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  1. Ugh. I was really hoping that I could give [email protected] and [email protected] all of the following: 75 Speed; 100% Dual Strike; the following set: LB—GF—Vengeance—All +2—Filler; and 8 movement, using at most one pair of Boots (i.e., Severa runs Deliverer). There is indeed a way to do it without resorting to MU or MU's children, but you have to use Laurent as an Assassin support, which is just terrible. Lon'qu!Gerome and Stahl!Gerome miss 100% DS with Severa by a single point, and you have to reserve Yarne for Noire. Please tell me that I'm missing some beautiful combination here. Edit: [email protected] can do the job with Severa, but if you insist on giving him Galeforce+Luna, his damage output from the support slot is worse than even Lon'qu!Laurent's.
  2. Right now I'm setting up a team with Chrom!Cynthia & Sumia!Lucina!Morgan as my superstar skirmishers. They're going to be paired with Brady and Inigo in some combination. [Owain is reserved as lead for [email protected], since he's the only Galeboy whose support with Nah is tolerable.] I'm leaning toward Morgan x Inigo and Cynthia x Brady, since Morgan x Inigo gives me a double AT pair for in-game utility. The thing that's giving me trouble is deciding how to line up fathers for Brady, Inigo, and Owain. I have Ricken, Henry, and Libra free (along with Kellam and Frederick). Inigo wants either Ricken or Libra. If I go with Ricken!Inigo, then both of my double Galeforce pairs take no setup whatsoever. However, that means Owain takes a Vengeance father, so Nah's Skill pair-up bonus is kind of wasted. What to do? Noire with Sage support should be a Dark Flier. If you really want her to be a Sniper, I don't think Laurent would be the best choice of partner.
  3. Ew, Nah x Inigo. Too bad Owain's not around to stick Hero Vaike!Nah on. Question: if you're using a pair that can reliably 6-hit Anna and the Nightmare Snipers, then there's no reason to have more than 69 speed, correct? (Except for dodgetanking purposes, that is.)
  4. Thinking of snipers: Virion!Yarne (Assassin: LB/BF/Agg/AS+2/Skl+2) x Gaius!Noire (Sniper: Galeforce/Proc/AS+2/Filler) is a 100% DS, 75+ Speed Sniper pair. Skill +2 is a floating skill; one of the two has to have it, but either one has lots of good filler. Noire has perfect hit with a Longbow, or 247 with a Double Bow. Yarne has 241 Hit without Skill +2. [Double Bow is worth 4 Strength/2 total damage on Aegis+ enemies over Longbow.] Neat Things to Do ​Yarne → Hit Rate +20, Noire → Skill +2 Now you've got a perfect hit, perfect DS, perfect speed pair. (Noire has 250 Hit with Double Bow.) How does it handle the bosses? Throne Berserker: Nope. Double Bow + max Vengeance deals 98 damage. 55 Res Berserkers: 2 Luna procs deal 98 damage, once again, so that's no good. Vengeance works if it's at 34 power, i.e., you've lost 68 HP. Longbow needs 38 power. Nightmare Snipers: You need double Luna, a 68.89% chance. Vengeance needs 24 power, i.e., HP -48. Anna: Dies to a Longbow with no procs. Note that Special Dance + Vengeance at 7 HP or less guarantees the kill on everything in the game using a Longbow. Yarne → Strength +2, Noire → Skill +2 Now you get maximum damage, but lose 100% hit on Thronie and Anna. Throne Berserker: Longbow needs Vengeance at 41 power (Double Bow takes 37), and Yarne has 93 listed Hit. Probability of success is 96.41% under these conditions. Luna still can't do the job; it deals 96 damage on two activations with Double Bow. 55 Res Berserkers: 2 Luna procs are good enough for the kill (68.89%). Longbow Vengeance needs 30 power, -60 HP. Nightmare Snipers: You need only a single Luna, a 97.11% chance. Vengeance needs 16 power, 20 with Longbow. Anna: if Yarne hits at least 3 times (98.62%), she dies: 63 or 84 damage from Yarne, 36 from [email protected] Bow, no procs required. If he hits 4 times (81.59%), she'll die to Longbow. Either proc makes the odds dramatically better. Yarne → Skill +2, Noire → Movement+1/Acrobat You have the same killing power as the first build, trading perfect Hit for increased utility. Accuracy is slightly better than the second build. Yarne → Skill +2, Noire → Astra (with Luna) Against the enemies that matter, Astra does 1 more damage than Luna. Astra has priority over Luna and a 40% activation rate. Overall proc chance is 88.6%, so odds of killing NS are improved to 78.5% over just Luna. Also, you're able to kill the 55 Res Berserkers if you get two procs and one of them is Astra, which is a 54.88% chance. In summary, the only advantage this build has over giving Yarne Strength +2 is 3 Hit. Yarne → Skill +2, Noire → Bowfaire Also worse than giving Yarne Strength +2. Anyone know how to reliably reduce Gaius!Noire to 7 HP? Edit: Lon'qu!Yarne x Virion!Severa does the same thing, with 4 extra Skill to play with. You can drop Skill +2 and the lead's AS+2. Severa runs Vengeance. Yarne wants Strength +2 or Hit Rate +20; Severa can play with Anathema, Bowfaire, Deliverer, and Armsthrift. The downside of this option is that it removes the possibility of 100% DS elsewhere using Lon'qu!Severa and Stahl!Gerome.
  5. Really? I would expect it to work better in front of a dedicated support. If you load up on attack power and skill (for dual strike rate) in the back, then shouldn't Vengeance become safer?
  6. Question: when supported by Sniper Stahl!Gerome [bowfaire/Aggressor/AS+2/Skill+2], my Assassin Lon'qu!Severa [GF/Vengeance/AS+2/???] gets 100% DS and does enough damage to kill everything even without a Faire. So what should go in Severa's last skill slot? She gets lots of good filler skills: Deliverer Swordfaire—gives more leeway in setting up Vengeance Anathema, which gets Gerome to 248 Hit [100% on all but Throne Anna] Strength +2, which helps Bow use too Armsthrift, a convenience Vantage—not good for general use without tomes, but there might be times when I can park her near range-locked enemies and equip the appropriate weapon to deal with them
  7. Hit +20 gets Chrom's Hit to 245, whereas All +2 gives him 229 but also 4 extra damage (before enemy attack). Not sure which is better. As a Hero, Avatar's Hit Rate +20 gives him 100% hit on everything with Brave Axe, which I think is pretty cool. He also already has All +2 and would only pick up Strength +2. I had overlooked the possibility of Valkyrie for Nah. I think Henry!Nah forces me to put Kellam on Brady, which is okay because the Speed loss is mitigated by a new +Spd support. The Bride suggestion is a cool idea, but here's a wrinkle: if Owain goes with Galeforce/Luna/Aggressor/All+2, then he can reach 75 speed with a Dark Flier pair-up but not with a Valkyrie or a Bride. If I want that to happen, then [Valkyrie] Nah has to go with Brady, and Kjelle and Noire are both Dark Fliers because one goes with Owain and one goes with Laurent. In this case, Kjelle is just plain weaker than Noire. I would think I want the stronger unit in my double Galeforce pair because sometimes she'll be in the back, which means I should pair Owain with Noire and Laurent with Kjelle. Do you agree with my reasoning here? And should Kjelle and Noire both run GF/Luna/Astra/All+2? On Aether+Ignis vs. Aether+Luna: my Dark Flier Morgan has 70 Strength and Magic with Rallies, so unless there's some enemy with monster Res out there, I believe Ignis is always better. Right?
  8. Okay, taking into account Czar_Yoshi's advice against running multiple VV pairs, I've redone my team. (Note: all units have Limit Breaker, which I won't bother listing.) You Gotta Have Blue Hair 1. Chrom supporting Sumia [100% DS pair] Chrom [bow Knight]: Bowfaire, Aggressor, Hit Rate +20, Dual Strike+ Sumia [Dark Flier]: Galeforce, Luna, Tomefaire, All Stats +2 I like this pairing because it's Chrom's only good combat pair-up. With Bow Knight support, Sumia breaks 75 speed. 2. Sumia!Lucina supporting Libra!Inigo [VV-100% DS pair] Lucina [sage]: Galeforce, Tomefaire, All Stats +2, Dual Strike+ Inigo [sage]: Galeforce, Vengeance, Vantage, Resistance +10 The downside of Sumia x Chrom is that Sumia!Lucina is not quite as good a magical supporter as Maribelle!Lucina. As a result, Lucina x Inigo can't kill Thronie. However, this pair can 6-hit everything else on enemy phase and is immune to Mire Dark Fliers, which is good enough. 3. +Spd/-Def Male Avatar supporting Chrom!Cynthia Avatar [Dread Fighter]: Tomefaire, Aggressor, All Stats +2, Hit Rate +20 Cynthia [Dark Flier]: Galeforce, Aether, Luna, Tomefaire On the upside, Sumia x Chrom gives me a second Galeforce/Aether/Luna unit in Cynthia, and marrying her to Avatar will give me a third. I'm using Dread Fighter on Avatar because that gives optimal pair-up bonuses to Cynthia (enough to get 75 Speed), but I could use any other Speed-boosting class too. The only stronger or comparable ones are Hero and Berserker, and I don't particularly like Berserker because of its hit rate issues. 4. Virion!Yarne supporting Chrom!Cynthia!Morgan [100% DS pair] Yarne [sniper]: Bowfaire, Aggressor, All Stats +2, Skill +2 Morgan [sage]: Galeforce, Aether, Luna, All Stats +2 My last Galeforce/Aether/Luna unit breaks some very important thresholds. Morgan has a +6 Skill mod, and Yarne has +5, which is just barely enough to get me to 160 Skill. Morgan also reaches 78 Speed, and she gets to run Aether and Luna off of 81 Skill. In order to break both the Speed and Skill thresholds, I need Avatar to have at least +2 Skill and at least +1 Speed. The only asset that allows that is +Spd. I could switch from +Spd to +Skl, in which case I would miss that 75 Speed threshold at 74, but I could then change Morgan to a Dark Flier for extra movement. Avatar also gets an extra 2 Strength to play with. Does that sound like a good tradeoff? The Rest of the Squad A lot of fathers for the remainder of the team are obvious. Nah: I don't have physical Inigo, so Nah wants to be magical. Virion is taken, and Owain desperately wants Ricken, so she gets either Kellam or Henry. Henry's useful elsewhere but Kellam isn't, so Kellam goes to Nah. Owain: Ricken. Brady: Really just wants mods, or perhaps bonus Vengeance, and Henry gives him both. Kjelle: Donnel. Noire: Gaius. Severa and Gerome can do something neat. If Gerome is a Sniper (meaning he has to be Stahl!Gerome), then Assassin Severa fathered by either Gregor or Lon'qu can get 100% Dual Strike rate. Lon'qu gives slightly better mods to Laurent, but Gregor offers an extra Armsthrift, so I think I want to give Lon'qu to Severa. Also, Stahl!Gerome x Lon'qu!Severa gives me flexibility to flip over to something like Assassin x Wyvern Lord or Warrior x Wyvern Lord. Laurent: Takes Gregor. So in summary, I'm thinking: Sniper Stahl!Gerome [bowfaire, Aggressor, All Stats +2, Skill +2] supporting Assassin Lon'qu!Severa [Galeforce, Vengeance, Swordfaire, All Stats +2], which is a fourth 100% DS pair Kellam!Nah [sage] Ricken!Owain [sage] Henry!Brady [sage] Donnel!Kjelle Gaius!Noire Gregor!Laurent [sage] Kjelle or Noire could run physical sets, but I've run out of physical supporters, so I guess they'll both be best as Dark Fliers running Galeforce, Luna, Astra, and something. What I'd like advice on is this: How should I pair up the last six units? Both Owain and Brady would like a +Spd pair-up, but one of them has to take Sage Nah. From the female side, which of the two Galeforce girls should get Laurent? What skills should I give to those last six units? Should I sacrifice Morgan's 75+ speed to switch assets on Avatar from +Spd to +Skl? That enables Morgan to become a Dark Flier rather than a Sage, and it makes Avatar a stronger physical unit. Should Avatar be a Dread Fighter or a Hero? On Morgan, should I use Aether+Ignis over Aether+Luna? She gets to 62 Strength as Sage; make that 70 if she's a Dark Flier and Avatar has +Skl.
  9. I'm trying to make a post-game team with as many VV/100%DS pairs as possible. My pairings so far are the following: 1. +SKL/-DEF Avatar (Hero) x Lon'qu!Severa (Assassin): 74 + 86 Skill Avatar: Swordfaire, Aggressor, All Stats +2, Strength +2. 100% Hit on everyone except Anna. Severa: Galeforce, Vengeance, Vantage, All Stats +2. 100% Hit on everyone. [Note: I'm omitting Limit Breaker from all skill lists.] This is my only physical VV pair. Sadly, Dark Flier Severa with Sniper support misses the 160 Skill mark by three points. These two can six-hit everything in the game on player phase and will do the same to all but the 64 DEF/55 RES Berserkers on enemy phase. Exclusively 1 or 2 range enemy phase is kind of depressing, but it still works. Swords over Axes on Avatar for the extra accuracy. 2. Gregor!Yarne (Hero) x Lon'qu!Severa!Morgan (Sage): 75 + 85 Skill Yarne: Swordfaire, Aggressor, All Stats +2, Lancebreaker. 100% Hit on everyone. Morgan: Galeforce, Vengeance, Vantage, All Stats +2. 100% Hit on everyone. One of the only pairs that can reach 160 Skill with a magical lead, thanks to Morgan's +10 Skl mod. Again, Swords over Axes for accuracy. On paper, this pair looks really great: perfect hit (Morgan in the lead has a hilarious 280), 1-2 range, and 6-hits everything on enemy phase except the 64 DEF/55 RES Berserkers, who die on player phase. 3. Maribelle!Lucina (Sage) x Libra!Inigo (Sage) Lucina: Tomefaire, All Stats +2, Magic +2, Dual Strike+. 244 Hit. Inigo: Galeforce, Vengeance, Vantage, Resistance +10. 100% Hit on everyone. The other magical pair; hard-support Lucina and Inigo can six-hit literally every enemy in the game on enemy phase. The only disappointing thing about this pairing is that Maribelle is a pretty terrible combat unit for Chrom to support. (Sumia!Lucina loses 4 Magic, and just two is enough to miss the six-hit on Thronie.) With this setup, Inigo is immune to the Mire Dark Fliers. However, Lucina gets only 96 listed Hit on Throne Berserker and 87 on Throne Anna. Against Thronie, she needs to hit all four strikes, which has probability 98.88%. For Anna, she only needs to hit twice, which happens 99.98% of the time. I could run Anathema over Res +10 to fix this problem, but I like my chances. I need some advice for the rest of my team. Some of the fathers are obvious: Henry!Cynthia Donnel!Kjelle Gaius!Noire Chrom!Brady (duh.) As for the rest, that's a bit up in the air. Gerome will end up as hard physical support. Since Gregor is taken, this leaves him three options: Virion or Stahl for Bowfaire Warrior, or Vaike for Berserker. Vaike!Gerome has terrible Hit, which is a bit off-putting. Gerome wants to support a physical girl, meaning either Kjelle or Noire. Noire gets Sniper, so she could become a 75 speed Longbow Sniper with Berserker support or a 75 speed Bowfaire Assassin with Warrior support. Do either of those seem like a good idea? Kjelle is worse at magic than Noire, but she can only get Swordfaire and Lancefaire. I like the idea of putting Vaike on Nah for a good physical hard support who happens to also get Armsthrift for convenience, but there are no naturally physical Galeboys available for her to support. (I could have had Lucina pair with Owain, but Lucina x Owain is squicky. Or I could stick Lucina on Laurent, but then I don't get Galeforce in the lead.) So I'm thinking I should go Sage support with Nah and make her father Ricken, Kellam, or Virion. Since Laurent doesn't have Lucina, he's magical hard support, meaning he wants Ricken, Kellam, or Virion. Owain really wants Luna. I could make him into a physical unit with Frederick or Stahl to be supported by Vaike!Nah, but that wastes Lissa's mods. If Owain stays magical, he still wants a father with Luna and non-negative Mag and Spd, which means Ricken. After picking the fathers, I need some help with the pairings as well.
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