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  1. That'd be fucking awesome. I'm a jojo fan myself, so I can't completely blame you. Still I gotta give you the obligatory "get on that shit, son" cause I'd really love to play the finished product sometime before I die.
  2. He may have said that but he's made it clear in more recent interviews that he prefers Big Boss over Solid. BB has more emotion and backstory to bring into the games, with all the tragic shit that happened to him. He just wanted to operate operationally forever ;_; And people's biggest gripe with MGS4 was the overall story and the LOLNANOMACHINES stuff that basically ruined all the interesting aspects of MGS by giving it one single retarded explanation. I'm not one to place story over gameplay, but in this case it was a disappointing continuation of an already established lore. One undeniably good thing were how its gameplay mechanics were basically an upgrade from 3, but the levels didn't make you feel nearly as sneaky and predatory as MGS3 did.
  3. MGR is really fun. As far as being stylish it isn't NECESSARY, but then again you can beat most of these types of games (DMC, Bayo, etc) without being stylish, it isn't a necessity. It's more a measure of skill for you to beat the game on the hardest difficulties and look cool doing it. You can't just button mash your way in the harder difficulties (why would you play anything but the hardest? u casul?). Also is dat sum Lottie you have there?
  4. That's a shame, hopefully you guys aren't losing the drive to keep at it. A lot of projects with potential go unfinished and I'd hate to see another.
  5. Has there been any word from the creator of this hack? I enjoyed it quite a bit and was wondering if it's gonna get an update anytime soon, since the OP hasn't been updated in almost a year.
  6. Liquid was on an inferiority complex driven warpath. Ironically even though he resented Big Boss for being stuck with the "inferior" genes, he ended up proving BB's point that a person is more than their genes, by doing all the things he did. MGS4 is a controversial one. It definitely improved on MGS3 mechanics, but a lot of the game's segments weren't very demanding in terms of stealth (except for the Shadow Moses part, that was definitely awesome and nostalgic). It also trivialized a lot of stuff from earlier MGS games with the whole NANOMACHINES excuse being used out the ass, it was also the most ridiculously cutscene heavy. I know MGS has always been full of cinematics, but MGS4 went overboard. And I know it's the unpopular opinion but I actually enjoyed MGS2, at least from a story perspective. The themes like memetics, information control, etc were really interesting. That scene near the end with the Patriots AI was some thought provoking shit.
  7. Alright judging from the fact that no one seems to give a fuck about MGS I don't know how successful the thread will be. I'll keep it brief, let's do this. ITT we discuss the Metal Gear Solid series. Favorite game in the series, favorite character, best Snake (only right answer is Naked), etc. My personal favorite (and a lot of other people's) is MGS3. It did a lot in terms of refining the gameplay of its predecessors (especially the CQC)as well as adding some great new features and fleshing out Big Boss's story and influences.
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