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  1. The google sheets link you gave of the fe7cm official guide in this thread, 

    , has been deleted. Can you reupload it?

  2. C21 9/176 C21x 8/184 C22 8/192 C23 4/196 C24 14/210 Final 1/211 Final turn count: 211 turns Proof of turn counts: Unit Review and Battle Counts:
  3. I went to Ilia. C17 6/151 C18 6/157 C19 6/163 C20 4/167 C20x Free/167
  4. C14 10/113 C14x 5/118 C15 8/126 C16 11/137 C16x 8/145
  5. C10 8/78 C11 5/83 C12 7/90 C12x 6/96 C13 7/103 Time to lose 20+ turns doing C14,14x and 15 without a flier.
  6. C6 4/31 C7 7/38 C8 17/55 C8x 8/63 C9 7/70
  7. After doing the first five chapters, I can say all of my units put in their work besides Lugh. I thought Lugh would be good since magic but his bases are so low. I'd have to feed a lot of kills to him. Lot is better than Wade and Lugh even though Lot was the lowest price. Bors for 20 is fine. He can get villages that are out of the way and he can also rescue and give Roy to Lance on turn 2. I think I have the best early game. C1 6/6 turns C2 6/12 turns C3 7/19 turns C4 5/24 turns C5 3/27 turns
  8. I'll join if you haven't started yet.
  9. Sorry for the double post but I have trouble editing in the turn count pictures. Also, bump I guess since I redid my entire draft and edited the post above. Turn counts given at the end:
  10. Since I have Lunar New Year off and I have nothing else to do during the weekend, I decided to redo my draft and see where I can save turns. I have limited flexibility due to having mostly sword locked units, bad early game and having only one mount that I get during the midgame. However, I could probably save turns by using Marcus, even with the 4 turn penalty, in the early chapters and I also could improve the late game chapters a bit, most notably the Rout and Defend chapters. Chapter 11 6/6 turns Standard, nothing changed. Chapter 12 5/11 Nothing changed from the previous drafts. My undrafted units trade weapons so they can't do anything in 13x. In the first draft, I did this in C13. Chapter 13 7+4/22 I decided to use Marcus here and take the 4 turn penalty. Hector breaks 1st snag on turn 2. Marcus breaks 2nd snag on turn 3. Turn 4 Serra visits Merlinus and Marcus kills the Brigand following us, wasting turns the 1st draft. I don't bother killing the Archer behind us because with Marcus I can move my undrafted units fast enough without harm, also saving turns compared to the 1st draft. By turn 6, Hector can Hand Axe the boss. On turn 7, Marcus kills the boss, Matthew recruits Guy, Serra heals him and gives him an Iron Sword, Guy crits someone for EXP, and Hector seizes. I save 3 turns here. Chapter 13x 7/29 In my first draft, I think I had Hector defend the middle and Guy defend the bottom right. This time I let Guy defend the middle and Hector gets the bottom right. Guy gained around two extra levels this way and Hector lost a couple of levels. Of course, putting exp into Guy is more important since his unpromoted life ends soon. Chapter 14 4+4/37 I use Marcus again. On turn 1 Marcus takes Hector to the far left killing everything in his path. Guy kills the 2 soldiers on the right. On turn 2, Marcus drops Hector. By turn 3, Hector kills Erik and Marcus kills a Nomad and puts himself in position to be attacked by the Cavalier in the bottom left. On turn 4, Hector goes North to kill Brigands and Marcus puts himself in range of the bottom Pirate and Cavalier. I win on turn 4 enemy phase. I don't shop this time around. I save another 3 turns here. Chapter 15 7/44 Nothing has changed. Hector stays in the throne room. Guy goes south and kills enemies. Chapter 16 8/52 Nothing has changed. There are mountains so no point in bringing Marcus. Hector goes towards the boss. Guy goes to the house on the left. Lyn goes to the house near the bottom. I think I put more exp into Guy this time around compared to my 1st draft. Chapter 17 7+4/63 I use Marcus here. Turn 1, Guy kills the closest sword guy so Hector can use his 5 move and kill the knight. For the rest of the chapter, Guy goes to the left and clears the enemies so Matthew can get him a Hero Crest. Lyn kills a Nomad blocking Marcus but besides that Lyn gets left behind pretty quickly. She crits Raven during the chapter. On turn 4, Marcus rescues Hector and by turn 6 Marcus drops Hector 2 spaces away from the throne. Marcus kills the boss and Hector seizes on turn 7. Guy still promoted at level 15 since the lost exp from C13 and C14 got regained in C13x and C16. I save a turn here. Most importantly, Merlinus doesn't die this time. Last of the Marcus chapters. Thanks for saving 6 turns. Chapter 17x 3/66 Same as the 1st draft. Guy goes straight to Fargus. Lyn and Hector kill the Mage and Archer in the way. Chapter 18 3/69 Same as 1st draft. Guy goes straight to the boss. Chapter 19 6/75 Same as 1st draft. Guy goes straight to Uhai. Chapter 19x 6/81 Same as 1st draft. Guy clears the way for Hector. Chapter 20 6/87 I tried 5 turning this but the enemies block the narrow door path and Legault isn't in a position to be recruited by turn 5. Same as 1st draft. Lyn kills the boss by turn 5 and recruits Legault on turn 6. Legault steals Member Card and Hector seizes. Chapter 21 2/89 I save a turn here due to critting Oleg with Hector's Hand Axe. On turn 1 I dance Hector and rescue drop Ninian ahead with Guy and Legault. I dance Hector on the 2nd turn as well. I skip the EWhip village by doing this. (7) Chapter 22 5/94 I don't think I can 4 turn this due to Hector's and Lyn's bad starting positions. Same as 1st draft. Chapter 23 5/99 This being a 5 turn all depends on Pent's combat. Chapter 24 2/101 Same as 1st draft. Ninian dances Guy turn 1 and Guy kills Lloyd on turn 2. Chapter 25 9/110 The EWhip village gets destroyed by pirates before Farina appears and I skipped the one in C21. Therefore I would have to wait until C28 to promote Farina but that should not cost any turns. Guy and Lyn go to the bottom left and Legault goes to the top left and seize the gates there. Hector waits for Farina to appear and Farina seizes the top right gate on turn 9. Since I have been grinding Serra so much more compared to my 1st draft, Serra promoted during this chapter gained 3 more levels. Chapter 26 11/121 Same as 1st draft besides the fact I actually remembered to promote Lyn here. Chapter 27 10/131 Same as 1st draft. I get Karel. Chapter 28 9/140 Everyone but Legault goes to the right. Farina promotes. Ninian gets boots. I kill all enemies by turn 9, the last ones to die includes a Thief with the Boots and 4 magic users surrounding Jaffar. I save a turn here. (8) Chapter 28x Free/140 Farming chapter. Farina reaches C swords and Jaffar kills Sonia. Legault promotes. I seize by turn 18 since there's nothing else to kill or get by then. Chapter 29 7/147 I improved my turn count by activating all of the reinforcement zones in the first turn. Farina, with the help of Ninian, triggers the farthest zone and then goes to the Hammerne village. Hector stays behind and kills some wyverns. Guy goes to the bottom left and kills some myrmidons. Legault kills the Nomads and Cavaliers on the top right. Everyone else goes through the middle. Of course, Jaffar kills Linus. I kill every enemy by turn 7. I save 3 turns here. (11) Chapter 30 4/151 Same as 1st draft. Brave Axe Hector easily kills Kaim over turn 3 PP and EP. Chapter 31 3/154 Same as 1st draft. Chapter 31x 5/159 Just shopping. Legault and Hector get some turns in the Arena. Chapter 32 5/164 I don't think I can 4 turn due to Hector's bad starting position. Even then, only Farina can reach Limstella in time and would need 4 Brave Lance crits to kill her and I wouldn't get Renault. I just 5 turn just like my 1st draft. I Hammerne'd my Warp on the last turn because I had nothing else to do. Jaffar kills Limstella. Chapter 32x 1/165 Since I Hammerne'd last chapter I can have Nils Thor's Ire Guy for more crit and Serra warps Guy for the turn 1 clear. Final Part I 3/168 I used a strategy similar to the 1st draft. However, this one was more reliable since the 1st draft strategy required both Serra and Renault to crit the Generals on the middle right. This time I gave Farina the Heavy Spear to use against them. With better positioning of Nils, Jaffar did not need to rescue drop him and he kills Uhai turn 2. Farina kills Darin and Renault kills the General next to him. Otherwise, everything stayed the same. Final Part II 1/169 Lyn and Hector attack the Fire Dragon. Athos uses Luna twice thanks to Nils and deals the final blow. Final Turn Count: 169, 182.36 with handicap. I saved 11 more turns. I don't think I can improve this turn count any further. This is the best I could do with an army of walking sword users.
  11. Fixed, also I don't remember but it was nice having another unit and he did have his contributions killing enemies. I don't think I could've 3 turned Final I with the strategy I used without having Karel since I needed 2 unoccupied units to move Nils around.
  12. Chapter 23 5/106 Pent and Hawkeye do their thing. Legault gets some EXP from the enemies outside the sand. The others slowly kill the 2 ranged enemies in the sand. Reinforcements delay this clear a bit but Pent kills the reinforcement on turn 5. Chapter 24 2/108 Ninian dances Guy and Guy crits Lloyd on turn 2. Chapter 25 9/117 I finally get a flier and another combat unit! Serra reaches A staves. Guy goes to the top left critting Pascal, Legault goes to the bottom left since Lyn is already level 20. Serra and Ninian stay in the middle forest as Lyn protect them. Serra spams staves. Hector goes to bottom right ready to recruit Farina. Farina goes to the top right. Chapter 26 11/128 Farming Chapter. Serra promotes. Farina gets EXP from the bottom and gets Hammerne. Serra and Guy kill the Wyverns. Farina gets to level 20 on turn 11. Chapter 27 10/138 Farina goes North, Legault gets the middle two chests. Serra goes for the boss. Guy, Lyn, and Hector go for bottom right. Karel gets recruited on turn 10 while I have 5 enemies left. I win on turn 10 enemy phase. Lyn promotes right after Chapter 28 10/148 Sword only users go left, others go right. Nino talks to Jaffar and I kill all enemies by turn 10. Chapter 28x Free/148 Ninian gets the boots. Farina trains her Sword rank to C. Serra gets S rank staves. Most exp goes to Lyn because she needs it the most. Lyn kills Sonia and Hector seizes on turn 19. All enemies besides Sonia are dead before then. Legault promotes right after. Chapter 29 10/158 Farina goes to the left village. Legault goes top right. Everyone else goes towards the boss. Legault and Serra kill the Wyverns. Farina ends up killing the boss and the rest kills the reinforcements near the Forts. Chapter 30 4/162 Hector Serra and Nils. Turn 1 all 3 move left, Nils dances Hector. Turn 2 Nils dances Hector, and Serra warps him. Turn 3 Hector kills Kaim on EP. Turn 4 Hector seizes. Chapter 31 3/165 Serra warps Legault to kill Denning. Farina hugs the wall with Spears. Guy goes downwards. The throne room is too far from any action. Turn 2. Lyn goes far left. Hector, Jaffar, and Karel go down the right stairs to kill Druids/Knights. Serra goes down her stairs. Legault clears his area in the bottom right. Farina and Guy go towards the bottom right inside their room. I clear all enemies by turn 3 EP. Chapter 31x 5/170 Everyone shops. Hector gets a couple turns in the Arena. Chapter 32 5/175 Farina goes to recruit Renault, everyone else goes towards the boss. By turn 5, Serra warps Hector and Jaffar to Limstella. Jaffar kills Limstella and Hector seizes. Chapter 32x 1/176 Serra hammernes Warp and then gets danced and warps Lyn to kill Kishuna. Final I 3/179 Karel goes bottom left, Farina goes middle right, Hector goes middle left, Serra warps Athos to top left and Guy to top right. Lyn kills Longbow guy. Jaffar and Legault move Nils out of Uhai's way. On the 2nd turn, Karel kills Jerme, Hector kills Brendan, Athos kills the 3 mages, Guy kills Lloyd and Linus, Serra kills Darin. Farina kills Uhai. Lyn kills the other Longbow dude. Renault kills the middle right General and Nergal is revealed. Nils dances Serra so she can get closer to Athos. Legault and Jaffar rescue chain dropped Nils a little bit further ahead. On turn 3, Nils Thor Ires Athos, and Serra warps him. Athos crits Luna and kills Nergal on turn 3. Final II 1/180 Lyn and Hector attack him. Athos Lunas twice thanks to Nils and Fire Dragon is defeated. Final turn count: 180 (no relative handicap) Turn Counts given at the end: Other Pictures including Battle and Wins: It was fun playing this. I think I could've saved a few turns but not 13. Good game.
  13. You added 70 turns to your final turn count. @athena_57
  14. Chapter 11 6/6 turns Just a standard 6 turn clear. Chapter 12 5/11 turns Hector solo'd. ~15 hand axes used. Chapter 13 14/25 turns I only have Hector and Serra at this point. Some of my turns were spent on protecting undrafted units. Went left and down to get the C13x village. Chapter 13x 7/32 turns Just defended, nothing special. Chapter 14 10/42 turns Hector dealt with the left side, Guy killed right soldiers and pegasus reinforcements. Chapter 15 7/49 turns Hector defended the throne while Guy went south and killed some enemies including the boss. Chapter 16 8/57 turns Hector moved towards the throne. Guy went south protecting Merlinus and getting a village. Lyn got the other village near her. Chapter 17 12/69 turns Hectors reaches level 20 in this chapter. He walks to the throne while Lyn kills the archers and whatever Hector leaves behind. Guy clears the way for Matthew to get the Hero Crest. Then Guy fights some reinforcements and promotes at level 15. Chapter 17x 3/72 turns Guy has 6 move and walks up to Fargus. Lyn and Hector clear the enemies in the way. Chapter 18 3/75 turns Guy walks up to the boss and kills him. Lyn gets some EXP. Chapter 19 6/81 Lyn, Guy, and Serra go South towards Uhai. Hector defends Merlinus. Serra uses Torch on turn 6 so Guy can kill Uhai on the same turn. Chapter 19x 6/87 turns Guy clears the way for Hector. Lyn gets some EXP killing Pegasus Knights and some Mages. Chapter 20 6/93 turns Hector and Guy clear for Lyn to catch up to Legault. Lyn kills the boss on turn 5 after Hector Hand Axes some magic user. On turn 6, I recruit Legault, Legault gets the Member Card, and I seize with Hector. Chapter 21 3/96 turns Ninian dances Guy turn 1. Dance Lyn turn 2 so Lyn can kill an enemy blocking Guy. Oleg attacks Guy Turn 2 EP. Dance Legault to get the Elysian Whip village and Guy kills Oleg on turn 3. Chapter 22 5/101 turns Ninian dances Guy turn 1 and he goes straight towards the boss. Dance Hector turn 2 to kill an enemy. In the meanwhile, Eliwood visits Secret Shop, Legault gets the Brave Axe, and Lyn, Hector, Ninian, Serra fight off various enemies in the middle. Serra gets B staves. Guy kills Eubans on turn 5.
  15. Wow my bids were really low compared to everyone else. My only mount I have to pay 20,000 for after 15 chapters. I hope the absence of a relative handicap keeps me ahead of this. Good luck everyone.
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