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  1. Just arrived on my doorstep today. Also contained some other stuff in the CD case that is worth taking a look at. Still not sure what the A3 folder is for
  2. Shown Plastic Memories to the Anime Club. No one (including me) cried. So much for the feels.... Also, can someone tell me what anime/game this is from? EDIT: Thank you, Red Fox, for finding it.
  3. Hi, I'm currently trying to think of how a literal version (I.E. The Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Literal Trailer by Tobuscus) of the Fire Emblem If trailer works out. It's gonna die In all seriousness though, does anyone have any opinions on how to do this? Leaning more toward the April trailer here.
  4. Has anyone watched Plastic Memories? It's apparently really sad.
  5. [spoiler=Wingding'd] I'm just going to drop this here. Why? I'm not sure my self.
  6. IT'S TIME TO SHIP THE SCALES! Yeah, I doubt they are going to ditch it. Although they need more puns. A lot more puns.
  7. [table] [tr] [th]Testing[/th] [th]This[/th] [th]May[/th] [/tr] [tr] [td]Prob[/td] [td]Not[/td] [td]Working[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]But[/td] [td]Why[/td] [td]Not?[/td] [/tr] [/table] EDIT: Welp, that didn't work out. I'll take a look at what IPBoard supports. Really bad documentation on their part.
  8. I'm actually hoping for something somewhat like in Devil Survivor Overcloaked: [spoiler=Naoya Eighth Day] You get to choose whether to kill the demon tamers, or DON'T TOUCH THEM. In other words, I would like to see a sort of "Evil Scale" in the game. With "Kill 'em All" being in the far end of it.
  9. IT'S TIME TO SHIP THE SCALES. Let another endless rain of self inserts, Mary Sues/Garry Stus, Fourth Wall Breaking, and other... stuff... great... I think someone did write one at Fanfiction.net or whatnot. I'll check later. EDIT: Found it. "If the Red Thread Snaps". Wow. That... was really short in my terms. EDIT 2: Why Wingdings? Use the Madoka-Witch font or whatever it's called. It will look more... serene?
  10. Welcome to the forest! Don't get lost I mean, enjoy your stay!
  11. I'm going to assume the entertainment section includes conventions. For the last... 4 years of attending various conventions/events, I never really got a way to catch all the events I really wanted. Does anyone actually know how to properly plan for a convention? From what I seen, I had to skip every other time slot, but that's about it. Also, who cosplays for cons?
  12. Strangely enough, I actually did have this sort of problem while running my school anime club. I blame the old school projector, where does the budget go? In any case, my HDMI to VGA adapter (somehow) works in full HD. I sadly can't give a demo, for I tend to leave my laptop at school(It literally needs an external keyboard, I'm not taking that thing home). According to what I have seen, DVI is superior to VGA, so... yeah. There is a really good change that the adaptor should work for higher qualities. P.S. Heard good stuff about Cable Matters. The link he shown seems to be a good deal.
  13. NoCashOtaku


    Welcome to the forest! Don't get lost.
  14. +20 ALL STATS + 80 HP [spoiler=Madoka spoiler] 10 turn countdown to death + Enemy Witch reinforcements. Also... [spoiler=Paint.NET photoshopping] Just Text variant:
  15. Welcome to the Forest! Don't get lost.
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