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  1. You can get both the exp and res wells in the Sea Shrine. They aren't mutually exclusive.
  2. Ok I know I've never posted in this thread before, but in the interest of stopping more of Levant's constant stream of mis-information, the healing effect of Amaterasu will indeed stack if you have the skill on multiple units.
  3. Oh hey, what's up. Been a while hasn't it. In my quest to finally clear out my draft backlog I have finally finished this god-forsaken draft that has spited me at every turn for the past 4 years. Saved about 7 turns in previous maps compared to before. Biggest change compared to previous attempts was focusing a lot more exp into Chrom at the expense of Sumia because tbh, using Sumia as a frontline combat unit in this ruleset without the Bonus Box items is a complete waste of time, as evidenced by the fact that she didn't learn Rally Move until Chapter 19. Giving Chrom exp helped a lot in the mid-game routs before Morgan showed up and made Grima a lot more bearable. Premonition: 2/2 Prologue: 6/8 Chapter 1: 5/13 Chapter 2: 8/21 Chapter 3: 5/26 Chapter 4: 4/30 Paralogue 1: It Happened/30 Chapter 5: 7/37 Chapter 6: 7/44 Chapter 7: 3/47 Chapter 8: 7/54 Paralogue 2: It Happened/54 Chapter 9: 4/58 Paralogue 4: It Happened/58 Chapter 10: 3/61 Chapter 11: 3/64 Paralogue 3: Get Chrom to D Lances/64 Chapter 12: 5/69 Chapter 13: 1/70 Chapter 14: 2/72 Morgan's Paralogue: It Happened/72 Chapter 15: 3/75 Chapter 16: 2/77 Chapter 17: 5/82 Chapter 18: 2/84 Tiki's Paralogue: RIP Tiki/84 Chapter 19: 1/85 Cynthia's Paralogue: It Happened/84 Chapter 20: 4/89 Nah's Paralogue: Fuck this Map/89 Chapter 21: 3/92 Chapter 22: 1/93 Chapter 23: 4/97 Chapter 24: 4/101 Chapter 25: 1/102 Endgame: 1/103 Final Turncount: 103 Turns Don't have stats cause I'm lazy but here are people's levels for a basic idea of exp distribution: Chrom Lv. 15/10/10 Paladin A Swords A Lances Robin Lv. 20/20/2 Grandmaster C Swords A Tomes Fred Lv. --/11/7 Griffon Rider A Axes (A Swords A Lances) Sumia Lv. 13/10 Dark Flier A Lances D Tomes Gaius Lv. 10/4 Assassin A Swords C Bows Nowi Lv. 30/26 Manakete Anna Lv. --/15/4 Sage C Tomes A Staves (B Swords) Olivia Lv. 16 Dancer Henry Lv. 12/1 Dark Knight E Swords C Tomes Lucina Lv. 17/6 Great Lord A Swords E Lances Morgan Lv. 20/20/20 Great Knight B Swords A Lances A Axes Cynthia Lv. 10/5 Falcon Knight C Lances D Staves Nah Lv. 10 Manakete Basillio Lv. --/10 Warrior A Axes B Bows Flavia Lv. --/10/1 Assassin A Swords E Bows
  4. Chapter 22: 4/159 Turns Niime, Lalum, Douglas, Ward, and Fae on the left, everyone else went right. Niime went up and put the Berserk Druid to sleep, got danced and moved up again and put the Sniper in the first corridor to sleep so that Lalum doesn't need to dodge anything on enemy phase to live (the 2 Angelic Robes she had lets her tank the merc just fine). Douglas moves up and rescues Ward. Percival kills a merc and then gets rescue-dropped ahead by Shanna and Sue. Marcus picks up Igrene and moves into the right corridor with the chests just out of range of the Druid. Roy moves up and uses Boots. Turn 2, Niime full moves and Rescues Lalum, gets danced, and Rescues Douglas, who moves up and drops Ward. Marcus moves up and drops Igrene. Roy moves up and uses his last pair of boots, then gets rescue-dropped ahead by Percival and Sue. Rescue-dropping Percival ahead on Turn 1 in order to rescue-drop Roy on Turn 2 puts Roy exactly 15 tiles away from the door to the throne room. Turn 3, Ward and Douglas team up to kill the left Hero and Niime steps on the switch. Lalum just moves up to dance next turn. Igrene kills the right Hero with a Killer Bow crit + hit and Marcus steps on that switch. Roy opens the throne room and Percival/Sue/Shanna kills some stuff in the corridor. Equipping the Sword of Seals gives Roy enough defense that the throne room Heroes will attack Percival instead, who can ORKO them with the Silver Sword as long as the don't proc 43 HP instead of 42 HP. Turn 4, Niime Hammernes the Rescue Staff and Ward gets the Sleep Staff and White Gem from the chests with a dance from Lalum. Igrene, Marcus, and Fae kill some random dudes and Chad gets the Dracoshield. Shanna kills a Druid blocking Roy's path to the throne and then Sue and Percival get ready to face Zephiel. Unfortunately my Energy Ring Sue idea wasn't useful because even with it she and Percival still can't 4HKO Zephiel without Killer Lance crits. If I had given up the Angelic Robes for Niime and Lalum for 2 more Energy Rings it would have worked, but then Niime and Lalum would get OHKOed by Manaketes in Chapter 24 without the extra bulk. So instead we have to go with the back up strat of two Killer Lance crits + Murgleis (Sue has higher crit than Percival but Killer Bow crits deal less damage than just attacking with Murgleis). One Killer Lance crit + hit isn't enough, and is in fact just deals equal damage to attacking with Durandal twice but with worse hit lol. Anyway, eventually Zephiel dies and Roy seizes. Chapter 23: 3/162 Turns Niime gets danced ahead to murder everything with Nosferatu and Rescues Percival to help kill the stupid status staff Druids. Shanna flies over the lake to kill a Ballista and everyone else with 15 move kills stuff near the start. Douglas goes left and tanks wyverns for 3 turns to reach S Lances for the hell of it. Fae buys Elixirs. Niime uses Holy Maiden on Turn 2 to heal everyone and restore Percival. Percival kills Brunya on Turn 3 and then everyone just self-improves a bit if they have nothing better to do. Niime uses the last Hammerne to repair the Rescue Staff again and Shanna uses the Dracoshield from Chapter 22. Chapter 24: 8/170 Turns Man 7 turns looks so close to being possible but I think I need warp and another staff user for it to work. Everyone charges ahead, with Sue and Percival killing most of the throne manaketes. Shanna and Marcus helped rescue-drop Lalum a few times. Niime used Sleep or Rescue every turn as well as Holy Maiden once. 7 turn would have required Percival to ORKO Jahn by himself but because I had to take 8 turns Sue could help chip Jahn as well, which was nice because Percival's accuracy sucks. Endgame: 1/171 Turns Lol. Final Turncount: 171 Turns
  5. Chapter 20x: Weapon EXP/140 Turns Marcus got S Axes, Percival got B Axes, Shanna got C Swords, Sue got D Swords, Igrene got A Bows, Chad got C Swords, Niime got S Dark. Lalum used an Angelic Robe. Chad stole 3 vulneraries. Niime is 7 staff uses away from S Staves. Ward is 80% of the way to C Bows. Chapter 21: 8/150 Turns Shanna carried Percival over the mountain on Turn 1, then went back and got Roy (and the Knight Crest village), dropping him for Percival to pick up on Turn 3. Percival then carried Roy to the throne the rest of the map, exactly reaching Murdock on Turn 7 and 4HKOing him with the Armorslayer at terrible hit rates because even with WTA FE6 thrones are still bullshit. Shanna went and bought 30 Boots, 2 Angelic Robes, and an Energy Ring on Turn 5, allowing everyone except Roy and Percival to use stat boosters for 4 turns. Shanna, Marcus, and Sue capped move, Niime and Lalum have one more pair of boots and an Angelic Robe each to use. Ward pissed around and activated the Paladin reinforcements on Turn 6 so he could shoot some random dudes for bow wexp. Chapter 21x: 5/155 Turns Stupid Berserker blocks the way and prevents Shanna from dropping Roy in range of the throne a turn earlier. But honestly it's fine because this lets Roy use 3 boots so he'll have max move by Turn 2 of Chapter 22. Everyone else finished eating stat boosters and just self-improved a bit. Ward reached C BOWS which may or may not matter in Chapter 22, we'll see.
  6. Chapter 16: 10/117 Turns Turn floor is set by Zeiss and the Rescue Staff so I can't really go any faster even though Roy can theoretically seize by like Turn 8. Percival and Shanna carry Igrene and Chad through the left side while everyone else goes right. Ward breaks off from the main group to go get the right-side treasures. Shanna and Sue go break down the wall by Zeiss (exactly killing the wall with 2 Brave Bows, a javelin, and a Killer Lance hit). Percival and Igrene take care of the Snipers and go get the left-side treasures. Chad steals all of the gems then gets rescued by Marcus over to the throne room. Boss kill is kind of jank since neither Roy nor Marcus can double Narcian. Roy chips him with Percival's Silver Sword on Turn 8, which is enough chip for Marcus to 2HKO him with the Wyrmslayer after throne healing between Turn 9 enemy phase and Turn 10 player phase (after Chad steals Narcian's shit of course). Ward got the money, Bolting, and Brave Lance. Percival and Igrene got the Rescue Staff and the promotion items to sell. Between the chests and Chad stealing everything I got around 22000 net gain in gold. Pegasus Knight EXP: 1112 + 928 Nomad EXP: 1235 + 352 Chapter 16x: 7/124 Turns Shanna and Roy went to the throne, followed by Percival to help clear out the group of cavaliers along the way. Shanna and Roy both used a Pure Water to tank Boltings and be more likely to dodge the stupid boss' Berserk Staff. Sue kills the Sniper blocking Shanna's path with the Longbow, but because my brain is small I didn't have enough Longbow uses to also kill that stupid Bolting Sage at the start of the map, so Lalum had to dodge 3 Boltings which sucked. Marcus and Ward built weapon ranks a bit. The combined powers of Igrene, DOUGLAS, and Fae were just enough to kill a Paladin for Fae to get a level. Shanna killed the boss with a hit + crit with a Killer Lance. Fuck this boss he's the worst. To Ilia we go! Pegasus Knight EXP: 1112 + 1044 = 2156 Nomad EXP: 1235 + 440 = 1675 Chapter 17: 5/129 Turns Movement works out for 4 turns, but the boss is way too fat for Shanna to ORKO. Even double Killer Lance crits wouldn't kill. So instead she 6HKOs him with the Axereaver between turns 4 and 5. But hey, that means more ARENA. Ward got D Bows, Marcus got S Lances, and Percival got S Swords. Merlinus bought some more killer weapons with the Silver Card. Fae killed two random cavaliers coming from the south. Chapter 18: 4/134 Turns Shanna carried Roy to the boss, using the SLIM LANCE to ORKO enemy Pegasus Knights while carrying Roy so that the path wouldn't get blocked. Everyone else just self-improved basically. There isn't any way to reach any of the villages in 4 turns without Shanna who is too busy ferrying Roy. Roy acted as Purge bait to get the boss to switch to Purge so Shanna could attack him without needing to dodge a counter-attack to live. Chapter 19: 4/138 Turns It's just Shanna carrying Roy to the throne again. She gets the Aircalibur village on the way to sell. Niime uses the Body Ring and Angelic Robe and kills some Pegasus Knights. Chad steals the Knight Crest. Fae kills another random enemy. Chapter 20: 4/142 Turns Niime carried this chapter super hard. She silenced both Sleep Druids on Turn 1, then killed most of the enemies in the main room with Nosferatu, then Rescued Lalum ahead to help dance Roy ahead after he opened the door to the throne room so he would be close enough to seize next turn. Percival, Sue, and Chad went to the lower treasure room, breaking down the wall with 2 Brave Lances, a javelin, and an Iron Bow. They got the Wyrmslayer, Nosferatu, and Sleep Staff. Marcus opened the door to Juno's room. Ward went to the arena to get more boots money. The amazing combo of Douglas and Fae CHOKED THE POINT to prevent the enemies in the right building from bothering the rest of my units. Roartz got 4HKOed with the Armorslayer by Shanna at 60 hit, but Lalum is available to dance Shanna on Turn 4 if she missed on Turn 3, which makes it slightly more bearable.
  7. Chapter 12: 6/84 Turns Never been able to figure out how to 5 turn this in draft. It just feels like I don't have enough units to rescue-drop both Roy and Lalum for it to work. Anyway, Ward, Merlinus, and Chad are on the right to get chests and everyone else went on the left. Sue promoted on Turn 2 to kill the Warrior from across the wall with a Killer Bow crit. Ward promoted on Turn 3 after killing some fighters and letting Merlinus die. Marcus 3HKOed the boss with the Wyrmslayer. Got all the treasure on the right. Couldn't recruit Raigh cause Chad is too busy actually contributing. Instead I killed Raigh so Shanna would reach D Swords. Worth it. Pegasus Knight EXP: 1112 + 514 Nomad EXP: 1235 + 72 Chapter 12x: 5/89 Turns Yep. I couldn't get the Red Gem sadly because the boss is so buff that nobody on my team can ORKO him even with crits. Shanna is actually the only one who can double him at all. Did an extremely jank bosskill consisting of Roy chipping with the Light Brand on enemy phase, followed by 2 Brave Bow hits from Sue and 2 Axereaver hits from Shanna. Ward killed some random brigands. Chad stole another Lockpick. Pegasus Knight EXP: 1112 + 595 Nomad EXP: 1235 + 100 Chapter 13: 8/97 Turns Meh. My team doesn't really have a juggernaut unit who can just ORKO everything in the way, so this took 2 extra turns. 1 turns was to clear out the cavaliers near the boss and another was spent getting Killer Lances. Had Shanna carry Roy and Sue over the water to avoid fighting the Hero since nobody can deal with this guy effectively. Shanna and Roy equipped a nearly broken Silver Lance and Rapier respectively to bait enemies into attacking them instead of Sue. Sue easily 2HKOed the boss with the Brave Bow. Ward went up north to get the Body Ring village and reached S Axes along the way. The CHAD killed a longbow archer harassing Lalum and a troubadour. What a god Pegasus Knight EXP: 1112 + 646 Nomad EXP: 1235 + 254 Chapter 14: 4/101 Turns Shanna carried Roy to the throne. She used the boots on Turn 1 after getting danced by Lalum. Shanna needs to crit one of the enemies that attack her on Turn 1 enemy phase so that she can move close enough to the gate on the next turn. Chad and Sue acted as Sleep Staff bait so that Shanna and Roy didn't have to worry about dodging the Sleep Staff after Turn 1. Roy got dropped on Turn 2, which let him move up to reveal the boss on TUrn 3 so Shanna could attack him on player phase. Shanna technically has 6 chances to hit between Turn 3 and Turn 4, but she needs to kill him by Turn 3 enemy phase in order to go and buy a Nosferatu from the shop for Niime to use later. Got the Silver Card, Talisman, Speedwing, and Silence Staff. Marcus used a Speedwing cause he couldn't actually contribute to clearing the map. Pegasus Knight EXP: 1112 + 767 Nomad EXP: 1235 + 254 Chapter 14x: 3/104 Turns Roy uses a Pure Water and then gets carried over the water by Shanna. She 4HKOs the boss with two Steel Sword uses and two Iron Sword uses. Sue gets used as Bolting bait on Turn 2 enemy phase so Roy has an easier time surviving. Everyone else just grinds wexp. Marcus reached A Axes and Ward is 2/3rds of the way to D Bows lol. Pegasus Knight EXP: 1112 + 857 Nomad EXP: 1235 + 262 Chapter 15: 3/107 Turns 2 turns is technically possible with a boots flier, but you can't get the Hammerne Staff if you do this in 2 turns, which would cost more turns later on due to less Rescue Staff uses. I also wanted to get another Chest key from the shop, but only Shanna and Marcus after getting danced on Turn 2 can reach the shop and village, which means that if I want to visit both then Roy has to be the one to kill the boss. He needs to get one crit in 4 attacks between Turn 3 player phase and enemy phase to get the kill. Besides that, Ward grinds bow wexp, and Sue and Igrene rescue-drop Lalum in range to recruit Percival on Turn 3 after she danced Marcus on Turn 2. Merlinus got the Divine village. Chad killed a random Steel Bow archer that couldn't even OHKO Merlinus lol. Pegasus Knight EXP: 1112 + 886 Nomad EXP: 1235 + 286
  8. Chapter 8x: 7/62 Turns 6 turns looked so close to being possible but Roy is one tile short because of throne move penalties, feels bad man. Henning wasn't as bad as I was expecting but the hit rates were still total garbage. Took 3 Silver Lances from Shanna (oh yeah Shanna promoted) plus a Light Brand from Marcus all at around 53 hit. Yeesh. Sue and Ward self-improved a bit. Pegasus Knight EXP: 1198 Nomad EXP: 745 Chapter 9: 4/65 Turns Shanna carried Roy to the throne and 4HKOed the boss with the Silver Lance at awful hit rates. Sue reached C Bows and Marcus got a bunch of axe wexp. Pegasus Knight EXP: 1112 + 208 Nomad EXP: 858 Chapter 10: 5/70 Turns Shanna carries Roy down after the initial enemies are dealt with. Chad got a ton of exp by chipping things because of his awful defense but decent avoid with WTA. Did a weird bosskill strat to avoid using the Silver Lance cause it only has 4 uses left. Dropped Roy in range of the boss on Turn 4 and chipped him twice with the Light Brand (it's actually more accurate than Shanna trying to hit him with a javelin) so that Shanna could finish him off with an Iron Sword the next turn. Marcus got the Swordreaver. Sue and Ward self-improved some more. Pegasus Knight EXP: 1112 + 322 Nomad EXP: 1035 Chapter 11: 8/78 Turns Took it slow to get all of the villages. Shanna carried Marcus over to help kill the dudes on the right side, while everyone else went down. Chad got the bottom villages while Merlinus got the three houses in the row above Chad's with Lalum's help. Sue carried Roy over to Shanna and got the money village along the way. Shanna got the top villages. Marcus bought some door keys, hand axes, and Killer Axes. Shanna 6HKOed the boss with an Iron Sword to build sword rank. Recruited Klein but couldn't recruit Tate. Pegasus Knight EXP: 1112 + 467 Nomad EXP: 1235
  9. Chapter 8: 15/55 Turns Ugh this takes forever, especially with Marcus as the only 8 move unit. So the mounted unit squad carried Roy and Chad ahead while Merlinus and Ward followed behind on foot to kill stragglers. Had to take 2 extra turns to get the Elysian Whip which sucks but it's basically required so *shrug*. Marcus being the only one who can deal with the boss effectively as well as the only one who can drop Chad in range of the treasure room on the last turn meant that ROY got to finish off Leygance after Marcus chipped him with the Armorslayer. Got the Light Brand, Killer Bow, Knight Crest, Guiding Ring, Elysian Whip, and Chad stole a Chest Key and another one of Cath's Lockpicks. Roy reached C Swords, Marcus reached C Swords and C Axes, and Shanna reached B Lances. Pegasus Knight EXP: 1112 Nomad EXP: 655
  10. Chapter 1: 5/5 Turns Need one of the cavaliers to get 4 turns so 5 turns it is. Marcus just murders everything with an Iron Sword while Roy chips a bunch of dudes for 50 exp. Chapter 2: 6/11 Turns Ward helped clear out the choke point while Shanna killed a few stragglers and gave Marcus the Armorslayer on the last turn so he could kill the boss. Roy got 2 levels. Merlinus bought javelins. Chapter 3: 7/18 Turns Marcus and Shanna take Roy to the throne. Ward gets the Mend village. Merlinus tanks soldiers so he and Chad can slowly make their way to Lugh's village. Chapter 4: 5/23 Turns Marcus can reach the boss by turn 4, but a 4 turn with this team is really unreliable since Shanna would need to dodge bows and Roy would also probably need to dodge some cavaliers as well on Turn 3 enemy phase. 5 turn is pretty simple and also lets Chad get some hand axes and the Angelic Robe. Chapter 5: 3/26 Turns Marcus opens the gate and murders half the map with hand axes. Ward picks up Roy and Shanna moves left and uses the Angelic Robe. Turn 2, Marcus moves in range of the boss and kills a Nomad. Ward gives Roy to Shanna, who drops Roy on the tile where the Nomad was. Marcus chips the boss on enemy phase. Turn 3, Chad and Ward team up to kill a random brigand, Shanna kills a Mage, and Marcus finishes off the boss. Chapter 6: 6/32 Turns Marcus and Roy go rescue Sue while Shanna and Ward clear out the middle. I couldn't get any treasure with Chad unfortunately because he would bait soldiers to move towards him if he went towards the treasure rooms, and they would kill him when combined with the Mercenary. Boss kill sucked because this asshole has way too much avoid. 2 Iron Axes from Marcus plus an Iron Bow from Sue did exactly enough damage to kill him. Chapter 7: 8/40 Turns Yeah I know, took too long. Map sucks, especially with Marcus as your only decent combat unit. Managed to recruit everyone and get all but one village at least. Ward even got to go to the arena. Marcus left the boss on 1 HP with the Armorslayer so he got finished off by the amazing Steel Lance Shanna at awful hit rates. But every boss in this game has too much avoid so I didn't feel too bad about cheesing him with a 40 hit attack. Was honestly surprised the hit was that "good". Pegasus Knight EXP: 944 Nomad EXP: 386
  11. Niime. Thought I screwed myself over picking Percival but got a staff user anyway NEVER PUNISHED. @jbi If you can use DMs you can send your picks to one of us so that you don't have to wait 24 hours.
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