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  1. Phew, I'm glad I got my Amazon preorder placed. At MSRP too! Well, despite shipping (I actually chose Priority) and importing charges since I'm from Canada, but it was definitely a better purchase than the Japanese version at a better opportunity. I think I'm on safe grounds. I actually tried to get my order on BestBuy.com first to have my chance at a $16 discount... only to realize they can't ship to Canada. BestBuy.ca is the place for this, and still didn't have the Special Edition up. Still, I think I got lucky.
  2. Better than the $200ish it cost me for the Japanese version, back when that one started going bonkers.
  3. Amazon still got them in stock. I just got my pre-order placed. Hurry before they DO run out or have the price tag skyrocket.
  4. I sadly haven't heard anything about a European release date. Elieson doesn't seem to be aware either according to the home page. ----- But yeah, at any rate, February 19th hype for Americans!
  5. Nintendo Direct is as soon as tomorrow. My Sword hands are Twitching According to this link: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2015/11/the_next_nintendo_direct_is_on_12th_november Many holiday/2016 games have been lacking much-needed updates and actual release dates since last April. Fates included of course. I can't wait to see if this everlasting question will finally be answered. Placing bets on a March release. That'd make a nice birthday present for me, but earlier will grant me eternal happiness all the same.
  6. Hell no for the Lodestar. You only get one Lodestar Seal per save file (at least for now), so you're better off using that on a non-Einherjar/Amiibo character. ...unless you're willing to use another save file to give him the Seal there then update him in the logbook and re-recruit him so that you don't have to waste your other one in whatever your main file is, then it becomes a wiser decision.
  7. We haven't even gotten a 5-star difficulty map yet. And there's many skills found in the game's data (such as non-Strength/Speed Drains and quite importantly, Paragon) that haven't seen the day in any shape or form yet. And they're nowhere near close to have topped the amount of DLC Awakening has offered (though we could definitely do without carbon copies of Einherjar shenanigans). There's bound to be more.
  8. Yes, if you used a DLC seal to make, for example, Ike a Grandmaster, you can use a Parallel Seal to change back to Vanguard. It's his base class. And if you wanna go back to Grandmaster again, you can Parallel Seal too as the game keeps track of the DLC classes a character acquired and adds them to their class pool.
  9. You're not to blame. Little to nobody really looks past the first page (take YouTube searching, for example), even though I did update my situation just recently. Reasons behind spoiler tags. And yes, I do hope the glitch gets fixed through either a patch (ideally that, because who knows, with the upcoming Roy amiibo, IS might just consider integrating it into Fates and fix the glitch on the way with said patch), or localization... Time to cross fingers while the topic is being discussed. On a side note, just this morning, a Wyvern Rider added himself to my current bugged Mercenary skirmish, lol
  10. Another topic further below already talks about this. I did have the glitch happen on my end as well.
  11. The bugged skirmish isn't going away despite refreshing on my end as well. It's like the game generated trash/incomplete data for a skirmish and wasn't set to disappear after a while, as pretty much every other skirmish does. Guess you aren't the only one stuck with a bugged skirmish. On the flip side, it doesn't actually harm anything, so at least that's good. I still hope the localized game will fix this.
  12. The skirmishes don't usually refresh until you clear a regular chapter (or maybe DLC) or wait a little while. I'm aware of that glitch. You can set one of your buildings (such as an armory) in My Castle in such a way that a unit starting at that building coincides with an enemy's starting position on the My Castle defense missions.
  13. Coming back here to let know that I just came across this very same glitch. Except instead of getting a Level 3 Oni, I got a Level 3 Mercenary. It takes place on the same exact map, and I can't pick any units. I also cannot overwrite the skirmish by trying to generate another one over it on the map, because it still shows that location as empty. It's worth noting that I've never seen skirmishes below Level 5. The moment I saw the guy on the map, I was already shocked and curious. And sure enough... that's what it was all along, lol I'm playing the cartridged Special Edition, by the way.
  14. PROS: -The amiibos actually have voice actors. A huge boon in my opinion. -They have their own exclusive class, which you can otherwise only get for your other characters via DLC. -With their own class, comes their own skills. Disregarding usage of DLC to get those on your own units, that is. -They come with a personal weapon reflecting that of their original game. Those are generally very powerful and stand out from others in their own way. For a rundown: >Ike has the Divine Ragnell, which, while it drops Ike's attack speed by 3 while used, is notable for being one of the only 1-2 range swords that can double, critical and activate skills all at once. It's also got that neat ranged animation it had in the Tellius series, unlike in Awakening where you would just toss the damned thing at the opponent. >Marth has the Divine Falchion, which is effective against dragon units without getting its might halved if it ends up facing anything else (unlike most other effective weapons likes of Wyrmslayer) and has great stats on it (on par with a Silver Sword) without any drawbacks to using it. Oh, and it's an infinite-use Vulnerary. >Lucina has the Parallel Falchion, which functions about the same way as the Divine Falchion, except without the Vulnerary thing, it swaps 2 might for +3 to attack speed, and 10 crit evade for 10 avoid, pretty much. >Robin has the Book of Thoron, which gives him +3 Resistance and is on par with the Rainarok in raw power without any drawbacks. CONS: -The amiibo units don't have supports. They function the same way as Logbook units do, pretty much. -They don't have a personal skill. Not a huuuge deal, but it still bugs me a bit to see an empty slot at the very top left. -They have no secondary class, and since they can't support, Buddy and Marriage Seals are obviously out of the question. They can only use the seals that make you gain a class, such as the Dark Falcon seal. -While I'm personally not angry about it, you can't give the weapons they come with to your own units. They're definitely not the best units you can get, but they sure have things going on for themselves.
  15. Nope. DLC remains the only way to acquire an endless amount of EXP/gold in Nohr, pretty much.
  16. I can confirm that: It's just a variation. Either beating the game or backing out of Chapter 27 and saving afterwards works. You can do the same thing as you can with any other unit you get into the logbook by other means. They can be recruited in other save files as soon as you get access to My Castle, assuming you can pay the amount of gold required depending on how powerful the unit is. Also worth noting that adding characters by beating Endgame allows you to get access to and buy any skill they have learned rather than just the ones they have equipped, unlike units you get from visiting MCs for example. The badges on your card will show a gold medal for Hoshido and a silver medal for Nohr when you'll press the update button in your IK file. The game keeps tracks of paths you've beaten and on which difficulty regardless of your current playthrough (I'm guessing until you wipe data in the options, since this resets your MC address). Same goes for battle/visitor rankings.
  17. While one could logbook abuse Kamui the same way, the only problem I see is... Logbook avatars can't use the Yato, and therefore can't receive its bonuses to keep up with an abused Kanna. So yeah, in that sense, I'd see Logbook-exploited Kannas being superior overall.
  18. That would be a Kanna build. And Kanna can't use Yato. Kamui cannot get Odd Cry or Four Fangs without hacking or buying from hacked Kamuis. Furthermore, the Thunder Sword can also be forced out and exploited as you cannot activate offensive skills with it and you lose a whopping 20 avoid (30 if you're counting Yato's 10 avoid bonus when equipped) from it.
  19. ...then what are your reasons NOT to use Kamui over Kanna?
  20. Yes, forged weapons stack. As long as the Yato is in your inventory, you can equip any other weapon and get the stat bonuses from the Yato still. That said, forging isn't made obsolete. It's just made even better for the Avatar, lol Other example, Ryoma has his Raijin Katana which grants him +4 Str when he has it in his inventory. While using another sword, forged or not, the strength bonus will still apply. I hope this was clear enough.
  21. I don't know if the fact that the Yato (assuming we're talking about the Invisible Kingdom version)'s amazing bonuses are your main factor in keeping a sword class... If that's the case, just letting you know that the stat bonus applies for the weapon being in your inventory regardless of if you can use it or not, and I therefore would not restrict myself from maining classes like Berserker or Holy Lancer and using forged weapons to reach a similar power to the Yato (if you have the patience to build those, at any rate)... That is, unless you desperately need that 5th weapon/item to use in PvP that your other units can't cover already. If you do want to stick to swords and use the Yato as well... I'd say Trueblade is your best bet. - Factoring the class' built-in bonuses and equipping the Yato, you essentially get +20 Crit and +20 Avoid, which I think already says a lot. - Swordfaire gets the most benefit out of Trueblade because all you'll be using is swords anyway. - +5 damage from Swordfaire and +4 from S rank in swords essentially means +9 damage on everything you use. Your skillset is looking fine to me, as long as you don't plan on pairing up and using Attack Stance as I still accidentally do when it comes to Galeforce (I even tried unequipping a unit next to me as to remove the possibility of a Dual Strike, but it still counted as an Attack Stance), as those won't trigger it.
  22. If you look at the picture where you pick units, he has 0 units left to pick... yet nobody has been picked. And you can't begin fighting without fielding units, hence why the Fight button is grayed out on the first pic. I assume the game derped on this one, if I'm looking at all this stuff right. That being said... Mind trying and check what happens if you try to generate another skirmish? Will that fix the previous one? Will both of them have no enemies?
  23. Well, the Ballistician skills only work when you're a Ballistician anyway, and females can't reclass into Ballistician at all.
  24. Other than serving as a differently-spread Sorcerer class for a unit who would suit itself better as a Witch... I'm a big fan of the Warp skill. Instantly move adjacent to an ally and perform another action? ...Azura cried desperately to get that Witch seal before anyone else on my end. It essentially allows her to sing for anybody on the map regardless of where everyone is, as she can teleport right next to them and sing on the same turn. Also sounds perfect for setting up Attack Stance while being a Witch XD
  25. It's better than nothing. Besides, I've totally been enjoying myself since I discovered the site. Have a nice day too.
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