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  1. Occam's razor is a logical principle attributed to the mediaeval philosopher William of Occam (or Ockham). The principle states that one should not make more assumptions than the minimum needed It seems a bit complicated. Occam's Razor is to not look too much into it, if you aren't given a lot of information to work on. Simply put, if it's what it looks like, then it's exactly that. Thus, assuming a million variables need to happen for Ike to have kids with Soren or Ranulf, ranging from Surrogate mothers to Mist's descendancy getting lucky and finding Ike's corpse, sword and gear, is the exact opposite of Occam's Razor. But yeah, we've gotten way off topic in a favorite art post. So I think we should just end it Also, can I post a link here? I know a site that has all the info regarding Priam, Ike x Soren, and Ike x Any woman, released officially by IS and it makes references to the Japanese Kanji and all the "evidence" for all ends.
  2. Actually, it makes no sense for Mists' descendancy to find Ike in Archanaea, it makes no actual feasable sense that they'd find Ike's corpse when he was never heard from again, ever. And in the japanese wording they use the words for grandson (or grandson of lineale descent) so in reality, it's vague, but not that vague. And Priam uses Aether in Cipher (which is extended lore to be fair), and he even mentions how the hero he descended from traveled to this world (Archanaea) and that he claims to bear descent from that hero. But as you say, completely off topic for the board. XD Edit: That and, Awakening was mean't to be their last game. I doubt IS would effectively put a gag descendant in there when they were more than likely putting a throwback to Ike before closing up shop. So the whole Occam' Razor thing does have some merit.
  3. The whole thing about it being cannon is because Soren is heavily invested in Ike, especially the whole crying in his arms thing. People take that as a huge flag for Ike being "gay". However, they seem to forget the two were pretty much raised together after Ike stopped Soren from starving, not to mention that Soren literally only opens up to the dude who stopped him from starving. So I see it more as this adoration for his hero/brotherly bond type deal.
  4. I don't think Nowi will degenerate. She's a manakete, not a pure blood. So long as the dragonstone remains in their care they won't degenerate, that's how it's supposed to work, isn't it? And the Fire Emblem per se always has a different use in each game. Marth's FE seals dragons, so I don't think the difference is as large.
  5. Well, I actually think there may be reasons why the Falchion isn't in use in Awakening. There's 2 options in my eyes. 1: It was burried with Alm or Duma (in Duma's head to be precise). 2: It was left with Grima. To remember, Falchion is used to seal Grima (If I didn't missremember how long Alm's dynasty lasted). There's a chance Grima had the second Falchion in him and when he awoke, probably snapped it in two like a twig, though we don't know the specifics for Grima's requirement to awaken (all puns intended) Oh and I don't think regeneration was retconned per se. Dragons do degenerate, pretty heavily. The only two to never degenerate are Naga (who was reborn similarly to Medeus so that may have to do with it) and Tiki who's still rather young. Duma and Mila were actually manaketes as well, since Mila disguised herself as a human (with draconic features) and my guess is that Duma probably decide to do the exact opposite, making his fall all the quicker. Edit: Oh and Grima doesn't degenerate. He's always been this insane ( a homunculus like dragon thing is likely to be insane in the first place), though his apparent hatred for humanity stemmed from his treatment and the knowledge he's accumulated (He says as much in Heroes). And Jotari I miss-understood the entirety of our prior argument then. You're right then.
  6. If you're talking about the blade not being a different one, then sure, it may not be different I'll give you that. Nagi is still very much the only explanation for a living Naga though, she isn't headcannon in the least, since she's a character in New Mystery. That and, do keep in mind that Nagi and Naga are one in the same, so it's pretty viable nonetheless, perhaps a name difference is all that's needed to differentiate between the amnesiac version of Naga and the non amnesiac version.
  7. Actually, I do think that RD cut a lot of content (I think it was due to lack of funds or just the need to release the game). Namely, a bunch of supports and endings like older Fire Emblems. There were unique supports for pretty much every character, including unique supports for Ike with Elincia, Micaiah, Mia, Sothe, and so on. Which is probably why I wan't RD remade and hopefully, fleshed out more support wise, since that's what the game was seemingly lacking in it's final release, actual unique supports between a lot of characters. And yeah, now I know. :D
  8. Nagi not being mentioned isn't evidence against it, hell it speaks to how much you may or may not know of New Mystery. Tiki, in New Mystery, when she "dies" (an optional requirement for one of the games endings) is said to go to sleep, a slumber like death (the wording may be different) and Nagi awakens. Nagi in New Mystery has a conversation with either Medeus where he says that the presence reminds him of Naga (the same way that he was reborn in a new body) This would make sense for Naga to be reborn since, FYI, she's dead as a doorknob in New Mystery. Otherwise, without Nagi (who looks a lot like Naga in Awakening) Naga wouldn't be alive in Awakening, literally the rite of Awakening wouldn't be a possibility because she's dead.
  9. I never noticed the whole male/female thing under the member badge, so my bad. And I barely see stuff for it. Though, most of what I see is people arguing that Ike x Soren is cannon, so I stopped looking up Ike fanart a while back. And again, sorry bout the mixup. Had no clue about the gender thing below the member badge. Real sorry bout that one.
  10. It's not headcannon. Valflame lost it's blood requirement (IE the blessing) and the power dwindled. The same can be said for Ragnell that doesn't send it's shockwaves forth. And I'm pretty sure this isn't Marth's Falchion, somebody who know scan probably correct me further (in actual detail not just saying I'm wrong). There's a bunch of other legendary weapons that have dulled in power and their blessings. If this was headcannon, then you couldn't use any of Genealogy's weapons in Awakening, so I fail to see how I'm just using headcannon here. Unless you have some otherworldly level of evidence to counter my own, in which case, I'd be wrong.
  11. I don't really think Falchion (Alm's) would have made it so far in time. Marth's Falchion didn't make it to Awakening, it's an entirely different Falchion made from Nagi's fang (Naga's reincarnated body from FE3), so they adressed that early on. Another good example of why legendary weapons won't last long, is to look at Ragnell (Priam) which is covered in cracks and has lost all of it's unique properties, including the goddess' blessing. The same thing is shown for Valflame, the Book of Naga, Mysteltainn, etc. Legendary weapons loose their blessing over time, so it wouldn't make sense for Walhart at all. And truth being told, Awakening's "wasted potential" mostly comes up for Walhart's Arc. I honestly think it was the lack of missions and story that expanded on how or why Walhart did what he did. Or, better yet, they could have slowly let us know that he was against the Grimleal through a multitude of obvious or non-obvious ways, that would have made us feel the tension as we had to kill Walhart, knowing that our choice was a total mistake, and yet the soldiers ingame believed that they were in the right (same theme in pretty much every FE game where the bad guy should have some redeeming quality)
  12. A man of culture I see! A rarity indeed for one to ship Elincia and Ike in these days.
  13. Honestly, it's kinda interesting. Awakening added Pair Ups, Fates changed Pair Ups more, this one though, people seem to have battle formations, so maybe the weapon triangle is complemented by squad formations? That would add an entire layer of strategy to the game, since even some unit (let's say a flier versus an archer), could avoid getting blasted out of the sky given the right formation. Same for an axe user dodging a sword user and hitting back with said formation. That's how I saw the trailer.
  14. Start what? You mean mentioning bad art? Well, I ain't wrong. But okay XD
  15. Performing Arts Olivia. It took Olivia's FE A art and put it to shame (which I thought would not be possible at all. The black makes her unique features (hair, eyes) stand out much more. Not to mention that it's an apparent older Olivia so it's impossible for me to say that I don't like her art. To counter this however (even if it's not the question). Worst art has to be Loyd. Just sayin
  16. Yeah, after finishing my playthrough of Genealogy (second one to boot) I must say that it's hard to nail down 1 specific kid. And seeing some of my other faves mentioned made it kinda hard to pick only 1, so I went with three.
  17. So, after finishing Genealogy for a 2nd time (after a long break) gotta say I still love the game. But I do wonder, am I supposed to be stuck in the player ranking screen after the credits or am I bugged?
  18. Damn I keep seeing so many kids. Okay revision time. Fave females are Patty, Lene, and Larcei. Fave Males are Ced, Ares, and I'm torn between Leif or Selipg for the third spot. I think this'll be the final version of my list for a while.
  19. Well, I've always liked FE characters so they don't really count. But from Smash, I gotta say Palutena. I've seen her in the other Smashes but never really played her. I ended up liking her moveset and well, I'm interested in Kid Icarus to an extent now. So, I guess that counts.
  20. That's not neccessarily the case when both Japan and the US aren't really happy about this. If they don't change it, I just hope they use the money to continue improving the game (as they are doing, at least for now). But the whole point of this is to let them know that, though they can't change this one right now, to maybe lay off a little on the pricing for future bundles.
  21. Well, I've already sent my feedback mentioning that a bundle for New Years should actually have a discount instead of just being super pricey. So, I guess if enough players let them know, maybe they'll catch on. Or if they pretty much see no one buying it.
  22. I would say that Fire Emblem doesn't rely abide by the basic laws of physics. A good example is how, by Fire Emblem's Logic Lucina, Severa, Owain, Inigo, and the other kids are still born somehow. When, if we followed the laws of physics, even the smallest change would modify who was born, the parents choice of name, etc. At least, that's how I see it.
  23. Well, I suppose Awakening's themes revolve around fate in a way. From the looks of things, fate is a constant, or at least seems to be, since the universe doesn't deviate far from it's original state (Emmeryn's death, Walhart's death). The only 2 situations that are different are Basilio's Death (becomes horrible injury since he was able to swallow his pride), and Grima's own demise (for being impatient and taking Robin's place as the new vessel instead of actually just finishing off Chrom). The game also conveys that the apparent link between people, Quintessence, Souls, or whatever you wish to name them, is what keeps them together. On a side note, does anybody else find Robin's return in the killing Grima choice potentially bad? Perhaps he loses his memories since he killed himself in a way. Or perhaps he'll awaken with the memories from before Grima tried to brainwash him? No matter, Awakening is a tale of fate and connections, love and what have you. Fate itself did also show it's true colors in Future Past as well, considering that Grima in the end dies even when he wins. In the end, there seems to be no feasable way for Grima to remain alive, or at least, such is the way fate wills it.
  24. Okay I see your point. Damn I'm mid playthrough. I may have to change pairings after all....Darnit, guess I'll ponder it XD
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