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  1. I'm currently using a cute picture of one of my guinea pigs, Flavia. It's a bit grainy because I had to sneak up on her and zoom in. Otherwise she would've run off. But it's just too cute. Since I'm using her pic, I obviously have to use her name as well. Otherwise people would think that's me!
  2. Nice, after a long lack of draw luck I've got Muspell on my sixth pull. If only pirate!Sutr had been that nice to me.
  3. I'm in love with Eirika's art. She's gonna be my freebie for sure. The Gatekeeper's attack is hilarious, I love it.
  4. Fuuuuuuuuuu, Sutr looks so awesome. Naesala and Vika are cool too. I want all of them. The princess are meh.
  5. Damn, Caspar has the most annoying voice I've heard in a long time. Good thing I've turned off any sound a long time ago.
  6. I really, really hope that's what'll happen. I would love it. Even if she's out of commission for some time afterwards but I want to see her kick some ass.
  7. Very uninteresting banner. I don't care for Three Houses and Awakening is very blah. Free pull will probably green or red. Orson is cool though so I'm happy he's the free unit.
  8. Since I have no other banner I want to pull on, I think I'll continue for now (I don't mind getting Lyon merges, he's cute). My fingers just get too itchy when I see >9 orbs on my screen. 😛
  9. Yay, Tana won. Now hopefully she'll finally appear on the banner for me. I've already got all the other kids. I mean, I know I'm pretty lucky but I'm a bit salty that I didn't get the kid I wanted the most. I don't want to buy orbssssssss.
  10. I'm definitely starting with Tana. Innes, Lyon and Eirika will be my second/ third choice. All the kids have really neat art. I like all of them.
  11. Maybe it's about the situation with the crown in their supports. That'd be cute.
  12. Tana is so cute. All of them are and I'm happy that Eirika is the lead of the duo. I still hope to get Tana or Lyon before I'm tempted to buy orbs.
  13. Has the time finally come where I will actually spend money on this game?
  14. Forget the hair, how did Sumeragi hide his helmet under that hood? I didn't remember what Sumeragi looked like so I just noticed that he and Garon both have very weirdly coloured beards. Or do they have the same hair (beard?) dresser?
  15. Love Gustave and Henriette, want both. It's really mean that they left out Sharena, though. To be honest, I would switch her with Alphonse or Veronica. Duo Lif amuses me so I don't mind him. A Gustav/ Henriette duo would've been cute as well, though, especially since it was mentioned that they met/ or fell in love (don't remember it word for word) at the festival. Avatar customisation is okay, but are those are the only options? Seems weird to me that they wouldn't make an actual customisation menu. Gatekeeper winning is still really funny, expecially with such overwhelming numbers. I'm looking forward to Eirika's design. Hope it'll be as cool as Fadophraim.
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