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  1. Chapter 4: 12/28 Turns Free units were Karin and Machua. Originally I was going to use Lifis, but Machua made it easier to keep Lara out of danger. RIP the second lockpick I guess. So for this I need both the Rapier and Light Brand to be in the top right. Everyone just moves in a clockwise motion around the map to open all of the cells to let the civilians out and then let Karin and Machua get the items from the chests. The Light Brand got trade-chained over to Leif and then Lra opened the door to the top room on Turn 10. Leif went in and put himself in range of all of the enemies. Dalshin and a bow thwomp attacked Lara so she needed to dodge Dalshin to survive. Thankfull the AI was dumb and Dalshin tried to capture Lara even though she had weapons so he had single-digit hit on her. Next turn Leif recruits Dalshin and he kills the Bow thwomp. Everyone moves up to escape next turn. The last civilian escaped on Turn 11 so I couldn't really do this any faster even if I didn't recruit Dalshin. RIP Lifis, see you in Chapter 21x. Chapter 4x: Free/28 Turns Leif killed all of the thwomps on Turn 1 while everyone else distracted the soldiers so Leif wouldn't die. Killed the mages on Turn 2. Had Ced kill all of the dudes in the top room because I can't waste any Light Brand uses to feed them to Leif since he needs every use for Chapter 5. Got the Life Ring and Brave Sword. Captured a vulnerary. Dalshin got SPEED. Chapter 5: 16/44 Turns Yeah. Leif killed mages from across the wall and then everyone just went around. Dalshin actually helped a bunch since he could double and ORKO soldiers after they captured Lara haha. Nanna got MOVE. Dalshin got left behind so he could steal the Physic Staff for Safy. Thanks dude, see you in 21x. Chapter 6: 7/51 Turns Karin flew around getting villages while everyone else went to the right side. Brighton got the Brave Axe and Fire Sword out of the convoy for Hicks and Leif to use, but this caused him to lag behind everyone else. I had to leave him behind since he's too fat to carry without halving everyone's movement. Chapter 7: 9/60 Turns Fuck you Shiva. So because I didn't have Finn drafted he wasn't allowed to carry Safy, which mean that the two of them would block Shiva's path around the mountain if they moved ahead, so they have to just stay put for most of the chapter unitl Shiva gets in range of Safy since otherwise Shiva will suicide on my units. This cost at least 2 turns. Trewd > Shiva confirmed. Chapter 8: 6/66 Turns Lost a turn since Leif needed to help chip the boss so Hicks could capture him. Bought 7 door keys and got Marty. Chapter 8x: Free/66 Turns Shiva and Hicks went right, everyone else went left. Got the Wrath Manual, which Nanna used to fight Gomez, the Neir Scroll, and the Leg Ring, which Leif used. Got Nanna and Hicks to level 18 and promoted them. Safy face-tanked a hand axe from across the wall for several turns to get a few levels. Fed Gomez to Shiva since he's the most underleveled unit I have. Chapter 9: 4/70 Turns Lol didn't even fight anything. Chapter 10: 5/75 Turns I can't make Olwen and Fred spawn too early or else they will block the bridge. So I have everyone stay out of the target range on turn 2, and then Hicks, Nanna, and Leif kill all the thwomps by the second bridge on Turn 3.This lets Nanna stand on the last fort on Turn 4 so that Fred and Olwen don't block they way. Dagdar captured the Fire Sword thwomp and took his stuff. Lara got the Rescue Staff and stole a Stamina Drink. Ronan and Shiva went up to the arena to get some exp/gold. Nanna ORKOed the boss with the Earth Sword on Turn 5. Could have used the Fire Sword but the Earth Sword had better hit. I'm going to Hammerne the Earth Sword in 11x probably so the extra two uses won't matter. STATS: Leif Lv. 20.00 Lord 39HP/16Str/6Mgc/12Skl/20Spd/16Lck/10Def/7Con B Swords (1 Speed Ring, 1 Leg Ring) Ronan Lv. 17.76 25HP/11Str/12Mgc/8Skl/20Spd/7Lck/4Def/7Con C Bows Safy Lv. 15/1.00 High Priestess 26HP/5Str/20Mgc/14Skl/14Spd/9Lck/1Def/3Con E Light A Staves (1 Life Ring) Nanna Lv. 18/4.58 Paladin 36HP/12Str/14Mgc/17Skl/20Spd/20Lck/6Def/9Con B Swords D Staves (1 Life Ring, Wrath Manual) Hicks Lv. 18/3.08 Great Knight 41HP/18Str/2Mgc/17Skl/18Spd/15Lck/16Def/20Con B Axes E Swords (Paragon Manual) Shiva Lv. 12.16 Myrmidon 32HP/11Str/0Mgc/15Skl/17Spd/9Lck/9Def/8Con B Swords Lara Lv. 9.52 Thief 18HP/1Str/0Mgc/5Skl/16Spd/9Lck/3Def/3Con E Swords Dagdar Lv. --/10.84 Warrior 44HP/16Str/1Mgc/11Skl/10Spd/3Lck/11Def/15Con A Axes E Bows Chapter 11: 5/80 Turns Dagdar rescues Shiva, Nanna and Hicks rescue-drop Lara ahead, Leif and Ronan just move up. On Turn 2 Dagdar gives Shiva to Hicks who drops him in the corridor. Lara, Nanna, and Leif also move into the corridor with Leif at the front to kill the thwomps with a Fire Sword. Ronan kills a soldier. On Turn 3 everyone moves into the main room and Leif springs the trap. Turn 4 Safy warps Dagdar into Kempf's room to attack him and make him leave. Everyone else moves up and opens doors. Ronan kills a soldier in the top-left room. On the last turn, Dagdar and Ronan clear the way to the throne for Leif, Hicks captures the bishop so Lara can take his Physic Staff since Safy broke the first one, and everyone else kills stuff for exp. Chapter 11x: Free/80 Turns Yep. Ronan reached level 20 and promoted. Nanna healed a bunch. Stole the Wind Tomes and all of the boss' stuff. Broke all of my Iron Bows. Chapter 12: 6/86 Turns Safy warped Dagdar over on Turn 1 to capture Salem so I don't have to deal with Sleep Staff nonsense. The horses, Leif, and RONAN went forward to clear the way. Shiva took all of the scrolls and the Paragon Sword and soloed all of the guys by the Heim Scroll village. Dagdar used a bridge key from Chapter 10 to open the bridge from the other side since Lara was fatigued so she wasn't around to open it. Couldn't steal the Vantage Manual either because of that but oh well. Baited the Vantage Manual guy on Turn 3 with Leif and then Ronan finished him off with the Killer Bow. Hicks and Nanna went up and used the arena and bought some more door keys. Chapter 12x: Free/86 Turns Took a Pahn penalty to steal Tina's staff so she wouldn't steal my shit and to help get the chests. Only took 9 turns though so it's fine. Safy also repaired the Warp Staff and the Earth Sword. Promoted Shiva. Got all of the chests. Captured Trewd so I can leave him behind in Chapter 19. Chapter 13: 4/90 Turns Generic horses for MVP. Only deployed Hicks, Nanna, and Lara. Basically everyone went up while getting danced by Lara who got parked on forest tiles to survive the ballistae each turn. Glade rushed over to kill a thwomp blocking the bridge since the other horses were too busy rescue-dropping Lara to kill it. One generic parked on the escape point and the others formed a wall to tank all of the enemies. For this to work I need 1 of the 3 forming the wall to survived until the last turn. On Turn 4, Nanna kills an archer blocking the way and then gets danced. The surviving generic then picks up Lara and moves next to the generic that parked on the escape point, and he takes Lara and escapes. Everyone else then escapes afterwards. The movement procs on my horses and Leif definitely mattered here since everyone (except Nanna cause she got danced) had exactly enough move to reach the escape point on Turn 4. STATS: Leif Lv. 20.00 Lord 39HP/16Str/6Mgc/12Skl/20Spd/16Lck/10Def/7Con B Swords (1 Speed Ring, 1 Leg Ring) Lara Lv. 16/11.04 Dancer 24HP/1Str/2Mgc/15Skl/20Spd/20Lck/4Def/3Con E Swords Nanna Lv. 18/9.58 Paladin 39HP/16Str/16Mgc/19Skl/20Spd/20Lck/6Def/9Con B Swords D Staves (1 Life Ring, Wrath Manual) Hicks Lv. 18/10.48 Great Knight 47HP/20Str/3Mgc/20Skl/20Spd/19Lck/19Def/20Con B Axes E Swords (Paragon Manual) Ronan Lv. 20/4.58 Sniper 29HP/15Str/19Mgc/14Skl/20Spd/11Lck/7Def/8Con B Bows Safy Lv. 15/8.36 High Priestess 30HP/7Str/20Mgc/20Skl/18Spd/9Lck/1Def/3Con E Light A Staves (1 Life Ring) Shiva Lv. 17/1.00 Swordmaster 37HP/16Str/3Mgc/20Skl/20Spd/13Lck/13Def/9Con A Swords Dagdar Lv. --/12.68 Warrior 45HP/16Str/1Mgc/11Skl/11Spd/4Lck/12Def/15Con A Axes E Bows Glade Lv. --/2.56 Duke Knight Base Chapter 14: 10/100 Turns Woo, what a map. So Glade, Hicks, and Ronan choke the points for the entire map. Shiva went to the arena on the first few turns to get some money so I could buy 3 Stamina Drinks and a Heal Staff. I had this amazing formation of Hicks, Eda, Nanna, Kingsword!Leif in the middle of the map so that Eda would get double charm boosts and could get healed if she got hit by the ballistae. She just tanked the ballistae for the entire map while equipped with the scrolls and got like 10 levels out of it. Nanna healed Eda and Glade each turn with Lara's help to build staff rank. Dagdar chipped stuff with an Iron Bow to reach D Bows. Once the wyverns showed up, I switched the formation up a bit to try and get everyone a wyvern kill if possible. Was able to give one each to Ronan, Dagdar, Shiva, and Eda. Nanna then took all of the scrolls and took Hicks place at the bottom choke-point and murdered everything on the last enemy phase for some levels. Chapter 14x: Free/100 Turns Yep. Captured a shit ton of dank mages so I could sell their stuff for cash. Got Eda to level 20 and promoted her. Nanna capped level by spamming Torch. Chapter 15: 2/102 Turns Yep. Got Ralph and the Skill Ring. Chapter 16: 4/106 Turns Actually kind of proud of this one. So on Turn 1, Leif uses the skill ring and gets given to Eda by Ronan and Glade. Safy moves right and gets danced, then Rescues Eda ahead so that she can drop Leif in range of Sleuf's house on Turn 2. Everyone else moves up. On Turn 2, Eda drops Leif, Lara dances Karin in range to recruit Illios next turn, and everyone else moves ahead, except Ronan, who moves near Safy so that she can use him as trade fodder on the last turn to Hammerne the warp staff. Turn 3 Leif recruits Sleuf, who heals him. Eda then picks up Leif and moves ahead. Safy then warps Lara over to dance Eda, who then drops Leif by the boss to chip him on enemy phase. On Turn 4 Eda finishes off the boss and Safy fixes the warp staff. I had Glade get the Bridge Key because I could, although I don't need it so I guess it's just extra cash. I did have to skip the Knight Proof which kind of sucks, but Sleuf can use the one from Chapter 19. I guess Dalshin just won't promote unless I can get someone down to the shop in Chapter 22 by Turn 2. Chapter 17: 3/109 Turns Also pretty involved. On Turn 1, Eda rescues Leif and gets danced. Sleuf Warps Shiva up to kill the ballista under the forest tile so it won't attack Eda. Safy puts the dank mage mini boss to sleep so he doesn't warp dudes in inconvenient locations. On Turn 2, Eda moves forward, Shiva moves in front of the gate to open it, and Nanna picks up Dagdar, gets danced, and then Safy warps her over to the houses with the Warp and Rescue Staves. She drops Dagdar on one and then moves onto the other one. Dagdar and Nanna kill all of the Pegasus Knights on enemy phase. On the last turn, Hicks captures a Greatsword thwomp just for the hell of it, Nanna and Dagdar get the staves, Safy heals Shiva, and Sleuf Warps Lara over to dance Leif after Eda drops him in range of the throne. The boss kill kind of sucks since Shiva only has 55 hit with the Armorslayer despite having capped skill and 3 leadership stars backing him up. Shiva doesn't 2HKO the boss either, so he needs to either crit on his second attack (80% chance of a crit with 4 FUCC) or proc Adept and hit three 55s. The crit is the one that happened unsurprisingly. Couldn't get Sara, but because I did get Ralph I still have enough dudes to leave behind for Chapter 19 so it's fine. Chapter 18: 3/112 Turns Turn 1, Safy Rescues Lara over to the left side, and Sleuf Warps Nanna into the main room to kill all of the thwomps. Leif moves up twice with Lara's help. On Turn 2, Sleuf Warps Eda up to open the door to the throne room for Leif. Leif goes in and uses the Sol Manual. Nanna moves up towards the boss. Safy Rewarps on top of the Body Ring chest. On Turn 3, Safy gets the Body Ring, and Sleuf Warps Lara into the throne room. Leif moves up and chips the boss with the Light Brand, need either and Adept proc or a crit to deal enough damage for Nanna to finish him off with the Earth Sword. Leif then gets danced to seize. Chapter 19: 1/113 Turns :balance: Chapter 20: 14/127 Turns Took the opportunity to steal literally everything since why not. Had Leif take all of the scrolls and murder most of the enemies for a ton of levels. Also another move proc ayyy. In total, I stole/captured 1 Master Lance, 1 Great Lance, 1 Killing Edge, 2 Fortify Staves, 7 Thunder Tomes, the Tordo Scroll, 1 Vulnerary, and 7 Door Keys. Of those only the door keys actually matter. Also had Sleuf Rewarp around to get the Master Seal and Silence Staff village. Nanna also reached C Staves so she can use Sleep. STATS: Leif Lv. 20/12.24 Prince 51HP/20Str/11Mgc/20Skl/20Spd/20Lck/18Def/10Con A Swords (1 Skill Ring, 1 Speed Ring, Sol Manual) Hicks Lv. 18/17.04 Great Knight 52HP/20Str/3Mgc/20Skl/20Spd/20Lck/20Def/20Con A Axes E Swords (Paragon Manual, Charge Manual) Safy Lv. 15/20.00 High Priestess 41HP/11Str/20Mgc/20Skl/20Spd/10Lck/2Def/3Con E Light A Staves (1 Life Ring) Dagdar Lv. --/15.96 Warrior 45HP/16Str/1Mgc/13Skl/11Spd/5Lck/13Def/16 Con A Axes D Bows Eda Lv. 20/7.04 Dracoknight 42HP/20Str/9Mgc/20Skl/20Spd/17Lck/20Def/8Con A Lances D Swords Lara Lv. 16/20.00 Dancer 31HP/2Str/3Mgc/20Skl/20Spd/20Lck/11Def/10Con E Swords (1 Body Ring) Nanna Lv. 18/20.00 Paladin 50HP/20Str/20Mgc/20Skl/20Spd/20Lck/6Def/13Con A Swords C Staves (1 Life Ring, Wrath Manual) Ronan Lv. 20/10.04 Sniper 33HP/15Str/20Mgc/18Skl/20Spd/13Lck/7Def/8Con A Bows Shiva Lv. 17/10.06 Swordmaster 44HP/20Str/3Mgc/20Skl/20Spd/16Lck/16Def/10Con A Swords Glade Lv. --/8.46 Duke Knight 37HP/15Str/2Mgc/15Skl/15Spd/6Lck/11Def/13Con A Lances E Swords Sleuf Lv. 13.54 Priest 21HP/0Str/18Mgc/17Skl/11Spd/15Lck/1Def/4Con A Staves Chapter 21: 2/129 Turns Warped Nanna next to the boss, then Eda picked up Safy, got danced, and dropped her a little ways from the boss area. Eda has to dodge 2 ballistae on enemy phase which is kind of annoying but there's nothing I can do about it. On Turn 2 Eda gets the Silver Sword village, and Safy Rescues Leif, who kills one of the wyverns who proced Miracle when they fought Nanna. Sleuf Warps lara down to dance him. Nanna captures the priest in front of the throne so Leif can take his Sleep Staff. Chapter 21x: Free/129 Turns Warped Dagdar in to capture the priests and steal their Warp Staves. Rescued DALSHIN. Promoted Sleuf at level 19. Ronan proced move again lmao. Chapter 22: 2/131 Turns Nanna put the ballista by the boss to sleep so it wouldn't kill Eda, then she got danced and warped over to kill the boss. She needs a crit to ORKO him. Technically a crit isn't needed since she could just finish him off on Turn 2, but killing him on Turn 1 gets rid of his leadership stars which makes the enemy phase much more reliable, since Nanna can't heal herself with the Earth Sword if she doesn't hit first. Seluf warped Glade down to get the Rescue Staff. On Turn 2, Eda drops Leif on the other side of the river, and Safy Warps Lara over to dance him. Seluf Warps DALSHIN down to buy his promotion item and Hicks captures a soldier for the hell of it while Dagdar takes his stuff before Leif seizes. Chapter 23: 2/133 Turns Leif used a Pure Water, and then Dagdar and Glade transferred him to Eda. Sleuf moved down and Silenced one of the Dank Mages, then Cyas moved down to make Ced appear and Silenced the other one. Sleuf got danced and Rescued Eda who dropped Leif by the throne. Safy Rescued Cyas so he wouldn't die. Leif murders everything on enemy phase and caps level. On Turn 2 Leif recruits Ced, and he and Eda capture the Dank Mages and take their Sleep Staves. Sleuf warps Lara over to dancer Leif while everyone else takes Cyas' stuff. Chapter 24: 2/135 Turns Glade gives Ced a Rescue Staff and Silence Staff and then opens the door. Ced moves up and Silences the Restore Dank Mage, gets danced, and then Rescues Leif up. Sleuf Warps Nanna next to Raydrik and she puts Galzus to sleep because he's way too powerful for Leif or Ced to deal with. Safy puts the Sleep Dank Mage to Sleep. Leif moves up and kills Galzus. Shiva and Hicks kill some dank mages for some last few levels before the last chapter (not that Hicks gets anything out of leveling up at this point). Raydrik dies on enemy phase to the Blaggi Sword. On Turn 2 Shiva and Hicks get in one more kill each, and then Ced and Nanna clear the path to the throne for Leif to seize. Endgame: 4/139 Turns Strat later, I have non-video game stuff to do.
  2. Amalda. Too lazy to find a picture and she won't even get recruited anyway. Chapter 3: 7/16 Oh boy this took a while. Basically Leif, Eyvel, and Dagdar go up. Eyvel opens the cell on Turn 4. Ronan poorly deals with the enemies near the start so my undrafted dudes don't get attacked. Safy uses the Life Ring and dodges an archer that Leif failed to kill with the Light Brand the whole chapter. Since I need to get both Yubel and Corple, Eyvel can't kill the boss so Leif has to go do it himself. He actually 2HKOed with the Light Brand so it wasn't even that bad. Ronan's move procs came in hand to move through the forest tile near Yubel's house to get him home. Safy got given Corple on the last turn and returned him home. Taking the Light Brand and Lockpick to Manster. Dagdar has an Iron Axe, Iron Bow, Vulnerary, and a torch for Chapter 8x. Didn't give him the Brave Axe so that HICKS can use it in Chapter 7 instead to kill the myrms. Safy has her staves and the Hezul Scroll. STATS: Leif Lv. 12.32 Lord 32HP/13Str/4Mgc/5Skl/15Spd/12Lck/8Def/6Con C Swords (1 Speed Ring) Eyvel Lv. --/15.16 Swordmaster 29HP/10Str/4Mgc/20Skl/20Spd/11Lck/7Def/9Con A Swords Dagdar Lv. --/7.68 Warrior 43HP/15Str/1Mgc/11Skl/9Spd/2Lck/10Def/15Con A Axes E Bows Ronan Lv. 11.70 Archer 22HP/8Str/8Mgc/6Skl/16Spd/5Lck/4Def/7Con D Bows Safy Lv. 5.50 Priestess 22HP/2Str/7Mgc/7Skl/8Spd/9Lck/0Def/3Con C Staves (1 Life Ring)
  3. Progress because everyone early has been drafted already and my last pick won't even be obtainable. Chapter 1: 5/5 Turns LEIF PROCED MOVE. THIS IS THE GOD RUN BABY. Chapter 2: 4/9 Turns Dagdar rescues Leif on Turn 1, then moves up on Turn 2 so Eyvel can take Leif and drop him so he can reach the throne on Turn 4. Leif equips the light Brand to bait the archers into attacking Eyvel instead so they don't block the way. Dagdar recruits Ronan who gets the Speed Ring village. Chapter 2x: Bullshit/9 This was cancer. I had to burn RNs every turn to get Leif to hit 88s against the brigands. Seriously game. Levels were good though. Actually, they were too good. Ronan got 2 move and Leif would have gotten another move proc, except I arbitrarily decided that getting 2 move procs on Leif this early was bullshit and un-rigged the move proc. Ronan kept his though cause he's special. STATS: Leif Lv. 8.70 Lord 28HP/9Str/1Mgc/5Skl/13Spd/9Lck/6Def/6Con C Swords Eyvel Lv. --/14.98 Swordmaster 28HP/9Str/4Mgc/19Skl/20Spd/11Lck/7Def/8Con A Swords Dagdar Lv. --/7.44 Warrior 43HP/15Str/1Mgc/11Skl/9Spd/2Lck/10Def/15Con A Axes E Bows Ronan Lv. 7.60 Archer 22HP/7Str/4Mgc/6Skl/12Spd/5Def/3Lck/7Con E Bows
  4. Units Remaining: Alva, Kain, Ralph, Illios, Miranda, Shanam, Xavier, Amalda, Conomore @Gradivus.
  5. Baldrick: Karin, Orsin, Brighton, Linoan, Carrion, Olwen, Mareeta, Tanya, Selphina Gradivus: Asvel, Lifis, Deen, Sara, Machua, Fred, Halvan, Galzus, Delmud Carmine Sword: Dagdar, Safy, Nanna, Eda, Sleuf, Hicks, Ronan, Glade, Shiva Final Insanity: Finn, Fergus, Pahn, Salem, Misha, Homer, Marty, Tina I forgot to put this in the OP before it became un-editable but we each get 11 units. Also here's a list of every unit left for convenience: Dalshin, Robert, Alva, Kain, Trewd, Ralph, Illios, Miranda, Shanam, Xavier, Amalda, Conomore @Finalinsanity
  6. @Gradivus. Also going to bed so I probably won't be making a pick for at least 10 hours.
  7. NO SNIPED AGAIN Baldrick: Karin, Orsin, Brighton, Linoan, Carrion, Olwen, Mareeta Gradivus: Asvel, Lifis, Deen, Sara, Machua, Fred, Halvan, Galzus Carmine Sword: Dagdar, Safy, Nanna, Eda, Sleuf, Hicks, Ronan, Glade Final Insanity: Finn, Fergus, Pahn, Salem, Misha, Homer, Marty, Tina @Finalinsanity
  8. NO I WANTED CARRION CURSE YOU BALDRICK Also Machua but not as much. Baldrick: Karin, Orsin, Brighton, Linoan, Carrion Gradivus: Asvel, Lifis, Deen, Sara, Machua Carmine Sword: Dagdar, Safy, Nanna, Eda, Sleuf Final Insanity: Finn, Fergus, Pahn, Salem, Misha, Homer
  9. Baldrick: Karin, Orsin, Brighton, Linoan, Carrion Gradivus: Asvel, Lifis, Deen, Sara, Carmine Sword: Dagdar, Safy, Nanna, Eda Final Insanity: Finn, Fergus, Pahn, Salem @Gradivus.
  10. Still can't edit the OP so here are the teams so far so we can keep track of who has been picked. Baldrick: Karin, Orsin, Brighton Gradivus: Asvel, Lifis Carmine Sword: Dagdar, Safy Final Insanity: Finn, Fergus @Baldrick
  11. So every time I try to edit the OP the capcha just sends me back to the edit screen without the edit being applied. So I guess I'll just have to copy-paste the unit list into a new post every round of drafting. Fun. Thanks SF. @Baldrick
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