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  1. I know, but I'm asking which of the other kids (why do we call them kids again? Aren't they all like in their late teens bordering their twenties?) fits the role of Morgan's elder sibling the best. Morgan being an only child is an option too.
  2. That's a little... weird. Technically, Robin's marrying his foster sister in that case. Granted, it's not weirder than Robin marrying his best friend's daughter... who he is currently raising.
  3. During the hotspring scramble DLC, if Robin speaks to Owain twice, Owain will break character for a moment and tragically explain why he acts the way he does. He's aware that he's living in his own imagination. Like all the children's weird quirks, his derived from not being to protect his parents or the future. His 'sword hand' is just him playing hero. Deep down he realizes how silly it is, but it's how he copes.
  4. It's not about what's cannon or who Robin is most likely to marry. It's who you think fits the role of Morgan's elder sibling best. Also, I'm suprised Lucina has gotten any votes yet. Didn't expect her to be losing to Yarne.
  5. Let's forget about likely couples and examine likely siblings for a minute. Out of the all the future children, who is most likely to be Morgan's brother or sister? Let's assume that both generic and unique supports happen for Morgan. Also, disregard official hair colors. That way Kjelle and Noire don't get an unfair advantage. Ironically, I kinda have to nominate Noire. Not only because she and Morgan play off of each other really well, but also they have similar talents. They both have martial and magic skills, plus they share this odd talent for making crafts. Noire makes a series of talismans for herself, while Morgan made a entire box of masks during her support with Gerome.
  6. If there was an entire sub plot written around Morgan and their sibling if they have one.
  7. What? Nooooooooo- Well, he's still up there, though. That's still super impressive.
  8. I just thought I'd bring this up because it's a beautiful thing for the Fire Emblem series. South Park's Ike, Hurricane Ike, Ike Turner and the 34th President of the United States all are behind Fire Emblem's Ike in Google's search engine. That is fantastic (even though I know most of Ike's fame came from Smash Bros.)
  9. All of them. No seriously, I don't marry any of the kids in Awakening; not to each other and not to Robin. They're all platonic friends who have A-Supports with each other. Is a pain in the ass when multiple characters have unlocked their S-supports and I have deliberately avoid them? Oh yeah, but the epilogues make it oh-so worth it. Epilogues from single characters sound much more canon than the married characters' do.
  10. Wow... How the hell did I not figure that out? Thanks for the help.
  11. After a character finishes their turn, a option called 'anime' pops up under end. What does it do?
  12. Chapter five is up. Here you go. The story is really going to start branching out from this point. We're going to cover a lot more perspectives and introduce a lot more OCs. Hope you'll stay with it that long.
  13. In celebration of Kjelle's birthday, here's a quick fact! *Her name is a feminine version of the old Norse name Kjell. The Norsemen would pronounce their KJ's as 'Sh.' So the correct pronunciation of Kjelle's name is "Shelly" instead of the popular interpretations "Ka-jel" or "Ka-shel." Which makes more sense, because unlike those two, "Shelly" actually rhymes with "Sully." Why the developers didn't go with the obvious spelling of the name is still a mystery.* Anyway. Happy birthday, "Shelly!"
  14. Pretty straightforward. Out of the three trainees, who is the best? Also, who do you pair Amelia with?
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