidan Job:(knight, maid, prince ect.) Dread Fighter (Swords Only) Appearance: Blonde long hair tied into a ponytail. Wears purple armor for some reason? Personality: Kind and caring, always trying to protect others Bio: The newly recruited retainer of Azura, who was requested to guard Azura by queen Mikoto and was trained by an ex Nohrian commander. Though he takes his job very seriously, he still maintains a friendly demeanor and is actually considered one of Azura's friends. He meets Lilith in the My Castle, and tries to spend a lot of time with her to make up for her lonely-ness. Ultimately falling in love with her and having a daughter. Signification Other: Lilith Child OC (If applicable): Has a daughter named Hope, a young girl with a friendly personality and a desire to be with others, likely due to being forced to live in a Deep Realm alone. She has a work ethic even beyond her father, but she wishes to grow to be a Dread Fighter like him (Sword Wielding Troubadour) Other: (anything that doesn't fit above): He often gets mistaken for a woman. Dispite being a "Dread Fighter" (Meaning a class based on Ninjas,) he wears medium armor. He wields a sword granted to him upon knighting that only he can wield called Kansi (It's like a Steel Sword)
  4. Thank you! I'll look into learning how to use it. I also figured out what was wrong with FEditor anyways, so meep. My java apparently sucks. Thank you guys for your help.
  5. Ok You've given me a guide, but no link to the program. I'm playing this by fairness by what I have access to.
  6. I mean. I only picked it because every tutorial I've found says I have to use it... if you can link me to something better, as well as a tutorial on how to use it, then by all means go ahead. Otherwise, your suggestion kinda does nothing :/
  7. No, I'm not missing anything The .jar file for FEditor IS there, but It won't open as an application- it opens as a winrar file. I tried changing it to Java, but java just opens a command prompt and then closes it instantly.
  8. So I downloaded the zip for FEditor, and I went under the Dict file (after unzipping it) and instead of an application or executable jar program I found another winrar folder. I've tried installing Java and removing .jars from Winrar's list of programs to open, and I still cannot find a way to open this. If someone could help me figure out what's wrong I'd appreciate it.
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