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  1. Well I've read them all. Tharja comes off as super creep but is not insane (unlike Henry who is a sociopath with a smile). Nowi is also relatively sad, considering her deeper thoughts regarding living for really long and losing her friends (which I think Tiki also mentioned which is accurate for the manaketes). So, I have read them, don't remember them all, but I do remember some of them. I just think that Nowi at the very least, was designed with some level of fanservice in mind. Her outfit kinda fits that idea. Tharja however is less fanservicy but still remains in that domain due to her constant fixation on Robin (which doesn't even make sense if they get together since she treats her and Robin's child like total doodoo butts). So in reality, you're right, they aren't just fanservice, I miss spoke. However they do however have some fanservice.
  2. I will say that, to me Awakening did have some bad supports, Nah x Inigo being the worst offender by a longshot (though any supports like Chrom x Olivia's, or Nowi x Anyone kinda fit that criteria for me as well) I will say that I find Olivia less fanservicey due to her actual personality and flaws (the duality of wanting attention from the person she's interested in, but being completely incapable of acting that way beside them, unless they're married, of course). Tharja and Nowi are pure fanservice thought and I completely agree. But I completely agree with Fates' fanservice over story problem. You ever just wonder how Fates would have been if they took the Camilla design squad and my castle petting squad and put the money into story. XD
  3. Yep, I noticed that pretty quickly but was still very much not awake and just forgot to do so. Sadly I don't think I can edit the posts' (by that I mean that I can't neccesarily edit all the three of them into a single one so, I'll remember for next time.
  4. Yeah. I understand that Greil saw the same potential as Zelgius in Ike, and Ike did need that push to become what he needed to be. But it was still one hell of a gamble to make your son head of a mercenary group simply to push him to be better.
  5. I've actually come to think this as Eirika's desperation. In Sacred Stones (now take what I say with a grain of salt and correct me at will). I do believe, that if Eirika is left unmarried, there's hints that, she in a way began to feel for Lyon. More than likely due to the shock of losing someone so close to her in such a fashion. The desperation itself led her to act and search for anyway to save him, even if it cost her everything (handing the damned stone over). I still dislike her actions, but I actually find it bearable knowing that it wasn't her just handing it over cause why not.
  6. Well, the decision to make Ike leader was Greil himself wasn't it? "I leave them to you" or something akin to that regard.
  7. Yeah you're totally right. Pent's lack of action really made me wonder why, if he was so important, he couldn't just vouch for a bunch of soldiers?
  8. Yeah. Honestly I had forgotten about this entirely and it caught me off guard. Probably the same reason I hate some other ships in Fire Emblem if I'm honest. I will say though, at least Arvis balances out the story.
  9. Hmm, Unpopular opinions.... Fates isn't as bad as they say. Story may be meh, but the cast aside from the fanservice is colorful and does a fair bit of world building in the supports. Also the games themselves play well (aside from archers being innacurate versus flying mages but I digress) and the mechanics feel strange, almost like they don't belong in FE, like a training excercise in what does and doesn't work. Thracia is meh (not sure how popular/unpopular this is). The story is good, but the gameplay to me is mediocre (last dying words). That and, I guess I was tired of the Genealogy gameplay and the mile long maps so I just got tired of having to walk for 10 minutes to get anywhere. (Still love Leif and Altena though) And Robin is Inigo's Cannon dad cause of Fates and Awakening hints, between Inigo being really close with Rob (lnigo literally saying "you've always been able to see through me" while talking to Rob) and well, Olivia and Robin's interactions outside of supports (literally in Inigo's recruiting chapter) and their support needing it to be somebody close to Chrom (who also get's anrgy at tactical meetings)that's my objective pairing (I don't pair per tastes much, if I did, it may be somebody else) ^^^^^^^^^^ (probably what some may call the dumbest and or stupidest opinion around, so I'm expecting this one. ) That's about it. I guess I'll try to remember more later.
  10. What extremely bad decision do you feel the protagonist/protagonists should have avoided that would have avoided/made the entire plot super pointless? Since it's fresh in mind, for me it's in Genealogy, with the runner up being Awakening. Sigurd is told that Deirdre is cursed, like if she marries doom is to befall the world (I forget the exact words but you get the gist of it). And amidst a world where curses are a thing, where dragons exist, and where people hold holy and demon weapons in the names of magical crusaders, he proceeds to call the Prophecy hogwash, and chases after her anyway. Don't get me wrong, I still love Genealogy (probably my 2nd, or 3rd favorite) but I have to say that I was astounded at how badly he took the advice and said "Yo, I don't care, the power of boners prevails over all!" Runner Up: Chrom taking Robin to the Dragon's Table for no apparent reason, instead of taking the advice that Robin and Frederick gave him being "I don't think I can hold back, or I don't think it's a good idea." So now go ham, lay it on the protags/characters.
  11. I wouldn't say it's useless per se. Marriage was in the older games (Mostly ending supports but about the same thing beside the CG) and it benefited the units with invisible stat boost when near their partner. It also grants an added sense of attachment to units which, in most cases, get barely any characterization outside of their initial recruiting chapter (the majority of every FE character). Simply because you can beat a game without marriage doesn't equate to the feature being useless, but I digress. On a side note, I actually hate Conquest out of the 3 (I like the cast, hate the story). The story is by far bad. Just the way everyone (even the people you kill) have to love Corrin and literally act like he's a saint annoys me to no end. Even if Bright's maps were objectively worse, the story was classic FE and quite bearable.
  12. Well, the guy is obviously salty in the post. Since the post is full of him saying that they suck Kris' dick (I kid you not XD) but I don't find it as atrocious. For example, in Fates the story is horrendous, the only thing keeping the game alive is the actual cast that makes it bearable for me, and even then not all of the cast is bearable. In New Mystery the cast is good, and though Kris does take the limelight, it's still the united effort of the Hero's of Light and Shadow, Kris and Marth, that the world is saved. Sure, the wording may be extremely to Kris favor, as obviously seen, but I still find it less bad than Fates. But that's me. I guess I may just be tired of Fates after grinding supports on and off since release now. XD
  13. Well, some lines aren't big deals, but what achievements did he do that remove from Marth's own greatness? As far as I know, you're Marth's glorified bodyguard, and one obssesed with helping him to boot.
  14. Yeah honestly this was one of the funniest things when I played it. Truth be told, even if 12 did some weird shiz with Kris, I didn't find it as bad as Fates (coming from the guy who's still trying to trudge through getting all the supports in Fates). Even if Kris was kinda shoehorned in, the story was far better done than the Fates, I found that the new story (Katarina and a few other details) were far more enjoyable than Fates ever could be. Yeah I agree. Peri per se isn't someone I love as a character, but like you said, she (and most of the Conquest cast) builds up this world of "the strong rule the weak" so long as they're more important, which kinda shows why Nohr really doesn't care about what Garon does at all, because it seems that they have this mentality in the first place.
  15. Well,I'm dreadfully late to this but here goes nothing (somebody's probably said what I might say in a sec) I've played pretty much every game save for Tellius, and my fave is Awakening. And though I do understand that games like Awakening and Fates have their issues (story becomes lackluster during the valmese arc and slightly gets better in Grima's arc but only slightly, gameplay is easy and at times broken, etc) that it's still a good game. The same can be said for Fates (story is probably my least favorite but the cast is colorful, fanservice or not). But I do have to agree with some of the posters here. Some fans do tend to go out of their way to bash on Awakening and Fates for whatever reason they may have. I myself tend to ignore them, or at least laugh my ass off when somebody makes a post trying to prove how cannon their ship is (you can like a ship, and see logic in it, but making an entire post to argue that yours is better is kinda bad XD). I would say we should just see the faults but not hate on games like they're pure unbridled disease. They're fun, have a colorful cast, and are popular. I for one still have issues picking between my faves, which are Genealogy, Awakening, and Sacred Stones. So it's not impossible to like every era.
  16. Well, actually the thing is, YHVH is the corrupted essence of the Axiom (Great Will) in every reality save for the Devil Survivor ones if I recall.
  17. Heyo, interesting topic but I like it. Truth be told, my first game was Strange Journey, but I never really adored it. It's remake is also meh. The only good extended ending is Law, if you could believe it. Every other ending is either pure insanity (Chaos) or actual stupidity (Neutral) If I had to pick my favorite story, I'd have to say Apocalypse (Not a popular opinion). The two choices near the end, though bleak, do paint that if we have to beat the big bad (no names cause spoiler), that we have to play by it's rules, something done in the older games but not to that extent. If I had to pick favorite gameplay wise, aside from the newer ones, which I like, I have to say SMT 1 and 2, just cause of the old school feeling they give me. Edit: Apocalypse is probably next to the Devil Survivor games that I like alot.
  18. Damn, I had kinda started PoR so that sucks. Laguz really are pretty strong in this game. And yeah I remembered bonus xp so I guess it isn't the end of the world if I waste some xp here and there. Still, what a 180 for the Laguz. Kinda surprised me tbh.
  19. I'd say this is pretty close enough. Honestly, the fact that this music fits the theme for Book 3 is probably the only reason it's so good IMO. Like, unless they went uber grimdark, like Genealogy but darker for a FE game and went with metal as a theme, then this probably won't be seen ever again in FE, but I wouldn't be a against a really dark FE.
  20. Are the non royals really that bad? Darn, here I was thinking of using Lethe. XD But yeah I'll keep this in mind. Especially the Micaiah/Sothe promotion. Don't wanna waste xp.
  21. Well if you don;'t follow FEH or play it, it's the new theme for Book 3 of the Main Story. The story revolves around death and alot of darker themes to they went with metal. TLDR; It's official. Opinions are mixed on the video.
  22. Well, to be honest Izana isn't a really fun character. He's just, meh. So I don't miss him at all. Scarlet I kinda like but her lack of supports with others (namely Ryoma) makes her slightly meh as well. To be fair (as others have said) it was for story purposes. Nothing more, nothing less.
  23. I liked it. The music itself is good for death metal standards and it's a new take on a story for IS and since it matches the story I'm super okay with it. So long as they don't play heavy metal for some happy story later I'll be okay with it. That and, honestly there being uniqueness is great IMO.
  24. This is super good. Like really, really good. I do tend to pair Robin with Olivia (I like giving the buffbot and the dancer a pairup since they work well together in my playthroughs) But everything you said was on point, like really. I wish I could stay on topic for long enough to write something like this!
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