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  1. There isn't really a fully agreed upon list but I'll show you some options: Azura x Laslow, Kaze, Takumi Jakob x Rinkah, Peri, Selena Silas x Peri, Oboro, Hinoka, Selena, Rinkah Kaze x Mozu, Azura Ryoma x Camilla. Kagero, Setsuna Takumi x Hana, Azura Saizo x Sakura, Orochi, Felicia Kaden x Setsuna, Charlotte, Azura, Hinoka Hinata x Selena, Peri, Rinkah Azama x Effie, Setsuna, Kagero Subaki x Oboro, Hinoka, Rinkah Hayato x Nyx, Felicia, Sakura Xander x Hinoka, Mozu Leo x Sakura, Felicia Benny x Beruka, Rinkah Keaton x Charlotte, Camilla Arthur x Kagero, Effie Odin x Orochi, Felicia, Nyx, Elise Niles x Elise, Felicia, Nyx 1st are my pairings. The rest are mostly in no particular order but if you have questions feel free to ask. Kagero!Shiro would be a good husband candidate.
  2. Kaden x FeMu (+Spd/-Lck) Odin x Orochi Niles x Elise Keaton x Camilla Kaze x Mozu Subaki x Oboro Silas x Hinoka Takumi x Hana Saizo x Felicia Hayato x Felicia Hinata x Selena Arthur x Effie Benny x Beruka Ryoma x Kagero Azama x Setsuna Xander x Charlotte Leo x Sakura Laslow x Azura Jakob x Peri Your pairings look good for the most part but this is what I'd recommend for having your children perform the best overall with your circumstances. Only child that will be underwhelming is Siegert and you'll Selkie and Kana should turn out well enough.
  3. I agree with this. Crit Skills are mainly for Ophelia if you set her up to get 100% crit (which you can do) and Berserkers if you wanted. Iron is the most practical, Silver is good in PvP to net 1RKOs, Braves for that same purpose. For genreral use, Iron is nice. PvP doesn't matter much since you'll most likely die on the EP anyways.
  4. She has fallen from grace somewhat in PvP but she is great once you eliminate those -breaker Swordmasters. Great if you get the first move and get a guaranteed kill with the right Staffing as long as the unit you're targeting isn't Ignatius.
  5. +STR -DEF Corrin w/ Fighter as Talent x Charlotte!Velouria Velouria passes down Wolfskin instead of Fighter so Corrin must pass it down. My Corrin ends as a Swordmaster but Berserker and other STR-based classes work well.
  6. That is good. You can switch Peri and Selena if you preferred that.
  7. How to get more than one unit/skill from a castle: 1. Make a save on the battle screen. 2. Battle and collect the unit/skill. 3. Make a save to a different save spot. Keep using this save spot for each run you do. 4. Soft reset and load save at castle. 5. Battle again and save to second (non castle) save spot. Repeat step 4 and 5 as many times as needed. 6. When done, go to logbook to buy the skills/units you want. This is super-duper useful if you need skills for more than one unit. This assumes money is not an issue because you must pay logbook prices
  8. Swordmaster, Master Ninja, and Nine-Tails all stacked with -Breakers are the closest you'll get to "reliable" dodge tanking. It may work in game, but in PvP Bows (particularly of the Shiny variety) are the most common weapon type and Certain Blow is run a lot. Setsuna!Selkie is pretty good it is just that Certain Blow w/ a Bow takes her out (~60% hit rate) but this is Fates we're talking about.
  9. You can do Paralouges whenever you want to. Note that a few, particularly Shiro and Ignatius, will be challenging due to the enemies scaling to your level and the AI Child getting killed. Just bring a good leveled Falcon Knight with a Rescue Staff.
  10. Oops. Thanks for catching that, Takumi x Hana is preferred.
  11. Ok that doesn't change my suggestion. Hana!Kiragi as a Sniper Setsuna!Mitama as Dread Fighter of Effie!Mitama as Hero or perhaps Dread Fighter
  12. Thanks! I'll get there soon! (@ Siegberts Paralouge). You can take Azama down to make room for others if you want to. Please keep Keaton up. Been doing a re-run of Revelations for the children and stuff.
  13. Kiragi: Hana for sure. Hana gives nice SPD but makes him frail. He should be a Sniper. Mitama: Effie, Setsuna. Dread Fighter or Hero (A+ w/ Soleil) What is your Corrin's talent?
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