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  1. Oh hey, I got a shout-out in this thread! As you apparently saw, Sol Master Ninja is the second-best enemy-phase combat build in Conquest, and Silas is the best at it. He gets an insane +9 early damage stack after going into the Merc line, and he can feasibly get Sol and A+ with Kaze before chapter 17, allowing him to go in with a Bronze Dagger and train up his weapon rank by one-rounding the horde of ninjas there on enemy phase. With Sol and D Shurikens, he can take on the northern or eastern parts of 18, and then he destroys 19 and much of 20 with the Hunter's Knife. Soleil is hard to get that early, but she's nearly as strong if her mother can pass her something good: Elbow Room, HP +5, Lunge, that kind of thing. Your Percy didn’t actually get Strength-screwed. Percy just has a fairly low innate Str growth, before factoring in his mom, and his base Str isn’t that hot either. He just happens to come with an incredible class set. Effie can potentially pass Quick Draw to him, but even then he usually needs a few Energy Drops or a Berserker wife to hit Takumi-killing thresholds.
  2. It gets rounded down. Child growths from auto-levels round to the nearest integer in the usual way. Effie!Percy has 0 base Mag and gets (putatively) 7.5 Mag growth in Wyvern Rider. When you recruit him immediately after Chapter 15, he‘ll be at level 17, and he should have 0 Mag if it rounds down and 1 otherwise. I just checked, and he has 0.
  3. 1. 1x Nordsalat + Prune (400 PEXP, 46% Speed, and sustains itself reliably) or 2x Angelica + Prune (500 PEXP, 52% Strength, need to pull 2+ seeds each week to sustain itself) all the way until A professor rank. You can buy flowers after the chapter 5 merchant quest, but you get all you need to recruit ~3 units and motivate everyone for the next several chapters just by spending 2,000 G every month on the cheapest gifts and doing a couple of meals per week. You have to buy specific flowers over and over again because they don’t grow themselves. That money is better spent on good battalions, weapons, seals, and forges. The extra professor experience for harvesting high-quality seeds matters most in chapter 3, where those 400-800 more points let you hit C rank early. That means extra money next month, early adjutants, and more activities that let you build a PEXP lead compared to a flower-planting strategy; you slowly trade away your lead by doing slightly more meals instead of tournaments later on. Nordsalat and Angelica seeds also produce high-value crops that you can sell for money or (especially with Magdred Kirsch) use for cooking. 2. Buy all the bait every month once you have the merchants unlocked (which you should do ASAP). Spend 5-star bait on Fish of Mystery days looking for Goddess Messengers, and hoard everything else until the chapter 9 Fistfuls of Fish event. This will carry you to A+ rank and eliminate all your money problems. 3. Once you have tons of cash and A professor rank, there are a few strong planting setups, all with max cultivation level: Ideally, Yellow x2 + Angelica x2 + Nordsalat. 36% magic booster, 40% strength, 19% speed, 95% total. Nordsalat seeds at this level will grow Angelica seeds, but eventually you’ll run out of the premium seeds. Nearly as good, with more flowers, is Yellow x2 + Purple x2 + Nordsalat. 36% magic, 36% strength, 19% speed, 91% total. I would run this once I’m out of Angelica if I still have Nordsalat seeds available. Then transition to flower-based setups with seeds you can buy. Purple and Mixed Herb give STR, Yellow gives MAG, and Pale-Blue gives SPD. Purple x2 + Yellow x2 + Mixed Herb: 49% STR and 34% MAG, 83% total. Yellow x3 + Purple + Pale-Blue for more magic: 51% MAG, 17% STR, 17% SPD, 85% total. Pale-Blue x3 + Purple + Yellow for speed: 51% SPD, 17% STR, 17% MAG, 85% total. If you really need one stat in particular, you should plant Purple x3, Yellow x4, or Pale-Blue x5. These have worse overall success rates than the mixtures above. Angelica x5 or Nordsalat x4 are much stronger but are not very realistic.
  4. You have two chances to pull either Angelica (5-Star) or Nordsalat (4-star) seeds from the barrels southeast of the main hall while exploring in chapter 1 and chapter 2 (before you have a free choice of what to plant). The other things that can spawn there are Morfis-Plum and Boa-Fruit seeds, which are functionally equivalent in terms of professor experience (500 and 400 respectively) but spawn worse stat boosters. The beautiful thing about all four of these seeds is that they grow themselves, which flowers notably don’t do, and you can’t consistently get good flower seeds until you unlock the merchant without some serious save scumming. Nordsalat is really nice because a single seed with pruning hits nearly 50% chance of a speed booster and is dirt cheap, allowing you to dedicate your early funds to other things like battalions and good weapons. Nordsalat and Angelica seeds also grow Magdred Kirsch, an ingredient in the ridiculous Goddess Messenger meal that gives great stat boosts and 450 Professor EXP and is doable as early as chapter 3. Motivation from support unlocks and meals will carry you through the early chapters with no worries, and once you do the merchant quest, correct use of lost items and the cheaper gifts will cover you without any need to resort to flower seeds. Optimized Professor EXP gain isn’t about hitting A+ rank at chapter 9, which I agree is pretty trivial if you just hoard bait and do a good number of tournaments. Rather, it's about hitting other benchmarks way sooner than you “should.” You can have adjutants before the chapter 3 mission; B rank for two adjutants (and double battles) before the merchant quest; and A rank for three adjutants in the middle of chapter 7. Not to mention that by ranking up earlier you gain more lecture points for more efficient teaching, plus more activity points that let you gain even more Professor EXP or Faculty Training or meals or whatever else you need along the way.
  5. Nordsalat Seeds are available very early on from the barrels southeast of the main hall when exploring in both chapter 1 or chapter 2, i.e., by the time you start planting seeds of your own. That spot spawns any of the four seed types that have 4-star quality or better, and you can save and soft-reset right there to get either Nordsalat (for speed) or Angelica (for strength). All four of these high-quality seeds grow themselves at yield levels one and two. Because you get more professor experience for using seeds with more stars, you can dramatically accelerate your professor level gains. The extra exploration points allow you to do more meals and tournaments sooner, boosting your professor rank even faster and making up for the motivation and support points you might otherwise need to get from flowers. A single Nordsalat seed with pruning (the 500G option) is pretty much ideal every week until you get A rank. You get a 46% chance of a speed booster, the best stat to gain in the early game. You can harvest more of the seeds you need every week while also getting sellable crops like Nordsalat. The additional professor experience over flowers can get you to milestones like C rank before the chapter 3 mission, B rank in the first week of chapter 5, and A rank by the end of chapter 7, while still working in a fair amount of faculty training to get certification and recruitment requirements. Outside of LTC, I agree on Male Byleth in GD. It's trivial for Hilda to learn Tempest Lance in time for meaningful use in Chapter 2. It's reliable enough with a Training Lance at that point.
  6. I’ll try to give an approach for the first two turns. I don’t have access to your units' exact stats and equipment, obviously, and I don’t have a save file with the pre-chapter-22 version of this map on hand, but I do have a pretty good handle on how this map works. Turn One Ophelia has Vantage, so she should be able to take on the southwestern group. She's not inheriting very strong bonus stats from her parents because she’s really depending on a high-level Odin or Wyvern Elise for her defenses, but those bonuses are effectively limited to 2 or 3 points over her auto-leveled bases, which should be adequate for the job. Malig Knight Corrin (or DK Leo) gives her a solid +Mag/+Def pair-up partner. I’d keep Nosferatu and a Def tonic (and maybe an HP tonic) in the convoy. Ophelia pulls those from the convoy on turn one and uses the Defense tonic. Wyvern Lord Beruka should be able to Rally her Defense, and you can pick your units' starting positions strategically so that this rally also covers other units who will push out in different directions. Strategist Elise can Rally Resistance too. Azura sings to Ophelia, then Ophelia pairs up with Corrin. (If Azura is unavailable, Ophelia will just have to forego the tonic for this turn.) Corrin flies west to the woods next to the western village and switches to Ophelia, who equips Nosferatu and promotes to Sorcerer. If Dwyer can survive a Quick Draw Silver Axe Wyvern Lord plus another one wielding a Tomahawk, then put him on the square northeast of Ophelia where he can cover her with Gentilhomme. Ideally he has a few more points in Defense than Ophelia so that they go after her instead. He might need a strong guard stance partner and Beruka's rally to hit this threshold. If you do all this, you've given Ophelia an effective +10-11 Defense and +6-8 Res, plus promotion bonuses, on turn one. That's probably enough to survive attacks from every Onmyoji and every Wyvern Lord in the southwest while standing in her little woods tile. In the meantime, Leo and Niles should be able to take on the two generals blocking the way to the southeastern village. Xander is most likely able to take a hit from one of the nearby Berserkers. Ideally, you have someone else holding a Bronze weapon work alongside Xander in attack stance, with each unit baiting one of the Berserkers near the edge of their range. You’re going to want good action economy for next turn. Lastly, Camilla probably can fly northeast and start baiting the Masters of Arms there. Attack Stance is again preferred if Camilla can manage it, but Guard Stance is fine and might work better if it lets her one-round things herself. You want to clear out this pack quickly because the Spirit Dust village is one of the first to be threatened. Turn Two If all goes well, then Ophelia weakens everyone in the SW aside from the general. She can pick off a surviving Wyvern and should be able to kill everyone else on enemy phase this turn. Dwyer just runs east, or engages the general north of him if he's unhurt and has the Flame Shuriken. Both generals in the SE should be dead. Leo can visit the village there and pick up Lightning. Xander and his attack stance friend (Silas, maybe?) have wounded two of three berserkers and are facing a pair of Master Ninjas behind them. Niles, Beruka, and Elise are in the area, and they should be able to attack stance their way through the whole group. You've also got some of Selena, Benny, Kaze, and Odin waiting around. One of them is already supporting Camilla and another is probably with Dwyer, but the others can go help Camilla finish off the Masters of Arms. With good positioning, you may be able to force the three Onmyoji behind them to engage Kaze, who can probably handle them all. Beyond Turn Two Corrin can hit the southwestern village with the Horse Spirit, and someone can grab the Spirit Dust from the northeastern village. After that, pull all your forces northward. The reinforcements in the north are about to crash through the wall, and you want to start clearing out that area before your path to the final village is flooded with scary enemies. Plug the wall with a decent enemy phase tank while you beat up the generals and berserkers near the village. After that, collect the Calamity Gate and park a strong guard stance pair on the northern fort to intercept the eastern and southeastern enemy groups. Ophelia might already be so strong at this point that she can handle that job herself. One helpful thing to know is that the enemy Adventurers going after the villages will not attack anyone until every village has been visited. You can delay collecting the fourth village to keep them docile; the one that arrives with the southeastern reinforcements often just gets in the way of other enemies, which can be nice.
  7. It absolutely does not take eight levels to master a class, especially when one of them is Mage, which allows for extra class experience from healing. There are no advanced class masteries worth getting outside of Lifetaker and Renewal. Qualifying for Wyvern Rider at 20 but delaying its actual use for a level or two to finish Pegasus is not a major sacrifice. You can switch back to an intermediate class and act as adjutant for Byleth (or another top unit) to finish off whatever you need if you don’t want to bother using a class in combat. This becomes completely trivial with the Knowledge Gems.
  8. There's a reason why I recommended going through Pegasus Knight. Annette's relic weapon is lighter and stronger if you don’t need the range (and its unique combat art gives +20 might).
  9. One thing I think is being overlooked here is how easy it is to bump up early physical units to respectable levels of bulk by getting C Axes and D Armor. Armored Knight certification instantly grants 12 Def minimum, and for a lot of your units, that will be a boost of somewhere between 1 and 5 Def as long as you’re getting it at level 10. Since pretty much all physical units love going through Brigand, this isn’t even a major opportunity cost for many of them. You can consider going up to C Armor for Weight -3 if the small detour won’t mess up your class route. Aside from that, I’ll point out a couple of build options that jumped out at me because they’re staple Conquest Lunatic cheese builds. They still seem to work well here in Three Houses. 1. Vantage Lysithea pretty much does Vantage + Life & Death Ophelia's thing from Conquest: she has so much Mag that she can reach kill thresholds. Vantage comes quickly because Lysithea can easily do 25 actions with a combination of adjutancy and Soulblade abuse. Rout objectives are mostly restricted to paralogues, but a 1-4 range instant kill unit is spectacular when you need to clear a dozen enemies all at once. You do need to snipe enemy battalion users to have no chance of death, but usually that’s not hard. 2. There are multiple magical units with unspectacular Reason spell lists who work very well with magic weapons in physical classes. Annette is a prime example: she can do something like Mage–Pegasus Knight–Wyvern Rider–Wyvern Lord abusing the Bolt Axe+. Lightning Axe helps conserve Bolt Axe uses until arcane crystals are buyable. She's a lot like Malig Knight Elise. Marianne dearly misses the Arrow of Indra in any route but Crimson Flower, but she can do Mage–Pegasus Knight–Bishop–Mortal Savant. She retains her Physic utility at endgame while patching up her speed, gaining regular foot movement, and wielding Swordfaire Levin Sword+, which is really nice. She also gets her personal sword and its art for boss-killing purposes, or Soulblade with regular swords when you don’t need range. A nice bonus is that Marianne actually gets to use her Crest when she's swinging a magic sword around instead of casting spells.
  10. I showed that you can even pull this off with a first-generation unit who has noticeably worse stats. Do you think I didn't notice that Odin requires an extremely specific setup to get there, and that requirements like three silver statues are real obstacles? Ophelia has a bunch of wiggle room because she's just better, and if you read carefully, you'll observe that you can in fact do her whole thing without Corrin, or with a slightly worse mother. Elise!Ophelia's the best one*, so she's the go-to test case whenever the question is, "Can a magic unit one-shot this enemy?" And for her, against every enemy that doesn't have Dragonskin, the answer is always yes. *Corrin!Ophelia can have a better natural cap, but has an appreciable chance of failing to reach her statue-boosted cap even with all five Spirit Dusts. Elise gives a better growth rate, and she is probably the only mother who has a reasonable chance of getting her own Magic stat high enough to pass +1 or +2 to Ophelia via inheritance. Yeah, but that's annoying because then you can't recruit Elise!Ophelia until after chapter 20 or so. The one-shot kill is also trivial for any self-respecting axe unit with access to both Fighter and Wyvern Rider thanks to +12 damage stack. They usually don't have access to Vantage, though, so they can't mow down the entire map by themselves. Units that are doing well in combat duty probably don't need to be promoted super early. You want the people who are doing your main combat duties to continue gaining stats so they can maintain that role for the whole game, so in their case you shouldn't consider promoting until at least level 17 or so. But on the other hand, you shouldn't be afraid that you're going to lose something important if you promote some of your units a few levels early. Some examples of what I've done in my current run: Promoted Nyx to Dark Knight at 11. I wanted her to have the big boost to Defense and mobility so that she would stay useful for a few more chapters in the early game. Promoted Charlotte to Berserker at 13. It was pretty easy to feed her some experience when she joined up because she was under-leveled, but after that point, an early promotion gave her a huge power boost and also made her better at supporting her teammates. Promoted Kaze to Mechanist at 15. Like Nyx, this gave him large bonuses to Def and Mov. Unlike Nyx, I actually planned to keep using him in a big role for a while. However, he was already ahead of the level curve when he re-joined my team. Early promotion didn't have a huge downside because he was gaining reduced experience anyway, and I wanted him to get some nice promoted-class skills earlier. Promoted Mozu to Merchant and Laslow to Hero, both at level 19. These were okay combat units, but I knew they would probably get close to their caps in the classes I planned for them to end in, so there was little downside to skipping level 20. Early promotion gives you instant stat bonuses (and sometimes access to new weapons) in exchange for reduced experience. However, the experience reduction is temporary, and in a certain sense, it reverses itself later on. The way the game works is that when you've promoted, it bases the experience gain formula on a secret "internal level." Normally, for promoted units, their level is effectively their listed level plus 20. If you promote early, instead of adding 20, the game takes the average of 20 and your actual level at promotion, rounded down. For instance, let's say you promote Selena from a level 13 Mercenary to a Bow Knight. At Bow Knight level 1, instead of counting as level 21, she will count as being level 1 + floor{(20+13)/2} = 17. That's four levels lower, and that can make a big difference for the experience scaling system. One effect of this is that it's easier for early-promoted units to reach the powerful level 15 skills in promoted classes. I don't know the exact experience scaling for lower diffculties, so I'll talk about Lunatic. There, a normal level 14 Bow Knight would have to kill a lot of level 10 promoted enemies to hit level 15, because when you're four levels ahead, you only gain 9 Experience per kill. However, our early-promoted Selena who's also at level 14 would get 30 Experience for the same kills, because she counts as a level 10 unit herself. This might translate into having Shurikenbreaker two maps early, while there are only six or seven chapters left in the game. That can be a big deal! I keep mentioning early promotions at odd levels for a reason: the internal level formula rounds down. That means a level 11 early-promotion carries the same internal level (namely 15) as a level 10 one, whereas if you delayed until level 12, that would bump up your internal level by one to 16. In summary: Going up to an odd level: +1 level's worth of stats, -100 EXP Going up to an even level: +1 level's worth of stats, -100 EXP, +1 Internal Level All that said, your very best combat units should just hang on until level 20 before promoting. Since you're using them all the time, they'll get to the high-end skills anyway, and they'll appreciate all the stats they can get along the way.
  11. Never underestimate Ophelia. 40 Elise!Ophelia's magic cap in Sorcerer +10 Life and Death + 5 Trample (via Percy) or Tomefaire (via Mage/Priest/Diviner talent Corrin-M) + 2 Malefic Aura + 4 Rally Magic + 3 S Rank attack bonus + 4 Double S Rank WTA + 2 Tonic + 2 Meal + 5 Generic Sorcerer guard stance + 7 Calamity Gate might + 2 Magic statues (via two of Ophelia, +Mag Corrin, Dwyer) OR +2 from better guard stance 86 TOTAL As always: kill threshold achieved. Just for fun, here's Odin: 36 Odin's magic cap in Sorcerer +10 Life and Death + 5 Tomefaire (via Mage/Priest/Diviner talent Corrin-F) or Trample (with Dragon talent) + 2 Malefic Aura + 4 Rally Magic + 3 S Rank attack bonus + 4 Double S Rank WTA + 2 Tonic + 2 Meal + 6 +Mag Corrin-F Sorcerer guard stance at S support + 2 Supportive + 7 Calamity Gate might + 3 Magic statues (+Mag Corrin, Leo, Ophelia/Nyx) 86 TOTAL
  12. In my current run of Conquest, I've just unlocked Ophelia's paralogue, and I noticed that her base stats seemed to be inconsistent with the formula given here: Another way of understanding this formula is this: compare each parent's personal stats (listed stats minus class bases) to whatever the child should have based on his or her personal bases and average growths. For example, if you're getting a child at level 17, the child's "Expected Absolute Base Stat" (EABS, the value called "C" in the formula) is their personal base stat, plus 7 times their growth rate in their starting class, rounded to the nearest integer. 0.5 rounds up, according to my testing. If the father's personal stat is greater than the child's, record the difference between them as the variable F; otherwise, if the father's stat isn't bigger than the child's, count this as a 0. Do the same for the mother, recording this value as M. Then combine these two values. According to the formula, this translates into bonus stats for the child as follows, in descending priority: If F + M is at least 16 and the child's EABS is at least 20, add 4. If F + M is at least 12 and the child's EABS is at least 10, add 3. If F + M is at least 8, add 2. If F + M is at least 4, add 1. Otherwise, add nothing. Here's my situation. I'm recruiting Ophelia after chapter 18, so she is level 20. Without any stat inheritance from her parents, Odin and Elise, I would expect her to have this stat line: Elise!Ophelia level 20, unmodified +----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ | HP | STR | MAG | SKL | SPD | LCK | DEF | RES | +----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ | 27 | 5 | 20 | 12 | 16 | 20 | 7 | 15 | +----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ This is accurate—if I edit my save to remove all stat growths from Elise and Odin, those are exactly the stats I see on her when I load up Paralogue 21. If I start the battle and have her use her Offspring Seal, she gets exactly the stats I would expect at Sorcerer level 2: Elise!Ophelia at level 20, unmodified, promoted to Sorcerer level 2 with Offspring Seal +----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ | HP | STR | MAG | SKL | SPD | LCK | DEF | RES | +----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ | 28 | 5 | 24 | 13 | 20 | 21 | 9 | 19 | +----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ [An aside: the game rounds twice as it generates these stats—once when it produces Ophelia's stats at level 20, and once again when it computes the stat increases from the Offspring Seal. In Ophelia's case, she expects 19.5 Magic at level 20, so the game rounds this to 20. After promoting to Sorcerer and gaining one level, she would gain 3 Magic from promotion and a further 0.8 Magic from her growth rate, so the game rounds this 3.8 expected value to 4. A naive average stat calculation would give Ophelia 19.5 + 3.8 = 23.3 Magic, but she actually always has at least 24 if you recruit her at this time.] However, in my actual save the parents obviously have gained stats. In my case, the three characters' actual personal stats are the following: +-----------------+----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ | | HP | STR | MAG | SKL | SPD | LCK | DEF | RES | +-----------------+----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ | Father points: | 18 | 15 | 12 | 19 | 14 | 21 | 13 | 8 | +-----------------+----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ | Mother points: | 16 | 6 | 22 | 7 | 17 | 21 | 11 | 15 | +-----------------+----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ | Ophelia's EABS: | 11 | 5 | 14 | 9 | 13 | 19 | 4 | 10 | +-----------------+----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ | F + M: | 12 | 11 | 8 | 10 | 5 | 4 | 16 | 5 | +-----------------+----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ | EXPECTED BONUS: | 3 | 2 | 2 | 2 | 1 | 1 | 2 | 1 | +-----------------+----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ But the expected bonus value, according to my interpretation of the formula on the site, wasn't what I actually got in the game. Elise!Ophelia level 20 (after Ch. 18) with inheritance +----------+----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ | | HP | STR | MAG | SKL | SPD | LCK | DEF | RES | +----------+----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ | Expected | 30 | 7 | 22 | 14 | 17 | 21 | 9 | 16 | +----------+----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ | Actual | 30 | 7 | 21 | 14 | 16 | 20 | 9 | 16 | +----------+----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ I only got one extra point of Magic instead of two, and I didn't get any bonus points in Speed or Luck. I thought this was really weird, so I did some more save editing to investigate. In my test file, I have Elise!Ophelia's, Nyx!Nina's, and Selena!Soleil's paralogues unlocked. I removed all stat gains from their mothers, then gave their fathers exactly the amount of growth I would need in each stat to set their personal values to 4 points higher than their daughters' level 20 Expected Absolute Base Stats. Thus the values of F should all be 4 and the values for M should all be 0. [In Soleil's case, her Magic EABS is 1 and Selena's innate Magic base is 3, so I gave Laslow 3 points in Magic to make M + F equal 4.] With this setup, I expect to get 1 bonus point in every stat on all three characters. I did not get that. Ophelia only gained 1 point in HP, STR, SKL, and DEF. Soleil only got MAG, LCK, and RES. Nina got 1 extra point in most stats, but not in MAG or SPD. At first I thought there was some very weird rounding issue going on, but I got suspicious of the fact that these three kids were generally missing the bonus points in their best stats. My guess was that in the inheritance formula, the EABS ("C") was calculated based on the child's stats at their effective level after using their Offspring Seal. For instance, since at this point Ophelia's Offspring Seal would boost her to level 2 promoted, I thought perhaps she counted as level 22 (or maybe 21) for EABS purposes. Since Ophelia has good Magic, Speed, and Luck growths, the extra two levels would make those stats higher, and therefore her parents wouldn't beat Ophelia in those areas by enough anymore. And in my main file, this explains the discrepancy perfectly: if her parents' stats are compared against those of a theoretical level 22 Dark Mage Ophelia, she should get a bonus stat spread of 3-2-1-2-0-0-2-1, which is exactly what I did get. Meanwhile, when I unplay Chapter 18 with the save editor and then load up Ophelia's paralogue, she also joins at level 20, but this time she doesn't get an Offspring Seal. Here, she gets the full 3-2-2-2-1-1-2-1 that I was expecting in the first place. Problem solved, right? But this doesn't work for what I see in the test file with Ophelia, Nina, and Soleil where I rigged up all the parents' stats. The kids were all supposed to inherit +1 in every stat, but they didn't. However, the stats I'm missing don't match the ones I should be missing if the game is comparing against the kids' level 22 stats. For example, Nina did get HP +1 but didn't get MAG +1. According to my computations, Outlaw Nina gains 1 HP going from level 20 to level 22 (8.00 to 8.60) but doesn't gain any Magic (9.50 to 10.40). I would therefore expect her to inherit the one extra point of Magic (Niles still has 4 more Magic points than her) but not HP (since Niles now only beats her by 3). Anyone have any ideas on what could explain this discrepancy?
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