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  1. If you do the handicap thing for multiplayer battles, does the game remember the level 20 stats of Eternal Sealed units, or does it autolevel them down? If it's the latter, it seems like lv 40 characters would be unuseable. Also, does the handicap affect Felicia and Joker?
  2. I could have included Res in the title, but that one seems obvious: it's nowhere near as good as Def because it's hit nowhere near as often. For Skill I could see the fix being to increase the Hit:Skill ratio. I don't know howmuch would be ideal though. 5 points of Hit per point of Skill, maybe? Weapon hit rates would probably have to be lowered to balance it out with this method.
  3. To get my number of non-abused characters down closer to Chiki's number, maybe I should cut Tormod and Haar... I never actually thanked Chiki. So... thanks Chiki.
  4. Thanks. If I need to cut some people, based on what you've said I would go for Tormod, Elincia, Haar, and maybe Titania, Kieran, and Haar. Oscar's staying because I want these transfers to be geared toward HM as well. Titania's staying because her transfer doesn't cost any exp, just a slot in the boss abuse chapter. I was actually asking if it was too ambitious for EM, since I'm playing the PAL version, but I guess EM could be considered cheating seeing as most versions can't transfer it. If I go NM for that reason your advice becomes pretty important.
  5. They're for future playthroughs in general, including HM, but thanks. I guess I could hold off until I'm ready to start HM.
  6. I've been thinking about the first point a little. Maybe that one means that I should drop some things from Ike, since he's in no way a "middling" unit? That makes sense on Brom and Volke. I'll probably never use Brom much, so no point in giving him a lot of effort. That was my logic on the HP. Sounds like you agree with it.
  7. As I wrap up my first PoR playthrough (Chapter 23 right now), I've been thinking about how to go about making my transfer data to RD (haven't played RD before). To prove I've put some thought into it, have an Excel spreadsheet FE9Transfers.zip (I'll talk about everything here in the OP; no need to download unless you want to for some reason). I'm playing the PAL version, so EM transfers will work. I have a few things I'd like help with. I plan to boss abuse in Chapter 26, getting several characters whose transfers I don't care about that much (plus Titania who I do care about) from base to cap and also training Mia from somewhere around 20/0 to cap. Boss abuse in Final too, which is why Rhys is on here. For organization's sake I'll put my questions at the top. 1) Am I being too ambitious? I know this many transfers would be too many on NM, but will it work out on NM? 2) If I am being too ambitious, what should I cut? One way to save EXP is to cut out some units, but another possibility I can see is dropping some harder-to-get stats (HP and Res on Ike, HP on Oscar and Kieran, HP and Def on Zihark...) so that I can safely boss abuse most of those units' levels. 3) I've been putting a lot of emphasis on HP transfers. Am I overestimating their value? They seem pretty huge since they give 5 points where everything else just gives 2. 4) Should I try to give Brom good transfers instead of just boss abusing him to cap? I'm on the fence about him. It seems like it would be easy enough to give him HP/Str/Skill/Speed/Def plus a Bond support with Nephenee, which would be a pretty godly transfer, but on the other hand no matter how good of a transfer I give him he'll always be a General, and not even the best General. Too bad I can't transfer over Move or decent caps... 5) Anyone else who I really should be trying to give good transfers to? 6) Should I try to get Volke up to level 20 before promotion? I'm going to boss abuse him after promotion, and having those 10 levels before promotion would increase his capping potential. 7) On my first ever playthrough of RD (Normal mode), should I use transfers or not? List of people who I'm planning to transfer with rigged stats: Ike HP/Str/Skill/Spd/Def/Res Soren support Titania Spd Oscar HP/Str/Skill/Spd Tanith support Boyd HP/Str/Skill/Spd Shinon Str/Skill/Spd Soren Mag/Skill/Spd/Res Ike support Mia Str/Skill/Spd Ilyana Mag/Skill/Spd/Res Zihark support Marcia Str/Skill/Spd/Def Kieran support Mist HP/Str/Mag/Skill/Spd/Def/Res Jill support (favoritism :D) Kieran HP/Str/Skill/Spd Marcia support Nephenee Str/Skill/Spd/Def Zihark HP/Str/Skill/Spd/Def Ilyana support Jill HP/Str/Skill/Spd/Def Mist support Tormod Mag/Spd Tanith Str/Skill/Spd Oscar support Haar Spd Geoffrey Spd/Def Elincia support Elincia Str/Mag/Skill/Spd Geoffrey support Sothe 39 HP, 20 Str, 20 Skill, 20 Spd, 28 Luck, 20 Def, 15 Res Reasoning/Explanations Boss Abuse Brigade: These guys will be boss abused from base to cap in Chapter 26 (Final chapter in Rhys's case and possibly Reyson's). I don't plan to reset for them to get good stats, but it would be nice if Ulki gets into Energy Drop range. I'll list the bands I plan to have on them, which I will of course change based on how their levels go. Rhys - Skill/Spd Gatrie - Str/Def Rolf - Skill/Spd Volke - Str/?, Skill/Speed instead if I get him to 20 before promotion Brom - Str/Def Astrid - KW Makalov - KW Stefan - Skill/Spd Devdan - Str/? Reyson - Mag Calill - Mag Lucia - Skill/Spd Bastian - Str/? Largo - Skill/Spd Ulki - Str/Def The people who don't get any sort of transfer in this plan are Tauroneo and Laguz who aren't named Ulki, Reyson, or Giffca. Thank you! Edit: I'll add a poll. Why not.
  8. Huh, so there are different opinions even on this. Thanks for explaining it to me.
  9. If I'm understanding correctly, when tiering units, if a unit is the best character to receive a given resource, it's assumed they get it, and taking it isn't counted against them. There's something that's been bugging me about this. Let's say that hypothetical units Alice and Bob are both top tier in a hypothetical FE without any statboosters, so it's reasonable to assume that both will be used. Both would however benefit from a particular statbooster, of which there is only one (or maybe the others of it come really late in the game or cost an unreasonable amount of turns or something). Whichever of the two gets the stat booster will end up a little better than the other. Bob benefits a lot more from the booster than Alice. Alice with the booster is better than Bob with it, and Alice without is better than Bob without. Something like this: Alice (boost) > Bob (boost) > Alice >>>>> Bob > most other units in the game Bob would be assumed to get the booster. Since boosted Bob is better than unboosted Alice, and Bob is not penalized for taking the booster since he's the best candidate for it, Bob would be tiered above Alice. This doesn't seem right to me, since amy given Alice will always be better than a Bob who has the same level of investment as her. I might have come to this conclusion due to misunderstanding tiering philosophy. Would someone be willing to explain to me what I'm getting wrong?
  10. I've tried without success to modify an NA save file with a hex heditor. I'm not sure what else I can try. I'll keep looking around if not, but if anyone can send me a save file I'd appreciate it.
  11. Sorry I took so long. What I've been trying to do is SRPGs in the style of Fire Emblem, but I'm willing to try out anything, though of course the trickier it is mechanically the longer I'll take. If you have a story idea then I'm definitely interested in working together. If you're still interested (sorry again for taking so long to get back), should we take it to PMs?
  12. Thanks. I screwed it up. Fixed it now. I've used C# and C++, but I'm not very knowledgeable in either--I can barely tell the difference between the two. By the suggestion of my teacher I'll learn NetLogo this summer. That engine sounds interesting. I'd like to see it if you publish it.
  13. For our Japanese 3 final project, a partner and I made a video game. The Japanese is not very good, aince we're still learning. It's also pretty buggy and doing a whole playthrough might not be fun, but please take a look if it interests you. The whole script is up there. http://thomasoldham.net/ This summer I'm going to try to make an English version with major story and gameplay changes, and hopefully fixed bugs. I'd be happy to take on an additional project, if anyone has ideas. I'm still not too great at coding, and I'd like opportunities to practice. I'm not too great at making balanced strategic gameplay, so anyone who can do that is appreciated. I think I'm decent at writing good stories, but I imagine just about everyone wants to do that, and anyone who responds to this has a 70% likelihood of doing so specifically because they have a story they want to turn into something. I can share. Artists interested in working together are of course welcome. I'm shit at art. The beautiful drawings in the game are either from my partner or outside sources. However, as an extremely amateur programmer I imagine I place lower on the "demand for free labor" totem pole than just about any artist. Still, if you're interested... Edit: This could probably work as a post, but I don't think right now is a good time to bump the thread, since there's still nothing interesting here. At this point I'm going to assume Hotaru is no longer interested. I'll be working alone for the next three weeks because I'm taking a class, but after that I'll work with Hotaru or anyone else who has an idea they'd like to work together to make into a video game.
  14. I still haven't managed to get through Chapter 5. The game is getting really hard now. I'm going to keep trying, but I'd like to check in to make sure my units aren't underlevelled. MU 16/2.27 Marth 12.19 Draug 9.47 Luke 9.18 Palla 12.27 Maliessia 13.99 Catria 8.53 Sirius --/1.07 Caeda 6.17 I've done my best to reset away bad levels, but Draug still only has 12 Strength and Palla has yet to grow Speed. Draug has also not quite yet made it to D Bows, but he still has more than half of his +7 forge.
  15. Oh, okay. My bad.Sorry for the lack of substance to this post. I felt the need to acknowledge being told I'm wrong, but I really have nothing else to say.
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