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  1. I wasn't able to find another topic like this on the forums (though it likely does exist), so here goes: If you could add any playable units and/or supports into Awakening, who/which would they be? My top picks are: For Units: Raimi Phila Mustafa Pheros For Supports: Chrom x Cordelia Chrom x Gangrel (this one would have to require really superb writing) Chrom x Walhart Chrom x Priam Basilio x Flavia (all the way into an S-Support; it would have been really cool if they got married and had a kid that was part of the future squad) Basilio x Lon'qu Basilio x Olivia Basilio x Chrom Basilio x Mustafa Basilio x Vaike Flavia x Raimi Flavia x Lucina Emmeryn x Chrom Emmeryn x Lissa Emmeryn x Frederick Emmeryn x Gangrel Gangrel x Aversa Walhart x Pheros Say'ri x Yen'fay Say'ri x Lon'qu Say'ri x Lucina Olivia x Priam I'd be curious to hear other people's ideas for units and supports! =)
  2. ....Hahaha sorry, I'm new here =P Is there a way to delete a specific post?
  3. This is a fantastic analysis, I gotta say. And now that you mention it, I find myself in agreement -- they should have given Lucina the same response to killing the Avatar in all three scenarios (I would lean towards her deciding not to kill and instead let "destiny" be rewritten). That being said, I still love her relationship with Robin, as either husband or mother, and just how that scene plays out. Like I said, I wish she came to the same conclusion even if Robin wasn't a loved one, but c'est la vie I suppose. I don't think it necessarily makes her "weak" though. It opens up a huge discussion on love and moral philosophy and everything in between. I mean, would you be 100% committed to ending a loved one's life so that X number of people a thousand years from now don't get killed by a giant dragon? (And then there's the fact that you don't know what will happen, how many people will die, or even if humanity exists at all in that rebirth of Grima.) Any room for doubt and any semblance of love you feel for the person you're supposed to kill can overwhelm you, and that's the human condition; I don't think Lucina and Chrom weak if they choose their loved one over the "kill Grima for good" option. That's why I think certain parts of FE13 are great exercises in "greater good" ethics. That's wicked cute XD
  4. Fair enough. Granted, I never really said the pairings were canon; only that I personally considered them "canon" in a sense. I threw in the "opinion-based" thing at the end to establish that. I suppose this thread might have been given am inaccurate name. Understandable, as is any other matter of taste. I personally found those scenes more compelling when Robin is either the mother or the husband of Lucina, but difference of opinion is awesome, hoenstly. Out of curiosity, why did the scene make you hate Lucina as a character? I've heard other people say that it makes her seem selfish, that she would sacrifice the good of many for the sake of her individual mother or husband; if that's the case, I can totally understand (though obviously not come to the same conclusion haha), and it does open up all kinds of interesting moral philosophy conversation. Just curious, hopefully it didn't come off as rude or pushy =)
  5. Does anybody else feel like the makers of Awakening sorta-kinda intended for the player to pair up their Avatar with Chrom (if female) or Lucina (if male)? I know there aren't really any canon couples in the game per se, but it does feel like there are certain pushes from the makers. Obviously they also really try to hammer in Chrom X Sumia as well, but it's safe to say that doing f!Robin X Chrom and m!Robin X Lucina brings out the most epic plot-driven drama the game can produce. In either instance, Lucina tries to come to terms with killing her mother or her husband, and the scene is just so heartbreaking and powerful, especially because of the music and dialogue. It's gotten to a point where I now consider at least m!Robin X Lucina "canon", just cause their relationship makes the game a decent bit more compelling. I also found their supports and their conversations at the DLC hot springs to be cute as hell. Obviously this is just opinion-based, and I'm happy to hear replies from people completely disgusted by the pairing ("That's his best friend's kid, you sicko!"). From the sounds of it, though, m!Robin X Lucina and f!Robin X Chrom are really popular ships. Like.....really popular, so if anyone has a reason why they ship them so hard, feel free to respond! =P
  6. I mean the style. Like how the characters are drawn. I wasn't convinced when I first saw screenshots way back in 2012, but it won me over in spades once the game came to the US. Some of the costumes are silly-looking (some of the knights, the Dark Knight class, etc.), among other things, so I can see the point about the art direction. Even so, it's a matter of personal preference anyway. I'd call this another personal preference thing. I'm just kinda tired of the main characters in Fire Emblem being so dang young. As an example: how Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, and Awakening all changed the character battle models depending on the weapon they were using. Especially in Awakening, where you could use ridiculous weapons like logs and ladles, which really added to the fun.
  7. I didn't even know about this! I watched their conversations on Youtube and they're adorable! They do give the impression that Cordelia really did get over Chrom.
  8. m!Robin (Build 01) x Lissa Cuz Lissa is awesome and hilarious. I pair them up only if Robin is of Build 01, where he looks to be in the 17 to 20 age range; Lissa is somewhere in the 15 to 18 age range during the course of the game. Followed by Olivia and Lucina m!Robin (Build 03) x Cherche Even though I really don't like their support conversations. "Waitwhat! You want me to chaperone a wyvern date?! But I don't know anything about wyverns!!......I'm in love with you, Cherche." I like having them together because Cherche is awesome, Gerome is awesome, Cherche!Morgan is awesome, and they all make such a cool Wyvern Lord family!f!Robin x Chrom Illicit romance between captain and tactician.....saucy ;). Nah, but in all honesty, I think their relationship works well; very egalitarian and supportive. Plus, it produces the best Lucina you could possibly have. f!Robin x Priam is also quite cool. Sully x Vaike They're both ridiculously blunt -- all of their generic romance conversations on event tiles look like they were written to appear together. Plus, Vaike passes down a Mercenary class to his daughter, and you can't go wrong with Kjelle with Armsthrift.Lucina x Gerome Owain x Severa Brady x Noire Cynthia x Yarne For other characters, I tend to just pair them up depending on skill inheritance or other outside factors. I don't have as strong opinions on other pairings.
  9. I like the idea several other people are pitching on here: a remake of the Jugdral series or the Elibe series. Either one would offer plenty of interesting potential for skill inheritance. Though I've never played the Jugdral series games, I've heard that they're among the best, especially considering the darker story and intense gameplay. I have played FE6 and FE7 though, and I think after Awakening they may be my favorite in the overall franchise. As one game, they could definitely turn FE7 into Part One and FE6 into Part Two. A few things I think they should change if they ever did do remake: Change the art style to the one used in Awakening. Increase main character ages in FE6. (Roy being only 15? Nah, how bout at least 19, like pre-Chapter 12 Chrom?) Make support conversations more in-depth and allow each character to pair off with any member of the opposite sex to produce the FE6 children. I'd be totally game for same-sex romantic relationships in a Fire Emblem game, as would plenty of other fans, but I don't think Nintendo feels comfortable doing that yet (which is a real shame). Alter gameplay towards many of the aesthetic changes that have been made since the original FE6 and FE7. It would make a damn cool game, just so long as they avoided some of the follies of FE11 (which, to be fair, I found fun, but definitely the weakest of the FE games I've played). If they decide against a remake for the next game, I think they should also decide against a sequel to Awakening. Another world with all-new characters would be a better idea in my opinion. We could use a game without royalty as the main Lord(s) anyway.
  10. I agree with the people saying that they'd remove Nowi S-Supports. She may or may not be lying about the 1000-year old thing, but it doesn't really matter either way -- she is, in essence, a prepubescent child with the maturity and outlook of a child. I realize this opens up a really big debate about what defines adulthood and what defines maturity, and yes, it is arbitrary and vague at times, but "arbitrary and vague" is the human condition. I will make and defend the argument that it is unethical to enter a romantic/sexual relationship with someone whose understanding of the world is soooo much simpler than yours; there's a power dynamic, and a person is being taken advantage of. I would make the same case for Robin forming an S-Support with Emmeryn -- the latter is mentally-handicapped to the point that she can barely understand basic human interactions, and the former is formulating complex battle strategies that have huge effects on the world as they know it. Befriending is fine, but romantic and sexual relationships come with stronger implications of mental/emotional/physical/spiritual equality. I suppose it's tough to measure....er, spiritual equality, for example, but I suppose it's on a continuum, and you know it when you see/feel it. Intuitively-speaking, Nowi S-Support relationships just rub many people the wrong way (myself included), and even though she's descibed as being over a thousand years old, an unspoken ethical boundary still feels like it's been crossed.
  11. This topic should hopefully be pretty self-explanatory: Who do you think is the best match for Robin? This can count for either (or both) the male and the female Robin, and "best match" can include chemistry, battle strategy, or something else entirely. I personally think, for m!Robin, Lissa and Olivia have supports with the best chemistry. Lissa brings out the complete ridiculousness in Robin ("Risen! Wolves! Risen riding wolves!!" and the rubbery thing he does with his face), and Olivia just seems very at ease and fun around him (which is rare in and of itself). I really like Cherche and Cordelia as characters too, but the former's support conversations are so boring as far as I'm concerned ("Wait...you want me to be a chaperone on a wyvern date?!!? But I don't know anything about wyverns!!....I think I'm in love with you, Cherche."), and the latter always seems like she's settling whenever she pairs up with someone other than Chrom (plus, her monologues relating to Chrom in the barracks and on the event tiles never change, leading you to believe she never does get over her love for Chrom). Severa's aren't bad either, as she demonstrates to Robin that she has an eye for strategy, giving them something really important in common. For f!Robin, I liked the supports with Chrom and Priam. Obviously Chrom and Robin make a good match regardless of gender, and I did like the Robin proposal conversation at the end of Chapter 11 (rather than their regular S-Support conversation where Chrom seems like he's ready to have a heart attack); more sappy, but also more romantic and in-line with their characterizations. Priam is just a really cool warrior with a spiritual side, and his conversations with Robin seem quite natural. Lon'qu's supports were just....weird. Two words: fig bruises.
  12. I'm not a new player, but I think it'd be cool to get opinions on the best way to optimize the children characters. My focus is on Galeforce and Armsthrift in combination, and I think I found a good way to give most of the children characters at least Armsthrift. Obviously I go with Armsthrift alongside Limit Breaker so that I don't have to worry about weapon breakage, and Galeforce speaks for itself. I also just recently learned that Vaike can pass down a Mercenary reclass to a daughter, so this gives more potential. So far, in my current game, I have these pairings set aside: Chrom + Olivia = Galeforce Lucina and Galeforce/Armsthrift/Sol/Rightful King Inigo My Avatar + Cherche = Armsthrift/Renewal Gerome and Armsthrift/Renewal Morgan (an entire family of Wyvern Lords) Lissa + Donnel = Galeforce/Armsthrift Owain Vaike + Sully = Armsthrift/Counter/Swordfaire Kjelle Tharja + Gregor = Armsthrift/Luna Noire Cordelia + Gaius = Galeforce/Armsthrift/Counter Severa I'm just curious if anybody would have any suggestions for things I should be doing differently. Criticism is welcome too!
  13. Is there anyone out there who enjoys using Kellam as a main unit in their army? Every time I've played the game, his character and his "no one sees me" gimmick irritated me to the point that I never even used him in any battles other than as a Pair Up with my Avatar or another character who could use the defense boost. He's just such a boring character as far as I'm concerned, but I'm genuinely curious if anyone else likes him as a character and/or likes using him! =)
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