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  1. He has vantage just like him too, I love these little details.
  2. Hi everybody, does anyone have a Takumi with Death Blow? Finding one is becoming a real pain. I'll post the rarish skills i have in my birthright castle too: MU: Draconic Hex, Rend Heaven Jakob: Luna, armored blow Hinoka: Inspiration, rend heaven Takumi: Rend Heaven(I also have life or death but not active atm) Oboro: Rend Heaven Azura: Amateratsu, foreign princess, profiteer Castle Adress: 14216-87986-12248-38729 I also have a completed conquest file but there are no particularly amazing skills there, so i won't bother sharing it.
  3. 3DS Friend Code: 3222-6555-7006 Castle Code: 14216-87986-12248-38729 Chosen Affinity: Nohr Avatar Name: Nik Castle Name: Castle Pieris Region: EU Food: Berries Mineral: Sapphire All important facilities are maxed (mine, farm, arena, shops). If you add me as a friend let me know! As for rare skills nothing much, I have axefair on Camilla and that's about it IIRC
  4. Just preordered it on gamestop.it for 85. I doubt it will be much different elsewhere
  5. The exact same thing happend to me before. We can just hope they're right
  6. Happy Birthday!!!

  7. They didn't mention the release date on the european version of the Direct. We'll have to wait 4 more months like Awakening, won't we.
  8. There's at least one in the form of nosferatu. Also, the witch dlc class has the shadowgift skill, so there are probably many other dark tomes.
  9. Since i'm starting with Nohr, i think i'll choose a Hoshido class. Probably going for samurai(line of death looks incredible, and swordfaire is always useful) or lancer(halbardier used to be my favourite class).
  10. You're right man, it's gonna be impossible. This will be the only safe place in the internet. I just hope it doesn't take as long as awakening's localization(1 full year).
  11. Tbh it does make sense, because: 1:If i just threw my axe, how can i possibly throw it again without recovering it first? 2:1-2 weapons were kinda op 3:There wouldn't be many incentives to use other weapons if you had, for example, an infinite spear.
  12. ^we could do that, or talk about game mechanics in general. If somebody who played the game could come here for a sec and tell us if the story is good as a whole(without mentioning details obviously) it would be even better.
  13. BEST.IDEA.EVER. Thanks op, the Hype Thread has become a scary place for those who want to avoid spoilers.
  14. There is a topic about that just a little below this one. I'm not writing it here because i'm lazy to avoid spoilers.
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