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  1. Doesn't look like anybody changed this yet on the inventory page, but the Suisha (the S-rank Naginata) actually gives +5 Defense and Resistance when equipped instead of the usual +1 Def/Res of most Naginatas.
  2. Well, I'm glad we got so many writers here. I just found how to hide this in a spoiler tab so I at least don't spoil people accidentally, if that helps any. I'm sure they do. I hope I can afford all this soon enough. ----- Thanks for all the welcomes so far.
  3. Yo. I've actually been around for a while. I posted a couple things already, but I thought a proper introduction was in order at some point. So... if I had to say one thing that makes me stand out from others, I'd say that I'm quite busy... or bluntly put: all over the place. One of many things to blame for this would be school. It's been pushing me away from my gaming addiction like crazy over the past few years. Super Mario Maker is out, among a hella bunch of other games I missed out on on the Wii U, and I have yet to get my hands on one. I'm currently saving for this and will likely go on a rampage once I get the time to dedicate for it. I'd also like a 3DS capture card to be able to record 3DS footage and share my adventures and discoveries on the Internet. While I'm not particularly good at fighting games, a.k.a Smash, I'm top-notch at platformers and am quite passionate for challenging ones, even though I haven't played any in quite some time since I finished my Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels LP on YouTube. And I just like giving a challenge to myself, even if I go over my own expectations and make it harder on me than I should. It's even better when I haven't played said game in a while; to me, it makes it feel new again. I'm also known to be very analytical about intricate stuff like game mechanics wherever my curiosity spikes. This is one example from a debate here about the Luck mechanic in Fates where I broke down a battle forecast according to what I knew and/or read about: So... yeah. That's the gist of how I am, gaming-wise. When it comes to Fire Emblem... I wouldn't be honest if I said I didn't start with Awakening, because that's the first physical copy I got my hands on. I've been enjoying the game ever since I delved into it, only to play the past games afterwards and discover how cool the series really was. ShadowMarioXLI's LP of Fire Emblem 7 on YouTube is highly responsible for my immersion and contributed in making me a better player. I got a YouTube channel under the same username where I'm currently doing LPs (I'm currently doing a fairly casual playthrough of FE8, for that matter) and showcasing other neat gaming stuff when I get the chance and/or feel like it. I'm fairly new to this whole commentary thing, on top of English not being my main language or being spoken on a regular basis, so I would advise to not judge me harshly as far as feedback is concerned. Link is in my sig. Same goes for my Twitter page. Oh, and I guess I'll fill up this "profile" thingy while I'm at it for a quick rundown. Online name: iTzMeeMario Real name: Definitely not Mario. Favourite FE Game: Fates Favourite Game (other than FE): Super Mario Galaxy, 3D Land and 64 are those which stand out the most to me. Lost Levels gets a special mention for the challenge. Favourite FE Character: Ike, because he's the one that got me into Fire Emblem. Sports: When I'm not training, I like playing golf. Online friends: I got quite a few... Mangs from YouTube (for those here who know him) being one of them. Favourite music: Super Mario Galaxy's OST is probably the best I've heard as far as I can remember. Favourite song: The final battle version of Azura's Song in Fates has been stuck in my mind for the longest time, so I'd say that one. Hobbies: Playing video games, drawing, editing, Internet and going outside. I also play Magic the Gathering with a couple friends whenever we get the chance to. Good Point: I'm a nice and caring person in every respect. Bad Point: I speak quite fast and am prone to misenunciate things at times. Anything else?: Albino monkeys will have to do for now. I'm hoping to make friends with some of you.
  4. Great Lord is still female-locked for usage. No Aether for males yet... And can't even buy it from other people x.x Judging how they made an item for all amiibo-exclusive classes so far that aren't Vanguard, hopefully the latter will get one in the next DLC wave or so.
  5. My thoughts exactly when I saw the name of the topic and was like ''What's this doing in the FE Fates thread?''.
  6. I'd see it be a way to not make chances of survival too RNG-reliant. That is, seeing many high crit chances from enemies getting those built-in bonuses. Especially when you're taking into account that Luck only gives half the crit avoid you'd normally get in previous games... ...FE6 Swordmasters/Berserkers, anyone? Remember those times?
  7. Weird, I've come to trust otherwise. Even played a skirmish to double-check my theory. Lemme do a rundown of what I'm seeing in this video... Sooo... Belka has 10 Luck. Say we go with my theory. She'd get 5 Ddg from her Luck stat. Belka is also paired up. Guard Stance does provide 5 Ddg by default. So Belka has 10 dodge as of right now. She's now facing a 17 crit stat from the Berserker, according to what it says on top. But here's the twist. As you can see, the Berserker has the skill Roundhouse. That's his second skill, after HP +5. That gives him an extra 10 crit, at the cost of -10 hit. Now, skill bonuses aren't factored in the crit stat at the top (unless they increase your stats at the bottom left, and you'd notice the increase). So the Berserker actually has 27 crit. Enemy 27 crit - Belka's 10 dodge = 17% chance to crit, as shown in the battle forecast. ----- Now for another example, let's go to calculate Belka's crit rate against that same Berserker. She has 5 crit according to the stats on top. She has 14 skill. Divide that by 2 (7), and subtract 2. There's Belka's 5 crit. The Berserker has 5 luck. He'd have 2 dodge thanks to that, after rounding down. However, we have two additional factors to add: For one, Berserkers, while they get a massive built-in +20 crit bonus, suffer from a built-in -5 dodge. Proof here: http://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/nohrian-classes/base-stats/ For two... Enemy units also only get half of the built-in bonuses of playable units. We said Berserkers usually have a 20 crit bonus. Well... convert that into 10 if said Berserker is an enemy, which is the case here. Same thing for that dodge penalty, weirdly enough. It turns into -2 dodge instead after rounding down (That's the only good thing for a Berserker being an enemy, lol). Therefore, the enemy Berserker is back to 0 dodge. Belka's 5 crit - Enemy's 0 dodge = 5% chance to crit, as shown in the battle forecast as well. While I don't have a direct way to show how the enemy only takes account of half the built-in bonuses we get (as I can't capture my 3DS or provide a reliable source), among potentially other things... It wouldn't make sense that this enemy Berserker only has 17 crit, when they get a +20 crit bonus from their class. As far as I remember, I've seen nothing reduce a crit chance shown at the top to a value that's not zero (by equipping a weapon that cannot crit for example, such as a Bronze Axe), unless I'm missing a detail somewhere along the lines. Especially when a built-in crit bonus is taken into account...
  8. Yup. Questionable nerf, but that's how it is.
  9. Luck only provides half the crit evasion in Fates. So 17 Luck would only give you 8.5(8 when rounded down) Ddg. In fact, you'd need 34 Luck to completely avoid getting crit by Ryoma in a 1-on-1 fight under these conditions without any other bonuses.
  10. Then it sounds like an impossible mission when it comes to Nohr... Not sure if they're present in the weapon-grinding DLC. I sure haven't come across them yet, anyway.
  11. Any way to get more of them when the story is mostly over, all of them have been bought in Level 3 armories and when those you get as bonuses for My Castle have been used? I'm at the point where I'd like to max out my characters' stats, and I can't recall a point where I could freely get some to save myself some unnecessary trouble while trying to level them (ex.: Arthur almost never gaining Luck). Someone let me know.
  12. They're broken, ridiculous and impressive... in an unhealthy way. Sure I like the class to death, but it most definitely offsets the balance when compared to other classes. That much can't be questioned, especially with all the talk it brought. I at least would've left the crit bonus at 10 instead of 20, but that alone wouldn't be enough, as other people here went over calcs and everything mostly in the Berserker's advantage, still. And I thought something was wrong when I noticed higher crit on enemy Berserkers than enemy Trueblades... I'm personally not a fan of the S rank weapons that cut your offenses in half. There's the slightly higher damage/hit bonuses over an A rank, I guess. But that's it afaik.
  13. Damn. That opened up an interesting conversation. B'sides, I like Berserkers. I usually see them as glass cannons, but I actually think they're quite broken in this game. Boasting what's probably the highest physical power of all playable classes in addition to a crit bonus of TWENTY is quite ridiculous if you ask me. I can't vouch judgment for PvP battles as I haven't experienced much in that department, but this class just got my attention even further.
  14. I mean, bow-wielding classes are the way to go if we don't wanna worry about hordes of Counters... Equipping bows on the front lines is in any other case a generally unviable strategy x.x
  15. Well that's a relief. Guess that means I won't have to make a team of logbook Takumis to take on vast numbers of enemies with Counter... If that's still a thing. Screw you, Awakening Lunatic+.
  16. I didn't get the opportunity to test this scenario as I haven't found many enemies with Counter (at least before I read about this) and haven't acquired it myself, so I'm legitimately curious. Here's how the skill is described on the Serenes Forest page: ''When an adjacent enemy triggers the battle and inflicts damage, the enemy receives the same damage'' Does this mean that: -I will NOT take damage if I damage an adjacent enemy with Counter when the enemy triggered the battle? -An adjacent enemy would NOT take damage from my own Counter if it damaged me when I triggered the battle? Someone that's been through these scenarios or is able to test this, please let me know. And a video would be handy if that's true.
  17. Fire Emblem Awakening; my very first Fire Emblem. As far as I remember, on my first very blind playthrough: - I killed Tharja. I remember hearing the dead character music when I killed an enemy that chapter and said to myself ''I think I did something wrong.'' T'was her. - I completely missed the Boots chest on Chapter 17. Big disappointment when I found out that these were the only ones found in the main game and had to Renown grind to get another pair. - All my characters died on Chapter 17 aside from Chrom, Avatar and Lucina. - I killed or skipped every SpotPass recruitable character on the SpotPass-exclusive paralogues bar Emmeryn and Priam. - I was playing Normal/Casual. Again big disappointment there considering all I've learned and how better I ended up in just a few months of practice. My more general experience of Awakening: - I beat Apotheosis (on the secret route) three times in total, including once on Classic. A single Rally bot is enough. About to do this for the second time with a fresh new team. This time however, all children and Bonus Box characters are banned. - I beat Lunatic+. Twice. First time on Casual because of the battle saves saving me the hassle of restarting the whole first chapters, then did it again on Classic when I decided to lose my sanity. Not that it was there to begin with. - I'm at 600+ hours of gameplay on my Activity Log. I've never been so dedicated to a game before. Not even a Mario game. Besides, I haven't played one of these in a bit now. - I have a StreetPass team entirely made of my trustful, handcrafted Avatars of both genders in a variety of classes and with different Asset/Flaw combos. - I married Lucina on every single male-Avatar playthrough I've made so far. Next time will most likely go to Cordelia though. - My current Sorcerer Aversa's Night-spamming female Avatar is probably my best unit ever. (Yes, better than Morgan in my opinion, cause Avatar has in my opinion more important supports that he/she doesn't have, and you know you need those on Apotheosis). Vantage + Vengeance combo; Sol on Lunatic+ instead of Vengeance to completely negate Counter deaths; Limit Breaker, Armsthrift and Galeforce for obvious reasons; Waste with guaranteed Dual Strikes from Chrom = mostly guaranteed kills; Mire to pick off an enemy and get a free extra turn from a distance, and for a gigantic attack range when factoring Boots; Speed Asset and Great Lord S-support specifically to outspeed Anna by exactly 5 points with Rallies while still being a Sorcerer. And I could go on. - Despite the previous point I've made, my favorite class is actually Berserker. I always wanted a Berserker avatar, and that's exclusive to males. I don't care if Warriors are technically better in this game or if Berserkers lost their boosted crit chance. That +2 Strength and +4 Speed matters to me. And they're awesome in general IMO. - Never bothered grinding to 99999 Renown just for the sake of getting a second Supreme Emblem, a.k.a playing through Golden Gaffe once and a half. Not worth my time. 50000 for Boots is just enough for me. - The only playable class I've never used is Bow Knight. They are terrible in my opinion. - I never used Say'ri. EVER. ----- Never played Shadow Dragon or Radiant Dawn, so straight to: ----- Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance - While Awakening has a special place in my heart, this would be my favorite game in the series in general. - Ike is a boss. Both in this game and in Brawl. I main'd him in Brawl before I even knew about Fire Emblem in the first place. - Had Ike survive an attack from the Black Knight in Chapter 11, with a very lucky dodge, and got the special quote from BK. - OHKO'd Ashnard's first form and ORKO'd his second form with the superoverpowered Wrath + Resolve combo on Ike. Good times. EDIT: I actually have a video on my YouTube channel where I show off Nasir pulling off an even more powerful combo. - I'm using Largo. - Always used Mist over Rhys. Sue me. - I have a crush on Ilyana. - I do wish Ike's promoted class was Hero, and not Lord -_- - I never used Sothe. He seems good though, but I prefer Volke simply because Assassins. - I always choose Tibarn in the final chapter. He's the best IMO. If it wasn't for having to choose Giffca at least once to unlock his portrait in the gallery, I'm going Tibarn all day. - Killed Titania in the first chapters to get her incapacitated dialogue in the future chapters. ----- I'll go on when I have more time, I'll go straight to other games for now; ----- Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones - Eirika sucks. - Ephraim rocks. - First played on Difficult mode. Screw Valni and skirmishes. Not doing those until Creature Campaign, cause main game too easy otherwise. - Gerik, Joshua and Marisa are the frickin' best IMO. - Made Joshua my Assassin, and Marisa my Swordmaster. - Never used trainees. They're part of what makes this game so easy. - Knoll is the *cough* luckiest *cough* bastard on the planet. Was soloing Floor 10 of the Ruins (on my 2nd run to eventually unlock Lyon) with him, spamming Nosferatus to kill the dracos. While picking off one of them however, Knoll ended up at 35 HP, which was just enough for the next draco to kill him in one shot on the next attack. The draco MISSED an 89%. True Hit: 97.69%. And, mind you, this was played on my 3DS (yay, Ambassadors :D), so I would've had to restart the entire ruins all over again if I got killed there. By far the luckiest moment in my Fire Emblem career. I tell ya, getting Lyon was worth it after THAT. - Solo'd the Ruins with Lyon one last time just for fun before finally being done with the game for a good time. - Completely maxed out Myrrh's stats with the secret shops' stat boosters. Restored her Dragonstone, as well as the Rapier, Reginleif, Hatchet and some of my Divine Weapons using the Gorgon Egg glitch. ----- Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword - Lyn is awesome. - Eliwood sucks. Sadly he's the only one capable of OHKOing the Fire Dragon bar Athos' Luna, with a Durandal critical, offensive supports and Filla's Might boost. - Hector is pretty boss. Too bad his movement kinda sucks. - This is the second Fire Emblem game I've played after Awakening, and it's thanks to ShadowMarioXLI on YouTube that I got started into the series in the first place and decided to play this one as well. - I've beaten HHM after quite a lot of struggling. Cog of Destiny was by far the hardest chapter for me. After that, my run went uphill. Lyn got the bestest stats ever. Maxed Strength, Skill, Speed and Luck with ease. Oh, and Eliwood sucked. - I pulled off the perfect ending on HHM, with Nergal's special death quote, the dragon mother picture and everything. - I never fought Lloyd before fighting Linus. - This is mostly general, but no arena grinding at all. I'm usually playing on consoles and don't have enough patience. - SERRA YOU B-- - I never used Rath or Nino. - Tried talking to Harken with my main lord in Pale Flower of Darkness while he was Sleep'd. It obviously didn't work. Waste of a Sleep staff -_-' - Lowen, stop being an emo and get a haircut ffs. - Raven is basically Gerik without resistance. And Luck. But I still like him. - Fiora is the best of the three pegasus sisters IMO. - Jaffar is awesome, nuff said. - I like calling Bartre ''Barney'' for some reason. Don't ask what science can explain. ----- I have yet to play Sword of Seals. I plan on doing it soon however. I'll definitely start it on Hard mode, cause why not. And it will suck. I've seen a playthrough recently, however, so I should be fine for the most part. However I will probably go against one of my FE thumb rules and arena grind a bit, because the characters' growths suck so much in my opinion that it would barely make a difference in the end. And I'll use Sophia. I like her. Wish her Shaman sprite was different, however.
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