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  1. Title pretty much says it all. I already hit admins up for the News section, just thought I'd post here anyway for the die-hard fans who'd want it. Any thoughts? I personally am glad it's now portable. Tons of fun ahead on road and plane trips.
  2. Man, I wish I has more time to invest in Cipher cards. The game itself looks interesting on paper. And don't get me started on the art. The 3DS themes are pretty cool. I sure wish I could get more.
  3. Running digital? If so, have you made save-data backups before? If yes to both, you can recover your file using a backup. Otherwise, you're pretty much screwed as far as I'm aware.
  4. Are you playing digital? And if so, have you made save-data backups before? If yes to both those questions, than restore away (in System Settings) until your file comes back. Otherwise, you're pretty much in deep deep.
  5. There's quite a few like this in Japan actually (they didn't have that kind of theme, but they did have even higher caps than mine!). Those are at the very top of the rankings, too. I'm surprised THOSE aren't shadowbanned either. xD As far as facing the team is concerned... let's be fair, you're very likely better off using the Handicap option for a fight on more even grounds. Otherwise, here's ''Apotheosis 2.0'', early for Christmas in July.
  6. I literally made my topic yesterday. It's my castle. And... well, hacking was involved. But more details over there. I guess that's good enough for someone who's craving for a ''Apotheosis'' kind of challenge too? xD
  7. I'd say probably more annoying since the enemies are made smarter from the most part. For example, the Galeforce guys have been carefully placed to pull a hit-and-run (if they don't decide to attempt scoring a double kill), and in case of failure to kill or getting killed, the mounted units nearby are generally able to pick things up, as from their starting positions, their ranges are converging.
  8. Heyo, I already made a briefer post about my castle that I completely redesigned just recently with a somewhat innovative idea, but thought I'd toss this as its own topic before: 1- the post I made in the MC topic gets lost through more pages of MC codes. 2- there isn't any more appropriate room for discussion (if there was any to begin with). So anyway, what you'll see here is a defensive type of castle. And basically, the units used are supposed to represent FE4's twelve Deadlords. The avatar's part of the act, too. Now, since I can only use 10 units for defense, there's only that many. Still, I wanted to make things feel as special as possible, so I went out of my way and used some hacks as well over the course of designing this challenge. First, you'll notice that all of these guys are bond units with default class portraits instead of a avatar portrait. That's intentional, because they're kind of supposed to be undead by now AND avoiding the awkwardness of looking like it's just your average team of avatars. Sadly, doing things this way, their names are stuck to default, so instead, I renamed their weapons after who/what they're supposed to represent. Because they're bond units, they have their personal skills, which I think is not only adding to the uniqueness, but adding a plethora of possibilities for custom skillsets. I went with gut feeling in designing the characters themselves, including what they have and are capable of. Second, they're supposed to be a challenging fight. Extremely at that, as far as I like to think. That being said, at bulk, they all have HP ranging between 70 and 80, and their stats all across the board are ranging between 60 and 75. Just to give you an idea, their combined power is 4867. So far, you won't see something above that, as even the Recommandations tab fails to give a list of castles in that range of power or above. One who wants a ''fair'' fight will opt to turn the Handicap option on, so that their stats drop to the other team's power for the most part (as a rather interesting note, Limit Stats doesn't work and will only negatively affect you in the end). I'd be interested to see if the castle's defense can even be breached when they're at full power (and without some kind of abuse, the obvious Lethality among other potential things) One thing I could say about that though is... good luck. At the moment, due to the castle's nature and layout, this is not an easy seize map- you'll have to work your way through. I might work on that at some point if it can be helped while staying on its track. Every unit is set to guard their position and attack anything in range, except for the bosses which will stay put. Have fun visiting! (now irrelevant, this was taken down a while ago)
  9. If you're actually referring to how Counter works in Pokemon compared to Fire Emblem (and its many changes over the course of time), then I understand your frustration. None should throw too much logic into Fire Emblem's mechanics.
  10. Yup, logbook units don't get support bonuses whatsoever as far as I'm aware.
  11. The universe where a logbook Avatar cannot use the Yato, and therefore will not benefit from its boosts. He/she has to pick between one of two stat boosts: the Yato or the logbook. Meanwhile, logbook Kana benefits from two sources; the logbook itself and an additional one being inheritance, which in the end puts Kana at the top. Logbook Kana not only gets sky-high modifiers from being a third generation, but also can use the extra statues from logbook abuse. Avatar gets 19 total from the Yato plus his modifier combo at most; meanwhile, Kana can get 12 from the right parents, on top of the number of extra statues acquired from the logbook (don't forget to add Avatar and Kana's other sets of boon/bane statues to the equation). And Kana can, as you mentioned, min-max to greater effect off the bat (among other things, reach if not break 60 skill in some classes without item/skill support, which leads to near 100% Rend Heaven/Toxic Brew activation without the need of Hoshidan Unity or rallies). Especially Toxic Brew, since Quixotic has been found to not boost it. Ergo, Kana wins.
  12. This isn't exactly news to me. The talk happened early on, and the Japanese version also had this problem. NOA only fixed so many things through localization of the game, and by that I mean nothing at all (for example, you can still forge a Bronze Axe and get a crit stat on it, without it being able to crit at all still). Only difference would be that we don't need to install a 1.1 update... as of right now, anyway. But back to the actual topic at hand. Yeah, statue abuse isn't new. 3rd gen Kanas with stats higher than your Omega Yato+Battle Seal+Visitation Seal-boosted Avatar at max potential are out there as such examples. Even amiibo are affected by the glitch. IIRC, if your character wasn't originally part of your save file or isn't the most up-to-date in your logbook, you can remove the statues in your castle AND keep the statue bonuses intact on them (as mentioned in the OP- I say this because my duplicate MU does seem to drop stats in-game, but not others). From there, build stuff that gives other passive bonuses and you find yourself at a even bigger advantage in your MC. Personally, I find that any character with a white background (Einherjar) isn't fair game to use or play against for reasons like this, but that's just me. Awakening also had problems with its logbook (as you had the potential to use an infinite amount of stat boosters on a character this way), and it just looks like every time it has been a thing, there was always a way to break it. Sometimes I do wonder if I should think it was an oversight or that it's an extra tool for the player to "Awakening" their way through Fates, if you're catching my drift...
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