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  1. I was trying to make some gecko codes cooperate with me and actually work on Dolphin with me. While I only succeded with the "Unlock all Extras" and "100% PoR support info", by adding 80 to the first block of hexadecimal values in each line of the code, I realized two things: First, nowhere I searched they mentioned this offset, so I guesses it could potentially help someone out there. I suppose other "extras" codes would also work if 80 was added to them. Second, none of the offsets I saw could solve my frustrated attempts at turning my weapons blessed from the beginning. Mainly trying to use the "Bless Weapon After Attack (Player's Phase)" code, but I did try others, using the + b880 offset and also with the -264b80 offset. So, that's it. If anyone can help me with this particular code, I'd be glad, but even if not, perhaps I could help someone with this post. Thank you for your time. EDIT: Managed to make the code work by removing what I guessed [probably right] were button-activation lines. And adding 80, of course. Thanks a bunch for your time again, somehow posting here solved my issue even before any answer.
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