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  1. Thank you to the people who actually tried to answer the question.I really appreciate it,and for those of you who were a *****,well that's another story.
  2. I do t need the help of smartelic,for your information "Czar_Yoshi". I hate when idiots get on forums and act like they know everything. I was just asking a question I don't need a idiots response. I want a response that's not a judgement.
  3. My team could have done it by themselves,I just amde it easier on them
  4. I finally defeated by downloading Ephraims team via spotpass and paying 18,000 gold to get Ephraim. Ephraim is completely unstoppable,he hardly ever gets hit either he blocks the hit or he dodges it. YES I FINALLY GOT TIKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would really recommend getting Ephraim no matter if your stuck on a level or not,he is beast! Yes they have Do not underestimate my team "Cezar_Yoshi" MODEDIT: don't double- and also don't triple-post
  5. I tried Sara's method and I got the enemy units to where there were only like eight of them left but then they brok a hole and killed Tiki. My soldiers can't hold on the whole time.
  6. My Avatar is weak I never use him,I don't really like using chrom either but I have to
  7. I still can't defeat it,they always head for the weakest unit and defeat that unit and make a hole and then once they get in I can't defeat them or block them so pretty much once they get in its Death time for Tiki,I wish she could do something instead of just take hits
  8. Sorry it's in the wrong place I am playing on Normal mode with casual Yeah I am kinda in the same situation you where That Persons Name. Chrom is super weak so I always have to pair him up,Henry and micaiah are pretty weak too
  9. Chrom is a great lord Cordelia is a falcon knight Micaiah is a just a magic user Libra is an axe weilder Henry is a dark knight Frederick is a great knight Sully is a paladin Stahl is a paladin Virion is horseback bow knight Say'rio is a myrmidon Anna is whatever she is when you get her
  10. I have tried to beat this so many times. I usually get to the last wave of enemies but then they start to kill my soldiers and they get to Tiki and kill her. I have tried all the other things on the internet. I am using: Chrom Cordelia Micaiah Libra Henry Frederick Sully Stahl Virion Say'ri Anna Thanks for the help
  11. I always preferred Roy over Ike. I don't really know why but when Ike took Roy's Place I got so mad
  12. I was just wondering who you guys favorite couples and children are. My favorite couple would be Chrom and a female avatar because then Lucina can do anything My favorite child is Gerome because he looks like batman.
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