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  1. Gordin sucks, Matthis and Warren are serviceable and I'm so annoyed by the fact that my avatar is really good stat wise but has no enemy phase. I'm playing on Maniac and every chapter is destroying a little bit more of my sanity as I play. Also I'm on Chapter 10 and keeping Merric alive is giving me a headache to the point of me considering letting him die So in other words it's great
  2. I shall be using all the DLC items so he will get the growth drop, which could make him quite good
  3. If you had to pick one of those three who would you pick?
  4. do you have a particular class you want Frey to be?
  5. I'm kind of stuck for ideas as to how to play Fire Emblem 12 again atm, so decided this would be a good idea You guys get to pick what units I use for the whole game ( Marth and Avatar are being used anyway), and you get to choose my Avatar's class and backstory. Avatar: is wearing Animal Hat now please be gentle Unit's picked Marth Avatar (Female Archer) Frey (Hunter) Gordin (Fighter) Catria (Falcon Knight) Warren (Merc) Nagi Vyland (end me) Katarina Roger Matthis ( Growth Drop) Tomas Linde and seeing as the max units allowed is 12 we are done! (I know 13 have been picked but I'll rotate a bit when all 13 are available)
  6. Happy St. Patricks Day to all the other Irish people on this site! I hope you enjoy seeing the 8 year old GAA teams leading the parade going through your town and then watch America put on the biggest show for the day in NYC!
  7. twitch.tv/leodchugh streaming some FE every so often

  8. twitch.tv/leodchugh streaming some FE every so often

  9. Signing off. For good. Adios Amigos!

    1. Melissa


      NO, WAIT, COME BACK!!!

    2. Draco


      Whaaaaat? I wish I didn't have Notifs off, I feel bad now. But if you ever come back, I'll be here, brah.

    3. Hugh of Ilia

      Hugh of Ilia

      That's the main problem Draco. If I'm here none of you guys or my friends are on and I never get to see you guys.

  10. My thing broke saying it didn't post So I posted it a lot So sorry
  11. How dare you underestimate me?!? I got my 14th badge last week!
  12. How dare you underestimate me?!? I got my 14th badge last week!
  13. How dare you underestimate me?!? I got my 14th badge last week!
  14. ZM you are now my rival so yeah we are gonna go on a grand adventure but Ima gonna beat you in the end
  15. I guess a Pokemon would be cool. Make sure he can do cool stuff that is considered magic though. Or else Grandma Niime will kill me.
  16. ##Vote: TTPK Tal When a guy's got a hunch it's best to follow it.
  17. The whole point of this was to make a good Dark Mage MU and sadly, Etzel is not MU The MU is going to be male as sadly, no female Dark Mages
  18. Well, I think eviteryone who has played this game knows how atrocious the Dark Mage/Sorcerer growths are, and their bases ain't to great either. They are my favourite class and I am looking for a challenge so I wanted to try and make the ultimate MU Dark Mage build. Any help would be much appreciated and thanks to anyone who does help out. I'll start off the character as a Mage and play Hard mode.Just for Reference: Base stats: HP/STR/MAG/SKL/SPD/LCK/DEF/RES 18 / 2 / 2 / 4/ 4 / 3 / 4 / 3 Growths: HP/STR/MAG/SKL/SPD/LCK/DEF/RES 50 / 10 / 35 / 50 / 50 / 60 / 5 / 30 Not looking too great from the get-go...
  19. looking for smite players

  20. You have Ross Gerik Gilliam and Franz open for garm
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