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  1. Oh yeah, Paladin can be a good support class for Severa. Should he be Swordfaire or Lancefaire? And for FalcoKnight Kjelle, should i have AT for Gradivus or Astra for procstacking and use Spears instead?
  2. It doesnt really matter too much, but i was just making sure if i needed deliverer because some pairs usually never get to kill something because of low move, and having only 1 staffbot(along with olivia, and possibly the 2 rally bots) makes it even harder to transport pairs to a certain group of enemies. Also for Severa x MU, what should MU's class be? Sniper, Hero, Berserker, or Assassin? Sniper can make the 100%DS build, but it requires MU to have skill+2 and All+2 which isnt hard, and makes me have to replace Severa's AT/Swordfaire for All+2. I dont want to go hero because i have wayy too many heros and snipers, but idk.
  3. Severa is obviously the best character idk what u guys are talking about
  4. Welcome back Czar! I made this post 2 pages ago, but nobody replied. What should i do out of these options? Also for Kjelle, should she be an Assassin or Falcon Knight paired with Berserker Yarne? Assassin!Kjelle GF, Swordfaire, Luna, Deliverer, LB(uses bows for 2-range) FalcoKnight!Kjelle: GF, Lancefaire, Luna, AT, LB(uses Gradivus)
  5. I like having 8 Mov on characters, but sadly i forgot to get the second pair of boots from chapter 17. 3 of my pairs have 6 Mov only. There are a couple of options i can do. They are Hero Morgan x Inigo, Hero Severa x Mu, Sniper Noire x Gerome 1. Give Severa boots, take Morgan's Luna and replace it with Deliverer(her set is GF, AxeFaire, Ignis, Luna, LB), and add Deliverer on Gerome even though hes support. 2. Give Morgan boots, take Severa's AT/Swordfaire out for Deliverer(Her set is Swordfaire, GF, Vengeance, LB, AT) although if i take out AT, this means she cant use Ragnell, and add Deliverer on Gerome 3. Give Noire boots, take Severa's AT/Swordfaire out, and take Morgan's Luna out for Deliverer
  6. When i start up the game, i noticed there were 2 "files" in the touch scree. Are those 2 extra files, or are those battle saves from casual mode?
  7. Btw Czar, remember when i said about Morgan and Inigo's 100%DS build? Another way i can do it is have Morgan as a Sniper and Inigo as an Assassin/Sni[er, although this time only one of them needs All+2, which will be Morgan most likley. She does lose her swag as an Axefaire Helswath Hero though. Do you think i should do this?
  8. Every Einheijar(or however you spell it) looks ugly in this game. DLC ike looks like MU with blue hair. I honestly hate how they did that instead of giving the DLC characters their own look.
  9. Ok, i still dont get it. In my case, its Henry!Gerome paired with Gaius!Noire. Noire is a Sniper with Galeforce, LB, Luna, Astra/All+2, Bowfaire. If Gerome is a Hero, the pair gains 5% more DS%, which is a lot. And Gerome has a much higher hit rare, which is always good. They do lose a lot of strength, but they are still probably strong enough to ORKO everybody. What would you do if you were in my position? Make Gerome a berserker or a Hero?
  10. Sure, the pair loses the +10 strength bonus from pair up and 8 from going from Berserker to Hero, but most of the time that much strength doesnt matter. You can still ORKO mostly every enemy if the lead has a proc like Luna, because it will activate most of the time with that high skill. And Gerome still has a ton of strength as an Axefaire Hero, so he will be doing a lot of damage. And if you count Aggressor in, then they will be ORKOing a lot of things.
  11. I just want to know, why do people use Berserkers over Heros/Assassins? Sure, they may not have Swordfaire, but lets say it to someone like Gerome. He has access to Hero and Berserker, so why do people make him a Berserker instead of a Hero? That higher skill can really help with DS rates, proc rates, and hit chance. Heck, i'd probably still use Frederick!Yarne as an Assassin even though he doesnt get Swordfaire/Bowfaire.
  12. True to both of those, but you're forgetting how awesome Olivia is as a combat unit. Even as a Dancer she is still pretty good. And you can also make her an Assassin and make her and Chrom a combat pair, but you do lose a Dancer. Still though, i would go with Chrom x Sumia.
  13. And if you do marry Chrom x Olivia, then Henry x Sumia will give you a pretty good Cynthia.
  14. Nuuu you did it all wrong, Vaike x Cordelia is much better :( Axefaire blond Hero Severa ftw
  15. Oh, so 100% DS isnt that important, and 98-99% DS is better than taking away faires and ATs in my case?
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