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  1. I see you're a worshipper of the Great Emperor Edelgard?

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    2. henrymidfields


      I'm on the Black Eagles route atm. Still in White Clouds phase. I kinda like the majority of supports this time compared to last one I played (Fates btw, skipped SoV). And I like how this time, the female lord (well, at least for BE route) gets to write her own story in her own terms.

    3. Blaze The Great

      Blaze The Great

      Yes, don't know which other routes you've played, but I personally find BE to have the weakest character roster of the houses (pending assessment of Ashen Wolves, whose route I'm still doing). Still a step forward in terms of overall character development. And, obviously, big fan of their main lord!

    4. henrymidfields


      How is TH as a whole compared to character roster from other games?

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