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  1. Thanks a bunch! I've taken Lifetaker hehe
  2. @Light [email protected] Thank you both SO much! Neither are the Google doc that I remember, but everything I need is right there! I've downloaded those PDFs. Fantastic!! =)
  3. Oh shoot! Just visited your Castle now and maybe I missed it, but Lifetaker isn't there. I don't have Trample with any of those sorry! :(
  4. @Farore Could I grab Lifetaker from your MU please? :) Also, does anyone have Rally Strength for the MU please?
  5. I've got Luna, Trample, Lucky Seven, Pass, Strength +2, Defence +2, Movement +1, Rally Skill, Rally Speed, Rally Defence, Pavise, Lunge, Natural Cover, Darting Blow, Armoured Blow, Warding Blow, Wary Fighter, Swordbreaker, Shurikenbreaker, Air Superiority, Camaraderie, Amaterasu, Savage Blow, and Locktouch collected on my Scarlet if you still need any. Just let me know and I'll set my Castle up with some for you. ?
  6. Some time ago I encountered this amazing Google document. It may have been an online only doc, I can't remembered how it worked. Anyway, the great thing about it was, that it listed all of the characters in the game and what Class trees they had available. It also detailed, which Class trees would be available from every marriage scenario, which I found really helpful because some Classes are gender specific, and the document did the brain work of figuring out any substitute Class trees you would get instead. It also detailed, which Class trees would be inherited by the children for every marriage combination scenario. Can't remember if it detailed Friendship Seals or not (I guess that would be a bonus too). But it had the profile icon pictures of all the characters, which made it nice and visual too. Anyway, I'm wondering if that doc was a resource from this website? And if not, is there something similar available please? Many thanks indeed! I'm not familiar at all here.
  7. 1. This will work for any of the characters in the game that you can recruit. Corrin, Azura, Kaze, your children, etc. etc. 2. The skill that you want to obtain MUST be equiped on their character. You cannot learn EVERY skill that their character knows. Hence requests threads like this being a thing. But since they CAN equip up to 5 skills each time you encounter them, you could learn a maximum of 5 skills per visit. 3. If you request a skill here, the helpful host will most likely provide an easy castle to win with no threat to you. 4. Once you have learned a skill and saved the character that has that skill to your logbook, you can easily re-purchase the same skill on another game file. For instance if my Corrin learns Astra on my first playthrough, then I beat the game and save my Corrin into my logbook, on any new playthroughs I can pull up the logbook and get Astra back on Corrin. This will work between Birthright, Conquest and Revelation. :)
  8. Well, in order to buy the skill you must win the Castle Battle first. First, find the skill. Next, win the battle. Then, recruit the character or purchase the skill. I do the latter. :)
  9. Aptitude can only legitimately be learnt by Mozu and her children as far as I'm aware. You can however (as many like to do) learn the skill with other characters through illegitimate ways. It's pretty easy. All you have to do is find someone who has the skill (hacked) onto the character of your choice and beat them in a Castle Battle. Bearing in mind, most players have probably never hacked the game, but there will be hundreds of carriers of hacked skills. :)
  10. Blast, I feel foolish! Thank you very kindly for the share! Unfortunately I have just realised and remembered that there's more than one thread for skill requests. I'm in Europe, so none of these will work. Sorry for the trouble, and thank you once again. I'll go post in the other thread. :(
  11. Hey, I'm back! Ready to help when I can, and complete my skill hunting quest anew! Right now, I'm looking for a few illegitimate skills please to spice up some characters. Nobility and Hoshidan Unity for Ryoma, Hinoka, Takumi and Sakura. Nobility and Nohrian Trust for Xander, Camilla, Leo and Elise. Please and thank you! :)
  12. Pretty sure I have that @SpearOfLies Give me a minute to set it up. :) EDIT: Done. Feel free to visit anytime. ?
  13. Unfortunately no Unity on Azura either. With exception to Aptitude, I haven't collected any other hacked skills. :( I'll keep an eye out if I see a castle with it though, and post the castle address if I find one. Does anyone happen to have Mozu with Quick Salve and Potent Potion please?
  14. @SpearOfLies Apologies for your previous visit. I have removed the Automatons, and my Corrin is now on Hold with the rest of my units, with an empty throne ready to be seized. :)
  15. OMG, I thought I put my units on hold. Sorry, I will change that...
  16. @SpearOfLies Your request is now up in my castle. ?
  17. I'm pretty sure I have that. Give me a minute and I'll set it up. @Van-Fanel Thanks for those Skills! :D
  18. So... no-one here gave any of their children special class skills during any of their playthroughs? Or collected any from other castles? :P Just a refresher, but below are the skills that I'm talking about. Please share if you have any. :) Dragon Fang, Nobility, Dragon Ward, Hoshidan Unity, Draconic Hex, Nohrian Trust, Luck +4, Song of Peace, Inspiring Song, Foreign Princess, Even Shaped, Odd Shaped, Beastbane, Even Better, Better Odds, Grisly Wound. By the way, I would love to offer some skills to the above posters, but all of those requests I do not have. :(
  19. I don't have any of the above to offer sorry! Still looking for Golembane for Hinoka, and children characters with Avatar, Songstress, Wolfskin or Kitsune skills please. :)
  20. My Kiragi only has Skill +2, Quick Draw, Aptitude, Poison Strike and Certain Blow, sorry!
  21. Still looking for Golembane for Hinoka if anyone has it please. :) Also, any of Corrin, Azura, Kaden or Keaton's Skills (those elusive exclusive skills), on the Hoshidan only or all paths children would be amazing thanks! :D
  22. Got those Skills thanks so [email protected] @FoltYou can seize my castle for Izana skills at this address: 12635-36148-65927-77446 Aptitude and Replicate on offer. ?
  23. Also looking for HP +5 for Rinkah if anyone has it please. :)
  24. Hmm.... maybe everyone is off playing Shadows of Valentia hehe. Still seeking those Skills if anyone has them please. :)
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