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  1. Chapter 12: 6/84 Saul, Ellen, Barth, and Merlinus on the right, everyone else on the left. Shin promoted Turn 1 and then got danced to kill the knight. Lance carried Roy to the throne while Zealot, Marcus, and Shin carried Lalum and The Chad forward so Chad could recruit Raigh. Saul killed some enemies for Light wexp while Merlinus and Ellen got the chests. Barth actually sort of helped by being SLEEP STAFF BAIT and chipping the Sniper so Saul could kill it. Chapter 12x: 5/89 Yep. Shin and Zealot got the gems from the chests and Saul killed stuff on enemy phase to build up Light wexp. Chad stood at the bottom of the map and got a stupid amount of exp by killing brigands. He also stole a Lockpick for that sweet BOOTS MONEY. Chapter 13: 6/95 Saul went up to get the Body Ring while also using an Angelic Robe to make next chapter suck slightly less. Lance and Shin killed most of the archers in the middle of the bridge on Turn 1. BARTH then gave Roy to Zealot, who gave Roy to Lance, who dropped him to block off the bridge so that Lalum couldn't get attacked after getting rescue-dropped ahead by Marcus and Shin. Shin, Zealot, and Lance got really far ahead while Marcus ended up falling behind. Zealot killed a cavalier blocking Lance's way to the shop on the last turn which is the whole reason Zealot even needed to be that far ahead at all. Bought 1 Killing Edge and 1 Killer Lance. Shin easily ORKOed the boss with the Brave Bow. The scrub squad and the Chad managed to kill a few leftover archers and wyverns that the mounted units were too busy to deal with. STATS: Roy Lv. 14.72 Lord 30HP/17Str/12Skl/15Spd/16Lck/10Def/4Res B Swords Lalum Lv. 3.62 Dancer 16HP/1Str/2Skl/13Spd/11Lck/2Def/4Res Marcus Lv. --/4.72 Paladin 34HP/11Str/14Skl/12Spd/10Lck/9Def/8Res D Swords A Lances C Axes Zealot Lv. --/3.30 Paladin 37HP/11Str/12Skl/15Spd/5Lck/12Def/8Res C Swords A Lances C Axes Lance Lv. 15/8.44 Paladin 37HP/23Str/24Skl/25Spd/10Lck/13Def/5Res A Swords A Lances E Axes Shin Lv. 13/3.67 Nomadic Trooper 37HP/16Str/16Skl/20Spd/9Lck/9Def/4Res E Swords B Bows Saul Lv. 10/5.56 Bishop 38HP/15Mgc/13Skl/21Spd/5Lck/6Def/13Res C Light B Staves Ellen Lv. 5.37 Priestess 19HP/2Mgc/6Skl/10Spd/10Lck/0Def/9Res D Staves The Chad Lv. 18.50 Thief 31HP/16Str/10Skl/20Spd/14Lck/5Def/3Res C Swords Raigh Lv. 12.31 Shaman Base Barth Lv. 12.19 Thwomp 28HP/12Str/8Skl/6Spd/3Lck/15Def/1Res C Lances Merlinus Lv. 1.18 Horsecart lol Chapter 14: 7/102 I'm surprised I only lost 3 turns compared to having a flier. Saul is actually god. So Saul gets Roy given to him on Turn 1, and then gets danced ahead. He carries him on Turn 2 as well, having to tank a merc while carrying Roy, which thankfully can't double Saul even though he's carrying Roy. Roy gets dropped on Turn 3 and then he and Saul just walk the rest of the way, standing on forest tiles on Turn 3 and Turn 4 to make things slightly more bearable. Lance ate the boots while Ellen, Raigh, and Milady went and got the hidden items, getting everything except the Silver Blade. Marcus ate the Speedwings so he can keep doubling generic enemies. Roy got a ton of exp from killing things on Turn 6 enemy phase while standing on a house tile. Bosskill was cancer but there isn't really anything that can be done about it. Saul needs to hit the boss 3 times out of 4 attacks at 46 hit. Saul can technically attack the boss on Turn 6 player phase to get another two attacks in, but he needs to heal Roy that turn with Physic so Roy doesn't die since it's almost impossible for him to dodge the Heroes even while on the house tile. Next up, more maps where I lose turns without a flier! Yay! Chapter 14x: 5/107 4 turn was theoretically possible I think, but the reliability was absolute ass cause Lance had to kill a bunch of stuff while carrying Roy, as well as deal with Bolting and Nosferatu assholes who actually deal a ton of damage to him. 5 turn was fairly simple and let Saul and Roy get a bunch of exp. Lance rushed ahead with Roy while Lalum danced Shin carrying Saul to catch up with them after that. Bosskill was slightly less terrible than the last one since Lance was able to do it this time, but it was still bleh. At least it didn't require crits. Chapter 15: 7/114 Lance carries Roy to the throne while everyone else helps to rescue drop Lalum half-way across the map in one turn after recruiting Percival so that she can dance Lilina on Turn 5 to recruit Garret. Had Marcus go to the shop with the Silver Card to buy a shit-ton of Lightning Tomes, an extra Chest Key, and a Torch. Merlinus and Igrene got the villages. THE CHAD killed that awful wyvern that likes to kill Percival's scrub squad. STATS: Roy Lv. 19.46 Lord 35HP/20Str/14Skl/19Spd/19Lck/11Def/6Res A Swords Lalum Lv. 5.41 Dancer 18HP/1Str/2Skl/15Spd/13Lck/3Def/5Res Marcus Lv. --/5.07 Paladin 35HP/12Str/14Skl/14Spd/11Lck/9Def/8Res D Swords A Lances C Axes (1 Speedwing) Zealot Lv. --/3.80 Paladin 37HP/11Str/12Skl/15Spd/5Lck/12Def/8Res C Swords A Lances C Axes Lance Lv. 15/11.38 Paladin 40HP/24Str/26Skl/25Spd/10Lck/16Def/6Res A Swords A Lances D Axes Shin Lv. 13/4.74 Nomadic Trooper 38HP/17Str/17Skl/20Spd/9Lck/10Def/4Res E Swords A Bows Saul Lv. 10/10.55 Bishop 41HP/18Mgc/16Skl/24Spd/6Lck/8Def/14Res B Light A Staves Ellen Lv. 5.50 Priestess 19HP/2Mgc/6Skl/10Spd/10Lck/0Def/9Res D Staves THE CHAD Lv. 19.65 Thief 32HP/17Str/10Skl/20Spd/14Lck/5Def/3Res C Swords Barth Lv. 12.19 Thwomp 28HP/12Str/8Skl/6Spd/3Lck/15Def/1Res C Lances Raigh Lv. 12.81 Shaman Base Igrene Lv. --/1.27 Sniper Base Garret Lv. --/1.20 Berserker Base Merlinus Lv. 1.18 Horsecart lol Chapter 16: 10/124 The turncount is pretty much forced at 10 turns because of Zeiss. Roy can probably reach the throne by turn 6 but yeah. Igrene, Fae, Lalum, Marcus, Zealot, Milady on the right, everyone else on the left. Lance gives Roy to Marcus and then beelines for the left treasure room. Shin kills the Paladin from across the wall and carries the Chad around to steal stuff. Saul puts Douglas to sleep and Physics dudes. Garret acts as Purge bait while Ellen heals him. Fae is needed on the right side because she and Zealot are the only ones who can actually deal any damage to the manakete guarding the treasure room (Lance is too busy on the other side of the map). Zealot is busy rescue-dropping the infantry units ahead so Fae has to do it. Shin and Milady eventually meet up and Shin breaks the wall so she can talk to Zeiss on Turn 10. Meanwhile THE CHAD steals all of Narcian's shit and contributes to the boss kill. The Chad could have killed Narcian himself, being the epitome of chadliness that he is, but as he has reached level 20 already, he lets Zealot get the boss kill exp instead after Igrene chips Narcian as well. Marcus and Zealot then chip Douglas a bit for some exp while waiting for Shin to break the wall. Got all the treasure except for the Silver Bow and the Mend Staff (lol). Chapter 16x: 7/131 Lance and Roy rush.jpeg Ok well it was slightly more complicated than that. Shin was very useful here as he killed the Bolting Sage and the left Sniper so Lance could get through. Marcus and Zealot rescue-dropped Lalum ahead every turn so she could get them over to the right Sniper so that Marcus could kill it for a level up. Garret baited the Berserk Staff and Saul restored him every turn. Chapter 17: 5/136 SF ate my post, too lazy to write it again. STATS: Roy Lv. 20.00 Lord 36HP/20Str/15Skl/19Spd/19Lck/12Def/6Res A Swords Lalum Lv. 7.66 Dancer 20HP/1Str/2Skl/17Spd/15Lck/4Def/6Res Marcus Lv. --/7.44 Paladin 37HP/13Str/15Skl/15Spd/11Lck/9Def/8Res D Swords A Lances B Axes (1 Speedwing) Zealot Lv. --/6.99 Paladin 40HP/13Str/12Skl/16Spd/5Lck/13Def/8Res C Swords S Lances C Axes Lance Lv. 15/13.31 Paladin 41HP/25Str/26Skl/25Spd/11Lck/17Def/6Res A Swords S Lances C Axes (1 Boots) Shin Lv. 13/7.26 Nomadic Trooper 40HP/19Str/19Skl/22Spd/10Lck/11Def/5Res E Swords A Bows Saul Lv. 10/12.81 Bishop 42HP/20Mgc/17Skl/24Spd/6Lck/8Def/15Res B Light A Staves (1 Angelic Robe) Igrene Lv --/2.77 Sniper 33HP/16Str/18Skl/16Spd/9Lck/11Def/10Res B Bows Garret Lv. --/1.29 Berserker Base THE CHAD Lv. 20.00 Thief 33HP/18Str/10Skl/20Spd/15Lck/5Def/3Res C Swords Fae Lv. 5.58 Manakete 22HP/18Str/18Skl/7Spd/13Lck/17Def/28Res Chapter 18: 2/138 Rescue hype. Lance rescues Saul, gets danced, and drops Saul on a hut by the boss. The other horses drop Roy in Rescue Staff range. Merlinus buys stuff. On enemy phase, Saul gets crit by a Nomadic Trooper, lives with 7 HP, then proceeds to murder literally everything, then gets a level with everything except defense. Literally God. Lance then kills the boss and Saul Rescues Roy to seize after everyone else kills stuff for the exp. Bought way too many Killer Axes, but I can just sell any excess ones back for the same price so it's fine. Chapter 19: 7/145 I decided against using Rescue here to save a turn so that I'd have more uses for Chapter 21 and Chapter 24. All the mounts, Saul, and Lalum go up the left, while the amazing squad of Fae, Igrene, Garret, THE CHAD, and Ellen deal with the enemies in the middle and the right-side wyverns. Zealot and Shin break down the wall with brave weapons, and then Lance and Saul CHOKE THE POINT and murder all of the nomads and other shit inside the city. Got the Wyrmslayer, Energy Ring, Goddess Icon, and Wo Dao villages. Boss kill was ASS. I had Lance chip him with a Silver Sword and then Shin used the Brave Bow to finish him off since it gave him two chances to hit at an amazing 46 displayed hit. Fun. STATS: Roy Lv. 20.00 Lord 36HP/20Str/15Skl/19Spd/19Lck/12Def/6Res A Swords Lalum Lv. 8.62 Dancer 21HP/1Str/2Skl/18Spd/15Lck/5Def/6Res Marcus Lv. --/7.58 Paladin 37HP/13Str/15Skl/15Spd/11Lck/9Def/8Res D Swords A Lances B Axes (1 Speedwing) Zealot Lv. --/7.29 Paladin 41HP/14Str/12Skl/17Spd/6Lck/13Def/8Res C Swords S Lances C Axes Lance Lv. 15/14.02 Paladin 42HP/25Str/27Skl/25Spd/11Lck/17Def/6Res A Swords S Lances C Axes (1 Boots) Shin Lv. 13/9.17 Nomadic Trooper 41HP/21Str/20Skl/23Spd/11Lck/12Def/5Res E Swords S Bows Saul Lv. 10/16.34 Bishop 45HP/23Mgc/20Skl/25Spd/8Lck/9Def/17Res S Light A Staves (1 Angelic Robe) Chapter 20: 5/150 Had Lance carry Roy to the throne while everyone else teamed up to get the treasure chests. Lance used the Brave Lance to ORKO the promoted enemies in the way while carrying Roy. Saul healed him with Physic the whole map. Reliability was generally ASS due to those fucking Bolting Sages who OHKO Lalum, but I can't keep her out of range since I need her to help people clear out the enemies in the way of the treasure room. Managed to get all the treasure at least. Also recruited Dayan to sell his stuff. Chapter 20x: Free/150 God this took forever. Got Lance to S Swords, Saul to S Staves, Ellen to C Staves, and Marcus to A Axes. Fed 2 bosses each to Marcus, Zealot, and Shin. Marcus used the Energy Ring since I have enough boots money already. STATS: Roy Lv. 20.00 Lord 36HP/20Str/15Skl/19Spd/19Lck/12Def/6Res A Swords Lalum Lv. 11.21 Dancer 24HP/1Str/2Skl/20Spd/18Lck/5Def/7Res Marcus Lv. --/10.73 Paladin 39HP/16Str/15Skl/16Spd/11Lck/10Def/10Res D Swords A Lances A Axes (1 Energy Ring, 1 Speedwing) Zealot Lv. --/10.19 Paladin 44HP/16Str/13Skl/18Spd/6Lck/14Def/9Res C Swords S Lances C Axes Lance Lv. 15/15.83 Paladin 43HP/25Str/28Skl/25Spd/11Lck/18Def/6Res S Swords S Lances C Axes (1 Boots) Shin Lv. 13/11.96 Nomadic Trooper 43HP/23Str/20Skl/24Spd/12Lck/12Def/5Res E Swords S Bows Saul Lv. 10/19.15 Bishop 47HP/25Mgc/23Skl/25Spd/8Lck/10Def/18Res S Light S Staves (1 Angelic Robe) Ellen Lv. 8.11 Priestess 20HP/4Mgc/7Skl/12Spd/13Lck/0Def/11Res C Staves Igrene Lv. --/5.13 Sniper 36HP/18Str/19Skl/18Spd/9Lck/12Def/10Res A Bows Chapter 21: 7/157 Get hype boys, it's time for BOOTS. Saul Rescues Lance ahead on turn 1 after getting danced, Silencing the Sage first so he doesn't attack Lalum, and then Lance kills most of the enemies in the middle. Marcus picks up Roy and everyone else moves ahead. Marcus gives Roy to Saul on Turn 2, who gives Roy to Lance and then kills the Wyvern Lord Lance chipped. Shin gets danced to kill a knight blocking Lance's path. For the rest of the map, Marcus, Zealot, and Garret form a wall to tank the Paladin reinforcements, causing 90% of them to suicide on Marcus for a shit ton of axe wexp. Shin, Saul, Ellen, and Milady hand out above the boss area near the secret shop. Ellen is there just to Hammerne the Rescue Staff. Saul heals Lance with Physic and kills wyvern reinforcements. Ellen has to dodge a javelin wyvern for a few turns but the hit rate is like 20% when she is on a forest tile so it wasn't too bad. Lance drops Roy on Turn 5 to help out with the boss kill. Roy hits Murdock with the Rapier twice, breaking it, and then Lance finishes him off with the Armorslayer. Saul Rescues Milady in range of the secret shop on the final turn (had to do this because otherwise she would get attacked by enemies and endure a turn penalty) and she bought 30 Boots, 2 Energy Rings, 2 Angelic Robes, 1 Speedwing, and 2 Purge tomes. Only Zealot was able to use any stat boosters unfortunately. Marcus and Lalum could have used one each, but I opted to have Lalum dance Marcus so he could kill the last two Paladins for 6 more axe wexp in order to reach S Axes in time. 21x will take forever with no flier so everyone will have plenty of time to chug boots. Speedwing is for Marcus, Energy Rings are for Zealot and Marcus, Angelic Robes are for Lalum to tank ballistae in Chapter 23 and survive a single manakete in Chapter 24. Chapter 21x: 7/164 Garret dropped Lance across the river, then BARTH gave Saul to Garret who gave him to Lance because Barth was the only unit I had who could carry Saul that wasn't busy chugging boots. They went up and ate boots while everyone else stayed down and ate boots. Everyone has finished using boots except Saul who needs to use 1 more. Chapter 22: 4/168 Get hype for the 4 turn. Horses, Igrene, and THE CHAD on the right, everyone else on the left. Ellen repairs the Rescue Staff and breaks the Hammerne Staff, thenSaul moves up and Silences the Berserk Druid, gets danced, then moves up and uses his last pair of boots. Garret rescues Fae. Zealot and Shin rescue-drop Lance ahead. Roy kills a merc. Marcus rescues Igrene and moves up. Chad moves up behind Marcus. Next turn Saul Rescues Lalum, gets danced, then moves forward and Rescues Garret, who drops Fae in front of the General. Marcus moves up and drops Igrene. Chad moves up. Shin and Lance then rescue-drop Roy ahead so he can reach the door to the throne room next turn. Zealot moves ahead with them and uses an Energy Ring. On Turn 3, Igrene and Fae crit the Heroes on the switches, and then Marcus and Garret step on them, with Marcus using a Speedwing. Roy opens the door and the other horses move up. Lalum uses an Angelic Robe. Roy needs to crit the Heroes that attack him on enemy phase with the Killing Edge so the path isn't blocked, which wouldn't be necessary if I used the Binding Blade, but I wasn't sure how many uses of it I needed for the next two chapters so I wanted to conserve it. Ellen pretends she's a thwomp and tanks a Steel Sword merc and lives with 1 HP. On Turn 4, Lalum uses another Angelic Robe and Marcus uses an Energy Ring. Chad gets the Dracoshield and Saul gets the White Gem. Zealot kills a Druid blocking Roy's path to the throne. Lance and Shin then team up to kill Zephiel, Lance hitting twice with Durandal at 79 hit, and Shin hitting twice with Murgleis at 57 hit. STATS: Roy Lv. 20/2.66 Master Lord 41HP/23Str/18Skl/22Spd/20Lck/14Def/11Res S Swords (5 Boots) Lalum Lv. 12.33 Dancer 39HP/1Str/2Skl/20Spd/19Lck/5Def/8Res (2 Angelic Robes, 5 Boots) Marcus Lv. --/13.59 Paladin 41HP/20Str/15Skl/18Spd/11Lck/11Def/10Res D Swords A Lances S Axes (2 Energy Drops, 2 Speedwings, 4 Boots) Zealot Lv. --/12.03 Paladin 45HP/19Str/14Skl/19Spd/6Lck/16Def/9Res C Swords S Lances C Axes (1 Energy Drop, 4 Boots) Lance Lv. 15/18.60 Paladin 46HP/25Str/28Skl/25Spd/13Lck/18Def/7Res S Swords S Lances C Axes (4 Boots) Shin Lv. 13/13.34 Nomadic Trooper 45HP/24Str/20Skl/26Spd/12Lck/12Def/6Res E Swords S Bows (4 Boots) Saul Lv. 10/20.00 Bishop 47HP/25Mgc/24Skl/25Spd/8Lck/11Def/18Res S Light S Staves (1 Angelic Robe, 5 Boots) Ellen Lv. 9.10 Priestess 22HP/4Mgc/7Skl/13Spd/14Lck/1Def/12Res C Staves Garret Lv. --/3.63 Berserker 50HP/18Str/15Skl/10Spd/12Lck/9Def/4Res C Axes Igrene Lv --/6.40 Sniper 37HP/19Str/20Skl/18Spd/9Lck/12Def/10Res A Bows Fae Lv. 12.43 Manakete 31HP/25Str/25Skl/11Spd/22Lck/20Def/32Res Chapter 23: 3/171 Yep. Just ran up. Used Holy Maiden on Turn 2 and then killed all the status staff Druids. Since I couldn't get a 2 turn I decided to let Roy kill the boss because why not. Chapter 24: 8/179 Need Warp for a 7 turn unfortunately. Endgame: 1/180 Beat Idunn with Lance and Fae instead for some variety. Final Turncount: 180 Turns
  2. Chapter 10: 6/70 Roy is 1 tile short of seizing on Turn 5 and it sucks. I can't even rescue-drop one of the Paladins forward an extra tile on Turn 1 because the Halberd fighter is on the tile they would need to be dropped onto. Feels bad man. At least it let Shin get more exp. Barth also killed a thing, that was cool I guess. Chapter 11: 8/78 Took it slow on purpose cause I have like no money. Shin became competent and Saul finally reached level 10 and promoted. Got all of the villages and recruited Klein for the cash. Marcus reached C Axes and Roy reached B Swords. STATS: Roy Lv. 12.99 Lord 28HP/15Str/10Skl/13Spd/15Lck/9Def/4Res B Swords Marcus Lv. --/4.25 Paladin 34HP/11Str/14Skl/12Spd/10Lck/9Def/8Res D Swords A Lances C Axes Lance Lv. --/6.09 Paladin 36HP/22Str/24Skl/23Spd/9Lck/11Def/5Res B Swords A Lances E Axes Ellen Lv. 5.12 Priestess 19HP/2Mgc/6Skl/10Spd/10Lck/0Def/9Res D Staves The Chad Lv. 12.72 Thief 25HP/11Str/6Skl/20Spd/9Lck/5Def/2Res D Swords Saul Lv. 10/1.30 Bishop 27HP/11Mgc/12Skl/17Spd/5Lck/5Def/10Res D Light B Staves Zealot Lv. --/3.02 Paladin 37HP/11Str/12Skl/15Spd/5Lck/12Def/8Res C Swords A Lances D Axes Barth Lv. 11.17 Thwomp 27HP/11Str/8Skl/6Spd/3Lck/15Def/1Res C Lances Shin Lv. 13.23 Nomad 30HP/14Str/12Skl/16Spd/8Lck/7Def/0Res C Bows Lalum Lv. 1.85 Dancer Base Merlinus Lv. 11.8 Horsecart lol
  3. Oh boy no flier for Chapter 14 again . Chapter 1: 4/4 Marcus carried Roy to the throne and killed the boss. Roy went super tryhard and crit two fighters in a row when Lance was supposed to kill them. I didn't reset cause I found it too hilarious. Almost the entire map suicided on Lance cause he had less defense than Marcus and he got almost 3 levels out of it. STATS: Roy Lv. 1.60 Lord Base Marcus Lv. --/1.17 Paladin Base Lance Lv. 3.79 Cavalier 22HP/7Str/8Skl/9Spd/3Lck/6Def/0Res E Swords D Lances Chapter 2: 7/11 I took a while to deal with the right side with none of the Deke crew to get rid of them before Marcus and co. got there. Had Marcus carry Lance over to the right to kill the stuff over there while Roy walked over by himself to get a level from chipping enemies before getting picked up by Marcus and dropped near the boss after Lance murdered everything. Killed the boss with 2 Hand Axe hits from Marcus and 1 Armorslayer hit from Lance. The hand axes weren't needed since Lance could ORKO with the Armorslayer, they were just for some extra weapon exp on Marcus. Ellen got in two heals on Roy and then had to sit on a forest tile the rest of the map to not die to fighters. Chapter 3: 6/17 Marcus carried Roy to the throne while Lance killed stuff in the way. Lance actually had exactly enough move to get in front of the boss on Turn 6 which was fortunate cause the game spawns him in a really awful position. Chad stood on a forest tile and tanked soldiers to keep my undrafted units from getting attacked. Ellen healed Chad. Merlinus got the Mend Staff village. STATS: Roy Lv. 2.80 Lord 19HP/6Str/6Skl/8Spd/8Lck/5Def/0Res D Swords Marcus Lv. --/1.59 Paladin Base Lance Lv. 8.80 Cavalier 24HP/10Str/12Skl/12Spd/5Lck/7Def/0Res D Swords D Lances Ellen Lv. 2.74 Priestess Base Chad Lv. 3.28 Thief 18HP/4Str/4Skl/12Spd/5Lck/2Def/0Res E Swords Chapter 4: 4/21 Lance and Marcus go ahead and kill most of the cavaliers, and then they rescue drop Roy in range to seize on Turn 3. Marcus stands in range of the boss to make him equip a javelin so Marcus can double and finish him off with the Silver Lance next turn. Ellen finally got a level up by healing Lance and Chad. Chad baited away a Nomad on Turn 3 enemy phase so Roy wouldn't die, a true chad indeed. Melinus got the door key so I can recruit Sue to recruit Shin. Shanna bought Hand Axes for Marcus. Chapter 5: 3/24 Marcus killed all the hand axe guys on Turn 1, then Lance and Marcus put Roy in seize range on Turn 2. Killed the boss with a Silver Lance on Turn 2 enemy phase, then a Hand Axe from Marcus and an Iron Blade from Lance on Turn 3. Chad chipped a brigand for a level. STATS: Roy Lv. 3.45 Lord 19HP/7Str/7Skl/9Spd/9Lck/5Def/1Res D Swords Marcus Lv. --/2.50 Paladin 33HP/10Str/14Skl/11Spd/10Lck/9Def/8Res D Swords A Lances E Axes Lance Lv. 10.67 Cavalier 25HP/12Skl/13Skl/13Spd/6Lck/8Def/1Res D Swords D Lances Ellen Lv. 3.29 Priestess 17HP/2Mgc/6Skl/9Spd/8Lck/0Def/7Res D Staves The Chad Lv. 4.13 Thief 19HP/5Str/4Skl/13Spd/5Lck/2Def/1Res E Swords Merlinus Lv. 1.07 Horsecart lol Chapter 6: 6/30 Needed to get Sue to recruit Shin so this is as low as it can get. Lance appreciated the mountains of exp at least. Lance killed everything in the middle while Marcus took Roy up to Sue's room to recruit her. Chad went and got the 2000 gold and Silver Lance chests. Ellen tanked a Merc that Chad fought on Turn 1 for the rest of the map so that Saul could heal her every turn for exp. Chapter 7: 7/37 It happened. Got the Longbow, Torch, Physic, and Killing Edge villages, as well as the Red Gem from the wyvern. Couldn't recruit Noah or Treck. Chapter 8: 13/50 Needed to take an extra turn to get the Guiding Ring for Saul. Marcus and Zealot carried Lance and Roy ahead. Lance promoted mid-chapter to fight Leygance more easily. Zealot then carried Marcus with him to the far treasure room. Merlinus got hit by the archer near Lilina all chapter so Saul could get exp. Chad got the rest of the treasure in the middle room and fed some leftover enemies to BARTH cause there was no one else around to kill them. STATS: Roy Lv. 7.10 Lord 23HP/11Str/7Skl/12Spd/12Lck/7Def/3Res D Swords Marcus Lv. --/3.54 Paladin 34HP/11Str/14Skl/11Spd/10Lck/9Def/8Res D Swords A Lances D Axes Lance Lv. 15/1.77 Paladin 32HP/18Str/20Skl/19Spd/6Lck/11Def/5Res C Swords B Lances E Axes Ellen Lv. 3.90 Priestess 17HP/2Mgc/6Skl/9Spd/8Lck/0Def/7Res D Staves The Chad Lv. 6.54 Thief 20HP/6Str/4Skl/15Spd/7Lck/2Def/2Res E Swords Saul Lv. 7.42 Priest 22HP/5Mgc/8Skl/12Spd/3Lck/3Def/6Res C Staves Zealot Lv. --/2.01 Paladin 36HP/11Str/12Skl/14Spd/5Lck/11Def/8Res C Swords A Lances D Axes Barth Lv. 9.97 Thwomp Base Merlinus Lv. 1.18 Horsecart lol Chapter 8x: 8/58 Lance and Zealot carried Roy to the throne while Roy murdered all the fighters that were around on enemy phase. Chad and Barth beat up the guys near the start while Ellen and Saul healed them. Marcus chipped a few dudes for axe wexp. Chapter 9: 6/64 Not too interesting. The Paladin squad carried Roy, and later Sue, to the front. Saul spammed Torch. The Chad was super clutch by using a 1-use Iron Sword to bait the Halberd fighter into attacking him instead of Marcus. Shin got an archer fed to him by Chad. STATS: Roy Lv. 11.30 Lord 27HP/14Str/10Skl/13Spd/14Lck/8Def/4Res C Swords Marcus Lv. --/3.79 Paladin 34HP/11Str/14Skl/11Spd/10Lck/9Def/8Res D Swords A Lances D Axes Lance Lv. 15/3.76 Paladin 34HP/20Str/22Skl/21Spd/7Lck/11Def/5Res B Swords B Lances E Axes Ellen Lv. 4.54 Priestess 18HP/2Mgc/6Skl/10Spd/9Lck/0Def/8Res D Staves The Chad Lv. 10.79 Thief 24HP/9Str/6Skl/19Spd/9Lck/4Def/2Res D Swords Saul Lv. 8.95 Priest 23HP/6Mgc/9Skl/13Spd/4Lck/3Def/6Res C Staves Zealot Lv. --/2.52 Paladin 36HP/11Str/12Skl/14Spd/5Lck/11Def/8Res C Swords A Lances D Axes Barth Lv. 10.60 Thwomp 26HP/11Str/7Skl/5Spd/2Lck/15Def/1Res C Lances Shin Lv. 5.50 Nomad Base Merlinus Lv. 1.18 Horsecart lol
  4. TRIPLE PALADINS BABY Have Deke. If I have to do Chapter 14 with no fliers again than so do you!
  5. Man this is getting difficult. Niime. @Unaware heir of Daein
  6. NOT THE LAW OF SACAE Uh, Clarine. Suffer with shitty healer hell like me kappa. @Unaware heir of Daein
  7. WHY Ok then take the Crimson Chin himself, BORS. @Unaware heir of Daein
  8. NO, I HATE RAIGH SO MUCH Take the amazing OJ. @Unaware heir of Daein
  9. Cause I'm the one who is giving you units not Gradivus.
  10. Let's keep the mediocre axe unit train rolling with the amazing Bartre. @Unaware heir of Daein
  11. NO Take GONZALEZ. @Unaware heir of Daein
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