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  1. Chapter 14: 8/152 Turns Saul used the boots and took Roy to the gate. Took an extra turn to buy Pure Waters and get the Guiding Ring. Got all of the hidden items. Chapter 14x: 5/157 Turns Fir used a Pure Water, then got warped next to the boss by Saul on Turn 1. Wendy picked up Roy. Wendy gave Roy to Saul next turn and he carried him to the throne room. Fir killed all of the promoted enemies in the throne room to help make room, but then Saul ended up on 1 HP the turn he dropped Roy, which made all of the archers and hand axe pirates attack him instead of Roy, greatly simplifying the process of clearing the way for Roy. Wendy killed the Berserker and a pirate with Lalum's help, with Wendy actually missing them on purpose to get more axe wexp out of it. On the first attempt the Berserker actually killed himself with a Devil Axe backfire crit when he attacked Merlinus, but I didn't have this happen in the actual completion of the chapter since Wendy gets 50 exp from killing that Berserker even though him killing himself is hilarious. Saul also reached S Light due to everything in the throne room trying to kill him. STATS: Roy Lv. 20.00 DAT BOI 32HP/18Str/18Skl/18Spd/21Lck/12Def/6Res A Swords Saul Lv. 13/12.57 Bishop 45HP/22Mgc/18Skl/25Spd/8Lck/8Def/20Res S Light A Staves Wendy Lv. 14/3.98 Bigger Thwomp 37HP/21Str/14Skl/18Spd/15Lck/21Def/4Res A Lances E Axes Fir Lv. 12/6.63 Swordmaster 37HP/17Str/19Skl/26Spd/10Lck/13Def/8Res A Swords Lalum Lv. 5.73 Dancer 18HP/1Str/2Skl/15Spd/13Lck/4Def/6Res Merlinus Lv. 1.53 God Base Chapter 15: 9/166 Turns Saul, Fir, and Roy go towards the throne. Fir carries Roy on the last few turns so that Saul can ORKO everything near the throne before Fir gives Roy to him to get dropped. Wendy got the Hammerne Staff and killed 2 dudes to reach D Axes. Merlinus got the Divine tome and then died to bait Percival in range of Lalum. Recruited Garret for his Hand Axe. Deployed Marcus to go to the shop and buy a bunch of Lightning Tomes and a Chest Key using the Silver Card. Chapter 16: 12/178 Turns Somehow not a complete dumpster fire. Saul, Milady, Fir, and Roy on the left; everyone else on the right. Featuring the triumphant return on GOD MERLINUS, who exactly survives the Bolting mage and Purge Bishop with 1 HP after using a pure water. That says more about the mages than about Merlinus tbh. Wendy clears out the right side while Fir carries Roy over to Wendy so he can be dropped to recruit Hugh for the Member's Card. Fir kills the manakete on the right so Merlinus can get the chests. Saul silences the Purge dude and puts Douglas to sleep. Had to take an extra turn to get the Rescue Staff, but it's totally worth it. Also used Warp to get Milady to Zeiss since it would have taken forever to get dudes over to break the wall. Chapter 16x: 9/187 Turns Fir got warped up to kill the boss on Turn 1 since Saul is too busy carrying Roy to deal with Restoring dudes who get hit by Berserk. Used Durandal to kill the boss since it has the highest hit rate of any weapon Fir can use and it lets her 2HKO the boss without crits. Wendy goes around and kills stragglers and finally reaches S Lances. Chapter 17: 6/193 Turns Saul carries Roy until the bridge, where he has to drop Roy to kill all the enemies on the other side of the bridge. Since Roy starts falling behind because of no longer being rescued, Saul uses the Rescue Staff to get Roy in range to seize on Turn 6. Saul also used Silence on the Sleep Bishop so Roy wouldn't get put to sleep. Fir and Wendy killed the enemies at the start and then went to the arena to get some money. Merlinus got the Tina Staff and bought some killer weapons and hand axes. Saul needed Aureola to ORKO the boss since Lightning and Divine are too weak. STATS: Roy Lv. 20.00 DAT BOI 32HP/18Str/18Skl/18Spd/21Lck/12Def/6Res A Swords Saul Lv. 13/18.66 Bishop 51HP/25Mgc/21Skl/25Spd/10Lck/10Def/23Res S Light A Staves (1 Angelic Robe, 1 Boots) Wendy Lv. 14/8.58 Bigger Thwomp 40HP/24Str/16Skl/21Spd/18Lck/24Def/5Res S Lances C Axes Fir Lv. 12/11.28 Swordmaster 41HP/19Str/22Skl/30Spd/12Lck/13Def/8Res S Swords (1 Body Ring) Lalum Lv. 9.16 Dancer 22HP/2Str/2Skl/19Spd/16Lck/6Def/7Res Merlinus Lv. 1.55 God Base Chapter 18: 6/199 Turns Saul just carried Roy to the throne. Used the Rescue Staff on Turn 2 to get Lalum through all of the forest tiles to dance Saul further ahead. Even when carrying Roy Saul can still ORKO the Pegasus Knights since they're all weighed down so much. Saul exactly ORKOed the boss with Aureola. Chapter 19: 7/206 Turns Basically the same as the last chapter, with Saul carrying Roy and using Rescue on Lalum once. Also used Hammerne on the Rescue Staff on Turn 1. Fir got the Energy Ring village. Chapter 20: 5/211 Turns This is technically possible in 4 turns, but it requires Saul to be able to ORKO the boss... which is impossible. Even with capped magic Saul can't ORKO the boss with Aureola, so I have to take an extra turn. This lets me get all of the treasure in the left room at least. STATS: Roy Lv. 20.00 DAT BOI 32HP/18Str/18Skl/18Spd/21Lck/12Def/6Res A Swords Saul Lv. 13/20.00 Bishop 53HP/25Mgc/23Skl/25Spd/11Lck/11Def/23Res S Light A Staves (1 Angelic Robe, 1 Boots) Wendy Lv. 14/9.62 Bigger Thwomp 43HP/24Str/17Skl/22Spd/19Lck/25Def/5Res S Lances C Axes Fir Lv. 12/12.12 Swordmaster 42HP/20Str/22Skl/30Spd/12Lck/14Def/8Res S Swords (1 Body Ring) Lalum Lv. 11.28 Dancer 24HP/2Str/2Skl/20Spd/18Lck/7Def/7Res Merlinus Lv. 1.55 God Base Chapter 20x: Free/211 Turns Got Wendy to A Axes and Saul to S Staves. Hammerned the Rescue Staff again. Killed all of the level 18 Warriors for the exp. Chapter 21: 9/220 Turns Saul carried Roy to the throne, using Rescue on Lalum once and using warp on Wendy to send her to the secret shop to buy 24 Boots and 2 Purge tomes. Fir distracted all of the Paladin reinforcements from going up to kill Yodel. Wendy reached S Axes by tanking all of the wyvern reinforcements by the secret shop. STATS: Roy Lv. 20.00 DAT BOI 32HP/18Str/18Skl/18Spd/21Lck/12Def/6Res A Swords Saul Lv. 13/20.00 Bishop 53HP/25Mgc/23Skl/25Spd/11Lck/11Def/23Res S Light S Staves (1 Angelic Robe, 1 Boots) Wendy Lv. 14/14.76 Bigger Thwomp 47HP/25Str/21Skl/22Spd/23Lck/26Def/7Res S Lances S Axes (1 Boots) Fir Lv. 12/17.39 Swordmaster 47HP/22Str/24Skl/30Spd/14Lck/14Def/11Res S Swords (1 Body Ring) Lalum Lv. 13.35 Dancer 26HP/3Str/2Skl/20Spd/20Lck/7Def/7Res Merlinus Lv. 1.55 God Base Chapter 21x: 8/228 Turns Saul went around to the throne while using boots, while everyone else stayed at the start and used boots themselves. Saul Rescued Fir carrying Roy on Turn 7, and then she killed the boss next turn while Saul used the last use of the Hammerne Staff to repair to Rescue Staff again. STATS: Roy Lv. 20/1.00 YA BOI 36HP/20Str/21Skl/20Spd/21Lck/14Def/11Res S Swords (5 Boots) Saul Lv. 13/20.00 Bishop 53HP/25Mgc/23Skl/25Spd/11Lck/11Def/23Res S Light S Staves (1 Angelic Robe, 5 Boots) Wendy Lv. 14/15.44 Bigger Thwomp 48HP/25Str/22Skl/22Spd/23Lck/26Def/7Res S Lances S Axes (5 Boots) Fir Lv. 12/18.40 Swordmaster 48HP/22Str/25Skl/30Spd/15Lck/14Def/11Res S Swords (1 Body Ring, 5 Boots) Lalum Lv. 13.67 Dancer 26HP/3Str/2Skl/20Spd/20Lck/7Def/7Res (5 Boots) Merlinus Lv. 1.55 God Base Chapter 22: 7/235 Turns Everyone is on the right side. Saul and Wendy go up to the right switch, then Saul uses the last use of Warp to get Wendy over the wall to get the left switch. Merlnius gets the Dracoshield and Wyrmslayer on the right side, and Wendy gets the Sleep Staff on the left side after getting the switch. Fir kills Zephiel with a Durandal hit + crit. Chapter 23: 3/238 Turns Saul went up and murdered a bunch of wyverns, then used Rescue on Fir so that she and Roy, who got danced, could kill the Sleep Staff Druids. Saul had Berserked the Berserk Druid on Turn 1 so he wouldn't need to be killed. Didn't need to use Holy Maiden since Saul can actually avoid them sort of reliably thanks to his res stat. Chapter 24: 8/246 Turns Yeah. Used the last two uses of Rescue so Roy could reach the 4th throne and Fir could kill Jahn on the last turn. Didn't end up using the Sleep Staff, Purge did the same thing that Sleep would have done basically. The End: 1/247 Turns Fear the amazing Roy. Final Turncount: 247 Turns Final Stats: Roy Lv. 20/7.34 YA BOI 42HP/25Str/23Skl/24Spd/25Lck/16Def/12Res S Swords (5 Boots) Saul Lv. 13/20.00 Bishop 53HP/25Mgc/23Skl/25Spd/11Lck/11Def/23Res S Light S Staves (1 Angelic Robe, 5 Boots) Wendy Lv. 14/19.94 Bigger Thwomp 52HP/25Str/24Skl/22Spd/25Lck/27Def/7Res S Lances S Axes (5 Boots) Fir Lv. 12/20.00 Swordmaster 50HP/22Str/26Skl/30Spd/16Lck/17Def/11Res S Swords (1 Dracoshield, 1 Body Ring, 5 Boots) Lalum Lv. 15.70 Dancer 27HP/3Str/2Skl/20Spd/22Lck/7Def/7Res (5 Boots) Merlinus Lv. 1.55 God Base
  2. Chapter 11: 11/121 Turns I just took it slow to get as many villages as I could since I'm very poor and desperately need the money. Got all but 3 villages, the bottom two and the Angelic Robe village. Also recruited Klein and Tate for their stuff. Thany bought a shit ton of Lightning tomes for Saul, turning him into my best unit since he has 1-2 range that can actually hit things and has the highest move of all my units. Boss kill was actually cancer since the only unit I have who can kill him reliably is Roy, but having Roy kill the boss costs another turn, so instead I have Fir kill him with a double Wo Dao crit to both save a turn and get Fir one more level before promoting. Chapter 12: 7/128 Turns Actually really proud of this one. Wendy and Merlinus are on the right, everyone else is on the left. Fir and Wendy move up and both promote on Turn 1. They both need the extra move for this map more than the extra stats. Axes also let Wendy actually hit the fighters... kind of. So Wendy kills the stuff on the right and opens the doors so Merlinus can loot all of the chests. Saul murders everything while Fir and Roy help rescue-chain Lalum ahead. The boss kill is interesting since Fir can't reach the boss at 1 range, so she and Saul both use their full move (Fir got danced by Lalum on the last turn as well) to attack the boss from 2 range, 4HKOing him. I let Fir get the bosskill since Saul got like 2 levels in this map already from murdering most of the left side. Wendy is just barely able to reach and kill the Sniper on the last turn for some exp. STATS: Roy Lv. 20.00 DAT BOI 32HP/18Str/18Skl/18Spd/21Lck/12Def/6Res A Swords Saul Lv. 13/6.45 Bishop 41HP/18Mgc/17Skl/21Spd/7Lck/7Def/17Res C Light A Staves (1 Angelic Robe) Wendy Lv. 14/1.61 Bigger Thwomp 35HP/19Str/12Sk/17Spd/15Lck/19Def/4Res A Lances E Axes Fir Lv. 12/2.04 Swordmaster 33HP/15Str/17Skl/22Spd/10Lck/12Def/6Res B Swords Lalum Lv. 2.73 Dancer 15HP/1Str/2Skl/12Spd/10Lck/2Def/5Res Merlinus Lv. 1.53 God Chapter 12x: 7/135 Turns Yeah. Did a cute trick of having Wendy rescue Roy, get danced, give Roy to Saul, and have Saul drop him so that he could reach the boss on Turn 6. Roy chipped the boss on Turn 6 enemy phase and then Fir finished him off with a Wo Dao crit (had 2 attempts thanks to Roy's chip damage.) Saul got the Red Gem. Merlinus died to keep Lalum safe from a fighter for one turn, what a hero. Chapter 13: 9/144 Turns Featuring another cool trick. Wendy goes to get the Body Ring, which gets sent to Merlinus since Wendy's inventory is full. Fir then takes the Body Ring out of the convoy and uses it so that she can use pick up Roy, get danced, and give him to Saul on the next turn. Fir easily ORKOed the boss with the Wyrmslayer.
  3. Chapter 5: 4/36 Turns Opened the gate on Turn 2. Used meatshields so that Roy's path to the boss on Turn 3 wasn't blocked. Shanna dropped Rutger in the dondon spot. Merlinus stood on a fort and tanked fighters on the right. Chapter 6: 8/44 Turns Roy went around the left side since he just gets stuck trying to go up through the mass of javelin soldiers. Merlinus baits the middle group down on Turn 1, and then he and Saul choke the point into the the building on the left side, which lets Saul get 12 exp from healing and 3-4 exp from dodging javelins every turn. The mage in the throne room that doesn't move makes a 7 turn impossible since it blocks Roy's path, preventing him from reaching the boss on Turn 6. At leasy Saul gets an extra heal out of it I guess. STATS: Roy Lv. 13.97 DAT BOI 26HP/15Str/14Skl/14Spd/17Lck/10Def/5Res A Swords Saul Lv. 5.98 Priest Base (1 Angelic Robe) Merlinus Lv. 1.22 God Base Chapter 7: 10/54 Turns I don't care to try and optimize this, I'm far too lazy. Recruited Zealot, Noah, and Treck. Got the Torch Staff, Physic Staff, Hero Crest, Horseslayer, and Elixer villages. Bough 6 door keys and 2 chest keys. Killed the boss with an Iron Axe from Zealot and 2 Armorslayer hits from Marcus. STATS: Roy Lv. 14.60 DAT BOI 27HP/16Str/15Skl/15Spd/18Lck/10Def/5Res A Swords Saul Lv. 6.95 Priest 28HP/5Mgc/7Skl/11Spd/2Lck/3Def/6Res C Staves (1 Angelic Robe) Merlinus Lv. 1.22 God Base Chapter 8: 21/75 Turns I don't want to talk about it. STATS: Roy Lv. 17.08 DAT BOI 30HP/17Str/17Skl/17Spd/18Lck/11Def/5Res A Swords Saul Lv. 9.32 Priest 31HP/8Mgc/8Skl/14Spd/3Lck/3Def/8Res C Staves (1 Angelic Robe) Wendy Lv. 5.46 Thwomp 23HP/8Str/4Skl/5Spd/9Lck/11Def/1Res D Lances Merlinus Lv. 1.41 God Base Chapter 8x: 14/89 Turns Roy ran all the way to the throne himself. Wendy killed stragglers while getting healed by Saul. Chapter 9: 11/100 Turns Recruited Fir, who got two levels by Wo Daoing stuff. Saul spammed Torch. Merlinus sacrificed himself to bait a Merc over in range of Fir so she could kill it for a level on the last turn. Roy capped level. Wendy still can't hit anything without burning at least 20 RNs every single time she attacks. Chapter 10: 10/110 Turns Roy walked down on his own while Wendy and Fir self-improved. Saul reached level 13 and promoted on the last turn. STATS: Roy Lv. 20.00 DAT BOI 32HP/18Str/18Skl/18Spd/21Lck/12Def/6Res A Swords Saul Lv. 13/1.00 Bishop 37HP/15Mgc/14Skl/18Spd/6Lck/6Def/13Res D Light A Staves (1 Angelic Robe) Wendy Lv. 13.20 Thwomp 30HP/14Str/9Skl/12Spd/14Lck/15Def/1Res C Lances Fir Lv. 9.35 Myrmidon 25HP/10Str/12Skl/18Spd/8Lck/7Def/3Res D Swords Merlinus Lv. 1.50 God Base
  4. Chapter 4: 7/32 Turns Roy just walked left. Merlinus got the Angelic Robe. Decided that getting the Angelic Robe was more important than getting the door key since keys can be bought in Chapter 7. Recruited Killing Edge. STATS: Roy Lv. 12.11 DAT BOI 25HP/14Str/13Skl/13Spd/17Lck/10Def/5Res A Swords Merlinus Lv. 1.07 God Base
  5. Chapter 3: 9/25 Turns Roy went up while Marcus followed behind him to distract some javelin soldiers and act as a convoy for Roy's vulneraries. Merlnius got the Mend Staff from the village. Rigged a Rapier crit to OHKO the boss even though Roy could just 3HKO him in order to save two rapier uses. STATS: Roy Lv. 10.19 DAT BOI 24HP/13Str/11Skl/12Spd/15Lck/9Def/3Res B Swords Merlinus Lv. 1.07 God Base
  6. Chapter 1: 7/7 Turns Yep. Stats: Roy Lv. 5.37 DAT BOI 20HP/8Str/6Skl/10Spd/11Lck/7Def/1Res D Swords Chapter 2: 9/16 Turns You lose a turn every chapter from Roy having to kill the boss himself which is really annoying. Rapier is also so bad that it barely even 3HKOs the boss, so I used the Armorslayer instead since it could ORKO.
  7. Chapter 22: 8/143 Turns Gave Jake 1 Energy Drop to OHKO the Fortify Clerics with Pachyderm and 1 Secret Book for extra hit. Gave Cord 3 Spirit Dusts and 2 Secret Books to help with the Medeus boss kill later. Jake and Xane kill stuff from over the wall, and Cain kills a few things on Turn 2, before he, Wolf, and Ogma form a wall to protect Marth on Turn 3. There are 6 enemies left on Turn 4, but I only have 5 units in range to kill them, so I kill everything except for 1 Pegasus Knight, who gets blocked from attacking Marth, who visited the village, and instead attacks Lorenz since he gets doubled and has the lowest luck. Not much happens after that since all of the enemies are dead except Michalis by this point. I decide to go full meme for the boss kill since Cain doesn't really gain anything from levels at this point. 2x Silver Sword from Ogma + a Hand Axe from Wolf + a Stonehoist from Jake leaves Michalis on exactly 1 HP, letting him be finished off by the amazing MATTHIS. Yes, this was entirely too much effort. I regret nothing. STATS: Marth Lv. 4.46 Scrub 20HP/7Str/0Mgc/4Skl/9Spd/9Lck/7Def/0Res D Swords (1 Boots) Jeigan Lv. --/7.86 Dracoknight 23HP/10Str/1Mgc/12Skl/9Spd/3Lck/14Def/3Res A Lances D Axes Cain Lv. 13/18.11 Dracoknight 59HP/26Str/1Mgc/26Skl/23Spd/18Lck/20Def/4Res A Lances D Axes (2 Angelic Robes, 1 Energy Drop, 1 Speedwing, 1 Goddess Icon, 1 Dracoshield) Ogma Lv. 13/10.01 Hero 44HP/21Str/1Mgc/23Skl/25Spd/10Lck/16Def/3Res B Swords C Axes (1 Speedwing, 1 Arms Scroll) Cord Lv. 14/7.80 Sorcerer 28HP/5Str/24Mgc/18Skl/20Spd/13Lck/7Def/10Res B Tomes D Staves (5 Spirit Dusts, 2 Secret Books) Lena Lv. 19/4.34 Sage 28HP/3Str/14Mgc/14Skl/12Spd/18Lck/5Def/15Res D Tomes A Staves Matthis Lv. 13/5.68 Dracoknight 35HP/12Str/2Mgc/10Skl/18Spd/7Lck/13Def/8Res C Lances E Axes (B Staves) (1 Speedwing) Wolf Lv. --/12.41 Hero 41HP/15Str/0Mgc/18Skl/21Spd/13Lck/14Def/1Res D Swords C Axes Rickard Lv. 1.11 Thief Base Jake Lv. 24.28 Ballistician 31HP/20Str/0Mgc/20Skl/11Spd/15Lck/19Def/0Res (1 Energy Drop, 1 Skill Book) Big Mac Lv. 3.00 Mercenary Base Xane Lv. Whatever Who Cares Lorenz Lv. --/7.05 General 36HP/11Str/1Mgc/4Skl/7Spd/4Lck/17Def/3Res A Lances B Bows Chapter 23: 7/150 Turns Gave Jake the two last Energy Drop and sold everything I owned to forge a +4 might, +20 hit, +10 crit Pachyderm named "Artifice Aion". This lets Jake and Xane OHKO the Swarm Bishops even if they round up on HP and defense, and it's needed for Endgame as well. Reclassed Lorenz to Horseman. Reclassed Cain, Jeigan, and Matthis to Paladin. Cain, Marth, Jeigan, and Lorenz go up to the throne while everyone else goes right to kill Gharnef and friends. Lorenz and Jeigan don't use Pure Waters while Marth and Cain do so that get targeted instead. I use Matthis' shitty luck to bait some of Gharnef's goons into attacking him instead of Ogma when both were in range so Ogma wouldn't get attacked by all of them and die. The amazing Sorcerer Cord killed Gharnef and sent the Falchion to the convoy, which Marth then used to kill a fake Gharnef that Cain had chipped for memes, and then he got a perfect level out of it for even more meme value. A bit late for levels like that now Marth, but A for effort I suppose. Rickard got the chests. Chapter 24: 4/154 Turns Sold everything I owned again except for Fortify, some javelins, and the Wyrmslayer/Dragonpike. Forged a +4 might, +20 hit Dragonpike named "Endgame" just to make the boss kill more reliable. Also promoted Elice, not like it mattered. Matthis went down and killed the Bishop south of the boss. This baited the manaketes to the right of the boss to move down towards Matthis so that I didn't have to kill them. Cain killed the few enemies that were left. Ogma blocked Marth from getting attacked on Turn 3 and reached A Swords finally lol. Bosskill was a forged Arrowspate from Jake (it has better hit that the forged Pachyderm) and the Dragonpike forge from Cain. I had Jeigan buy an Arms Scroll for Cord as part of a contingency plan I had for killing Medeus in case Jake didn't get enough strength to OHKO with a Pachyderm crit, but Jake did get enough strength so this ended up not being needed. I just wanted to show that I was able to in case it was needed. Endgame: 1/155 Turns Jake did the thing. Ballistae are a fair and balanced weapon type. Final Turncount: 155 Turns
  8. NO, CURSE YOU JEDI Fir. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel already.
  9. Chapter 13: 3/92 Turns Promoted Ogma and Cord. Ogma needs the extra move to reach the boss and Cord needs the defense boost from promotion so that the ballistae will attack Fighter!Mac instead of him. Also gave Ogma the Arms Scroll as a Berserker so he can use the Hammer as a Berserker in Chapter 14 and Hand Axes as a Hero. Cain went Paladin, but Jeigan stayed as a Dracoknight since he needed the extra point of strength to help Wolf kill the Hoistflame ballista. Cord, Mac, and Rickard up top; Jeigan, Wolf, and Matthis on the bottom; everyone else in the middle. Wolf and Jeigan kill the Hoistflame ballista and Cord kills the ballistae up top for some wexp. Unequipped Cain tanks Astram so I can recruit him for his stuff. Levin Sword Ogma and Steel Lance Cain team up to exactly kill the boss (could have used a Silver Lance if Cain had less strength). Jeigan flies over to chip the Ridersbane thief so Jake can kill him on the last turn. STATS: Marth Lv. 3.73 Scrub 20HP/6Str/0Mgc/4Skl/9Spd/9Lck/7Def/0Res D Swords (1 Boots) Jeigan Lv. --/5.17 Dracoknight 21HP/10Str/1Mgc/12Skl/9Spd/3Lck/12Def/3Res A Lances E Axes Cain Lv. 13/4.53 Paladin 43HP/19Str/1Mgc/19Skl/21Spd/12Lck/12Def/6Res D Swords B Lances (1 Angelic Robe, 1 Speedwing, 1 Goddess Icon) Ogma Lv. 13/1.13 Hero 35HP/14Str/1Mgc/16Skl/21Spd/5Lck/10Def/3Res B Swords D Axes (1 Arms Scroll) Cord Lv. 14/1.26 Sorcerer 26HP/5Str/11Mgc/12Skl/15Spd/11Lck/7Def/7Res C Tomes E Staves (1 Spirit Dust) Lena Lv. 13.39 Cleric 20HP/0Str/9Mgc/10Skl/11Spd/14Lck/3Def/14Res B Staves Matthis Lv. 9.31 Cleric 23HP/1Str/1Mgc/4Skl/7Spd/4Lck/4Def/8Res D Staves Wolf Lv. --/7.63 Hero 32HP/10Str/0Mgc/13Skl/16Spd/8Lck/11Def/1Res D Swords D Axes Rickard Lv. 1.11 Thief Base Jake Lv. 4.10 Ballista 20HP/7Str/0Mgc/3Skl/4Spd/3Lck/16Def/0Res BIG MAC Lv. 3.00 Fighter Base Chapter 14: 6/98 Turns Ogma and Wolf went Berserker. Forged a +3 might, +10 hit Hammer so Ogma could OHKO the thwomps at the start. Wolf can't OHKO because of his lower strength, but I have Jake chip the thwomp Wolf fights for a little bit of damage so Wolf can kill the thwomp without taking damage. Ogma and Wolf kill the right thwomps, Cain kills the javelin thwomp on the left with the forged Iron Axe crit, and Cord kills the ballista. Cain kills the left side cavaliers on enemy phase, the last thwomp gets killed by Cord, and Jeigan baits the right side cavaliers into moving. Cain and Ogma kill the right side cavaliers next turn, while Cord moves in range of the archers to make them stay up in their room instead of leaving to kill Marth. Cord gets 2HKOed, so I give him the Fire Tome so he won't ORKO the archers and have Cleric Matthis in range to bait the Longbow dude. Cord ends up killing all of the archers eventually, which leaves him 1 wexp away from B Tomes. Ogma and Jeigan kill the Sniper with two forged Hand Axe hits + a Silver Lance from Jeigan while Wolf kills the Silver Sword thief for a level. Rickard and Jeigan get the chests, and then Cain exactly kills the boss with a forged Iron Axe hit + crit. Chapter 15: 6/104 Turns Marth can reach the throne in 5 turns, but I can't full move him every turn because of the Dracoknights, so I have to take an extra turn. Ogma and Wolf go Warrior to use Bows against the Dracoknights. Cain, Ogma, and Wolf protect Marth from getting murdered by the Dracoknights. Cord destroys them with Excalibur after reaching B Tomes on Turn 1. Cain eventually kills the Bishop boss and goes shopping for some Hand Axes, Pure Waters, and Mend Staves using the Silver Card. The amazing BIG MAC went Pirate and baited one of the left-side mages down towards the bottom of the map so Marth wouldn't die. What a chad. Ogma hit D Bows and Matthis hit C Staves. Chapter 16: 6/110 Turns Man this took massive effort. Ogma went Berserker, everyone else was in their normal class. Gave Cain the Energy Drop so he could ORKO the Heroes with a javelin and ORKO the generic General with a Silver Lance. Cain opens the door on Turn 1 equipped with a javelin. Jake chips the Fortify Cleric. On enemy phase Cain and Cord kill two of the Dracoknights and Wolf chips the last one to reach C Axes as a Hero. Next turn, Jake finishes off the last Dracoknight, and then Cord heals Cain, who moves around the side of the jail cell and uses a vulnerary. Marth recruits Xane, who copies Wolf. Ogma moves above the tile where the Dracoknight that attacked Cain was, since Cain wasn't supposed to kill him, but Cain got a crit, so I just wanted to show that the crit wasn't necessary since Ogma could have finished off the Dracoknight. Jeigan has been flying over the the area with all of the shops in order to bait the Horsemen to the left away from the jail cell, since I can't really deal with them and all of the cavaliers. On Turn 3, Jake kills the Fortify Cleric, and Ogma equipped with the Hand Axe forge stands in range of the Paladin and Horseman still on the central island so that they won't go down towards where Marth needs to stand. Xane opens the bottom door so Marth can use his full move, and then Cain moves two tiles below Marth so the javelin cavalier can't attack him. Cain kills 3 cavaliers and Ogma chips the Horseman and Paladin, also baiting the Armorslayer cavalier over. On Turn 4, Jeigan, uses the top save point so that Xane and Wolf can kill the two remaining cavaliers at the bottom of the map with crits from the forged Iron Axe. Cord then heals Cain so he can survive a hit from the General and ORKO it with a Silver Lance. Jake kills the Horseman on the island and Ogma moves down one tile and gets healed by Lena. The Armorslayer cavalier attacks Ogma but doesn't get ORKOed, which prevents Ogma from getting attacked by the Paladin. On Turn 5, Cain, Wolf, and Xane kill the Horsemen that were trying to kill Jeigan earlier, since when he flew over to the save point they could no longer reach him and so they started moving back towards Marth. Jake kills the Paladin and Ogma kills the cavalier on the island. Jeigan goes and buys some more door keys since I was all out of them. Xane uses the second save point on the last turn for the boss kill. Ogma ORKOs the boss, but he only has 68 hit because the Hammer has terrible base hit and the boss also has a Killer Lance which would OHKO Ogma if he did crit. Chapter 17: 3/113 Turns Cain went Paladin, Ogma went Horseman. Cain went in and killed the javelin thwomps, Wolf killed the mage, Ogma killed the Bishops and put the VIP Card into the convoy. Xane copied Jake and they killed the Thieves. Cain ORKOed the boss with the Dragonpike, and then Jeigan bought two Poleaxes, a Killer Axe, a Killer Lance, and a Longbow. Chapter 17x: 7/110 Turns Ogma went Horseman for the move. So the difficult thing about this chapter is that Marth, Cain, and Ogma need to full-move basically every turn except the last turn in order to both unlock the throne room as well as kill the enemies before Marth gets there. Jake and Xane were also very important for this since even with Ogma and Cain full-moving every turn, the ballistae still need to kill some enemies in the way so that they can be able to do that. Most interesting was a cavalier that needed to die on Turn 5 for Cain to unlock the throne room and for Ogma to move far enough ahead to kill a Mercenary on Turn 6 to keep Marth safe, but Jake + Xane don't 2HKO the cavalier. Marth however, can exactly reach this cavalier with his full movement, so he gets his first kill since Chapter 9 because of this. The boss kill is very easy, since Ogma and Cain easily 4HKO the boss between the two of them. Besides that, Matthis squeezed in one last level before he promotes next chapter. Chapter 18: 6/116 Turns Promoted Matthis and reclassed him to Dracoknight. Forged a +7 might, +10 hit Ridersbane named the Riderspain so that Jeigan and Matthis could OHKO every enemy on the map. Technically I only needed a +6 might Ridersbane for this, but I need +7 might for Chapter 20, and +7 might would let Jeigan and Matthis OHKO every enemy on the map (except the boss) even if they only had Dracoknight base strength. Xane copies Cain on this map since I need another Ridersbane user and Cain has the best stats out of all of them. Ogma and Wolf keep Marth from getting attacked on the bridge, while the flier squad and Jake kill all of the dudes on the middle strip of land on Turn 2. Cain baits and kills a Horseman on Turn 3 enemy phase, which causes the rest of that group of enemies to move into range of the rest of my units, who then finish them off on Turn 4. Cain finally reaches A Lances by killing the boss, and both he and Jeigan reached D Axes as well. Chapter 19: 5/121 Turns Promoted Lena. Gave Ogma a Speedwing to double the Heroes. Cain and Ogma went up and kept Marth safe while killing dudes in the way while everyone else either got chests or killed thieves. Wolf went and opened the room with the Master Seal Sniper since Jeigan, Matthis, Rickard, and Xane had already gotten the chests, so it let me get some more money from the extra Master Seal. Other than that Jake helped chip the thieves and Cord got some heals in. Chapter 20: 5/126 Turns Ogma went Berserker. Forged +10 hit on a Poleaxe for reliability. This was made slightly harder by Wolf, Ogma, and Cord all being 1 speed short of doubling the Paladins, but Jake and Lena were able to help out to kill them so it was fine. Ogma and Wolf killed the Generals and the ballista was killed by Stonehoist Jake and a hit + crit with the Killer Lance from Matthis. Cain then kills everything else on the top of the map while everyone else manages to kill all of the bottom Paladins somehow. Shoutout to Matthis for tanking 1 of the Paladins thanks to having exactly enough speed to not get doubled (or quaded in this case). Finally a use for his only good stat, HP. Cain OHKOed Camus with the Riderspain and Caeda recruited Lorenz. Chapter 20x: 6/132 Turns Had Ogma go right to kill the Manakete and Ymir for some exp and to let Rickard get the chests so I could sell their contents for money. Lorenz and Cord went left and slowly killed everything over there. Everyone else went up. Xane copied Cain so he would have enough move to reach the save point of all things. Chapter 21: 3/135 Turns Oh man this was effort. Gave Cain the 2nd Angelic Robe and Matthis my last speedwing. Cord is on the left, Lorenz and Jeigan on the right, everyone else in the middle. So in order to keep Marth from getting attacked by a Dracoknight on Turn 2, I need Wolf to move in range of two of the Generals on Turn 1. So to keep them from attacking Wolf, I have Ogma with an Armorslayer and Iron Axe Matthis each in range of one of them, and they get baited to attack them instead because of their worse defense. Jeigan also uses the Geosphere on Turn 1, since I need the slight bit of chip damage in order for Ogma to kill the General with the Armorslayer, Lorenz to kill the Dracoknights on the right side with the forged Iron Bow, and for Jake + Cain to kill a General without Cain taking a counter attack so he has full HP for enemy phase. Enemy phase is a bit annoying, since Cain faces 8 brave weapon hits at 66 hit each and a Killer Bow and Killer Lance at 80+ hit and 20ish crit. Cain either needs to dodge some combination of 3 Brave weapon hits, or one of the Killer weapons and 1 Brave weapon hit to survive. On Turn 2, Lena uses Recover on Matthis, and then he, Cain (who uses the Gradivus to full heal), and Wolf move to protect Marth from a javelin Dracoknight. Matthis also uses a Pure Water, since even though he has the highest res of anyone in range, the mage still attacks him because Matthis has the lowest luck. So Matthis needs the Pure Water and the Speedwing so he won't get doubled by the Dracoknight and survive a hit from both the Dracoknight and the mage. On Turn 3, Jeigan buys 3 Energy Drops, 3 Spirit Dusts, and 3 Secret Books. Didn't get any Speedwings since I don't need them, and it's better to just spend the money on extra hit for forges than to buy the Goddess Icons.
  10. Linde. Chapter 3: 6/20 Turns Just had everyone walk forward. I couldn't deal with all 3 fighters and the 2 hunters at once, so I didn't bait the hunters to move until after the fighters were slightly chipped. Used the first save point to rig a Wing Spear crit to finish off a fighter on Turn 4. Cord + Cain killed the other one while Jeigan + Ogma killed one hunter and Jeigan, Marth, and Wrys trapped the other hunter so he couldn't attack anyone. Used the second save point to kill the boss, who was exactly killed by a Killing Edge crit from Ogma followed by an Iron Sword from Jeigan and Cain. Jeigan needed to also dodge one 53 hit Hand Axe from the boss. Jeigan and Cain could have used Steel Swords instead if Cain and/or Ogma hadn't proced any strength by this point. Unfortunately I don't have enough units to both kill the boss and get the vulnerary from the Steel Axe fighter. Caeda is too busy recruiting Navarre and gets OHKOed, and Cord can't deal enough damage by himself to finish off the fighter, and also gets killed on the counter-attack anyway since Wrys has to heal Jeigan instead on the last turn so he has enough HP to survived one attack from the boss. I also skipped the Devil Axe village since I don't have anyone who can use it. Chapter 4: 7/27 Turns Reclassed Jeigan to Dracoknight and Cord to Dark Mage. Forged 5 might onto the Wing Spear. Ogma and Cain chip the thief at the start to take damage on purpose so Lena could heal them for exp. Cord finished off the thief. Bought a Steel Lance since the Silver Lance is nearly broken. On Turn 2 1 cavalier gets killed by Caeda and two more get brought to half health by Silver Lance Jeigan. On Turn 3, Caeda OHKOs the only cavalier that didn't take any damage last turn, Cord + Cain kill one, and Ogma finishes off the last one with a Killing Edge crit. Jeigan can't help chip the last cavalier since he needs to move below the knight so that the archers don't kill all of my units. Marth then recruits Merric and Lena recruits Matthis. Everyone moves into position for the next turn when I start killing the archers and the knight and bait the Horsemen. Caeda OHKOs the thwomp, Marth + Jeigan + Cain kill the left archer, and Ogma + Matthis + Cord kill the right archer. One of the Horsemen kills Merric, while the other one attacks Cord who survives with 1 HP. Next turn Caeda kills one Horseman and Jeigan + Ogma + Cain kill the other one. Matthis chokes the bridge and gets attacked by the thief, who prevents any of the fighters from attacking anyone. Cord moved up and chipped the cleric for 1 damage just for the wexp. On the last turn, Cain kills the Cleric for a level, Ogma finishes off the thief Matthis chipped, and Caeda brings the boss down to 1 HP with the Wing Spear for Cord to finish off. Chapter 5: 4/31 Turns Forged a +5 might Fire Tome named DOGA FIRE for Cord so he could 3HKO thwomps for the next few maps as well as kill a thief on this map with help from the amazing Matthis. Caeda moves up in range of the closest cavalier, and Jeigan moves in range of all 3 of them equipped with the Ridersbane. The closest one attacks Caeda and dies while the other two get left on 3 HP after Jeigan chips them. Cord and Matthis finish off the cavaliers since everyone else needs to move ahead while Lena heals Caeda so that she can survive the javelin cavalier. Wolf just chips stuff with the Iron Bow for a little bit of exp. Marth tanks an archer on Turn 3, and then everyone kills the archers in the way so that Marth can seize after Caeda crits the boss. Chapter 6: 7/38 Turns Reclassed Jeigan to Paladin, Ogma to Hunter, Wolf to General, and Matthis to Cleric. Forged a +7 might Iron Bow so Ogma could 2HKO an archer in the throne room from across the wall. Ogma moves left to bait the archer and mage in the throne room with Lena behind him to heal him with Mend. Everyone else moves forward. Cain chips a thwomp on enemy phase to reach D Lances. On Turn 2, Ogma kills the archer and gets healed to kill the mage on enemy phase, Cord finishes off the thwomp that Cain chipped, Caeda OHKOs the other thwomp in the corridor, Marth + Wolf kill the cleric while having Wolf also choke the point, and Cain + Jeigan kill the mage. Matthis uses the save point since Jeigan needs to dodge the archer on enemy phase. The next few turns have Cain and Jeigan chipping thieves with javelins so that Cord can finish them off to get the items they stole, Matthis healing Wolf so he can keep choking the point, and Caeda killing thwomps. On the last turn, Rickard uses the save point so Caeda can crit the boss (nobody else can do any damage and nobody has enough HP left to survive a hit anyway), and then Cord chips the Master Key cavalier with Fire so Jeigan can kill him with the Ridersbane. Ogma kills one of the archers that had been attacking Wolf the whole map and Matthis and Lena get some heals in before Marth seizes. STATS: Marth Lv. 3.00 Scrub 20HP/6Str/0Mgc/4Skl/9Spd/9Lck/7Def/0Res D Swords Jeigan Lv. --/3.12 Paladin 23HP/8Str/1Mgc/10Skl/8Spd/2Lck/10Def/6Res D Swords B Lances Caeda Lv. 8.13 Pegasus Knight 20HP/8Str/1Mgc/9Skl/19Spd/15Lck/7Def/6Res C Lances Cain Lv. 8.30 Cavalier 25HP/11Str/0Mgc/10Skl/12Spd/6Lck/9Def/0Res D Swords D Lances Ogma Lv. 7.36 Hunter 26HP/9Str/0Mgc/8Skl/10Spd/4Lck/6Def/0Res E Bows Cord Lv. 7.42 Dank Mage 17HP/2Str/4Mgc/8Skl/8Spd/7Lck/6Def/4Res D Tomes Lena Lv. 5.53 Cleric 16HP/0Str/3Mgc/8Skl/10Spd/9Lck/3Def/9Res C Staves Matthis Lv. 3.82 Cleric 19HP/0Str/1Mgc/1Skl/4Spd/1Lck/3Def/6Res E Staves Wolf Lv. --/3.63 General Base Rickard Lv. 1.00 Thief Base Chapter 6x: 7/45 Turns Reclassed Jeigan back to Dracoknight and Wolf to Hero. Forged a +4 Iron Sword named Iaito so Ogma could 3HKO the pirates so he could kill them on player phase without taking a second hit. Just walked forward pretty much. Got Wolf a level and some axe wexp. Since Ogma proced speed part-way through the chapter he could double the boss with the Killing Edge, which let me kill the boss with just him and Cain, but if he didn't proc speed than Jeigan could have used the Silver Lance on the boss to make up for the lost damage. Chapter 7: 7/52 Turns Reclassed Ogma and Cord to Hunter since it lets them get way more exp. The Pegasus Knights have too much res for Dank Mage Cord to deal any significant damage. Nothing happens on Turn 1. On Turn 2, Jeigan, Caeda, Wolf, and Cain arrange themselves in a square (Wolf and Cain killed the thief too). This causes the Pegasus Knights to attack Caeda, who doubles them and leaves them with 10 HP each. The Dracoknight can't attack Caeda since she's now blocked off on all sides, so he attacks Jeigan, who barely survives thanks to weapon triangle advantage from equipping an axe making the Dracoknight lose 2 attack. Cord, Ogma, and Caeda finish off the fliers next turn. Wolf and Jeigan move onto forts and Cain "kills" Est for some exp. On the next turn, Jeigan moves to the lowest fort and Wolf moves in front of the fort on the left to trap the cavalier that will spawn. Marth moves onto the top fort and unequips his weapon. This causes the javelin thwomps to attack Caeda instead, and Matthis uses a save point so she dodges one of them. After Marth moves off the fort, Cain takes his place to prevent more reinforcements from spawning. Caeda kills one of the thwomps and gets healed by Lena with Physic. Marth equips a sword so that the Knight will attack him instead. Cord and Ogma just spend their time taking pot shots at the Pegasus sisters for exp. Rickard uses the second save point on the last turn so Caeda can crit the boss. Wolf also finally manages to kill the cav he's been tanking for like 3 turns. Good job. Also Matthis got to D Staves. Yay? Chapter 8: 5/57 Turns Ogma went back to Mercenary and Cord went back to Dank Mage. Forged +4 might and +5 hit on the Ridersbane so that Jeigan and Cain can OHKO cavaliers with it for the next few chapters. Marth and Cord went for the boss while everyone else cleared the path. Baited the Horsemen down on the second-last turn so that Cain, Ogma, and Jeigan could each kill one for a bunch of exp. Recruited Roger. Had Rickard buy a bunch of vulneraries and the second Wing Spear since the first one only has 2 uses left. Cord exactly killed the boss with a DOGA FIRE crit (I had forged crit on it back in Chapter 5). Chapter 9: 5/62 Turns Reclassed Wolf to Berserker and forged a +3 might + 15 hit Hand Axe for him so that he can sort of hit pirates on sea tiles... maybe. Had Wolf and Jeigan bait some pirates away from the main group. Ogma could ORKO hunters with the Iaito which was nice. Killed the boss with a DOGA FIRE crit + a Steel Lance from Cain. Cain reached C Lances finally and Wolf reached D Axes as a Hero. Chapter 10: 8/70 Turns Cord and Ogma went Hunter again because of the fliers. Wolf went back to Hero to tank a Dracoknight without getting doubled. Matthis went Cavalier so he could chuck javelins at stuff 3 times so that he'll have C Lances when he promotes for Ridersbane useage. Caeda baited the javelin cavalier on Turn 1, chipping him with her own javelin, and then she, Jeigan, and Cain killed the other 3 cavaliers with their effective weaponry while everyone else helped finish off the one Caeda chipped last turn. Wolf and Cain form a wall so that they can only get attacked by 1 Dracoknight each. On the next turn, Cord and Ogma finish off the Dracoknights with the Iron Bow forge, and then Caeda + Wolf kill the Silver Lance!Pegasus Knight and Jeigan + Cain kill the Javelin!Pegasus Knight. Nothing really happens for the next few turns other than Cord and Ogma killing the thief and attacking the archers through the wall for some exp. Cain and Wolf kill the Hero over two turns and then Caeda kills the boss. Chapter 11: 9/79 Turns Tons of preparations for this chapter. Cain promoted, reclassed to Dracoknight, used the Speedwing so he could double the Sniper and the Angelic Robe so he could tank the three cavaliers on the left side and survive with 5 HP. Also forged a +2 might, +10 hit, +7 crit Iron Axe so that Cain could ORKO the cavaliers (can't use the Ridersbane because he needs WTA to not die) and OHKO the Manakete boss with a crit. Caeda went Myrmidon so that she wouldn't get OHKOed by Jake while trying to recruit him and so she could bait the Sniper. Ogma went Mercenary so he could double the Mercenaries, Cord went Dank Mage, Wolf went General to tank the Mercenaries, and Matthis went Archer to kill the javelin Pegasus Knight since he gets doubled and ORKOed and has the lowest defense so they prioritize attacking him over dudes like Jeigan, Cord, or Wolf even though they are also in range. The Iron Bow forge from back in Chapter 6 lets him exactly OHKO the Pegasus Knights even though he is still at base strength due to all his levels being in Cleric. So Wolf, Ogma, and Cord go to the market to talk to Anna and buy some stuff, Marth, Caeda, and Jeigan go around to the throne, Matthis tanks the Stonehoist guy and kills the Pegasus Knights, and Cain goes around clearing out the boss area of enemies before Marth gets there. Cain fed the generic cavalier on the gate to Jake by chipping him with the Iron Axe forge instead of just OHKOing him with the Ridersbane forge. STATS: Marth Lv. 3.30 Scrub 20HP/6Str/0Mgc/4Skl/9Spd/9Lck/7Def/0Res D Swords Jeigan Lv. --/4.77 Dracoknight 21HP/9Str/1Mgc/11Skl/9Spd/2Lck/12Def/3Res A Lances E Axes Caeda Lv. 12.61 Myrmidon 21HP/8Str/0Mgc/16Skl/20Spd/18Lck/6Def/0Res E Swords (B Lances) Cain Lv. 13/2.88 Dracoknight 39HP/18Str/1Mgc/18Skl/19Spd/11Lck/13Def/4Res B Lances E Axes (D Swords) (1 Angelic Robe, 1 Speedwing, 1 Goddess Icon) Ogma Lv. 12.24 Mercenary 28HP/11Str/0Mgc/13Skl/19Spd/5Lck/8Def/0Res C Swords Cord Lv. 12.43 Dank Mage 19HP/3Str/6Mgc/10Skl/12Spd/10Lck/7Def/4Res D Tomes Lena Lv. 11.74 Cleric 19HP/0Str/7Mgc/10Skl/11Spd/12Lck/3Def/13Res B Staves Matthis Lv. 7.48 Archer 22HP/6Str/0Mgc/5Skl/5Spd/3Lck/6Def/0Res E Bows (D Lances D Staves) Wolf Lv. --/6.47 General 36HP/11Str/0Mgc/5Skl/7Spd/8Lck/18Def/1Res D Lances E Bows (D Axes) Rickard Lv. 1.11 Thief Base Jake Lv. 1.54 Ballista Base Chapter 12: 6/85 Turns Forged a +1 might, +15 hit, +10 crit Arrowspate to kill the boss. Cain went Paladin instead of Dracoknight so he could bait the Sniper without getting OHKOed. Everyone went through the treasure room except Cord and Jake, who killed the thieves. Jake killed the boss on Turn 2 to prevent the reinforcements from spawning and killing Jake. Killing the boss before the reinforcements spawn also makes the Paladin mini boss not move, so I had Jeigan go along with Cain to the boots room since Cain needs to kill him in order for Jeigan to be able to reach the boots chest. Only Midia and BIG MAC survived in the jail cell. Chapter 12x: 4/89 Turns Gave Marth the boots. This is really easy since Horace's group doesn't attack you or even move. Just got in one last level for Cord and Ogma before they promote. Marth got A KILL.
  11. Chapter 2: 5/14 Man early game H5 is not draft friendly. So everyone went forward, with Darros recruiting himself on Turn 1 so he could choke-point the island and die. I have Cord choke the top bridge on the left side on Turn 2 since the pirate moves first, which prevents a cavalier from attacking Cord so he instead suicides on Caeda while the second cavalier can't attack anyone. This also causes Castor to move two spaces to the left of the second cavalier so that Caeda can recruit him and kill the second cavalier at the same time next turn. Turn 3 Jeigan and Cain bait the pirates near the boss to move. On Turn 4, Jeigan, Cain, and Ogma all just move towards the boss (Jeigan and Cain using a vulnerary) instead of attacking any of the remaining pirates while Marth gets the money from the village. All of the pirates kill the undrafted meatshields except for Wrys and Abel. Jeigan chips the boss with the Silver Lance, and then Wrys uses the save point so that Cain (or Ogma but I used Cain since he's more important long-term) can finish off the boss with a Steel Sword crit.
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