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  1. You're quite welcome! This was a good nostalgia trip for me, as well. I feel good about the time I spent making Let's Plays here, and it was good to revisit this place.
  2. Time to complete our journey in... The Moniker Plays Marc's Precious Episode 2: Part 2: March of the GAMFs
  3. The Moniker Plays Marc's Precious: Episode 2: Part 1: Between a hard place, another hard place, and a third hard place
  4. GAH! I accidentally double-tapped Ctrl or... SOMETHING... and messed up the last post. And it won't let me edit it. Okay, here's the REAL, FULL update.
  5. Oh no, I have no interest in returning to Gheb! I've just come back to play this hack, however long it may be. Or the possible remade Super Hard Lyn Mode. Maybe. Thanks for the advice. On that note... I tried a BUNCH of different browsers, and none of them let me edit my post normally. So, the unfortunate result is that I can't edit my posts after they're posted. I'll just have to get it right the first time... every time! With that being said, that map that isn't complete and I can't edit is just UGLY. So I tried my hand at fixing it here: THERE we go! Now, all you people dying of curiosity about the map can have that curiosity sated! It's brush off the dust and rust in... The Moniker plays Marc's Precious: Episode 1: Traveling along the Road of Destiny REALLY FAST
  6. I'd like to apologize the first post above is formatted so oddly, it was not intended to look like that. The main update is not supposed to be two spoilers deep, and the level map isn't supposed to look how it does. I'll figure it out eventually, but right now, I get an error message whenever I try to edit it back into shape. So bear with me until I can fix it properly.
  7. Hello, everyone. I know it's been a while. More than a while, in fact. It's been over a year! But I got a request I couldn't ignore, so I think I'd like to do one more Let's Play, just for fun. And sure enough, it was made by the creator of all the other hacks on this thread, Markyjoe! So, what is it? It's Markyjoe's first hack in a long while, released amidst the flames of Ragefest V, as a follow up to a hack in Ragefest IV... Marc's Precious: Revenge (A Sacred Stones hack. Yes, this is the right ROM.) THE STORY SO FAR: In Ragefest IV, a hack was submitted: "Marc's Precious". This is the first part of the videos of Markyjoe playing the hack, the rest can be found on youtube: (Was automatic embedding added while I was gone? Huh.) Quick note; watching the videos is NOT required to fully enjoy this. Here, I'll give a little rundown of the plot, or at least, the plot relevant to know going into this:
  8. Everyone, I'd just like to say... Thank you all. For everything. There's been times of high motivation, and low motivation, but finally, I'm officially retiring from making let's plays. Thanks for being avid and supporting readers throughout all my shenanigans. I hope you've all enjoyed reading my stuff, and to any future readers, I hope you enjoy it too! I've finally retired now, and I'm happy to end it on a high note! With that said, I'll still stop by and check on this thread occasionally. If any of my images break and leave my let's plays unreadable, please PM me or post on this thread. Depending on the scale of the problem, I'll see if I can fix it. If I recall correctly, my Imgur images will break if nobody views them for 6 months - so, just as long as get one random person binge-reading my entire archives once per 6 months, all of the lps should be fine! I wish any future LPers luck, and I wish the hack-makers luck too. None of this would have been possible without them.
  9. Hello, everyone! I'm sorry this took so terribly, terribly long. I thought I'd take short break before finishing things up, but little did I know that the break would quickly turn into a very big break. This is entirely my fault due to mismanaging my own motivation. Now, let's finish up! Kieran's ending was the only one where he doesn't vanish to history? That actually makes me feel a bit better! And thank you! Not just you specifically, Alusq, but everyone who read my LPs and enjoy them, for helping motivate me to continue. It's been a good run! The end comes in... TheMoniker plays: Requiem: Bonus Episode: Text Walls
  10. Well, after sacrificing a Light's Blessing to test, it looks like for quests like "beat 6-5 lunatic with four infantry units and all four have to survive", it still counts if you lose one and then burn a Light's Blessing to bring him back. I would know, because that's what I did. On another less-good note, that's all the Lunatic quests complete for me, and after the game telling me I've beaten all the quests and here's the whole new batch after beating the normal and hard quests, it doesn't acknowledge the achievement of all the lunatic quests at all! So disappointing... x1.5 exp is nice, now I can train up some of my lower-level characters.
  11. I found this neat infographic describing how stat variance and stat growths work, if anyone is still confused as to how it works. It uses Nino, who has lately been doing her best to be a reddit meme. Let's pray it doesn't spread here.
  12. This new announcement makes me VERY happy. It's a temporary assuaging of the current problems with the game's stamina system, though I still think it needs some fixing. Changes to the EXP system make me curious. There wouldn't be much point to announcing it like this if it was just 1-2 EXP per foe, which is what it would be if the game's current EXP ratios hold. It might be a deeper restructuring of how EXP and grinding works. More orbs and Monday Training Tower rewards are also good. Any guesses as to what they will be? All of the badges have representation already, so I'm banking on either shards/crystals, or feathers. We will see!
  13. I think the difficulty is fine, what needs to be changed is the grind difficulty vs stamina system. I'm trying to net a team of level 33-35 units some of their last few levels by grinding the eighth stratum, but even with all the castle upgrades, a level 33 unit killing a level 40 enemy only gains a couple hundred exp vs. the thousands they need to level up. It's bearable, but progress is slow because I can only play it a few times before the 8 stamina cost ends my session. I'm honestly not sure what I'm going to do once the higher stratums are costing 16-20 stamina a pop.
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