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  1. Yeah it's more a company versus individual debate and it's an interesting battle (that he for the moment seems to be winning). Outside of that I kinda agree. He's loud (don't find him annoying) but he's not a shitbag. He does dark humor and does sarcastic videos alot, but that doesn't make him a shitbag. That tittle alone is left to the Paul Brothers and other idiots like 69, etc.
  2. Doesn't Virion have a pretty bad track record though? Like Cherche hounds him for being horrible in their supports and confirms that he's been chaising pretty much anything with a skirt. I would say that at least Inigo would kill his dad for trying that though. XD
  3. Yeah they seem really out of character. That and I tend to not pair them up because Olivia in her S Support mentions how shes unsure if being with him makes sense, since she's afraid of him cheating on her (which I can't blame her for thinking). And to be honest. I use her alot for dancing since it's super useful in the harder modes. Extremely useful in Apotheosis especially.
  4. Yeah I planned on taking the story really slow as I always do. I'm the kind of player that runs through the game reading anything and everything (I got all the Supports in Awakening, the majority in 7 and 8, and I'm missing only a few in Shadow Dragon and New Mystery as well as SoV). But it's good to know the righting is on point. Also thanks!
  5. "Do my best!" So, in year 1, we were blessed by the Olivia with the best art and VA (cause lets be honest that art is great), and as a fan of Awakening and her charcter I had to go and get her. I was unlucky and lucky enough to get 2 units (one of which was horrid and the other manageable). Now that her rerun has passed and I've had time to invest more into her as time went on, I dove in, merged her and boosted her up. Since I've posted this elsewhere (other sites) but never here, I'm going to post my 2 major builds for her and 1 weird experimental build. First off, stats though. Can't showcase a unit's build until I post their stats now can I? The Statline HP: 34 Atk: 28 Spd: 34 Def: 16 Res: 28 BST: 140 The Skills Weapon: Dancer's Fan+ Assist: Dance Special: None A Skill: Distant Def 3 B Skill: Blaze Dance 3 C Skill: None So baseline she's a useful and very viable mage tank alongside being a reliable support unit as are most if not all dancers in the game once invested into. However, in my time using her (and this is before Mystic Boost was implemented) I always found that, she couldn't really do much else aside from tank mage hits. I would have preffered to be able to fight units at melee range (as daggers do in Fates), and I loved using her so I had to invest into her somehow. Then came along our free Takumi and his sacrifice was not in vain! For she's come in handy in a million different events. So, here's 1 pricey, 1 budget, and 1 experimental build I've decided to brandish her with (one of which, the last one, depends on my luck in the current Hero Fest or later this month, the LHB). Note! "I run Summoner Support! Thus her stats are slightly boosted. Keep that in mind when doing calcs regarding how she's built." Build #1 The Tactician's Guard Build #2: The Cheerleader Build #3 Mojo Blocker PS: Last Build seems awfully inefficient given my Olivia's IV"s (+atk -res at +8) and how she's mostly rocking the first setup 90% of the time and as such is mostly just me thinking aloud. If you have any ideas on it, go ahead and lemme know why I'm crazy or if it's even good overall. Also, if you have any advice, or are just curious about something go ham and ask away. PPS: Any grammar errors lemme know. A lot of text and it's easy to F-up somewhere. Edit #1: A lot
  6. Hmm, I like writing short stories (and maybe longer, unfinished ones) and I like how Argent is another name for Silver (in this situation Quicksilver) and Sable can be a form of badger/wolf or, a sword. So take that as you will. I guess the most apt translation would be Silver Blade/Wolf, or Quicksilver Blade/Wolf.
  7. As for the TT< I'm willing to bet it's Christmas days. Fleeting Days can be linked to how fast the Holliday season passes. Or it could be story for all I know. If it is story, maybe we'll get more backstory? That'll be great since Book 3 is already off to a great start. Now the January one will be for obvious reasons new Years celebration based, so likely no story. Unless it's based off of Radiant Dawn in some way, in which case it would be Elincia, Sanaki and Micaiah which IMO would be one hell of a cool TT.
  8. Well, don't mean to rain on anyones parade, but Inigo's philandering is Olivia's fault, actually. Maribelle taught Olivia to hit on guys (which she didn't do anymore because she found it embarassing according to their support). Inigo mentions that Olivia's best friend (Maribelle) told her to try it with him, and he hit on girls ever since as a byproduct of Olivia taking Maribelle's advice a bit far, ridding Inigo of his regular shyness (but retaining his dancing shyness like her). That's also kinda mentioned in his father support, but to a lesser extent since the dad doesn't want his dad messing around and hitting on random girls. So in reality, every single dumb thing he does is a byproduct of Olivia taking Maribelle's advice and making her son interact and hit on girls to try and make him less shy. Which really is quite funny. I will say the blue hair is cool though!
  9. Well, that's as valid a reason as any (and a good one at that)
  10. It's an interesting idea but as some have said, it feels kinda off. But still, nice. Also I don't think that's been said before so you're good there.
  11. You're not wrong there. On a side note nice Profile Pic. Didn't notice it was Oliver till a moment ago. The hair for some reason made me think it was just Cherche...
  12. Yeah I understand, not for everyone. It is fun though, once you get the hang of it. Though, in all honesty, it's pretty easy. The rhythms are barely hard unless you're playing 3ds Era music. (Then again I'm a music lover so, can't really say that it's easy, lol)
  13. Am I the only guy that enjoys perfect running Tap Battles on Hard And Manual taps every time? Cause I'v done it for all of them. Beating all of them and getting the rhythm down is great. (Plus playing Divine Decree, Twilight of the Gods, etc, on rhythm feels hella cool)
  14. Ohh I get you now. Well, I guess my experience tends to be different. I have extremely good luck on level up so I've been able to consistently use her in pretty much any playthrough (Lunatic + included though that one took me a bit longer to get through). But yeah objectively she's not great stat wise, at least not unless you pour a few reeking boxes (or the DLC traning camp) and pray to Naga (or Grima) for some good rng level ups.
  15. Hmm true. We already got a new LHB in November (Hrid) but I guess I could see us getting a new one.
  16. I see. Well, one can never account for taste. And I could see why you'd dislike Inigo. Most of the kids took me some time honestly, mostly Owain on my end.
  17. I never listen to base supports. They're normally shite for story in general and even then I don't think those are "cannon" or close at all when there's other hints in the supports per se. (Yarne saying his dad cheats on his mom points to Virion, Donnel talkin and acting like Brady, Inigo needs to have someone whose close to Chrom or is Chrom, and since Chrom has Sumia well that leaves Fred Boi or Rob (which is up to choice), Severa is weak to sweets, etc) But back on topic. Olivia has other good supports though. If you don't care for the "whose the father" competition (as in who makes sense regarding patternal supports) then Donnel is great, Libra is nice-ish. Lonqu is nice as well, if you want unique situations in game then Robin, maybe Chrom if you dislike Sumia, and that's about it. There's really few bad supports with her. Chrom, Henry, Vaike, Virion, etc. Those don't make sense character wise (not gonna go into detail) and kinda aren't great for Inigo (if I recall) . TLDR; Why've you only based your entire understanding of Olivia on a single support? It's not like they're all bad. XD
  18. Yeah the biggest missing link enemy wise is Walhart. They explain his motivations post death, but it would be better if we knew what his intentions were during the war and that way, we the audience would actually know that we in a way were the bad guys for once. That being said yeah Gangrel was well done. His hatred was well warranted too considering Chrom's dad literally tried to commit genocide if I recall. And Validar, well he's the Gharnef of this game, wants infinite power and his dragon daddy to notice him. Not bad but nothing new.
  19. I guess I wasn't specific. But you kinda answered my question. No matter, we'll see. My bets on no new LH, but that's me.
  20. Was Fjorm the centerpiece of her month's banner or was Gunthra added? That might be the answer to our questions.
  21. Umm, don't think there's a new Legendary in December. It says in the Hero Fest that Eir is going to be in the LHB and that Legendaries heroes will alternate with Mythic Heroes. As well as the wording for heroes being gods, but I doubt they'll do this. Alot of Lords won't have alts if they do that.
  22. I gotta agree with most. Except that my Sheena would love FDR3, so I am going for it if there's no Lukas in my way.
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