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  1. Sain is probably really wishing he had more hit. Although being fast enough to double slow enemy types even while carrying Marcus is nice enough to make up for that. One thing I was a little surprised by is the number of times Florina was able to successfully enter bow infested areas and be attacked by at most one of them. Carefully planned formations to restrict enemy movement like that are always good to see. I'm fairly confident Kenneth's chapter can be 6 turned, and maybe even 5 turned with some good Ninian rescue chains. Sain could probably clear out the room with the Sniper all on his own, and with 2 promoted fliers, you can carry both him and Hector. I haven't actually tried Jerme's map, but that's a lot of ground to cover as opposed to working in a focused direction.
  2. The only time you'll really need 3 fliers is 28x for ferrying Hector, Pent, Ninian, and maybe someone to kill Sonia. I found that base Fiora did just fine there, as it was possible to clear out all the enemies that would have attacked her. A weak Fiora was actually useful as the status staves prioritized her over Heath with a Barrier.
  3. I don't even have a guess as to how you got that to work. Did you have to make it all the way to Kishuna's door? I thought some of the enemies that spawned when he left didn't have 2 range, which prevented them from getting sniped through the walls. Sain could probably double, but that's still a lot of enemies to clear out. I'd be very interested to see how you pulled it off.
  4. I found during the desert chapter that leaving Pent alone was the only way to deal with the western enemies, but you have a very good Florina, so rescuing him might work here. Heath can get a lot of the required experience on his own, since fliers with combat are awesome, that's probably the best place to dump it (unless you go faster and it wouldn't work anymore, which could end up happening).
  5. Given the Sain you have, it looks like he'll be fine even if you neglect him somewhat. Marcus would really like to not be doubled for cog, especially if you won't have Harken. Of course, this is coming from someone who got completely stuck there, so take it for what it's worth. I also found feeding experience to Heath to be a very worthwhile investment. As for Warp users, Pent was enough to make it through all my theorycrafting except for possibly Victory or Death (can't remember what my plan for that was). While they can't both be trained feasibly, one of Serra/Priscilla can reasonably provide assistance there. Sorry that wasn't more helpful.
  6. One possible alternative to setting a fixed turn total is to go as fast as you can without passing below a certain reliability threshold (i.e. go for minimum LTC on each chapter without passing below, say, 50% success rate). I don't know if this would actually be a good idea though. It's just as arbitrary as setting a turn threshold and would be a great deal more complicated to check. I think Stahl could drop a fair amount once it's time for character discussion. Getting doubled by almost everything without a +Spd support makes it really difficult to get him going.
  7. Avatar (+Mag, -Str) - Tactician Lv HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res 1 24 5 9 7 10 4 6 4 18 39 11 21 12 21 14 12 10 Avatar (+Mag, -Str) - Grandmaster Lv HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res 1 43 14 24 14 23 14 14 12 15 55 20 34 26 32 21 22 17 Chrom - Lord Lv HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res 1 20 7 1 8 8 5 7 1 10 28 13 3 13 13 11 13 5 Sumia - Pegasus Knight Lv HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res 1 28 8 3 11 11 8 5 7 15 40 15 9 21 21 18 11 11
  8. You do recruit Cordelia if you clear chapter 7 in 2 turns. However, it might be rather difficult to manage without a promoted Avatar, and there's no Master Seals this early without Anna shops.
  9. Galeforce and unlimited Rescue usage have a lot to do with breaking it as well. Earlygame is fine, but a lot of the later chapters consist of Rescue, Galeforce, and maybe a dance so that Avatar reaches and kills the boss on turn 1. It's like FE11 Warpskip all over again.
  10. I recall hearing that you can't use Boots on a unit more than once, but I don't have 50000 renown or enough money to grab my last Avatar and confirm it.
  11. The part that screwed mine up was actually the top area. I don't have the save for this chapter anymore, but if Lon'qu takes Chrom and sits on a forest, he can kill the Bandits in the south area with a crit or dual attack on turn 1. He has to dodge the Bandits and Dark Mage, and you need someone strong enough to finish the Mercenary (or a crit/double), but if you get that far, Lon'qu gets healed on turn 2, kills the Dark Mage, and then can drop Chrom on the fort on turn 3 before it spawns. I didn't give either of them any stat boosters, so it should work. Unless you needed Lon'qu elsewhere.
  12. For Chapter 5, did you send Frederick and Sumia up the right side to aggro the boss and his cohorts on turn 1? I was messing around with that, but it tended to result in Avatar getting mobbed and dying, even on the fort.
  13. I never finished MM so I'm not sure about this, but I don't think there's enough bexp to give both of them good enough combat, at least in a reasonable timeframe. Jill would probably be more reliable, but not being able to be shoved is a problem. If you were able to get the Statue Frag in the prison, that would fix that, but then he couldn't be carried by promoted Oscar and Kieran, which I recall being useful. I'm guessing Marcia would probably still be the better choice, but that would mean more resets.
  14. Yeah. My bad, forgot to mention it. Lissa heals on turn 2 as well, but no Vulnerary there because Avatar needs to attack. EDIT- A few snags came up in playtesting, but I did complete it. I forgot the Knight on the left has a Vulnerary, so he needs to be ORKOd. Frederick takes the right side and Avatar the left. Since the Knights also aggro even if out of attack range, the left Knight can't go to Frederick. Avatar needs a +5 mt Thunder (or 13 Mag) to ORKO him. Avatar also needs to be able to survive both Fighters and the Mage without the Vulnerary, which took 24 HP, 8+2 Def, and 6+3 Res. On the plus side, since there's only one Knight left, Chrom can get the boss kill and survive.
  15. Frederick with a Strength and Defense Tonic, Orsin's Hatchet (forged Javelin would work, but he barely survives as it is) and Chrom goes up the left, and kills the Fighter and Mage. He needs a total of 52 HP + Def + res to survive. Avatar takes a Spirit Dust and Speedwing, pairs with Sumia, and kills the Fighter on enemy phase. You need something like 12 Mag and a +4 mt Thunder for that to work, which probably means selling the Bullion too. There's also the possibility of rigging a double attack from Sumia. On turn 2, Frederick uses an Elixir and moves in range of the Knight and Fighter to the left. The Knight probably won't die, but that's fine. Someone who doesn't get double weakens the Mage, then Avatar kills it, staying out of the other Fighter's range. On turn 3, Frederick attacks the boss from the left with the Silver Lance, and can ORKO if Chrom procs a double with the Glass Sword. He kills both Knights on enemy phase. Avatar gets healed again and enters the last Fighter's range. The problem so far is that MU can't survive the first Fighter + Mage hit even after a heal from Lissa. I might need a Robe, which would be a jump from 1200 to 2200 renown.
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