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  1. ummm just wanna ask, does this hack already have upgraded versions than ver.4?
  2. thanks sir ghast i really do hope i can try atleast one of those :)
  3. ok sorry if not clear sir ghast these are my questions for fe7,8 and 6 hack 1. can any of our hackers make a code that add item slots so instead of 5, we can have any number of item slots for all characters? 2. can any of our hackers add additional feature that add an option to ALL characters? instead of only trade ,items , attack, end, and merchant while being adjacent to our merchant characters we can add storage to all characters so even if we are not adjacent to merlinus they can get and send item to the merchant/caravan 3. (additional ) can anyone here add storage slots instead of 100 to any number more than that? i just wanted to play some games trying all these if any on you can help me :))
  4. hi, im very fond on making my game funny by turning on some cheats and turning off those i dont want, like fast levl ups, perfect lvel ups , and many others that stir my blood, i dont use them after finishing the game once doh, let me ask to our precious hackers and code makers if any of you can make all characters have storage or merchant in their options? for example, only marth has storage options always on in shadow dragon, can any of our beloved hackers make it so everyone in fe7, fe8 or 6 use that feature? or add ite slots to the characters? for example having all characters have 7 or 8 slots instead of 5? i just wanted to try the fun effect if ever anyone can do that, i hope someone can help me :)) thank you very very much, and more power
  5. what happened? it still ended after 1-4 then fast forwarded to 7x again like the old patch? hmmmm anyway i enjoyed that 4 chapters....
  6. ummm hello sirs and ma'am, in what page i can download the latest 1.3? only the 1st and april fools ed are in the 1st page i wondr if anyone can help me....thanks in advance
  7. i already found a solution, i tried using ring and hero crest, i used earth seal (power crest) and that doesnt work so i assumed the ring and hero crest wont work as well, yet the ring and the crest worked :)) i wonder why earth seal didnt worked doh :))
  8. either way, i wanted to thank you, i saw myself in ash..... this made me cry esp the confrontation after chap 22 when they killed bran's son ......
  9. this game ainy look like a hack, its almost like a full pledged game :)) i even liked the story, esp the way their uncle COMPLETELY understands how ash thinks.... i wants to have that kind of friend.... someone who knows me inside out :))) ummm does using cheats like fast levl up messes this hack? cause my katarina and my marco (the 1st fighter) i cant upgrade the class to whatevr their upgraded classes should be, i use 99 exp code to make it 1 action levl up, i hope to use light magic with katarina but i cant cause my protion items dont work on her :) but all in all, this is one of the best ive played so far,
  10. how can i get leon from chapter 14 raging war? omg, what happened, most of my units gone after this stage, including stephanie and the others
  11. sir if u really cant use the dolphin codes, just use the cheat engine so u can adjust the usage and exp values the way u want them....
  12. i dont know but i cant seem to get how to use ur excel file
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