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  1. Release dates are the same all over Europe. It then depends on the retailer if the date is moved later.
  2. Trust me, two full months is more that enough, expecially when the game is already translated in a language you understand. I ended up spoiling Awakening entirely during those two months of agony.
  3. I know the image is big, but I've taken it with my phone. So please forgive me if I haven't had time to resize it. I went to Gamestop today to buy Xenoblade Chronicles X, and when they showed me the games coming up in the next month, I saw that Fates had a release date, scheduled for 4/30, or at least that's for Italy. Keep in mind that this isn't offical, so it might as well be false.
  4. Happy birthday!

  5. It depends from the route. On Hoshido and on IK I think you can give the Boots to Oboro and not have any problem. On Nohr it'd be best to give it to either Camilla or Xander, since that +1 Mov can really help them. I don't have the game though, so take this with a grain of salt. I think that EXP gain varies based on difficulty. Maybe you're playing on Hard or Lunatic while others are playing on Easy/Phoenix.
  6. Clones only give the class stat bonuses. Their personal skill doesn't have effect and they can't Dance. They're only useful for fighting.
  7. Yes, definitively Ogre Strike.
  8. I already have Counter on Kamui, expecially for Braves. The last skill is the one I have left, and I'm wondering if making it Dragon Fang or Aether. As you said, the former is helpful in dealing with enemies, while the latter can heal Kamui. But I still have an healer, so that shouldn't be too big of a problem. I'm not planning on using Azura, so the problem for Golden Coins is still open.
  9. You get them back. I don't know if Kamui has access to the convoy on online, though. That'd be great.
  10. That's where Jakob's Absolute Protection kicks in. It nullifies the Dragonstone's -10 Avoid, bringing it to +5. Dragon Fang could be really cool to have, but would it be worth of put it instead of Swordreaver? Siegfried and Rajiin Katana are the bane of this build, and Yato - Final is still a pretty big deal. Kunai will hit me no matter what I do, so it's better if I focus on Swords. For the last skill, Extravagance does cost Golden Coins, and if I plan to have Dragonstone, Dragonstone+, Yato - Final, Rainbow Elixir and a staff in my inventory I don't have any space left for coins. I'd rather give Femui Aether. This way Jakob can have Miracle, Aegis, Pavise, Astra and Guard Stance+.
  11. Hey! It's been a while since I've posted in this topic. It's really a source of a lot of good ideas. Nyx is everywhere. I get that she's the best magical mom, but there shouldn't be so many children that need her. Ophelia, Foleo and Syalla are the only kids who need magic. I was thinking of a Dragonstone tank for online. A General could fill the role, but poor Mov, armor busters(Needle Shurikens and Armorslayers) and being subject to WT are disadvantages. Of course things like Wyrmslayers exist, but stones are the only weapons outside the WT in this game and the Dragonstones are really powerful, thanks to having high Mt(Dragonstone+ has 25 Mt) while targeting Res and giving good defensive bonuses. At first I thought that Kanna could fill the role well thanks to his/her personal skill, but the bonuses that Yato - Final gives are too good to overlook. Kamui also has 4 other things that Kanna can never have: units that have personal skills crafted to support Kamui. Out of those, Jakob's one is the most intersting for my build: Absolute Protection gives +15 Avoid and reduces damage by 3. Thus Femui with Jakob as Guard Stance Support will be the couple that I'm going to work with. Femui(+Def -Luk) White Blood -Nohr -Draconic Curse/Swordbreaker -Defensive Formation -Diamond Strike/Kunaibreaker -Counter I chose White Blood as Femui's class since has better defenses than Black Blood and has access to Staves, which is a big plus, expecially because Femui can heal and inflict statuses. With a +Def -Luck build I can raise her defenses without damaging her Magic. Defensive Formation is ovbious, Nohr is there to benefit from any proc skill that Jakob has, and Counter is mainly there for those damn Braves. Swordbreaker and Kunaibreaker are there since those are the weapons that damage my build the most by debuffing or by sheer power(Yato - Final in the hands of a Trueblade is not nice, Siegfried and Rajiin Katana have that 1-2 range that does mess a lot with my strategy). If she can do fine even without the breakers, than Draconic Curse and Diamond Strike can help her being a better tank. Copycat Puppet wouldn't help in this situation, at all. Jakob Dark Knight -Distinguished Son -Battle Command -Miracle -Aegis -Pavise He shouldn't fight, since his role is to Guard Stance support. His class is Dark Knight since it is the only one that gives both Magic and Defense as Guard Stance bonuses. Distinguished Son and Battle Command help Femui's survivability, while the other skills are for Femui's Nohr. What do you think? Is there any way I can make it better?
  12. Congrats on finishing the game! Ephraim masterrace Do you plan to do a unit analysis?
  13. He can't see them since he's an extra character.
  14. If you're still in time and you want to use Stone to give someone Dark Magic, pick up another Stone. You need 7 uses(the last one of a Stone doesn't give WEXP) to use Flux.
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