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    Tokyo Mirage Sessions is pretty good.

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  1. Happy birthday

  2. Hey there Suzukipot, congratulations on your journey through Fire Emblem!
  3. Welcome aboard, KHCainer. I typically play games for their story as well, interactive stories are really interesting.
  4. Hey there, SonicGX101. Never heard of SIF myself, I'll probably look into it.
  5. Welcome, AlphaReshiram. There's absolutely nothing corny about wanting to make friends. we're human after all.
  6. Hey there, SuperWaifu! Your avatar is just superb.
  7. Hey there, RaeLynnTheWolf. Out of all of the characters you've seen, which one is your favorite?
  8. Welcome aboard, AltaicTaskMaster. Enjoy sharing your stories!
  9. Hello, Reshriham. I too would like to create a story in some sort of media, preferably a graphic-based one. Problem is lack of experience, for the most part.
  10. Hey there, Envision. Unfortunately that is indeed the case. I just picked a kid character I didn't think I'd like and decided to forfeit them.
  11. Welcome aboard, The Dark Mushroom! What's your favorite Persona game?
  12. Deviddo


    Hey there, Pocari. Knowing Lon'qu, he's definitely similar to a few other characters.
  13. Welcome aboard, WhirlpoolLeviathan. Still waiting for the obligatory Eeveelution that's a ghost.
  14. People ask the question a lot and here's the skinny of it: Old FEs had a different artstyle and themes that were basically "evil kingdom is bad, your side is really nice and wants to beat them". New FEs try to appeal to the crowd that likes more anime-like artstyles and pretty/handsome characters. Old fans that started with the GBA or even the Ike games here in America hate that sort of thing. Also the stories try to be a bit more "involved"? The stories are leaning more towards the sort of generic anime archetypes that people really don't care for. Awakening has the time travel aspect that personally appeals to me but fans found it too simplistic. Fates REALLY tries to do something different and old fans think it was handled poorly. And also "something-something waifu bait".
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