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  1. As I'm doing a fresh run without statues and without a ton of professor points, and without doing any aux battles other than merchant quest+paralogues (explore every other time), I've got to say C anything is not trivial to get. Even with Leonie, who has almost perfectly optimized proficiencies, I'm probably going to end up being late to Paladin certification because I went for C authority on her
  2. I'm doing a fresh run on a different account, and it's jarring to see just how strong recruited characters are. Recruited Felix/Petra are absolute monsters when they joined at level 11 - the only issue is their weapon ranks (Petra C swords, C axes; Felix C swords C brawling). They're like Catherine-lite - high base stats, poor weapon ranks.
  3. Overextending doesn't exist in this game right now, especially with divine pulse. I've cleared hard mode 4 times now and every non warp skip map is striding bow knights/wyverns, having them kill something on player phase, and then have them be 1 man armies spread throughout the map for enemy phase.
  4. Movement / flying / canto do matter for 1 turning maps without a super jacked Lysithea warp. This is why innate pass on Claude is so good (see Enbarr chapter - pop stride, kill commander 1, canto back, get danced, warped, and then kill commander 2). Or the volcano map where a big stride/warp with flier 1 turns. And for non-warp skip maps, after turn 1 your units are going to be separated after stride / warp - having more movement from then helps you clear the map faster, and canto allows you to kill something player phase then position yourself for a big enemy phase sweep. If anything, stride maps canto even more broken because of the ability to clear out units close then canto forward. Discounting canto/move in fire emblem is always silly.
  5. Yeah I don't think it needs to be a good end. But they should have a new route where it's more cohesive and plot points are wrapped up well - right now every single route has major holes (whether it's major character deaths, major plot points, dealing with major antagonists, etc.). It's also a huge ask for people to do at least 3 routes for a complete picture of the lore and context.
  6. I think it's good to have a mix - usually 1 strong archer to take on enemy packs with 2+ range, and the rest be the more mobile units. With that said, it is also kind of fun to run a squad of snipers in the midgame and just decimate everything in stride push without worrying about counters (just snipe down gambit users)
  7. In regards to Weight -3, I think the question you really need to ask is: is it worth going to C armor and taking an ability slot for, at most, +3 speed? Especially if you pump rocky burdocks or your character gets blessed, you may not even need the Weight -3 because your strength goes high enough - e.g., silver bow+ goes to 8 weight, so if you're 30+ strength, weight -3 gives only 1-2 speed
  8. Yeah, even a D level battlalion gives +4 attack and some defense. Better than his personal. Even among E levels, Jeralt's Mercs give 10 crit and 15 avoid I think. His personal is really good only very early game when you can't even use D level battalions yet.
  9. Spent some time analyzing the various battalions (used Serenes Forest initial stats+level up gains, as there aren't Level 5 stats), here's my summary: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1m-LozIAm-_BwzrAb8TkG92bi3LAgFZo2oyslisNZYeI/edit#gid=0 One of the main takeaways is that most of the endgame battalions are in B - A gets access to a few better ones, but that's it. Meanwhile, the lord battalions at C are crazy strong and come extremely early. Battalions are huge stat sticks - stats like 8 physical attack or 5 prot/7 res amount to 20% or more of your natural level ups, which makes getting to B authority very worth it. They are incredibly strong. What it also means is that characters with good proficiencies (who can hit their class requirements faster) are better, because they can hit their authority ranks faster and get the best battalions sooner. Also relevant because bows are really strong. Even for support units, it's relevant since some of the best gambits like stride/retribution are authority rank locked. How I ranked: Physical Rating Phys+Prot+Res+Hit/20+Crit/5+Avo/5 Magical Rating Mag+Prot+Res+Hit/20+Crit/5+Avo/5 Basically saying 20 points of hit, 5 points of crit, or 5 points of avoid = 1 stat point otherwise. Mostly ignored charm. I may want to re-evaluate, as crit/avoid scale well late game (e.g., 10 points of avoid=2 stats if you're about to take 20 damage, or 5 points of crit=15+ damage if you hit a crit) and are non-linear in some ways (e.g., going from 80 to 90 dodge is bigger than 0-10 since you can more much confidently dodge tank - this is even due to hit formulas (90 hit is significantly better than 20 hit due to how it's calculated) Stride Gambits First calling out these, as stride is damn good Seiros Holy Monks, Kingdom Calvary, Gautier Knights - notable here that Kingdom Calvary is for BL and Gautier Knights requires the Sylvain paralogue, if you want more. E Authority *These are pretty bare bones - however, you can usually get some decent stats out of them, and Jeralt's Mercenaries are low key really strong Jeralt's Mercs: 3 attack, 10 crit, 15 avoid. *f you don't rank up authority, this is really good. Endgame, 10 crit and 15 avoid is worth *a lot* and it just becomes a cichol wyvern or other A/B level battalion without as many stats Alliance Duelist: 9 crit, 10 avoid. outclassed version of Jeralt's mercs Kingdom Calvary: 4 atk, 5 hit, 4 prot decent starter stat stick Alliance Mag Corp: 3 mag, 10 avoid, 4 res D Authority The ones here aren't super spicy and most are pretty similar, but a few stand out because they pack both Prot and Res. Also the first flying battalions for peg knights/wyverns Kingdom Pegasus Co.: 4 atk, 5 hit,5 avoid, 3 prot, 4 res Alliance Peg Co: 4 atk, 5 hit, 10 avoid, 2 prot, 3 res imo the strongest choice with 10 avoid Empire Peg Co: 4 atk, 15 hit, 3 prot, 4 res Empire/Kingdom calvary: 4 atk, 4 defense, some hit/avoid Alliance Magic Corp: 3 mag, 10 avoid, 4 res C Authority Where it gets spicy. The Lord battalions are busted and comparable/better to most A and B rank, but a few others stick out as solid (Holst, Vestra). Lord battalions also get 12+ might gambits, which when paired with high strength, can deal some insane damage King of Lions Corp: 10 phys, 5 hit, 15 crit, -5 avoid, 5 protect Probably the ultimate C battalion in terms of offense, and one of the strongest offensive battalions period Holst's Chosen: 7 atk, 5 hit, 5 crit, 7 prot Arguably the best non-lord C battalion for physical Immortal Corp: 8 atk, 15 avoid, 4 prot Might even be stronger than King of Lions late game thanks to the avoid - also easily the strongest flying C battalion Supreme Armored Co: 7 atk, 6 mag, 5 hit, -10 avoid, 6 prot, 5 res The worst lord battalion because of that -10 avo - in general, kind of eh because of it. I rarely run it. Empire/Golden Deer/Kingdom Wyvern Co: 5 atk, 5-15 hit, 5-10 crit, 4 defense Solid stat sticks for C Vestra Sorcery Engineers: 7 mag, 10 avoid, 4 prot, 6 res The single best mage battalion, but also the tankiest C battalion Morfis Magic Corp: 5 mag, 2 prot, 5 res Alt mage battalion but you're better off running stride on the rest of the mages B Authority Endgame quality battalions really start at B, and actually make up most of the best ones. Many are better than A rank battalions Goneril Valkyries: 8 atk, 20 hit, 15 crit, 6 prot, 1 res second highest rated battalion, but 20 hit is probably not as good as some avoid (see A rank Cichol Wyvern) Galata Pegasus Co: 7 atk, 5 hit, 10 avoid, 5 prot, 6 res 2nd tankiest battalion, available at B Brigid Hunters: 4 atk, 10 crit, 20 avoid - might be the best for dodge tanks - 20 avoid, 10 crit Fraldarius Soldiers: 7 atk, 20 crit, 6 prot crit monster, although probably outclassed by Black Peg or Cichol wyvern Gautier: 6 atk, 20 avoid, 5 prot strong avoid option, but Brigid hunters trades 5 prot for 10 crit, which is probably worth it if dodge tanking Empire Elite Wyvern: 8 atk, 10 crit, 6 prot standard stats, probably the best buyable B Holy Knights of Seiros: 7 atk, 5 prot, 7 res Another very good one to buy at B, very tanky Duscur Heavy Soldiers: 8 atk, 5 hit, -15 avoid, 10 prot Golden Deer Calvary: 8 atk, 5 hit, -5 avoid, 7 prot, 2 res Leicester Mercs: 7 atk, 20 hit, 15 crit, 4 prot solid offensive choice Alliance Master Archers: 4 atk, 15 crit, 10 avoid,4 prot Gloucester Knights: 6 phys, 6 mag, 15 hit, 5 prot, 5 res A very well rounded choice Empire Holy Mag: 6 mag, 4 prot, 7 res probably the second strongest mage choice Hervring Prayer Troops: 7 mag, -10 avoid, 4 prot, 6 res Macuil Evil Repelling: 7 mag, 30 hit, 1 prot, 6 res A Authority Once you get to A, you actually don't pick up that many super strong ones Black Eagle Pegasus Co: 7 atk, 10 crit, 10 avoid, 5 prot, 7 res the highest rated battalion by my equation, thanks to the mix of offense and defense Cichol Wyvern Co: 7 atk, 15 hit, 15 crit, 5 avoid, 6 prot, 1 res similar to Goneril but trades some hit for avoid - probably a bit better Black Eagle Heavy Axes: 7 atk, 10 crit, -10 avoid, 8 prot, 2 res Golden Deer Calvary: 8 atk, 5 hit, -5 avoid, 7 prot, 2 res Indech Sword Fighters: 8 atk, 20 hit, 10 crit, 4 prot decent offensive choice but not super amazing Blue Lion mag: 7 mag, 5 hit, -10 avoid, 5 prot, 7 res outclassed by Empire Holy Mag at C To be honest, the rest of the A's, including Indech sword Fighters really, are not particularly standouts.
  10. I do think she truly does want a better world - it's just she is damaged and wrong about the way she goes about creating that improved world.
  11. I finished BL, BE (Edelgard), GD in that order Brief thoughts: I do think that we need...
  12. This is why canto / stride is so OP - kill everything close player phase, then canto forward to kill more enemy phase
  13. Features I'd want to see in a joint route: Game of Thrones, but done right: The three houses join together to defeat a powerful TWSITD (idk, they usurp Edelgard) but then go back to fighting each other - you can only choose one house to join again Alternating house maps: Like Radiant Dawn, you alternate which house / students you control for some of these maps (ala the different routes in RD) Byleth is missing: You don't get Byleth for these chapters (he's captured by TWSITD or something) To trigger the joint route: you need to get B support (highest possible pre time skip) with all 3 lords during your route Could be during Edelgard route, and instead of killing or protecting her, a third option is "Seek Answers"
  14. If you want to be busted, use renown on authority. You keep your previous battalions so C authority for chapter 1 gives you access to 8+ atk from a lord battalion like Dimitri's or Claude's
  15. I had ~6600 in both my NG+ runs (Hard Classic BL, Hard Classic Edegard, Hard Classic GD, now doing Church). I'm going all out this NG+ run though. Lysithea A, Death Blow/Fiendish Blow at level 1, C Authority (for lord battalions), etc. Gauntlets with Death Blow + King of Lions Corp = lulz
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