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  1. Interceptor's and KTT's strategies have seen me through early Lunatic+ multiple times as +Mag/-Def Robin, and that's possibly the hardest postgame-optimized Asset/Flaw combo to use in-game.
  2. Severa has innate access to Spd +2 and therefore doesn't actually need All +2 to hit her speed thresholds. All +2 is better, of course.
  3. I'm agonizing over whether to give my boots to Gaius!Noire (married to Stahl!Yarne) or Sumia!Lucina (married to +Mag/-Def Robin). Both of them really appreciate them when they're Snipers (or in Lucina's case, also Great Lord). Sniper is basically the only role in which Noire shines, whereas Lucina can do well in almost all of her classes. So on the one hand, giving them to Noire makes her as mobile as the rest of the team and lets her do a really good job all the time; on the other, giving them to Lucina makes my best combat pair even stronger in everything it does. Making decisions with limited resources sucks.
  4. As Czar_Yoshi said, you want Limit Breaker/Galeforce/Aether/Luna/Dual Strike+. Rightful King isn't nearly as good a skill as you might think. If Lucina inherits Galeforce from her mother, the nice thing about this set is that you only have to reclass to Great Knight to get it.
  5. It's pretty much a drop-in choice of a faire or a proc on every lead, so it can be effectively run without procs as well. Morgan's the only one with two slots free (plus Deliverer). I haven't. It might be nice to ignore Nah one of these days, though. edit: Thinking on it for a second, my first instinct is to do: Chrom x Sumia Robin x Sumia!Lucina Libra!Inigo x Sumia!Lucina!Morgan Lon'Qu!Brady x Chrom!Cynthia Gregor!Laurent x Virion!Severa Stahl!Yarne x Gaius!Kjelle Then Owain, Gerome, Nah, and Noire hang out on the bench. It might seem really weird to not use a Galeboy, but Owain's just not that good at anything other than being a Sage, and Brady does that job better. Kjelle has no use for him, and Morgan & Severa both do a lot of things really well and therefore want a husband with more options. The only actual difference between this and the team I posted is in Yarne x Kjelle.
  6. After a year away, I return to the pairing thread! After finishing my first Lunatic+ no-grind run, I've been working on two different team ideas. One is a general-purpose fun team with lots of class diversity, with the aim of making Apotheosis more replayable. The other is an update to my old 100% DS team. The Primary Team Mainly, this team is meant to provide everyone with a lot of options, with a large number of high-powered pairings, high Speed all around, and an emphasis on high mobility. Essentially, I wanted to make a team that was more dynamic, so that most pairings could change up their roles painlessly and none of them would be annoying to use in postgame content. The Pairings Chrom x Sumia (+Mag/-Def) Robin x Sumia!Lucina Libra!Inigo x Sumia!Lucina!Morgan Lon'qu!Brady x Chrom!Cynthia Ricken!Owain x Vaike!Nah Gregor!Laurent x Virion!Severa Henry!Gerome x Donnel!Kjelle Stahl!Yarne x Gaius!Noire Breakdown I think the team is pretty solid at this point, but if you guys have any suggestions for improvements, I'm happy to hear them. The 100% DS Team, Mark II Chrom @ Bow Knight x Sumia @ Dark Flier (+Skl/-Def) Robin @ Sniper x Chrom!Cynthia @ Falcon Knight Ricken!Gerome @ Sniper x Chrom!Cynthia!Morgan @ Sniper w/ Deliverer Libra!Owain @ Sage x Sumia!Lucina @ Dark Flier Henry!Brady @ Assassin [boots] x Virion!Nah @ Sniper Frederick!Inigo @ Assassin x Lon'qu!Severa @ Assassin w/ Deliverer Stahl!Laurent @ Sniper x Donnel!Kjelle @ Assassin w/ Deliverer Gregor!Yarne @ Assassin x Gaius!Noire @ Sniper [boots] I won't bother typing up all the sets; most of them are pretty obvious because of the Skill requirements. This team keeps Donnel, has 8 movement on everybody, and leaves room for a proc on every lead except Kjelle if you want it. The featured team member is Morgan, of course, who runs the crazy Galeforce/Aether/Ignis/Deliverer Sniper set.
  7. I just beat no-grind Lunatic+! Robin x Morgan running max-forged Celica's Gales didn't quite seal the kill on Grima, but Lucina swooped in to save the day with her Longbow. Her final lines, when using Aether against Grima: I challenge my fate! Hope will never die!
  8. Hmm. My Inigo's stats are 17 - 13 - 26 - 27 - 22 - 14 - 10. Pairup from Morgan gives him +6 speed, but even then, reclassing Inigo to anything not super-fast means he can't get any real experience in his paralogue. He gets doubled and killed by all of the Assassins, who have 36 speed. So Dark Mage and Mage get him murdered. He can't exploit his Galeforce to hide behind Morgan because he can't reliably get kills without Dual Strikes and she's weak to all the bows. The closest I've come to getting him something useful in my attempts so far has been when I went Myrmidon and huddled in the corner of the fort with a Levin Sword, when he got to level 9 and then died. Avoid +10 & Patience together are nice, and if I ever manage to reach Vantage, then his Vengeance gives him at least a chance to sweep everything.
  9. After Chapter 17, Libra is a level 6 Sorcerer and Olivia is finally a level 15 Dark Flier, so it's time to pick up Inigo (passing him Galeforce and Vengeance). I'm pretty sure Olivia's best role now is to become an Assassin. She probably won't reach Pass, but it's her only bow class and Lethality's at least something. But what do I do with Inigo? He's going to marry +Mag/-Def Sumia!Lucina!Morgan, who went Tactician 20 → Grandmaster 10 → Dark Flier 2 and has Veteran/Aether/Ignis/Armsthrift/Solidarity. I could level up Inigo and promote him to a Bow Knight, or I could immediately reclass him to Myrmidon and complete the VVA set. I suppose I would then make him an Assassin too. There's also the option to move him toward Sage or Sorcerer, which have better synergy with Morgan. Maybe Merc → Myrm 20 → Assassin 15 → Sage? That would give me a Pass Sage to play with, which seems kind of cool and works well with Morgan's magic. The rest of the team is: Chrom: Lord 11 → Archer 7.61 Sumia: Peg. Knight 10 → Dark Flier 15 → Great Knight 2.66 +Mag/-Def Robin: Tactician 20 → Myrmidon 10 → Mercenary 10 → Hero 15 → Sorcerer 4.09 Sumia!Lucina [Galeforce + Aether]: Lord 10 → Cavalier 20 → Great Knight 9.23 Libra: War Cleric 15 → Sorcerer 6.12 Olivia: Dancer 30 → Dark Flier 15.01 (→ Assassin 1) Henry: Dark Mage 12 → Sorcerer 1.74 Maribelle: Troubadour 10 → Valkyrie 15 → Dark Flier 2.43 This pair never really got going, and I'll probably abandon it except when I need an extra Mire. Libra!Inigo [Galeforce + Vengeance]: Mercenary 10 Sumia!Lucina!Morgan [Aether + Armsthrift]: Tactician 20 → Grandmaster 10 → Dark Flier 2.05
  10. I stuck with the plan and fed experience to Lucina, just sparing a couple fights each chapter for Libra x Olivia and Henry x Maribelle to build supports. For chapter 14, I used Robin and Olivia as dodge tanks while Lucina and Maribelle cowered behind them and hurled ranged attacks at the ground troops and the fliers, respectively. I finished the chapter to find that Robin x Lucina, Libra x Olivia, and Henry x Maribelle were all at S. The roster: Chrom: Lord 10 Sumia: Peg. Knight 10 → Dark Flier 15 → Great Knight 1 Robin: Tactician 20 → Myrmidon 10 → Mercenary 10 → Hero 15 Lucina: Lord 10 → Cavalier 20 → Great Knight 5 Libra: War Claric 15 → Sorcerer 1 Olivia: Dancer 30 → Dark Flier 6 Henry: Dark Mage 12 → Sorcerer 1 Maribelle: Troubadour 10 → Valkyrie 15 → Dark Flier 2 Time to pick up Morgan!
  11. I just got Galeforce Sumia!Lucina after some really epic dodge tanking by Robin and a whole bunch of Rescue shenanigans allowed me to feed Sumia nearly every kill in Chapter 13. I've saved Paralogues 2, 3, and 4, so now I'm trying to figure out what to do next. I'm holding two Second Seals at the moment. Olivia is at C support with Libra and is a level 4 Dark Flier. Maribelle is at C support with Henry and is a level 12 Valkyrie, so I could reclass her to Dark Flier at any time. Libra is a level 10 War Cleric, so I'd like to make him into a Sorcerer, though it might be worthwhile to bring him up to level 15 for Renewal first. And Henry is at base; I'll promote him to Sorcerer, though I don't knew whether it's a good idea to do that immediately. Robin is a level 14 Hero and also wants a second seal soon, but he can afford to be a pairup buddy for a while. I also need to train up Lucina and get her support with Robin going. She wants a Second Seal right now to become a Cavalier. I was going to just follow my plan to feed her the experience from the Paralogues, but now the prospect of grabbing Olivia's Galeforce and Libra's Vengeance to pass to Inigo is awfully tempting. What should I do? e: This is Lunatic+.
  12. I'm doing a Lunatic+ no-Outrealm run with +Mag/-Def Avatar-M (meant for endgame use). For helping me to get through the early game, I owe a debt of gratitude to KTT, Interceptor, and other people who have posted interesting bits of advice around here. Thanks to the magic of biking through a college campus, I got three Master Seals and a Second Seal from StreetPass teams, so now I think I'm sitting pretty. After Chapter 7 + Paralogue 1, I've got: Avatar: Tactician 20 → Myrmidon 10 → Mercenary 7, waiting for Hero and then eventually Sorcerer Used my 21 Mag, the Renown stat boosters, and a Thoron to blitz Ch. 5 without Par. 1. Reclassed to Myrmidon in the middle of that chapter once most of the Counter enemies were dead, dodged all the axes, and got to C Swords. Then grabbed an extra Levin Sword and used it to sweep Ch. 6, getting to level 10 and reclassing again. Sumia: Peg. Knight 10 → Dark Flier 1 I fed her a couple kills along the way, including Validar. She beat up a lot of archers in Par. 1, then grabbed the Killer Lance and used that with Fred support and some very timely Rescues to murder Archers and Thieves in Ch. 7. Maribelle: Troubadour 10 → Valkyrie 1 My shameless staff spammer. Chrom has been lazy, unfortunately. He's only Level 3. The plan is to get Galeforce on Sumia!Lucina and then marry her, so I'll be running with a core of Avatar, Chrom, Sumia, Lucina, Cynthia, and Morgan. Henry x Maribelle and Libra x Olivia will come along for the ride. If I manage to get Galeforce on Maribelle or Olivia, then I'll pick up their sons, mostly as pairup fodder for Cynthia and Morgan. In the meantime, I'll have Chrom x Cynthia, Sumia x Lucina, and Avatar x Morgan, all at A rank. I'm planning to make Lucina and Cynthia into Snipers. What's the best reclass path for them? Is it worth grabbing Luna by going base → Cavalier → Great Knight → Sniper, or should I just go base → Archer → Sniper?
  13. Oh, that post wasn't meant to be a suggestion for changing your team, Czar_Yoshi. I picked up on the fact that you were going for absolute reliability by dropping all procs. But you mentioned earlier that you decided to ditch Donnel, and that made me curious whether you could use him. Turns out that you can, and you can even do it while making kids who are good outside a 100% DS setting. I found a solution to the problem I posed at the end of my last post: you can send Lon'qu to Gerome for +1 Skill, Gregor to [email protected], and Ricken to [email protected] Unfortunately, this makes Laurent nearly the worst support Sniper in the world.
  14. Here's a 100% Dual Strike team that uses Donnel's Galeforce and gives a proc to all of the leads: Chrom & Sumia Avatar (+SKL/-DEF) [sniper: BF/Agg/All+2/Skl+2] & Chrom!Cynthia [Falcon Knight: GF/Luna/All+2/Defender] 8 flying movement, 75+ Speed, Agg support Stahl!Yarne [sniper: BF/Agg/All+2/Skl+2] & Donnel!Kjelle [Assassin: GF/Luna/All+2/Deliverer] 8 movement, 75+ Speed, Agg support Sumia!Lucina [sage: GF/Tomefaire/All+2/DS+] & Libra!Owain [sage: GF/Vengeance/Vantage/All+2] VVDS+ with 74 Res lead, 69+ Speed, double Galeforce Virion!Nah [sniper: BF/All+2/Skl+2/Hit+20] & Henry!Brady [Assassin: GF/Luna/Agg/All+2] 69+ Speed, perfect Hit (whether Brady uses Brave Bow or Sword) Lon'qu!Laurent [Assassin: SF/Agg/All+2/Lancebreaker] & Gaius!Noire [sniper: GF/Luna/All+2/Skl+2] 75+ Speed Sniper, Agg support, perfect Hit (except with Double Bow) Frederick!Inigo [Assassin: GF/Luna/Agg/All+2] & Ricken!Severa [sniper: GF/Luna/All+2/Skl+2] Double Galeforce, 75+ Speed Sniper Gregor!Gerome [Assassin: SF/Agg/All+2/Lancebreaker] & Chrom!Cynthia!Morgan [Falcon Knight: GF/Ignis/All+2/Skl+2 OR Sniper: GF/Aether/Ignis/All+2] 8 flying movement OR Aether + Ignis + 75 Speed Sniper; both have perfect Hit The Skill requirements to pull this off are incredibly tight, but perhaps there is still a way you could shuffle things around to give one more point of Skill to Gerome; then you could run Morgan as a Sniper with GF/Aether/Ignis/Deliverer to have an amazing 8 Mov unit. Edit: Gerome can steal Ricken from Severa to do this, but then you need to make Gerome a Sniper, and Morgan misses out on 75 Speed. Virion!Gerome has the same issue, so you'd need to somehow get Lon'qu!Gerome or Stahl!Gerome. I don't think that's doable.
  15. Your Sumia!Lucina (Dark Flier: LB/GF/Aether/Luna/DS+) should have 264 hit on standard Celica's Gale with just a Sage S support, unless I'm missing something.
  16. Is there any particular reason why Ricken!Laurent isn't running Hit +20 over Anathema?
  17. You might be referring to my post, which said that Luna + Astra + Aggressor was stronger than Luna + Tomefaire + Aggressor. In other words, Astra is generally better than a faire for a lead. But your Inigo is in a double gale pair, which means he'll be supporting at least a third of the time, in which event Astra is useless.
  18. Here are some calculations to illustrate the difference between Luna+Tomefaire and Luna+Astra on boys. I'm using Ricken!Inigo with Dark Flier support; he has 70 Skill. He actually doubles Thronie, but that's not reflected below. [Luna/Aggressor/Tomefaire], Celica Outcome Probability Damage Damage (Anna) (Thronie) Double Luna .49 74 36 Single Luna .42 60 29 Fizzle .09 46 22 AVERAGE 65.6 31.8 Support Output: 76 [Luna/Aggressor/Astra], Celica Outcome Probability Damage Damage (Anna) (Thronie) Double Astra .1125 100 50 Astra + Luna .3185 85 42 Single Astra .1365 71 35 Double Luna .207025 70 34 Single Luna .17745 56 27 Fizzle .038025 42 20 AVERAGE 75.04 36.87 Support Output: 68 So Luna+Astra procstack on magical boys gains frontline output but loses support-side output in about equal amounts. The major distinction is that front-side output is restricted by Aegis+ but support-side output is not. At the very least, these results suggest that for any magical Galeboy who is a dedicated lead, Astra+Luna is better than Luna+Tomefaire.
  19. Thanks for the input, guys. I cleared chapter 2 and chapter 3 in one go each, and I've actually gotten ridiculously Defense-blessed. My Avatar is at 15 Defense at level 17, which is +10 from base. On average, a +Mag/Spd/Lck/Res & -Def Avatar should get about 5 Def in 16 levels. Unit Level Class HP ST MG SK SP LC DF RS Robin (base) 1.00 Tactician 19 06 07 05 06 04 05 04 Robin (after Ch. 1) 10.23 Tactician 28 09 13 09 12 10 10 06 Robin (after Ch. 3) 17.27 Tactician 33 13 17 13 16 14 *15* 09 Expected Value 32 15 17 13 15 12 10 09 The probability of getting at least +10 Def in 16 levels like I just did is less than 1%. Haha.
  20. I just got through Chapter 1 on Lunatic+ with a +Mag/-Def Avatar who has met all the benchmarks for Interceptor's Chapter 2 clear! I was a little short on support points with Chrom going into chapter 1, so instead of using Avatar + Frederick I had to do multiple fights with Avatar + Chrom, which was pretty harrowing with a -Def Avatar. Eventually I lucked out so that none of the Fighters had Hawkeye, and Avatar had 10 Speed, so he could double them with Chrom's support. I'm pretty excited about this file. I might use it for a no-grind run as well as an endgame-oriented grind run. Unit Level Class HP ST MG SK SP LC DF RS Robin 10.23 Tactician 28 09 13 09 12 10 10 06 C Tomes Lissa 03.72 Cleric 18 02 05 06 05 10 04 04 D Staves Chrom 01.55 base Frederick 01.15 base Sully 02.00 base Virion 02.00 base
  21. If you delete all of your save files, does your stored Prestige get retained when you start a new game, or does that require keeping the old save file around until the new game is started?
  22. Lunatic is fine, since you can feed every single kill but one to the Avatar in the Prologue with no risk.
  23. Pairing options! I'm going to run Sniper Virion!Severa supported by Gerome, and the choice of father for Gerome affects Laurent x Kjelle. Option 1 Lon'qu!Gerome [Hero]: Swordfaire, Aggressor, All +2, Lancebreaker Virion!Severa [sniper]: Galeforce, Vengeance, All +2, Skill +2 This is a 100% DS, 100% Hit, 75+ Speed Sniper pair that will kill anything in the game from range 3 as long as Severa has 11 HP or less. That leaves me with Stahl!Laurent x Donnel!Kjelle, which can do a couple things. There's the standard Sage x Dark Flier deal with proc stacking. As an alternative, Laurent and Kjelle can just barely squeak out 100% DS with Laurent as a Sniper (with All +2 and Skill +2) and Kjelle as an Assassin (with All +2 and Defender). Option 2 Stahl!Gerome [sniper]: Bowfaire, Aggressor, All +2, Skill +2 Virion!Severa [sniper]: Galeforce, Vengeance, All +2, Deliverer This pair foregoes perfect Hit (Gerome has only 238) and the ability to kill Anna and the Nightmare Snipers in favor of mobility. It also offers a slightly better Sage x Dark Flier pair in Lon'qu!Laurent x Donnel!Kjelle, since Laurent gets more Magic and Skill. Any thoughts here? Spare fathers are Frederick and Kellam, neither of whom are great with Laurent or Gerome.
  24. I'm on Chapter 17 of my first no-grind Lunatic run, where I've pretty much blown the game wide open by getting V/V/Armsthrift (and Sol) Male Avatar and his future wife Galeforce Sumia!Lucina by the end of Chapter 13. The only thing that's disappointed me about this run was that I was hoping to also get Maribelle and Olivia to Galeforce in a reasonable time-frame. Right now they're both Level ~3 Dark Fliers, but Maribelle isn't fast enough and Olivia isn't strong enough to get many kills anymore. Is there a way to save enough experience to get Sumia, Maribelle, and Olivia all to Galeforce? Are there any early levels that are really really good for grinding Fliers? I messed up by forgetting to dance-grind Olivia on Chapter 11, so I had to do it on a Paralogue, where I immediately reclassed her to Dark Flier. But Sumia soaked up most of the EXP on Paralogues 2-4 to get to Galeforce before Chapter 13. (I did Paralogue 1 before Chapter 5 for Rescue.)
  25. My hope was to set up a team like that without messing with the Galeforce boys, so for my purposes the answer is yes. I think it's better, in the end, to settle for Stahl!Gerome x Lon'qu!Severa; they can do a lot of neat tricks together, like 100% DS [email protected] or 75 Speed [email protected] Lord. I'd like some advice about using Boots. Right now my planned team has three pairs with 6 Mov: [email protected] x [email protected], [email protected] x [email protected], and [email protected] x [email protected] (my VV unit). Who loses out on Boots? I suppose Male Avatar has the option to run V/V/TF/Deliverer…
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