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  1. Both of my preorders from Amazon and GameStop apparently shipped on the 18th, and are both scheduled to arrive on Monday through UPS according to tracking. Importing to Canada. I'm happy.
  2. Confirming again that: - 1 crit avoid obtained per 2 points of luck. - Enemy class bonuses are halved compared to player/NPC ones; not just critical bonuses. This also applies to negatives (so -5 crit avoid for berserkers becomes -2.5 -> -2 for enemies after rounding down). - Your crit rate before factoring weapon and other bonuses = ((Skill-4) / 2).
  3. Well that was a good stream. Lots of good stuff got discovered. Moving on about the skinship and dual audio topic. I'm glad I'll get to play my favorite path (Revelation) off the bat once I get my Special Editions... again
  4. Skinskip is out. At least they kept the Live2D models. I hope they pull out different ones every time you converse with them.
  5. Confirming that the Revelation path is included in the Special Edition, and available in the path choice to play. I can already see the people who'll jump the gun on this one.
  6. This recurring picture was never shown in the Direct. It could very well have been Photoshopped and spread like butter thanks to the massive hype. Where all those sellers got that picture from is what I really want to know. Even though the Direct verbally states that all three versions are included, there was no mention of the word ''cartridge''. Not sure if some sort of Japanese Direct said something alike, but what Japan got was a download code due for Revelation's release to download for free as we all know. Personally, I'd wait before I grip my SEs or that another, irrefutable proof pops up before believing that Revelation is indeed preinstalled on cartridge and we get to actually play it before everyone else.
  7. When they said ''Let us know in the comments section'' even though you can't chat during stream, they were referring to the uploaded stream (which gets published on their channel shortly after the stream), where comments actually are enabled.
  8. That song at the beginning. We dealin' with a new singer for Azura, yeah? ...I got too attached to her Japanese songs. I wonder if I'll be able to get used to a new voice if that's what's happening here. But I'll withhold further judgment until we get to hear more.
  9. Check the shipping method in your order. It should say international shipping. By the logic that Amazon did the same thing with my first SE preorder (switching its status of not shipping internationally on the product page), but my order was sold by Amazon Export Sales LLC and the shipping method is AmazonGlobal Priority Shipping, which is what Amazon uses for international shipping (in my case, I added priority to get the Special Edition ASAP), your worries should be groundless. I'm Canadian too.
  10. Huh? My post implied that it is. Still don't know if this is a story to swallow, but I think it's here to say something. (If we're talking about the same thing, at any rate)
  11. Dunno if this got posted already because the thread got swamped so quickly, and if the search bar hasn't been lying to me, this may or may not have been shown yet. A IGN mod furthers up that the skinship removal is real. http://imgur.com/JerusoZ
  12. Well then. That is QUITE the news. I'm glad I imported my copy.
  13. Hello people, So... the English FE Fates comes out in about a month already. I thought I'd support what the translation team has been through in the making of the whole project, because we both know that people around here have been between a rock and a hard place- the release of Fates in Japan, while not receiving a release date confirmation in the US ourselves until October and that it has caused... impatience, alongside other feelings. But straight to the point- if that's something that's bound to interest you as well as others, I'm covering FE Fates right now WITH the translation patch installed on my YouTube channel, since I got everything to work on my newly-purchased capture card 3DS. I was able to run the Invisible Kingdom and DLC as well- in fact, I'm highly considering to cover the third path (despite it being in something of a revision state) because it's my favorite of the three, as well as to get some early coverage of it with my own combination of quality, gameplay and commentary. I've taken a peek at other playthroughs of that path, and I felt something was lacking one way or the other. Not saying I'm gonna sound any better to you, stressful as it is already to record a game like this IMO, but heck if I won't try to entertain some die-hard fans while having fun myself, doing something I thought I would never have pulled off. And even when the game releases in English, I'll probably just continue playing the patch (not that I'll have much of a choice when I'll be farther in the game, lol). Also censorship. That's a thing too. Anyway, regardless of the path(s) covered, I'm gonna be playing on Lunatic/Classic without grinding. Subject to change depending on my situation (IRL or not), but that's the plan I'm willing to stick with. Here is the link to the playlist, some parts are up already: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcEmtyjo70I4NFioEcpNBTzP7Nra-7m-u P.S.: Read the channel rules. I take them very seriously. I hope you guys will enjoy!
  14. Yes, Kamui will have the exact same level, EXP and stats as when you last beat Chapter 5 on every playthrough you start from Chapter 6. If you choose a different Asset/Flaw combo, your stats will be modified accordingly, but I believe all stat-ups you got from leveling up will remain the same. Don't quote me on that last bit though- If that's not the case, I'm assuming the game will use the same RNG you got from your previous levels, but factoring your new growths (ex.: I choose a Speed flaw instead of a Speed asset. I am inclined to think the somewhat significant growth difference will cause me to lose that one Speed level-up because it used to be higher- otherwise you could manipulate this to get, say, a very bulky avatar that had a Defense asset that suddenly became swifter because his asset changed to Speed.)
  15. Yes you can heal your own puppet, and I do believe Servant's Joy stacks.
  16. Draconic Shield's activation rate is based on the equipped unit's Luck stat. Since this is a trigger skill, and based on the fact that you can't stack Aether and Astra as far as offense goes, you most likely can't stack both Draconic Shield and Pavise/Aegis. And since Draconic Shield's activation rate affects the equipped unit, it will take account of THAT unit's activation rate boosters (Lucky Charm, Hoshido, Flamboyant).
  17. Well that pretty much answered my earlier question... Definitely can say that it didn't take as long as I expected, lol
  18. Ok, so I got the patched game successfully installed on my capture 3DS finally. I'm confused about something in the guide though. It says in the FAQ that you can use the DLC. But... how exactly am I supposed to import that from my JP 3DS and make it work on my other 3DS? I can import any saves from any path just fine, but not the actual DLC (and therefore can't play the third path, for instance) Also should mention, as it's probably important to some of you: my capture 3DS's is from the US.
  19. Could be. I mean, Infinite Staff is a thing on Nohr. But who plays the map they pop in with only one unit anyway?
  20. I'm assuming you're talking about the Freeze skill? A Dual Guard can save you if you aren't getting hit by multiple enemies with Freeze (such as the multiple Golems in the EXP DLC on Lunatic). Otherwise, if your avoid is too low, they have 100% to hit you while frozen and you can't kill the source(s) with backup (or can't retaliate yourself), then yes, you're literally stuck where you are and have to reset the map.
  21. Soooo I just made a discovery tonight while forging a bunch of stuff. Some of you may have noticed by now, but maybe not others. Normally, forging weapons that cannot have critical on them have their critical rate turned into a hit bonus of about the same amount instead. But... this Bronze Axe seems to be an exception. [spoiler=Bronze Axe] +9 might, 10 hit and 6 crit at +5 compared to a regular. Problem is, because it's a Bronze weapon, the crit bonus essentially gets negated (and it does show it in the top menu where attack, hit, crit and avoid are displayed). [spoiler=Bronze Club] ...whereas my Bronze Club (y'know, the series of axes that are *supposed* to have crit; the irony (we're talking about Bronze so it doesn't matter anyway, but you get the idea)) got the correct bonuses assigned to it: +9 might and 15 hit at +5, and no critical because it got transferred into hit. ----- Again, this difference DOES matter because the Bronze Club in the end will have WAY more hit than the Bronze Axe for only 1 less might, and the latter essentially doesn't receive compensation. I tried forging the same weapons in other save files, only for the same thing to happen. ...so yeah, there's glitches and oddities for ya.
  22. I'm living in a lost corner of the Quebec area as well. This world's just too small. Why can't we have nice things at the same time as others? >.< Fortunately I did get to preorder online while I had the chance, at least.
  23. You would be correct. and actually 115 hit assuming the crit is all transferred into hit.
  24. It varies between forges.I've taken note of my observations between forges. Those are the boosts you should expect: Normal vs. +1: 2 Might Normal vs. +2: 4 Might, 2 Hit Normal vs. +3: 6 Might, 4 Hit, 1 Crit Normal vs. +4: 8 Might, 6 Hit, 3 Crit Normal vs. +5: 9 Might, 10 Hit, 6 Crit Normal vs. +6: 10 Might, 15 Hit, 10 Crit Normal vs. +7: 11 Might, 20 Hit, 15 Crit As far as Bronze weapons and other weapons that cannot critical are concerned, the crit bonus turns into a hit bonus instead. The whole system works differently on skirmish enemies as far as I'm aware. They do not gain crit on their weapon boosts regardless of type, and the boost between forges seems to be lower.
  25. The preorders are surprisingly still up at the time of this message. Sounds fair to me. Thank god for GameStock.
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