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  1. +Magic/-Luck Male Corrin with Samurai talent since I need LaD and Swordfaire for Anankos. Prologue: 2/2 Turns Chapter 1: 5/7 Turns Chapter 2: 4/11 Turns Chapter 3: 5/16 Turns Chapter 4: 8/24 Turns Chapter 5: 7/31 Turns Yep. Chapter 6: 3/34 Turns The wyvern rider boss gets replaced by a cavalier on Lunatic which costs an extra turn. Chapter 7: 11/45 Turns Reclassed Felicia to Witch Couldn't figure out a way to get 10 turns even with warp. If Corrin could ORKO the boss I could have Felicia warp over with pocket Azura to dance him to seize but he can't so RIP. Chapter 8: 5/50 Turns Reclassed Gunter to Wyvern Lord. Witch ended up being super clutch here not because of Warp but because the huge magic pair-up bonus lets Corrin OHKO everything with the Dragonstone. Basically everyone walked up. Felicia baited Orochi and Saizo down on Turn 4 enemy phase, and then Corrin OHKOed Saizo and got danced to attack Yukimura. Yukimura died on enemy phase. Mozu's Paralogue: 7/57 Turns Corrin, Gunter, and Azura went left, everyone else went down. Corrin left all of the Faceless on 2 HP with the dragonstone and Felicia left them on 1 HP so Hana and Subaki could actually get kills even though they only deal 2 damage. Chapter 9: 2/59 Turns Subaki mattered! Forged a +1 Thunder, gave Felicia a Dragon Herb, and got +1 magic on Felicia from cooking. Subaki moves up and chips the Spear Fighter for a whopping 1 damage in order to level, then Gunter moves up and switches to Azura, who gives Gunter to Subaki and dances him. Subaki moves into the right wind stream and drops Gunter a tile in front of him. Felicia carries Corrin to the Dragon Vein. Turn 2, Subaki ORKOs Hayato, and then Felicia warps over next to him and ORKOs Fuga exactly with the Thunder forge. The hit is only at 62% sadly because Fates thrones are the worst. Chapter 10: 6/65 Turns Yeah. Got the Arms Scroll. Killed Zola with 2 Thunders from Felicia (with a Dual Guard from Hana to prevent him from healing with Nosferatu) followed by Corrin finishing him off with the Yato + Felicia dual strike. Gunter learned Lunge. Invasion 1: Free/65 Turns Reclassed Takumi to Dread Fighter and gave him the Paragon Scroll. Fed exp mostly to Subaki and Hana cause everyone else is so overleveled they get basically nothing from killing these enemies. Got Takumi and Hana to C support. Chapter 11: 10/75 Turns Yeah this is awful because none of my units can deal with the Master Ninjas effectively. So I just have to basically wait until Takumi finishes killing everything on the left side and then have Felicia Warp him over to the other side of the map to deal with the Master Ninjas on that side. Got Subaki to level 10. Chapter 12: 1/76 Turns Slightly more complicated than the usual ORKO Flora with Reina strats. Nobody could ORKO Flora, but Takumi with Subaki pair-up could double her and apply a debuff with the Iron Shuriken, allowing Felicia to Warp Corrin over to finish Flora off. Chapter 13: 2/78 Turns Promoted Subaki to Falcon Knight and gave Gunter a Dracoshield. Forged the Thunder tome to +2 and had Felicia get +1 magic from cooking. Turn 1, Kaden takes a Heart Seal from Felicia and reclasses to Diviner. Corrin take the brick blocking the path and then Subaki + Keaton moves up. Felicia warps next to Subaki and kills the thwomp to reach C Tomes for the extra 1 damage. Azura gives Gunter to Subaki and takes Keaton so she doesn't get killed by a Spear Fighter dual strike. Subaki moves up and drops Gunter to his right. Takumi + Hana just move up. On enemy phase Gunter barely manages to survive the General + Cavalier dual strike thanks to tonics and the Dracoshield. Turn 2, Gunter pairs-up with Subaki who full moves up and drops Gunter a tile above him. Takumi 3HKOs a Merc with Azura's help to build support with Hana. Kaden pairs-up with Corrin who gives him to Felicia. Felicia then warps next to Gunter and exactly 2HKOs the boss with the +2 Thunder forge.
  2. Inspired by the Awakening Lunatic Draft with access to all of the bonus box items to make the difficulty more tolerable, I wanted to see what it would be like if we applied a similar ruleset to Fates. Revelations was chosen because Birthright is already done on Lunatic difficulty for drafts normally, and Conquest drafts are a sin that no one should be forced to suffer through ever again. Revelations is pretty dumb so having access to a bunch of dumb broken shit sounds like a perfect match. Drafting: 1. This draft is for 4 players. 2. Corrin, Azura, Felicia/Jakob, Gunter, and Scarlet are free for all. 3. The game will played on Lunatic Classic mode. 4. Children units come with their fathers, aside from Kana, Shigure, and Dwyer, who are draftable. 5. After ten rounds of drafting, any leftover units are free for all. Exceptions: 1. Only the servant that joins you in chapter 2 is a free unit. The other is a draftable unit that joins in Chapter 16. 2. If Benny or Charlotte are drafted, Elise may be used solely for the purpose of recruiting them in Chapter 14. 3. Kaze, Rinkah, and Sakura are free for Chapters 4 and 5. Rules: 1. Undrafted units may: pair up with undrafted units and trade with undrafted/drafted units (but must not be in range of a drafted unit when battling). 2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to: pairing up with drafted units, entering combat, meatshielding, healing and supporting with drafted units, or using Dragon Veins. 3. NPC units may do as they please without penalty. 4. Paralogues and Invasions excluding Mozu's Paralogue are optional and are free up to 20 turns. 5. Challenge battles are banned. 6. All players have access to the following bonus box items: All Battle Point and Visitor Point items, 2 Dread Scrolls(Dread Fighter), 2 Dark Falcon Wings(Dark Flier), 1 Sighting Lens/Witch's Mark(Ballistician/Witch), 1 Paragon Scroll, 1 Boots, 2 Dragon Herbs. 7. Forging and cooking are unrestricted. Go full ham. 8. Reclassing of Jakob/Felicia is unrestricted. Do whatever meme reclass you want. 9. Corrin cannot reclass to Wyvern Rider or use a Dread Scroll, Dark Falcon Wing, or Witch's Mark. Every other class is allowed, including Sky Knight and Ballistician. You can still pick Wyvern as Corrin's talent to pass on to their spouse or child however. My Castle Rules: 1. You may not trigger any conversations in my castle. 2. You can go to other castles to obtain items for forging and cooking, but cannot buy items or skills from their shops. Penalties: 1. Use of an undrafted unit is a 10 turn penalty per unit per chapter. Undrafted Losers: Drafters: Final Insanity: Exodia, Hayato, Kaze, Kagero, Shigure, Hinata, Fuga, Silas, Selena, Arthur Sharpy: Sakura, Camilla, Rinkah, Elise, Saizo, Oboro, Charlotte, Beruka, Azama, Effie Carmine Sword: Takumi, Xander, Hana, Hinoka, Kaden, Keaton, Flora, Subaki, Peri, Niles Gradivus: Reina, Ryoma, Leo, Orochi, Shura, Kana, Chapter 16 Jakob/Felicia, Dwyer, Setsuna, Odin
  3. Morgan's Paralogue: Free/63 Turns Passed down Veteran and Vengeance. Morgan paired up with Anna, got rallied, and then murdered the entire map except for the guys near the bullion chest which Sully got on Turn 1. Chapter 15: 3/66 Turns Gave Morgan the Naga's Tear. Forged a +3 might, +10 hit Armorslayer. Sephiroth and Ricken rallied everyone, then Sephiroth got danced and paired up with Fred. Morgan + Tharja killed all the stuff on the beach, Morgan being so absurd she just flat out OHKOs all of the unpromoted enemies on this map with Nosferatu with a Tharja pair-up. Anna + Kjelle rescued Say'ri into a spot where Chrom could recruit her and pair-up with Sully in the same action. Say'ri chipped the Hammer!General with the armorslayer forge. The extra might let's Say'ri 3HKO the General so she can kill him with Vantage even if she gets hit on Turn 1. Sephiroth + Fred and Sully + Chrom kill the cavaliers near the start so Ricken and Olivia don't die horribly. Turn 2 Sully gets the Arms Scroll village. Ricken rallies Say'ri and Sephiroth. Anna gives the Levin Sword to Say'ri and uses Physic on Sephiroth. Say'ri then kills the Spear!General that Anna chipped last turn with the Levin Sword. Turn 3 Sephiroth and Say'ri kill the thwomps that were attacking Say'ri at the start of the map, and then Sephiroth gets danced to get the bullion village. Sully moves in front of the boss and chips the General with a Short Axe. All the remaining enemies get killed by Sully on enemy phase. Noire's Paralogue: Free/66 Turns Passed down Rally Spectrum and Anathema. Holy shit these enemies are terrifying. They all have forged Silver weapons and Hit +10. I wanted to train Say'ri mostly but she gets 2HKOed at like 60+ hit by everything even with Kjelle pair-up and Rally Spectrum so Sully and Morgan did most of the fighting. Did manage to get Say'ri 3 levels still by feeding her Griffons since she could ORKO them with Eirika's Blade after Rally Spectrum. Sully reached level 15 and reclassed to Wyvern Lord mid-map after learning Lancebreaker. Lancebreaker actually made the map way more tolerable since all of the Paladins and Falcon Knights had 0 hit on her after she learned it. Morgan reached level 15 and learned Tomebreaker so that's cool I guess. Chapter 16: 2/68 Turns Noire rallied everyone, then Kjelle ferried Fred up to OHKO the Speedwing thief with Gradivus. Sully + Chrom killed the Hero near the start, got danced, then moved up and killed the Sniper. Anna and Ricken Rescued Fred and Olivia out of range of enemies. On Turn 2, Anna and Sepiroth helped to feed two Warriors to Noire since I want her to learn Rally Skill before the end of the game (it's an extra 2% chance of a dual strike!). Ricken Rescued Say-ri up to kill the bullion thief. Mustache man got wrecked by Hammer!Sully and Armorslayer!Chrom. Sully also capped speed which is hilarious. Chapter 17: 4/72 Turns Ehhh. Boots cost at least 1 turn if not 2 so probably not worth it, but in the words of the Greek Cynics of old, fuck it. Had Sully ferry Anna over to the boots chest. Sully reached A Lances along the way by murdering everything. With Rally Spectrum my units kind of destroyed the generic enemies. Even Tharja could ORKO stuff after a rally. Fed kills mostly to Say'ri and Tharja to get them closer to level 10 in case I need to reclass them later. Killed the boss with forged Celica's Gale!Sephiroth + Beast Killer!Chrom. Chapter 18: 2/74 Turns Gave the boots to Morgan. Somehow this cluster-fuck of a map was 100% reliable. Yes I know I don't believe it either. So Noire rallies Chrom + Say'ri and Ricken + Tharja, then gets danced and pairs up with Kjelle to get ferried over to the left to rally Morgan + Sephiroth and Sully + Anna. Sully ferries Anna down 13 tiles and she Rescues Morgan, who moves 8 tiles down and kills a Griffon Rider. Ricken then Rescues Anna back up out of danger, Chrom chokes the point at the top of the map, and then FRED moves above Chrom, takes Sully from Anna, and switches to her. On enemy phase, Chrom gets attacked by two Paladins and a Swordmaster, all of which he doubles and ORKOs thanks to rallies and Say'ri pair-up. Chrom is also in range of a Warrior, but he instead tries to attack Sully with a Silver Bow, failing miserably at doing so. Morgan + Sephiroth murders like 20+ enemies no problem. Turn 2, Ricken gets given to Chrom, who then moves down and Rescues Sully to kill a Griffon Rider blocking Morgan's path to Yen'fay. Say'ri gets danced to kill a Sage and then Morgan ORKOs Yen'fay with the forged Celica's Gale at 100 hit. Tiki's Paralogue: Free/74 Turns So beating this in 2 turns before any reinforcements show up is actually really simple. Unfortunately doing that means that Say'ri and Tharja won't get enough exp to reach level 10, so I need to let all of the reinforcements spawn. Thankfully effective damage allows even scrubs like Noire and Ricken to ORKO enemies on this map. There were way too many dudes to take out on Turn 6 when the final wave of reinforcements showed up, so I did some cute Rescuing of Tiki with Anna and Ricken over to the right side of the map after killing all of the enemies on that side in order to kite the rest of the enemies around and feed them to Say'ri, Tharja, and Noire. Tharja reached level 10 and Noire learned Rally Skill so I don't to give them any more exp for the rest of the game. Say'ri is 75 exp short of level 10 so I'll need to take some drastic measures next map to get her enough exp. Chapter 19: 1/75 Turns Gave Chrom two Energy Drops. Paired Say'ri up to Chrom and had her kill a Dank Knight, get danced, and then get Rescued up by Anna (who was Rescued by Ricken) to kill Walhart. Walhart kill is pretty bad. Say'ri does 7x4 damage and Chrom deals 11x2 damage per dual strike with the Brave Lance, but he only has a 50% chance to dual strike. Obviously Morgan would just cheese this easily but hey, gotta make things interesting. Chapter 20: 2/77 Turns Forged a +4 might, +20 hit Waste, gave Kjelle the Arms Scroll to use a Hammer, and reclassed Say'ri to Falcon Knight. Noire rallied everyone, and then Say'ri Rescued Morgan + Tharja up a few tiles and Morgan moved up in range of as many enemies as possible. Sephiroth, Fred, Kjelle, and Sully + Chrom killed the Generals on the right side. Olivia then danced Sully + Chrom so they could move up to kill the Warrior in the hallway. Ricken then Rescues Noire and Anna Rescues Say'ri out of range of any enemies. On Turn 2 Morgan moves up in range of Walhart and equips the Waste Forge. Everyone else just kills stuff or spams Rescue for exp. Walhart gets 2HKOed by the Waste forge if he doesn't proc Aegis, but since he usually does, some combination of Vengeance/crits/Tharja dual strikes ends up dealing enough damage to kill him most of the time. Chapter 21: Holy Shit/79 Turns Gave Say'ri a Spirit Dust and Sully a Dracoshield. Holy shit this took forever to figure out. First thing that needs to happen is that the Assassin closest to the spawn can't have Move +1 (getting some Thracia flashbacks here). Tharja pairs up with Morgan, Anna with Sully, and Fred with Olivia. Everyone gets rallied, and then Sephiroth kills the Master Key!Swordmaster with the forged Celica's Gale from way back in Chapter 11, which breaks. Kjelle then moves above Sephiroth and attacks the other Swordmaster. For this guy to die Kjelle needs to either crit (at 99% hit, 25% crit), proc Aether to 2HKO him, or get a Sephiroth Dual Strike (33% chance). Chrom then moves below Sephiroth and attacks the Berserker with a Brave Sword, also needing either a crit or a Dual Strike to kill him. Morgan + Tharja moves down and uses Mire to exactly OHKO the Assassin blocking the way underneath the room with the Mire Sorcerer. Say'ri moves ahead and Rescues Sully + Anna, who full-moves ahead and ORKOs an Assassin with Gradivus. If that Assassin near the start had Move +1 then Sully would be in his range and probably die because haxed-forged Silver Bow which is why he needs to not have Move +1. Morgan gets danced, and then Ricken stands next to Olivia (this is important) and Rescues Say'ri out of danger, and then Morgan moves to the tile Say'ri was on and kills the Ruin Sorcerer. On enemy phase Olivia has to dodge a Mire Sorcerer. With Fred pair-up, Ricken C support, and Rally Spectrum, the Sorcerer has 63 hit on her. I also had Fred equip Armads for the extra 5 defense in order to increase the chance of a Dual Guard by 1%, which had an approximately 12% chance of happening. The other Mire Sorcerer attacks Kjelle since she has the lowest resistance. Morgan and Sully kill a bunch of stuff. Sully can actually survive if she gets hit by everything (2 Sorcerers, a Swordmaster, and a Berserker), but it's preferable that she dodge at least the Sorcerers (the Thoron guy has only 8 hit so dodging him is nearly guaranteed) since she isn't very likely to dodge the boss due to weapon triangle disadvantage and there isn't anyone with a free turn to heal her. Turn 2, Sully moves two tiles above the Swordmaster choking the 1-tile wide point and ORKOs him with Gradivus. Say'ri gets rallied and Kjelle pair's up with Ricken to give him an extra point of movement. Say'ri Rescues Ricken, who full moves and Rescues Olivia, who full moves (Fred giving her an extra tile of movement) and dances Sully. Sephiroth + Chrom and Morgan + Tharja each kill a Sorcerer to build support before Sully full moves down and ORKO the boss with Gradivus. Chapter 22: 1/80 Turns This was so much easier than the previous map. I didn't even need tonics on anyone! Noire rallies everyone, and then Morgan + Tharja moves up and 2HKOs the Helswag guy with the Waste forge. Say'ri Rescues Chrom + Sephiroth to the right and they kill the Valflame Valkyrie with a Beast Killer + Sephiroth Iron Sword Dual Strike. Anna doesn't have anything to do so I have her use Hammerne on Gradivus. Ricken + Fred moves up, gets danced, then moves up again and Rescues Sully + Kjelle who 2HKOs Aversa with a Brave Axe. Chapter 23: 3/83 Turns Noire rallied Sully + Kjelle, Morgan + Tharja, and Anna + Ricken. Anna needs to kill the lower left Sorcerer with a Ricken Dual Strike to keep Noire from getting destroyed. Morgan moves right and kills the Hero above that Sorcerer that Anna killed. Sully kills the Ruin Sorcerer on the left, gets danced, and then kills the Assassin in the top-left. Chrom drops Robin in Validar's range. Turn 2, Anna and Morgan get rallied and Anna Rescues Morgan 1 TILE AHEAD so that she can get in range of the thwomp in the lower right corner. Say'ri Rescues Anna and Noire out of range of enemies with a dance from Olivia. Robin, Chrom, and Basillio kill two thwomps that moved up towards them, and Sully moves to the right to kill some enemies up top. Turn 3, Morgan exactly 4HKOs Validar with the forged Waste tome, then sends it to the convoy to re-equip Nosferatu. Robin gives Chrom to Sully and then rallies her and they fly over and kill the Ruin Sorcerer in the top-right. Anna chips a Hero than ran over towards the scrub squad and then Say'ri kills it and then gets danced to use Rescue for some extra exp. Everything else dies on enemy phase. Chapter 24: 2/85 Turns Noire rallies everyone and then Say'ri Rescues Sully + Chrom ahead. With Rally Spectrum and Chrom pair-up she ORKOs every enemy on the map with Gradivus. Morgan + Sephiroth kill stuff on the bottom of the map. Anna and Basilio kill a few stragglers near the start. Sully and Morgan cap everything relevant. Chapter 25: 1/86 Turns Anna Rescues Sully + Chrom up, then Say'ri + Ricken moves up and Rescues Olivia, gets danced, and then moves up and Rescues Sully + Chrom. Morgan + Sephiroth kill a General to reach A support for the next map. Say'ri reached Rally Speed but it doesn't matter. Endgame: 1/87 Turns Forged a +5 might, +15 hit Brave Axe. Sully + Chrom and Morgan + Sephiroth get rallied, then Sully full moves up to kill the Berserker in front of Grima. Anna and Ricken Rescue Olivia and Morgan up. Olivia dances Sully and then Morgan chips Grima with the Waste forge at 1 range to get the hit boost from Hex. She does 13 damage per hit at 100% hit with Sephiroth dealing 6 damage with Valflame dual strikes at definitely not 100% hit. Sully then finishes Grima off, dealing 14x4 damage with the Brave Axe and Chrom dealing 19 damage per dual strike. Chrom has a 98 chance of getting a dual strike so the kill is fairly reliable. Final Turncount: 87 Turns
  4. Chapter 14: 2/63 Turns Took an extra turn to build Tharja x Sephiroth support by having him kill everything on the left boat. He also needs the exp for Rally Spectrum. Sully + Chrom killed all the stuff on the bottom boat while Anna + Fred killed a few things on the right boat so that they could reach the bullion chest next turn. Kjelle's Paraogue: Free/63 Turns Passed down Deliverer to Kjelle. Got Rally Spectrum on Sephiroth, Vengeance on Tharja (not that it matters that much since Morgan promotes to Sorcerer anyway), some levels on Chrom, and like 3 levels each on Anna and Ricken by spamming Rescue. After the map, Sephiroth and Tharja reached S support and I reclassed Kjelle to Wyvern Rider since it has the same move as Great Knight but can fly so it just seems like the objectively better choice for ferrying dudes. EDIT: Did I say Wyvern, I meant Great Knight.
  5. Chapter 3: 5/27 Turns Free units were Kellam so Fred wouldn't die on Turn 1 and Miriel so that Sephiroth and Fred could exactly kill the archer on the right. Chrom recruits Kellam, pairs-up and then transfers Kellam to Sully, who transfers him to Fred. Fred full move to the right and chips a Soldier with the Silver Lance. Next turn Sully + Chrom kills the remaining Soldier and Javelin!Fred and Fire!Sephiroth kill the archer. The Merc gets killed by Sephiroth on enemy phase and he sends the Door Key to the convoy. Sully moves up and opens the door and then Fred moves two spaces above her, equips the Iron Axe, and uses a Vulnerary. Sephiroth kills the thwomp next turn, standing in range of the Merc so it won't attack Fred. Sully transfers Chrom to Fred so he can double stuff and he moves ahead and ORKOs the right archer near the boss with the Iron Sword. Fred has to dodge the Hammer guy at around 33 displayed hit. Sephiroth and Sully kill the Merc on the last turn and then Fred ORKOs the boss with the Hammer. Chapter 4: 2/29 Turns Oh boy time to bust out the broken shit. Gave Sully the Naga's Tear and the Boots. Gave Fred the Dracoshield and the Tiki's Tear. Strength tonic on Chrom and Sully, Defense tonic on Sully. Bought a Brave Lance and then forged a +3 might Elwind and a +3 might, +6 crit Pugi. Turn 1, Fred pairs up with Chrom and he moves in range of Lucina. Glass Sword!Sully and Elwind!Sephiroth stand next to each other in range of the fighters on the bottom. On enemy phase Fred needs to get a Brave Lance Dual Strike to kill Lucina. Sully also needs to either dodge the fighter or kill him with a Sephiroth Dual Strike. If neither happen then she needs to dodge a fighter on Turn 2 enemy phase. On Turn 2, Sephiroth pairs up with Sully and she moves out of range of the mages and uses a vulnerary. Chrom then moves in range of everything else and then switches to Fred who equips the Pugi. Even with the Dracoshield and Tiki's Tear, Fred needs to either dodge 1 mage or both thwomps (or a fighter and a thwomp also works but the thwomps have less hit) to survive. In the actual clear the left mage moved in such a way that Fred could kill it on player phase with a Chrom Dual Strike while still being in range of the other enemies which meant he couldn't die on enemy phase. The thwomps are too, well, thwomp to ORKO even with a maxed out Pugi forge, so Chrom needs to Dual Strike them or Fred needs to get a crit for them to die. RIP Glass Sword we will never forget your sacrifice. Chapter The Donnel: Free/29 Turns Gave Sully the Energy Drop, Speedwings, and Goddess Icon and then forged a +5 Bronze Sword so she could exactly ORKO the brigands with a Chrom pair-up. Sephiroth + Fred killed the 3 enemies at the start and one archer in the boss' room from across the wall to reach level 10, and then Sully murdered everything else to also reach level 10. Got both the Killer Lance and the Rescue Staff. Didn't recruit Donnel but at least he didn't die this time so there's that I guess. Sully also reached C Swords which doesn't matter at all and C Lances which might matter a very long time from now. Chapter 5: 7/36 Turns Reclassed Sully to Wyvern Rider and forged a +4 might, + 20 hit Bronze Axe to which lets her ORKO stuff with a Chrom Dual Strike to possibly avoid counters and to have a better chance of hitting the myrmidons. Sephiroth + Fred killed the enemies at the start while Sully + Chrom flew around murdering stuff. Sephiroth needs to proc speed once during the map in order to double and ORKO Brigands and Wyverns. Killed the boss with LEVIN SWORD CHROM. Ricken killed one wyvern. Yay. Chapter 6: 4/40 Turns Sully and Chrom took care of the left side, Sephiroth and Fred took care of the right. Ricken got fed a Thief and a Fighter. Chapter 7: 3/43 Turns Fed Ricken the boss lol. Sully learned Tantivy so now she's basically unhittable. Chapter 8: 5/48 Turns 4 seems possible but I wanted the Second Seal village for Chrom to use later. Sully murdered everything and capped speed and reached A Axes. Ricken got his obligatory 1 kill per map. Chapter 9: 4/52 Turns Promoted Sephiroth for the extra bulk and to start getting closer to Rally Spectrum. Ricken + Sephiroth took care of most of the enemies on the left, except for two Soldiers and a Mage who were destroyed by GRADIVUS FRED. Sully killed everything else except for one wyvern which got fed to Tharja. Couldn't recruit Libra sadly. Paralogue 2: Free/52 Turns Got Chrom and Ricken to level 10. Reclassed Chrom to Cavalier mid-map. Trained Tharja. Paralogue 3: Free/52 Turns Trained Chrom and Tharja. Sephiroth and Tharja reached C support. Paralogue Anna: Free/52 Turns Thanks to the power of BOOTS Sully could carry Chrom over to recruit Anna on Turn 1. She took a Levin Sword and Defense Tonic from the convoy and got a level by killing stuff. Trained Tharja some more. Chrom reached D Lances. Chapter 10: 3/55 Turns Had Fred + Anna kill the Master Seal Thief on Turn 1 to send it to the convoy so Sully could promote mid-chapter at level 19. Tharja killed a bunch of stuff on the right side. Chapter 11: 2/57 Turns Oh boy this took some effort. Mostly a huge Celica's Gale forge and all of the stat boosters. Gave Sephiroth a Seraph Robe, Spirit Dust, Secret Book, Goddess Icon, and a Dracoshield. Gave Anna the Arms Scroll to use Physic. Forged a +5 might, +15 hit Celica's Gale to ORKO the Hero without Dual Strikes for better reliability. Anna Rescues Sully + Chrom, gets danced, moves in range of the Sage and then Rescues Sephiroth + Fred. Sully moves onto the fort with the shining tile and kills a Merc while Sephiroth moves onto the fort in range of Gangrel. Tharja + Ricken moves down in range of a mage. Sepiroth 2HKOs every enemy with the forged Celica's Gale except Gangrel. Gangrel needs to die on Turn 1 since otherwise he blocks the way and Sephiroth can't reach the thief that doesn't suicide on your units on Turn 2. So Fred needs to get a Dual Strike with the Brave Lance on Gangrel. Between Sephiroth and Fred they have to hit 3 out of a potential 6 attacks in order to ORKO Gangrel. On Turn 2 Tharja kills the Sage that Anna chipped, gets danced, and then moves in range of all the enemies on the right side and uses an Elixir. Sully kills the Short Axe wyvern on the left side. Anna uses Physic on Sephiroth and he moves down and kills the thief. Everything else dies on enemy phase. Chrom reached C Lances. Chapter 12: 3/60 Turns Promoted Tharja to Sorcerer. Basically Sully + Chrom mudered the entire left side of the map while Sephiroth, Tharja, and Anna killed stuff near the start with help from Olivia. Had Sephiroth stand next to Tharja on Turn 1 so that they could build support even though they weren't paired up. Chrom reached level 10 and got to A Lances. Chapter 13: 1/61 Turns Promoted Chrom to Paladin. Ricken could promote but he was 20 exp away from a level so I just kep him unpromoted for this map. Had Fred help feed Ricken an enemy for one last level up before promoting. Sephiroth + Tharja got Rescued up to kill the Silver Axe Warrior to build support. Sully + Chrom killed an enemy, got danced, and then ORKOed the boss with a Brave Axe.
  6. Chapter 2: WHY/22 Free units were Vaike and Miriel for their pair-up bonuses. Holy shit fuck random AI movement. That was legit the thing that caused the most resets since if the enemies at the start move in the wrong way I can't keep the undrafted dudes out of danger. On Turn 1 the right brigand has to attack Fred from above and the left brigand has to move far enough to the right (and not too far down) to be in range of Fred on Turn 2 enemy phase. Then on Turn 2 a Soldier needs to move up towards Fred and not right towards everyone else cause Robin, Chrom, and Sully can't kill him while staying out of range of the other enemies. Bronze Sword!Fred 2HKOs everything while standing on a forest tile chugging Elixirs. Did manage to feed 1 enemy each to Robin, Chrom, and Sully in the starting group. Second part is much easier. Fred OHKOs the Mercs and baits everything else to start moving. Then Fred moves onto a fort and tanks everything with the Iron Sword. Managed to feed Sephiroth two brigands from the top group. Fed the boss to Sully with a Fire from Sephiroth and an Iron Sword from Fred to chip him down.
  7. Male Avatar named Sephiroth cause of some obscure 90s RPG being popular for reasons beyond our comprehension. Went with +Magic/-Res this time, let's see how long it takes before not picking +Speed or +Defense makes me want to commit seppuku. Premontion: 2/2 Turns We did it. Prologue: 6/8 Turns I think you can do this in 5 but fuck it I'll consider just beating the draft a victory in itself. Anyway Fred killed the mages and most of the Myrmidons while chipping the Barbarians so Sephiroth and Chrom could kill them for exp. Fed the boss to Sephiroth. Chapter 1: 6/14 Turns Fuck this map holy shit. This took over two hours I want to die. This isn't even the really bad early game map and it's already going to shit. So Fred chips some stuff on Turn 1 and then Sephiroth goes onto a fort, equips the Bronze Sword, and prays to RNGesus that he can survive. Chrom goes down to pair with Sully and try to feed her kills except he fucking crits all the dudes and steals all the exp. Sully ended up only getting one kill but I fucking had it with this map so I just didn't care anymore. I'll feed Sully all of Donnel's map to make up the difference or something I don't know. Fred proced speed which let him double the boss with Chrom pair-up so I fed the boss to Sephiroth with two Bronze Swords from Fred and two Thunders from Sephiroth.
  8. You won't stop me this time Gradivus! Sully. No Galeforce but Wyvern + Discipline is cool. @Electric Serge Your turn.
  9. If a unit would gain no stats on level up in FE15, the game will instead give them a guaranteed HP-only level. Because of this quirk 0% growth runs of FE15 aren't truly 0% growths. Instead luck is set to 100% for everyone and every other growth is set to 0% so that the units won't gain massive amounts of bulk from the otherwise guaranteed HP procs that would happen otherwise.
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