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  1. i've tried exporting the sound files for luce/forblaze directly from fe7, but the sounds are extremely off. My guess is the sounds don't work the same as fe8 compared to fe7, and i have no idea how to get them to work, so if i can find someone who has a DL link to the proper working sound files for these, that'd be amazing
  2. Ok, so i got the animation to work, but the sound doesn't work, how would i fix that?
  3. So i have both of the animations, but with FeBuilder, i'm not sure how to get the animations to replace some of the "nothing" slots i see in nightmare.
  4. I'd prefer luce's, and i believe when i look at the item image for the tome, it does match luce's item image from fe7
  5. I see, well, i got forblaze but it seems they don't have luce in there at all
  6. So, i've been looking around in nightmare and found the dummy forblaze and luce in the item data, but their spell animations are missing. Of course, they still work, but i want to get these 2 spell animations back into fe8 to use at my leisure. Is there a step by step tutorial, along with the 2 spell animation files, i can use to get these to work in Fe8?
  7. For Men Klein - Brave Nobleman Probably could either take after his mother or father and be a Sniper/Sage if he was a sniper, he'd probably be colorless or blue, I'd still want him to keep his brave bow from his base version, but maybe give it NFU and the extra charge per attack like bold fighter If he was a Mage, he'd probably be blue or green, I'd want him to have something like "Tome of Reglay" that's based of Fimbulvetr's animation, and i'd have no idea what that prf would do Tormod - Brave Mage Based more off his Archsage outfit from Radiant Dawn, probably would be the red mage, or colorless mage if somehow he can't be red Would end up coming with Rexflame, which would probably have something to do with his celerity and probably also have a skill that would allow laguz to transform near him ------- For Females Laevatein - Brave Queen Would be based off of the ending of book 2 where she takes the throne of muspell Probably would be gen 5 laevatein, probably still get her base effect of laevatein, with some major extras. Weapon would probably be called "Blazing Laevatein" Marisa - Brave Flash Either based off Gerik, Tethys, or based of her swordmaster promotion Probably would be the meh swordie that gets added, or they could make her based off her assassin promotion if based off Gerik, probably would be an axe, if tethys, probably a blue dagger, or if off her assassin, still a blue dagger
  8. Personally, i don't think your prediction for July's Mythic is right being Green. Both Thrasir and Edelgard are amazing units with amazing fodder, so they're going to probably throw out Rinkah to fill that last slot, who she has decent fodder. I think this month's Mythic will probably be EITHER one of 3 Candidates 1) Ashera (Colorless Tome with Judgement, Probably Astra now (even tho it doesn't make sense, but look at Mila who should have been Astra, but is Light Instead)) 2) Anankos (Colorless Dragon that'll probably just be Astra Colorless Naga, making him slightly better, but also, just as bad) 3) Dheginsea (Colorless Armored Dragon, Probably Dark Mythic if it's him, and he'll actually be pretty busted)
  9. Alright, so i need a decent amount of help with some extracting and question answering. First off, is there any other Radiant Dawn nightmare modules out there that aren't the Class or Growth Editors? I've been hoping there's an item editor, skill editor, weapon editor etc. so i can actually edit items in the game and possibly be able to edit what each character starts with. Second is, i remember extracting my RD Iso a LONG while back but now for the life of me, i don't remember how. Any help on both of these would be much appricated
  10. Can i Also give out a request? Can i get a summoner OC done with the hood dropped back, with Greil's hair, with one yellow and one red eye and holding a light blue colored forseti in this stance?
  11. if i had to choose 1 for each nation, i'd say Askr: Soleil Embla: Julius Nifl: Lucina Muspell: Marisa Hel: Klein Ljósálfheimr: Eirika Dökkálfheimr: Flora
  12. I've got a few: Summer Klein (Infantry Bow/Dagger) Summer Marisa (Infantry Lance/Axe/Bow) Brave Klein (Green mage with Fimbulvetr) Queen Laevatein Dancer Soleil (Bow Dancer, idc if colored or not)
  13. This is the summoner OC request i had asked
  14. So, Could someone make a Aran Sprite and also maybe get my summoner OC request that was a little bit back a ways?
  15. Can i get a summoner OC done with the hood dropped back, with Greil's hair, with one yellow and one red eye and holding a light blue colored forseti in this stance?
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