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  1. Well, Patty and the Issachian twins. I have a huge soft spot for Patty x Shannan and Selipg x Larcei. Also it's pretty hard not to find Patty cool, at least, that's how I see it.
  2. Aww thanks. I love her interactions with the other characters in 4. Plus I have a soft spot for her x Shannan. Still, nice to see a fellow Patty fan. I just hope that she and Shannan make it into FEH (and hopefully, she'll be really good, like one of the best daggers good)
  3. Well, honestly though it's pricey, it's not really a bad buy mathematically speaking. The chance of getting a 5 star from a random pull is total ass, like, you could waste 400 orbs and get nothing (experience), versus a free pull. The best thing about this is if you want to buy orbs. For example, if you were planning to buy orbs for let's say the current LHB, or maybe for the RD banner (this is around for a month), then this is a good deal. You could buy orbs (since the price is pretty much the same as the orb pack) and get some extras. However if your entire reason is to buy this for Fjorm or Lae, unless you really, really need her or Lae. Or if you didn't plan on buying orbs before, just skip. Truth being told, this was pseudo smart. I'm pretty sure alot of people are planning to drop some money for RD (I know alotta people that are planning to do so cause they wanna talk with their wallets) so in a way, we'll have to see how this works out. Also, comparing to an earlier post about monthly revenue going down. It's maintained itself near the 20 mil mark, dipping low to 17 except for last month. However my guess as to why it dipped so bad was for more than just Fates banner reasoning. There was only 1 actual new units banner, no seasonals, and all the banners were OC's that, to be fair, alotta people didn't want. Didn't really make it easy for IS to make money off of not very popular characters.
  4. I'd love that board as well. Truth being told, if I could just say my faves, I gotta say Patty, and Larcei. Patty is just so fun to use and a great character all around. And Larcei, well she's Ayra but hotheaded which is cool IMO.
  5. Well, Inigo is my fave Awakening Kid. The interactions with Robin in the Fates Amiibo thing really just make him seem so close to Robin (yes I do ship Robin and Olivia). Plus, his actual personality beneath the flirtatious exterior that he actually has made me like him a whole lot more. Now if it's cuteness, Morgan all the way. If I had to pick Fates though, for cuteness, Kana or Soleil. They're adorbs and it's hard to pick (though Soleil's Ophelia support and Kana's Rawr chat is kinda off putting). But if we're going personality wise, I gotta pick Siegbert. He's pretty much Xander without the whole royal filter as I see it (or more of it depending on your view). He's likeable, that's about it.
  6. This in a nutshell. Don't forget. Grima fucked himself over by defying destiny itself. He decided to revive himself using his future body, not your Robin's, allowing you and the others to remain alive (out of cockiness or whatnot) was his greatest mistake, for he took the destiny he had seen for granted, and chose to hurry opposed to waiting with his near limitless patience (as shown since he's been plotting for around 1k years or so) out of pure hubris.
  7. Well that's cool, I guess I'll keep up tp date and wait till it's done. Then yeah I do believe that I ended up playing that meme filled one. Probably why I remember the menu's being so weird. Thanks though.
  8. Cool, at least I remember when it takes place. I'll keep looking for a good patch but thanks.
  9. Well, recently I'm replaying FE4 and 5 alongside the rest of the games before Three Houses is released. I already beat them, but I have two questions. A) What's the "best" translation for Thracia 776? I can't recall and if anybody knows, (or if I'm just blind and it's pretty obvious) just point a finger or tell me where to look and I'll go there. B) When exactly does FE5 take place inside of Genealogy? I recollect that it's between chapters 6 and 8 right? Or is it more specific and am I just forgetting something pretty important? Thanks for any help you could throw my way!
  10. I actually dip into both new and seasonal. Seasonals however, I normally touch those if and only if they have characters I like. The only exception was Bridal Ninian (I like her but not that much) in an attempt to get my P!Olivia chill atk (though that became redundant with Gharnef) But truth be told you're not wrong. Seasonals are more than likely a bigger selling point.
  11. Well, I think it has to do with the month itself. Sure, Fates is still popular, but look at the banners beside Adrift. Surtr and Ylgr. 2 man banner where it's super easy to get Surtr (40 orbs in total if you get lucky regarding the orbs you get and such), so people pulled less. Hrid, who the majority holds no love for. He's not a bad unit, but the fanbase wasn't treated to his personality. To most he's just either cardboard or some hunk "with a nerdy voice" you can pull for. And I do believe we had a banner with Helbindi, Laegjarn, and Laevetain. Overall, aside from Adrift, there was nothing for players to latch unto that they may have liked. That was the biggest problem. I'm pretty sure sales will return to normal (or remain relatively normal) this month since A)The banners weren't all Fates or Awakening, even if they do sell well. So the people who were salty about Fates/Awakening may be more inclined to buy since they saw some change. I know a few people who have done so. B)We got a bunch of good units not to mention this LHB which is stacked with units that are super good (Azura is powerful in the right hands). C)We have reruns of last years Winter banner, and this years Winter Banner is also stacked with great units and skills. Comparing it to last month, you can kinda see why people really didn't pull last month. And I'm pretty sure it's not just Adrift.
  12. Damn what a question. First game ever was Metroid Prime (I got lucky, dad's a gamer too). At least, the first one I ever beat/remember playing. I'm pretty sure I tried Mario somewhere before or Sonic or something in a family members PC but grew tired of simply walking sideways. After that, I started by playing games like Jack and Daxter, and followed it up with Tales of Symphonia for a long while. And then I got into Pokemon, and then Smash, and then, well Fire Emblem, as well as other shooters and whatnot as I grew older. On a side note, I went pretty off tangent with the question, if I do say so myself.
  13. Then what's the point of embracing your worst aspect? It does nobody any good, not even you.
  14. The problem with your statements is that you're generalizing a very large community, and that's no bueno. Like, universally generalizing something is the trademark of bad logic. You need to be precise if you want your arguments to hold any form of substance at all, but simply doing what you're doing doesn't really lend itself to good arguments, nor does it make you look good in the process.
  15. Yep. I don't love Fates per se, but some of the cast has really grown on me over time (Orochi, Charlotte, Leo, etc) and I'm kinda sad that alot of Heroes players just get pissed at the game and vent on it. Sure, I can get the salt, but objectively speaking what IS is doing kinda makes sense (Fates was the best selling FE game in the history of FE), even if some players do think it's unfair (it is). Like, as far as I recall. FE6, FE9-10 and FE15 (Roy, Ike/Micaiah and Echoes) didn't sell particularly well, and I can tell why they're kinda not touching them as much (though Ike's game should get more publicity, cause Smash, even if it is pretty much unfinished in alot of aspects including it's support system). But just like others (and as you stated) I'm also kinda annoyed that they're just tossing them at the wayside like they don't exist, because they sure as hell do, and even if the relative fanbases for those games are smaller due to the limited availability, it's still a fanbase that should get some love once in a while (yknow not 2 years or so without a fricking new heroes banner for 6). But yeah, I honestly think that liking Fates at this point really just makes the individual feel like they're in bad, and it shouldn't be that way (for any game really). I just hope that with what we know of next year (the way things are going) that maybe they'll space out anything Fates and or Awakening out a bit more and toss in the games that aren't as popular.
  16. Well, as I always say, Powercreep is pretty much a must in the long run of these games, it really is. It's what makes pulling for new units worth it at all aside from the way they look (look at FGO's Merlin or most other OP units in other gaccha's). I will agree that it is pretty potent, but the powercreep can and will continue. All we can hope is that they come up with something to help balance the game out (which I'm sure they can, they just really need to think hard)
  17. Favorite era is relatively simple. The 3DS era. It may not be perfect, but it started the trend of actually giving characters alot of characterization in their supports (for better or worse). It also helped make the series what it is at this moment, and in reality Fire Emblem wouldn't be around without it, so I have to give it props for that. I'm also a 3DS baby (though I had seen Part of Tellius before playing Awakening so meh). The story's are good, but not great (something that is recurring in Fire Emblem if we're being totally honest) but the gameplay is solid (if not broken) and the colorful cast makes the game feel alive, opposed to some of the older games where, getting supports, takes you an eternity if sitting still and or borderline running down the clock to get exactly what you want from your supports (which to me was a pretty lackluster system, but to each his own). The supports are also variable. Ranging from great (Olivia x Maribelle setting up Inigo, as a good example) versus the horrible supports (most of the Fates supports and a few Awakening supports. Inigo x Nah, a fair few of Tharja and Nowi's, Chrom x Olivia (actually most of what Chrom does )) Least favorite is a tie. DS and the SNES(Genealogy and Thracia) era. DS remakes weren't bad, and I actually quite enjoyed FE12 (I don't hate Kris so I guess I;m crazy), but overall, it was all remakes so I think it was a missed opportunity, even though it was obvious FE was simply trying to stay afloat at that point with little to no funds, which was a problem since Radiant Dawn, which is shown in how they had to scrap and pretty much remove 90% of the supports in game (Including about 10 different Ike A Supports with males and females including Mia, Elincia, Micaiah, and a few other dudes I can't remember right now) to speed up the release date if I'm not mistaken. The SNES era, is because of the gameplay. I like the games, but the story is very, inconsistent. It ranges from well written, to stupid moments that make you wonder who the hell decided that having Deirdre marry Sigurd the instant they meet was smart or even logical at all (looks at Kaga wondering what weed he was smoking, then turns to Chrom and scowls at the shitty Olivia pairing). The gameplay, as I mentioned earlier, is also rather frustrating. Your army is mostly useless save for your Cavalry units if you want to be quick, and the maps are far too large. The supposed interconectivity you're supposed to feel from running through a battlefield is lost when you have to backtrack a billion times (even with the return/warp staff), and it is further worsened by how empty the world feels or how bad some of the maps are regarding the enemy positioning, or how you literally have to drop your unit in, and bait a bunch of enemies all the while hoping you don't get nuked by everyone at once. So yeah, mines a bit of a long one.
  18. They're extremely important characters to the story. Azura and Corrin are the twin protags of Fates, with Ryoma and Xander being the faction leaders for the sides. Tiki is one of the reasons why Marth won if I recall. Grima is one part of Robin (we're still missing the human part), and so on and so forth.
  19. I don't think that's the point of Legendary's. Not for Marth or the others since people won't really bitch about Marth, or a few others. Namely, this is for them to put in stronger protagonist units with more potent skills, befitting their titles of protagonist. Marth gets to slaughter dragons without any remorse, Lyn gets to use her peoples bow (strange but I guess it works). Hector gets to be his OP self as usual, Ephraim and Eirika get to be the solo the map twins they are in Sacred Stones, etc.
  20. If I can't pick Fates, which is a bummer, I'd easily say Gaiden. The game was clunky as all hell.Close runner up is FE12. I love New Mystery, and the cast (I dont hate Kris) but perhaps they could have completely left those untouched and done a full remake with the level of Echoes' attention to detail.
  21. Yeah it's really subjective. A good example is the Chrom x Olivia versus the Chrom x Sumia debate. Some claim that Sumia is a good candidate for story appearances, and other such situations, and that though her support in the English translation is meh, her japanese support is adorable, but some find them bland and uninteresting. The same can be said for people that like Chrom x Olivia, though it has Sigurd vibes which alot of people find extremely bad since it's forced and unbelievable Some find Sumia just plain boring, even if it's pushed. And other's find the Olivia support to be unbelievable, and nonsense since it's what equates to getting married after talking to a girl a total of 1 time, or, more so her dancing for you a few times. This is a pretty good example. Other good examples are the "Is Tharja a good character debacle" regarding her abuse to her kids, the Cordelia debacle regarding her obssession with Chrom (even though she has some other bits of personality) and so on.
  22. Ehh you'd be surprised about how many people are still visibly arguing over how alts are lame and don't need to exist in the reddit (which is a mess altogether but you get my point). And I'd say Olivia and Azura are the vocaloids of FEH. The former grew rather largely in popularity due to being so easily attainable ingame.
  23. Dude they're legendary. They're supposed to be strong, and a Legendary Dancer had to be pretty strong to merit the title of legendary. If she had been as strong as FlyLivia there'd be no reason to even debate calling her a legendary since she'd be as strong as a dancer that isn't even a protagonist to begin with.
  24. Well, it may have been 2 months since her release, but the same happened for Hector (kinda) and Lyn (also kinda) and the salt was way less pronounced for Hector and kinda the same for Lyn. The salt is mostly cause of Fates if we're being honest here. I myself don't care enough to get salty about the games. But the majority of people (maybe not you or me) are likely to get salty simply because it's Fates. The Black Sheep of the franchise.
  25. Well, the Alts I can agree are annoying. But we wanted unique units ingame, and IS i giving us that, even if they are a bit fucking broken at times.
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